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ARDITI – One Will by Iron Heart

Disclaimer: This post is primarily focused upon the U.S. Election aftermath & secondly attitudes which impact in-group morale applicable to all of European extraction, I would stress to make it abundantly clear that when making a German reference insofar to history I have no intentions to misconstrue such as pertaining to prevailing sociopolitical dynamics within America today.

Concerning Germany, many regardless of political spectrum are committed to the Anti-lockdown protests which are ongoing (Frankfurt am Main most recently), as Pro-European dissidents we should more openly support movements like these rather than spreading bad news like a blight, above all else Europeans have nothing to learn from Americans, rather it is Americans who should take heed from Europeans!


1. Forward (Black-pilling vs White-pilling)

2. Lexicon (Our bumbling social manager)

3. Closing (Our Future & G.O.A.T.)

This post format was originally drafted as an intended jab at Oldman Larsson Vik. However, due to his immense irrelevance especially as of late I have re-purposed Lexicon Fatalismus for covering how I feel specifically about the Presidential Elections aftermath (2020) as well the current Puppet Elect (Still debated) of the U.S.A. (Western Israeli Vassaldom). I’d like to stress nonetheless that just because I try my best to place emphasis upon White-pilling does not mean I take no stock of the Black-pill nor does mentioning the White-Pill mean I am overtly Idealistic (I am an INTJ the opposite of sentimental).

See: Prometheus Rising for more regarding this dichotomy, our present reality is gray & complex as are its numerous denizens (minus one group and their supplicants), not everything is about absolutism, political polarization of Right & Left let alone a dogmatic balkanization of depersonalizing social cliques.

It should come to no surprise that those who pull the strings always target White-pill channels 1st for de-platforming, they tend to leave Black-pill/pessimistic content creators & dissident speakers alone (98% of the time) unless they’re viewed a warranted threat to their mandated order of civilization, which is rare, considering that demoralization is such a potent weapon!

When a situation is dire, humanity suffers, when society decays morale dwindles – this bleak realization is not the end all be all of an awakening. Take for example as adults we realize practical living does not coincide with ideal living we take what we’re given until afforded an opportunity for better options, meanwhile we work tirelessly for our principles rather than shelving them altogether, to do otherwise means one willingly melds into crowds of unremarkable mundus therefore no longer have a say in any matter.

In short, the Black-pill to the self-aware is a dismal warning of events transpiring around us but most importantly what shall be the undoing of all we hold dear if we ignore said warning. Relinquishing one’s values, dedication, faith to hopelessness & self-serving nihilism. We strive for better than the latter case of assimilation. We yearn for that ever elusive White-pill which may as well be a veritable Unicorn now in the XXI century it does not mean we stop trying to achieve better, focus not on the Ivory steed sinking into muck, eyes forward..

Der Deutsches Kaiserreich aus des Traums.

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