Goetterdaemmerung: “Die Tonsprache ist Anfang und Ende der Wortsprache, wie das Gefühl Anfang und Ende des Verstandes, der Mythos Anfang und Ende der Geschichte, die Lyrik Anfang und Ende der Dichtkunst ist.” – Richard Wagner

Kategorie: Götterdämmerung/Ragnarök (Das Natürliche Zyklen).

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Brechen muss der schwarze Bann (Von Thronstahl Cover) by MademoiselleEnvie.

There commonly exists music which equates to simple sound assembled into a structured composition with catchy hooks, whilst enjoyable & even invigorating at times it pales when compared to Musik which elevates itself beyond the highest complete art-form Gesamtkuntswerk thus it removes itself from a shallow designation as “product” entirely & can only be equated to a transcendental spiritual experience.

Der Wahrheit dienen wenige in Wahrheit, weil nur wenige den reinen Willen haben gerecht zu sein und selbst von diesen wieder die wenigsten die Kraft, gerecht sein zu können.“ – Friedrich Nietzsche

Few serve the truth in truth, because only few have the pure will to be just and even of these very few have the strength to be able to be just

Last instance that I spoke regarding the polarities of Ugliness vs Beauty, Harte-Kunst vs Kunstmord it was a harsh critique of a particular within the so-called American Right as to their perpetuation of detrimental absolutism, degenerated media production & generally speaking low-quality behavior. However, it has now been brought to my attention the existence of an organized movement known as “LEFT/FOLK” rallied under the banner of an inflamed ANSUZ Rune & inverted Totenkopf pierced by arrows, under typical circumstances I would not knock the aesthetics direction of an organization for art is open for interpretation whereas design stresses objective intent in this case an ANTIFA Political manifesto & BLM Bail-out operation!

Such a group is now managing destructive infiltration of our beloved creative scene, which encompasses to a greater extent Neue Deutsche Harte-Kunst ᛭ Neues Europäisches Harte Musik.

It is often stressed that Neofolk, Neoklassik & likewise Industrial Militärmusik does not explicitly belong to any Right-wing movement, this remains a valid objective & critical viewpoint for High-Art that which is transcendent remains infallible, it exists outside of what we actively define as political labels both fringe & establishment which being expressed also means that such a creative niche should not remain confined to the Left-wing either!

Die Kunst ist eine Vermittlerin des Unaussprechlichen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

…Art is the mediator of the unspeakable… More akin to Art is the intermediary to our hidden divine that which is inexpressible & beyond mere labels, one cannot devalue the pure spark of such creativity hence we must strive to protect it from all manipulation, to liberate it from confinement within often erroneous political polarization rampant in our midst!

-Hard facts:

June 2017, the Eight Stop North American DEATH IN JUNE Tour in collaboration with Miro Snejdr a.k.a Herr Lounge Corps was terminated because of the actions “Anti-Racist Action Solidarity Rally”.

Similarly Heathen Harvest (e-magazine) has been forced to make their web-blog private ever since over the last few years they’ve been persistently harassed with take-down threats by ANTIFA “Hatewatch”. Not unlike actions taken by the ADL (Anti-defamation League) which put target upon Von Thronstahl for proliferation of alleged Hate-speech.

Hence the importance of stressing why such organizations are dangerous & should not under any circumstance be supported! The same applies to the actions of any band/artist which dare affiliates with such an organization directly for it validates malignant subversion.


In closing an anecdote regarding the tidal forces of history & how such applies to the proverbial Sturmzeit (storm age) that we live within …

~ 1820 :: 1920 :: 2020 ᛭

History repeats itself akin to oceanic waves cascading upon weathered rocks with terminal force velocity for better or for worse this eventuality leads to a critical event, at times seemingly out of our control yet still something which very much heeds human social interplay for a vital push forward.

Ever since the 1820s, the decade following Napoleon’s war against Germans leading to the dissolution of the 1st Reich H.R.E./H.R.R. (Heiliges Römisches Reich) an aftermath of which erupted passion which sparked the early Romantic Nationalist (Pangermanismus Völkische Bewegung) thinkers who sought a unified Fatherland steeled against all foes, this was only ever partially realized ever since there has been a persistent predictable ripple effect in history, the 1920s immediately following the dissolution of the 2nd Reich (Deutsches Kaiserreich) in aftermath of the first world war, a conflict triggered by a different set of foes which set upon the German Empire among all sides geographically yet not dissimilar within their ruthless intentions & vile divisive machinations one which lay herald to a period of great strife & turmoil for Germans yet again…

As we all well know what followed was the very final & 3rd German Reich…

A Fire which burned so bright in such a short span of time, twelve years to be exact after which six good years would erupt into intense conflict, another six terrible years which resulted in the fracturing of the Fatherland & an unending proverbial twilight behest the will made law manifest of capricious enemies who were cryptic in their actions at first but are now emboldened revealing their hand in plain sight.

THE GREAT RESET, amidst the 2020s much like the establishment parties of the 1920s would been seen as failures which sparked third position movements to transcend left/right dichotomies much as we see emerging little usurpers akin to Napoleon with his bloodied crown following 1820, our current decade also undergoes sociopolitical pressures & artificial mandates unique to our era yet not entirely removed from the persistent wave of the past two centuries.

Establishment Leftists often weaponize Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), twisting his own words to reinforce the narrative that he hated Nationalists & fully embraced a certain so-called chosen group of people we cannot openly discuss, on the other hand academia completely omits that he was a die-hard supporter of the early Völkisch movement presided by Friedrich Ludwig Jahn (1778 – 1852), later Ernst Moritz Arndt (1769 -1860). Said movement promoted German spirit, honing physical attainment as well character development, attributes which resonated with him thus what Nietzsche despised was not the former movements in itself, but the latter oversimplified into a disservice of its former essence not unlike how he loathed simplified Morality.

e.g., we don’t resent a group, or a people because of the outward material sum of components that which adorn them nor of which vessel they in inhabit upon birth, we judge accordingly to actions, behavior, intentions, one’s character attributing to a like collective liable to its own deeds & misgivings.

It should come to no surprise that his sister Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche sought to support the last Reich who later went to co-found Nueva Germania (Neue Germania) with her husband Bernhard Förster, I would like to elaborate upon that some another time. I also do not believe that her curation of works to her brother’s name were forgeries nor do I swallow wholesale the mainstream interpretation of Friedrich’s scolding letter to his sister, context is also very important much to how we interpret the truth.

Friedrich Nietzsche observed that Nationalism was headed towards its decline rapidly degenerating into petty Politics becoming no different than Footballers rallied under colored & patterned banners, alcoholism & brutish behavior for this lowered the quality of the individuals involved to impulsive, extroverted simpletons addled by dopamine & zealous “black & white” absolutist narratives.

Intelligent people do not think in absolutes, they quietly observe & think critically coming to action with agile insight to their surrounding environment, we are principled, our principles do not lie within parties, self-pronounced leaders nor emblems although some edifices are sacred. Therefore, we can better appreciate his true sentiment in our current era of debased nihilism rallied beneath hyper-reactionaries of either polarity hence I stand firm with the Third Position, not the Left nor the Right.

When we support Art, we should do thusly for it is most respectful to the vision of the creators.

Des Schicksals eh’rner Wille bricht sich, wie Wellen am Felsen brechen, am festen Glauben eines treuen Paars.“ – Theodor Körner

Destiny’s iron will break like waves break on rocks, on the firm faith of a faithful couple… Never lose hope, never lose will or sight of your ambitions for even the direst fate cannot withstand the will of resolute defiance, especially when this vision is shared among duos, collaborations & communities!