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Von Thronstahl :: Europa Calling -Forthcoming Fire- :: Album: Mutter der Schmerzen LP :: Year: 2020

Series III. in Pax Germania, Ukraine crisis with Russia – Middle Europe under pressure? Asserting firm conviction & stronger critique within uncertain times in a world wrought by ever intertwining manipulation, sociopolitical discord via capricious factions moving among the global stage.


I. A short letter addressed to Fatalists & Dropouts.

II. Europa is calling! Addressing principles by which we stand upon (UA vs RU).

III. A brief history of Northeastern Slavic peoples (Ruthenian vs Muscovy) & Putin’s intentions.

IV. A brief history of Germany (An anecdote reflecting upon the cycle of events past & present).

V. The gravitas of reviving the German Phoenix within this Storm-age (Our Germanic inheritance).

To: All Fatalists hiding behind the mask of the European dissident movement, one cannot truly harbor love for one’s homeland nor a peer’s homeland, let alone our home continent, claim to cherish our natural environment & all forms of life bound to its eternal cycle yet at the same instance wish for the total destruction of everything via nuclear escalation. A supposed hard reset portrayed somehow as the optimal solution to a less than ideal world is never a solution to begin with, for it contradicts the aforementioned that which we hold dear.

I must remind readers of the Chernobyl RBMK-1000 complex, the importance of nuclear safety amidst our current crisis, with the possibility that said facility cannot receive emergency workers to mitigate damage inflicted by Russian military engagement our best case scenario would be dispersing of radioactive pollutants via mishandling of the safety systems, within a worst case scenario… best we not imagine it… just remember the 1986 nuclear disaster had a high potential of endangering the entire European continent given the 2nd meltdown not been averted. Whilst indifference might come easily to some especially when one does not reside within nor have loved ones in Europe, the threat nonetheless is a persistent possibility to be mindful of.

Considering that if Putin decides to annex outside of Ukraine into the Baltic, Finland is leery of this potentiality then this very much will become a full-scale European conflict, will one remain resigned from thought & conviction then?

For years the dissident-right having been talking about European lands for European people. Not many years ago self-proclaimed dissidents were uttering; people of European ethnic heritage should stick together” now years later these same people are total drop-outs, you think when your ancestral abode is in real peril they would the most audacious but rather they were only the most vocal back when the hipster clout train was lucrative in terms reaping social capital for public notoriety, it truly reflects the nature of most people within the movement, completely hollow of conviction only out to serve their own image.

What is the point of producing alternative media if the end result only ever funnels into an echo-chamber of fringe absolutist hyper reactionaries? Most of who will never realize that their little isolated niche has zero gravitas upon the outside world.

For their heart is simply not in it, when it very certainly should, Allegiance for European sovereignty should not remain upon conditional terms, much like true love it is supposed to be unconditional, no one should rest easy with nuclear superpowers on the brink, how can one advocate Traditional values bringing children into a world with the mindset of improvement yet not even care of a conflict with potentially grave consequences!

Even outside of the premise of nuclear escalation, there are plenty of conventional weaponry that can yield similar destructive results without the troublesome nuisance of radioactive contamination i.e., Chemical, EMPs & Thermobaric weaponry. This still does not alter how disconcerting it remains when I see fellow Europeans who fall upon the same disenchanted indifferent mindset, who would sooner prioritize complaints about the cast of a film/T.V., post driveling cartoons or speculate upon which immigrant stole a bicycle most recently.

Sure… every mainstream media covered current event is just a Psychological-Operation (Psyop) isn’t it? Everything is a fake thus of no genuine relevance… essentially nothing affects you save others things that don’t affect you!

Outside of my biting sarcasm it is fallacious to preemptively presume that anyone who feels contrary is a sheep, moron or establishment plant, those who believe in nothing will believe in everything else, those who believe in every sensational alternative fringe theory don’t have any more conviction than the average normal person despite what they assert online.

Es ist nicht einzusehen, weshalb der selbe Mensch mit 18 und 48 Jahren die selben Bücher schätzen sollte.” – Ezra Pound

There is no reason why the same person at 18 and 48 should appreciate the same books… Vice versa applies to any form of media we choose to consume insofar to maturation & responsibility; we’re supposed to act the adults within a particular situation thus does not cling upon foolish things when there are more pressing matters to focus upon.