nicht erwünschtes Verhalten: die Schwarze Liste! (Kritisches Denken).

Not desired behavior: The Black-List” (Critical Thinking). A tiered catalog all of the “low-vibrational” (impulsively moronic/abysmally detrimental) reactionaries who occupy the darkest recesses of wordpress dot com.

“Man muß den schlechten Geschmack abtun, mit vielen übereinstimmen zu wollen” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

I have compiled this page specifically for the sake of cleaning up my public blog-space thereby minimizing bloat & efficiently streamlining data in more manageable & organized format. At least five bloggers have me actively blocked from commenting on their pages (category: II, IV, V, VII, IX).

First, a basic primer as to why I operate a specific way, I am of North German – Hanseatic Heritage + INTJ & Scorpio, my late father was an ISTJ + Scorpio (of the Silent generation who remembered his Homeland in ruins), he was my harshest teacher who ensured that my surrounding environment was also comprised of equally harsh instructors thus by proxy of both nature & design I am a direct end result more inclined to cold introverted analysis rather than hot-headed, extroversion & fragile over-sentimentalism, yet unlike the mass majority of mundane introverts who abide to sterile secularism I do in fact value the esoteric & spiritual pathways of my people. Adhering to such does not hinder my ability to remain surgical within deliberations, rather it simply adds another facet upon understanding the world around me & the people which occupy my respective environment (both friend & foe alike).

When I was a boy my father often said to me when I was in doubt of my capabilities, “you’re an intelligent & agile lad thus fully capable of handling any criticism I send your way“, he made clear that I understood the difference between harsh critique & petty insults. My father continued…

If I thought you were stupid Anton I would not even offer you my analysis & you don’t look stupid.

My private tutors were much the same way as were my college professors who were much more harshly creative with the manner, they expressed critique.

Anton, this is not Neverland Ranch we’re not little floozies with makeup & tights, I never want to see you craft something like that again!

Anton, I want you take that out back & put a bullet in its head“, as I picked up my failed sculpture & threw it on the ground obliterating it passionately with my steel-toe boots, my instructor cheered me on “That’s the spirit Anton, as he cracked open a drink”. Out of a compressed program of four people only I & one other student passed the final critique disqualifying the other two students from entering sophomore year.

My classmates often complimented my resilience towards the harshest critiques often asking, “You don’t even flinch, your resolve is like steel what is your trick, Anton?” I would reply “Environment plays a large influence of my character“.

My wife who is also German-Danish (Faroese) as well Austrian & Prussian in her lineage who also lends me her own honest Germanic insight on a daily basis, Natassja would often say to me “You would not want a non-Germanic wife Anton, they would drive you up the wall with their inconsistencies, we both see the same flaws in people & the world around us“.

I often run into White Americans who think arrogantly of themselves as if more elevated than those who actually have an intrinsic cultural tie to Europe, who often spout error regarding other people’s yet claim superiority for themselves over superficiality, yet these same specimens of of error cannot be bothered to align something straight let alone stick to a consistent schedule or blueprint. I would often point out “How innately not German of you“.

People to me are akin to puzzles rather than just mere individuals, one’s expressions & fundamental values comprise the assemblage of a person’s being hence the combined components of person must form a complete mirror image of the original form.

Inconsistency, invalidity, insincerity, vagueness – these are RED-FLAGS to me, as a result this is why I do not befriend, associate nor engage without extensive assessment & prodding, a violation of the above resulting in Red-flags will spell my sudden withdraw from a blogspace or situation concerning questionable individuals or content, for prolonged exposure would grow intolerable.

As well it should be noted, I place European High Art, Culture & Nobility at the forefront of all things, this operates in tandem with one’s people (Unser Dienst Am Volk), sealed within blood. I care little for conspiracy theories outside of one: Zionism which is only labeled so because of how the status quo establishment defines it as such, because out of all the world’s various problems it is the root of all ill hence the most warded against inquiry. That being stated I abide to a very strict zero tolerance policy towards immaturity, superficiality, perpetual distraction, an inability to learn from past mistakes or lack thereof willingness at acquiring elevation (ambition/thirst), character development.

I want after all European Greatness to be venerated & re-known as such, not idiotic memes nor substandard cover songs which just happen to reply upon the accidental trends following shallow popularity contests. Do not mistake the self-advancement of a clubhouse in the woods of Maine for something like true collectivism, clique mentality is not the same as organic community.

One may label me elitist; I am widely unpopular among many – my principles stand & I do not care as such…

A defining characteristic of a man are one’s values & convictions combined with dynamic critical thinking which enable the manifestation of positive tangible outcomes from the intangible chaos which often mires those seeking to place constant blame upon various crises-es. By that standard alone, if that makes me elitist than clearly the majority of people do not set the bar high enough for themselves, Ascendancy is not Free!

–Tiered categorization upon order of least severe (UPPER) infractions insofar to “lack of quality control” which makes dissidents look outwardly foolish up till most severe (LOWER) abhorrent, contemptible & irredeemable behavior which tread upon dangerous influence:

  • I. The “Multi-poster“, “Reading sadly is not a virtue anymore” nor does it require any consistency.
  • II. The Fleeting Self-affirmed “Bronzezeit” Wizard of Calais (FR) – Autism Apologist Edition.
  • III. This blog resembles a Mal-ware site! Also, excess abuse of highly obscure abbreviations.
  • IV. The so-called Self-affirmed Anime/Frog/Clown (F.R.E.N.) – Rainbow imbecile Edition.
  • V. The Star Wars Imperial activist! “Faux Tribal Obesity Apologist” Q-Anon gamer Edition.
  • VI. Dreaming of Hindu girls in the clouds of ASGARD – Asian Fetish & Flat-Earth Edition.
  • VII. WASP, (Fumigate it now!). Self-affirmed “Anglo Pagang“, Ugly stereotype Edition.
  • VIII. The Wannabe Prussian Authoritarian Extraordinaire – MGTOW Edition.
  • IX. The Zionist Apologist [Fool or Agent?] (No explanation required).

Note: Some sections do not yet have links, but that shall be amended in the course of time, some sections are subject to continual update whereas other sections are mere archives for austerity of example.

Subject I. Not currently listed as a “single specimen” (not yet at least), considering that this type of person applies to many not simply a single individual, one would think on a platform that derives its namesake from the compound of “word + press” that people would actually READ each other’s content before endorsing it with their “Nom de plume” next to said works.

Subject II. Once upon a time this individual was placed at a (DESCENDING) thus more severe rank, congratulations Varg, you’ve been officially elevated higher than others who I now consider much more severe than thou. Essentially Subject no. 2 is at best a minor annoyance every recurring blue moon but not someone I consider the utmost wise nor stimulating investment of my free time & energy. I don’t agree with this person for the most part but they’re infinitely better than the cretins listed below.

Subject III. Never, ever format your blog to look like it is advertising Mal-ware, I wonder how some authors fathom that such a format is an appropriate credible manner of conveying valued metrics? I cannot decipher said data/text provided, all possible good intentions are lost in the overuse of slang & abuse of very obtuse abbreviations which makes feel that I either require learning a separate language to comprehend such or utilize a cryptography cipher to decipher what appears to be very basic information.

Precise execution is always infinitely better than stylistically pretentious execution.

Subject IV. I detest stupid memes with a passion not only does it destroy a person’s objective intellectual credibility as a writer, but it makes one appear younger/less mature than their years & less serious at that! Said blogger, “Vikinglifeblog” in particular I take more personally considering that I was blocked by someone who I corresponded with them for nearly 5 years, I even made graphics for his blog (YT channels as well) at a time when his site was a “default template” no avatar even, I provided support when he was being harassed by nasty individuals, ironically Jensen (VLB) still does not have a proper “About page” 5+ years later within our present year.

VLB brags about quantity of his posts as if it were a valuable contribution to a Pro- European cause, whereas (99%) of his content is piggybacked from less known blog authors (including my own past content), stealing traffic rather than dedicating a blog to his very own original hard work which is practically non-existent. Within (1%) of instances that he actually bothers to write something, it is usually copied from a pre-existing article from outside of wordpress such as wikipedia most atrociously, simply modified with clown/frog cartoons as if that suffices as “original work”.

Lazy, Foolish, Incompetent & Hypocritical, for someone who hates those so-called “Judeo-Slavic” as he so often phrases – as if it is even fair to paint an entire European group with a single brushstroke under the shallow pretense of having a “junky mentality” by itself. Careful – you’re the pot calling the kettle black, even so under that mere stipulation alone is not good enough without valid 1st hand experience & concise observations. I can with honesty state that there are European Russians from St. Petersburg who are more elevated culturally, intellectually & ambitious than dregs like VLB (Tom Jensen).

Also, I foremost have a legitimate reason to hold a grudge against Poles & Russians, Denmark was spared much of the terror of WWII after all, Denmark did not lose 10 million of its population (3+ million to rape) nor did Daneland lose the integrity of its territory let alone are they in vassalage to American occupational influence.

I am more specific within my focus & intents; hence I don’t place a target upon all Slavic & Baltic peoples simply because of other guilty parties. Nine out of Ten times if you ask Jensen to define a culture/people outside of Denmark he will stumble ignorantly with a cop-out response: “I really don’t know much” especially towards groups he spreads negativity or frigid indifference towards. One cannot cherry-pick what narrative they intend to spread about a people, a responsible & intellectually liable directive towards understanding the mechanisms of an issue is to gain valid insight into such, only then can one retain a more formidable edge against ill machinations in light of said issue!

How can one recognize oneself as an Ethno-Nationalist if you cannot recognize the basic sovereignty of other peoples?

Note: Simply because I dislike or do not trust a group at face value does not mean I invalidate their heritage or cultural ties to Europe. Western Russians do have a shared European history (Baltic-Finnic), I won’t lie about that simply to appease the hatred of ignorant peoples.

Tangential to this who in their right mind discards high-resolution lossless format graphics for low-resolution 4chan tier meme cartoons? I invested in guiding VLB, hence I have a right to feel disappointment in lieu of his current decisions.

ᛋᛉᚺ|ᛟᚾ says:

There will be no further updates to this series or the blog. As of the past 2 months I am more focused being with my true love and future wife to the extent I no longer use youtube save to listen to music and barely even check my emails.

Additionally as of 09/29/17 my father passed away …

Abschied.. Nikolaus Thorsten Krüger 25. Oktober 1944 – 29. September 2017″

Above all else in the hardest recent years of my life (2017-2019) were downplayed by this social & intellectual “leech” who claimed I was a liar, that “I abandoned him” (I never claimed I was always going to hold his hand) this petty childish behavior is especially aggravating & selfish in light of the fact when my own private life was turned upside down he expressed apathy my wife knows this as well. At the very least I managed to meet my true love in those dark years, as an end result I also no longer grant exemptions to someone for merely their geographical location alone, that was my 1st error.

Following heated arguments my 2nd error was forgiving VLB even once in the attempt to hand the olive branch & mend associations F.Y.I. I seldom forgive people, said gesture was disregarded as if trivial. Jensen, you don’t deserve little goat photos these endearing creatures are infinitely better than you are.

For there is such a thing as low-quality Danes who are ignorant of the world around them including their fellow European neighbors – make no mistake if they choose ugly (in the soul) Americans as their primary peers over other Europeans something has to be amiss, like speaks to like.

Subject V. I know this person is incredibly young but if you’re going to interact on an Adult Platform regarding Mature topics then you need to grow up or get out! Also, vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ would still be re-posting Chateau Cherie – the Zionist Apologist if it were not for me informing him otherwise, but instead I am blocked, absolutely superbly fantastic… on what basis exactly? Because I scolded you for telling the truth, essentially you just proved to me you’re just another weak willed gen-z child who wanted to play games in his little fantasy bubble, big mistake.

Star Wars L.A.R.P. + Pop-Culture + Paganism = Immature Stupidity.

VFT deleted the post, a day later blocked me.

Let us also not forget the sole reason why you hate Varg Vikernes is not for any objective legitimate reason other than he did not let you join his personal e-club considering the overwhelming dosage of American alternate history (B.S. Solutrean Theory), you actually believe Amerindians killed off a race of red-headed giants… This allegedly occurring before the official Columbian colonization timeline & that the Earth is hollow filled with verdant life & hidden societies… laughable, insincere & delusional! These perspectives which even V.V. would consider highly insulting, that is one of the few compliments I’ll ever give Varg, he might not be German, but he is ultimately, Germanic which is still more substance than the pathetic American husks resorting to exotic pseudo-European “role-play” on wordpress dot com.

Something neither you nor Seax are willing to admit & that there is only one European Homeland (Europa). This is why I never published the 10K word Exposé regarding Varg Vikernes’s various poor choices as of late, because I realized that despite such, I am surrounded by far worse people online who are just waiting for next big clout train to jump upon.

Had anyone else posted pornography on their blog (ugh, a part of me died glancing at that post), they would get immense shit for it, where are the responsible adults in this particular situation? Oh, wait it’s Seax remaining utterly indifferent in the comment section, never-mind then…

Subject VI. People like this remind us why we need Eugenics to remain a relevant talking point in society. Wayne Hansen American Odinist – Hindu Fetishist also happens to be Flat-Earther, what an absolute circus…

Lord Chaitanya created this great mantra for us to make spiritual progress: Hare Krishna,
Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Harae Roma, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare
Hare. Odinists can say this mantra also and make this a part of our religion

Atrocious… While I do grant at very minimum basic respect to South Asian, Northeast & Southeast Asian cultures to each their own distinctions as a principled Ethno-Nationalist, Americans with Asian women fetishes need to stop blending foreign faiths into bizarre new-age distortions of the original traditions, you’re enabling the annihilation our core traditions with something not too different from “Cultural Marxism“. I care little regarding vague distant “Proto Indo European” connections, one cannot stress enough the fact that said traditions evolved within the Asian continent independently ever since the P.I.E. peoples merged into the Asiatic populous.

We have our own rich Pagan heritage which evolved within continental Europe natively thus respectively, leave other people’s folk customs alone!

Subject VII. W.A.S.P. (Confused/Conflicted Puritan/Wannabe Pagan) a.k.a “Pagang the Anglo Clown” a.k.a “Eternal Anglo Seax” (Spergbox), a veritable walking cliche for the ugly Americans archetype (This section is going to be filled with numerous red flags). Seax is is a prime example of an American who can’t be bothered to learn something accurate about European people or culture, who considers every facet of this world to be framed as a meme-worthy “punchline” (A world ironically that he has never actually seen outside of a computer screen).

Remember “Lex Personae” Seax? You said you enjoyed my commentary here but you could not bother to leave a decent comment on my own blog lest it was out of context NS stereotype regarding the Midwest U.S.A., Christmas Markets (IN THE MIDDLE OF SOMMERSONNENWENDE) or some foolish tangent about “Sauerkraut” (Really, your mind went there of all places).

My family are from Hamburg as you know, we don’t typically consume Bavarian farm cuisine in the North of Germany.

Seax also conveys horrendous, inaccurate & insulting judgments of German ethnic groups such as Prussians & Franconians which is rich considering you could not even name me your favorite place in Europe!? You base your interpretations of German culture only insofar to National Socialism (12 years out out over one thousand years of heritage, of which the last six years was horrendous war-time) as well you frame everything German with the usual Oktoberfest generalizations & you’re made grumpy that real German people do not fit your dumb stereotypes.

At this point I don’t know if it is purely an Autistic defect on your part, you after all did tell me you’re on that spectrum, or just plain rootless American ignorance, overcompensated with NS tropes.

I don’t believe you ever met a German in your life, considering you only now just ventured out your home-state of Maine as of 2021 & you’ve never traveled outside of the North American Continent either. Although I do believe you met someone who claims to be German, an alleged Bavarian woman you mention in more instances than your own Irish wife. F.Y.I. (die Franken und das Bayerische Volk) share a cultural & regional overlap; one cannot actively discriminate one in favor of another really.

As for the Vinland Saga which took place during the year 1000 A.D. at this period defined German Nation-states did not technically exist yet, rather it was many separate Germanic holdings unified under the Holy Roman Empire (das Heilige Römische Reich). Hence “German” would be anachronistic only indicative as comparison to present-day, one of your many flaws is that you assume far too many things to be able to make an accurate judgment, you were clearly never taught to be held accountable for this.

Nonetheless the biggest flaw asides from the aforementioned is your sheepish habit of switching opinions the moment you think someone will “like you more“, regardless if they’re correct or not at one instance you said “You’re happy to learn Latvians are quantified in the European index because you always love their music, it is so similar to Celtic” then immediately when your Anti-Baltic e-friend Jensen described how much he held contempt for Baltic peoples (someone who cannot recall the last time he has physically seen a Baltic person in the flesh) you did an immediate 360° in opinions “What is Latvia, never interested me as a people”.

Latvians were loyal to the last Reich, which is more than I can say of the English or Americans. Latvians would be the one group we should ally with to reclaim Prussia from Poland & Russia!

People like Seax are the 1st people to back-stab you in times of war/emergency/duress, typical self-advancing American role-playing under the pretense of Völkisch.

Above all else you made the supreme mistake of saying to me: “I am not obliged to answer your questions, because I am never going to meet you in the flesh” which is complete contradiction of being online among complete strangers in the 1st place! By that logic alone, why do you even blog?!

Also, your Artwork is terrible, I don’t claim to be a fantastic Artist myself, but I do however uphold a professional level of integrity with every form of media I utilize, not even the most self-respecting aspiring intermediate level Artist/Designer would EVER label immature doodles on notebook line-paper “Art” then brag in an interview with a solid frame of mind that they are “good at drawing art”.

Seax, lastly stop stealing German words & movements for your own social capital, they do not belong to you to abuse, distort & manipulate, especially not for someone who cannot appreciate the greater legacy of German living history!

Onward… the final two entries in the wordpress cesspit gets infinitely worse…

Subject VII. This blog “Prussian Society of America” is utter concentrated pollution… as well a complete travesty to the Prussian spirit, ironically another New Englander “Bostonian” specifically who claims not only authority on German heritage but the even more demographically rare extraction of “Prussian” ethnicity.

Said posts typically start with, “We Prussians” or “Not Acceptable in Prussian Society” by the author’s own skewed perspective not even indicative of contextual Prussian history. America is not a Prussian heritage corridor, technically only the Midwest & North Country harbors a quantifiable German ethnic population even so actual full-blooded Prussians are exceptionally rare even within Europe let alone anywhere within the U.S.A.

Essentially all I see an angry American of dubious heritage who expresses extreme hostility towards all women including those of his own blood, admires the Amish & their regressive mindset, follows the NS2.0 framework (which is Anti-regressive) as if that were even viable within a nation which never had a core defining ethnic culture. Asides from the English Puritans who determined a clear distinct separation from what they falsely viewed as European decadence & Heathenry.

This Prussian Society of America Blog also rejects both Paganism & Christianity, which does not leave much in-between for matters of Faith. My wife is Prussian however, more Prussian than this wannabe spouting vitriol & deeply conflicting misanthropic narratives.

Subject IX. The Zionist Apologist bloggers & other various confusion… There are many of this sort in particular “Chateau Cherie” who have infiltrated wordpress dot com dissident sphere via trending hashtags & whatever irrelevant trivial matter they’re impassioned about at the given moment, so thread lightly at the very least. Most ironically…

Vikinglifeblog engaged within his comments section with Cherie six times! As well re-posted her content more than a few times! Vermont Folk Troth (vᚻællKᚱᛁᛗvosᛏ) has re-posted her content many more times not even deleting her shared posts despite having since been informed of said situation.

All three bloggers have me blocked for different reasons entirely, despite the pettiness of weak &/or questionable people on this platform I do challenge those spreading more dire misinformation.

See, this is why reading people’s content is very important, please see Subject I.