“Die Kunst ist eine Vermittlerin des Unaussprechlichen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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Sonne und Stahl :: War Drums VI :: Album: Aeon Europea :: Year: 2021

Brotherhood in Arms: Martial Industrial music (Sonne und Stahl), featuring a fitting video tribute to an artist not dissimilar to the works of Bloodsoil, Waffenruhe, ANTHEM & Legionarii, this is also my most visually complex project thus far, expect all future projects to follow this model.


I. die Zusammenfassung (Intro – All roads lead to Rome).

II. Waffenbrüderschaft (The Future of O.G.W. & creative community).

III. Sankt Georg und der Drache (The Future of S.Z.H. + O.G.W. & the finality of the blog format).

IV. die Kriegziege, um deine Stimmung zu heben (Outro – See comments section below).

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–Kriegsgebet (War Prayer to Mars): Mars pater, obsecro hodie humiles homines tueri a comminatione inimicorum nostrorum liberati, mox pugnarent. Ego pro vestra sapientia, te duce, et ostende faciem tuam super hanc pugnam. Te oro veloces mihi constans et fortis. Quaeso ut viros fortis, zelotes, et mortifera. Barbari occiderimus hodie sacrificium erit vobis.

Father Mars, I beseech you on this day to protect us humble mortals from the threat of our enemies, we soon will meet in battle. I pray for your wisdom, your guidance, and your favor on this day of battle. I pray for you to make me swift, steadfast, and strong. I pray you make my men brave, zealous, and deadly. The Barbarians we slay on this day, shall be our sacrifice to you.

Caveat I. Everyone outside of Roman civilization was seen as “Barbarian” be they Germanic or otherwise even-though at the time of Tacitus’s Germania being penned all European Barbarian tribes outside of Roman (Capitolium Romano-Gallic) jurisdiction were lumped in as “Germanic” which also included Celtic, Baltic, Slavic, whilst we know labeling all Europeans as Germanic is inaccurate insofar to each distinct & unique groups (European bio-diversity) it is not wholly inaccurate when placing regard to Proto-Indo-Europeans (P.I.E.) one core lot of which all Europeans owe our lineage to long before branching out into the major identifiable Indo-European groups then again breaking up into sub-ethnic pluralism emphasized via contemporary Ethno-Nationalistic movements i.e., Der Pangermanismus Völkische Bewegung.

Historically this label “Barbarian” would not exclude the Romans themselves in the Pre-Roman context, long before Romulus & Remus were codified (Noricum Celts + Toscano Italics co-existed) under the rule of Etruscan masters, who saw all others outside of themselves as unrefined woodsmen e.g. Barbarians, that is at least until they were overthrown, yet that is a tale for another appointment.

Caveat II. Mars, can be evoked with any corresponding European war god i.e., Tyr/Tiwaz etc. also consider the importance of Roman cultural influence upon both Central & Northern European “Germanic” Pagan interpretation/structure “Interpretatio germanica“.

–Zitate (Quotes):

“Jeder, der liebt, befindet sich im Krieg.“ – Pūblius Ovidius Nāsō

…Anyone who loves, is at war…

Anyone with passions and/or convictions burning in their chest will have a reason to fight yet those devoid of love, passion or conviction will fight for nothing…

Alle Wege führen nach Rom…

…All roads lead to Rome… Insofar to our greater enduring European legacy i.e., Germania & the rest of Europe… Roman culture, state & military structure among many other things influenced 98.8% of present-day European civilization, with the fall of the Roman Empire many citizens, legionaries & their families who no longer saw a future within the disgraced Roman heartland fled to the Germanic frontier, Roman (Celto-Italic) genetics leaving a lasting imprint upon the various Celtic & Germanic tribes inhabiting said regions what is today Southern Germany & parts of the North Rhine-land.

As for roads, the ancient Roman network still connects the contemporary German towns of Augsburg (Augusta Vindelicorum), Trier (Augusta Treverorum) & Bingen am Rhein (Bingium).

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As to the brotherhood in arms, I chose this wording for we are in arms as a matter of speaking (combined wit + art) wielded against a common enemy, building upon one another & sharing great ideas into fruition the true definition of creative networking to a positive outcome, I urge all with a creative background or otherwise to support our small network, please support European artists & labels, most especially growing ones…

Introduction video edit by yours truly, music by European Unity (Sonne & Stahl) ~ Brother in Arms.

1. SONNE UND STAHL “Official” (European Unity).

A rare an excellent album curated by Solar Temple ~ Brother in Arms.

2. SOLAR TEMPLE – The most comprehensive curation archive of Martial & Neofolk music online.

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I have chosen St. Georg and the Dragon as an analogy for it is fitting to my personal reservations as an author amidst bad faith actors who monopolize speech within the dissident milieu of wordpress.

As to my own content, it is not the 1st time I have stated that this platform has become a denigrated medium for dissident thought thus my urging to move beyond its toxic absolutist or otherwise low-quality community reliant solely on the reciprocal game to appease one clique or another. Another peer blogger has urged me return to blogging yet time after time again I refuse for the explicit reason that my invested labor (research + creative work) is entirely fruitless in result, added I share little in common with fellow bloggers, having openly expressed this sentiment has thoroughly rendered my name unpopular for I am thusly labeled an elitist simply for abiding to a consistent set of standards. 

Foremost, I do not re-blog for the sake of conditional loyalties, above all else I 100% vet all of my sources! This has been the largest source of discouragement for me, not only do bloggers who shall remain unnamed refrain upon reading each other’s content they don’t even read their own re-posts and have on many occasions posted outright detestable contradictions and enemy infiltrators!

Whereas the same level of applied creative labor and research better suits a video, where I can see said investment thrive within a community of like-minded peers.

As for this blog 2022 is the final year of blogging come 2023 both my respective organizations; Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną (apolitical) + Odalgruppe – Westen (political) will convert into an organization website, the web-log format truly does not suit my future direction in the least!

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In closing I would like to share something tangential, an adorable little goat made an accident, with serendipitous effect. I will elaborate in the comments sometime later but for now…. Alles liebe – A.K.

Wehe dem Fürsten, wehe dem Volke also, das einen unrechtmäßigen Krieg aus bloßem Ehrgeiz anfängt.” – Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher