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We shall give and receive reason

Do we bar the gates with iron
To guard our holy flame?
From your poor, your sick and tired
Your nutshell navies came
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

And who will hail our brother slayers
Who will hail the invading men?
We may not speak of nation
May not speak of soil and flags
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

An endless ocean of bodies
May well swallow it all
Do we miss our world so little
Do we miss our sea so lone?
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

Did we not justly hurl
Our flag over the slaver
Did we not stand down
And see the slave free?
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

And the day they sold us out
Our hearts grew cold
‘Cause we were never asked
No brother, we were told!
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

Will there be rivers of blood?
I don’t know. I hope no.
Will there be rivers of blood?
I don’t know…
What do they know of Europe
Who only Europe know?

We’re building ghettos
Entrenching ghettos
Flooding ghettos
We’re building ghettos

We built grand civilizations and now we are building ghettos, something to think about.


1. Forward ~ (Current Events of Chaos-bound Nihilism).

2. Closing, where are the loudest when storm breaks loose?

3. Supplemental Content Index Pt I-II (See Comments).

Three years ago, the F.B.I. showed up at my former residence (in full gear) under suspicion that I was organizing with (white supremacists) for an attack against a (((group))). Behold three years later our present day, Far-left have Anarchists literally hijacked construction equipment, burn down private & public buildings including power-plants, even throw Molotov cocktails at Police officers whilst they post their degenerate mayhem onto Instagram. Two months from now will be the 27 year anniversary of the Ruby Ridge incident which also falls into context considering that 3 innocents lost their lives at the hands of Federal forces (something to ruminate upon) but I will elaborate upon that properly come August.

Lost baby mountain goat ~ Glacier National Park (Cascades Washington).

I just wanted to go Camping & Hiking in the Cascade mountains for a week, there was nothing nefarious about my intentions nor was I even armed (not unless you consider a swiss army knife & folding spade armaments), yet ironically this nihilistic confusion which the MSM has labeled as peaceful political demonstrators is permitted to run amok devoid of consequence.

I am disgusted by how this situation was permitted to escalate. I am in particularly appalled by how White-Europeans are now emulating these riots outside of the U.S.

–Nihilistic Chaos unbound:

Criminal malcontents are not heroes, ANTIFA & BLM are appendage organizations of Zionists the one true supremacist organization wreaking havoc globally, Do the police in America use excessive force? Yes at times they do (I can vouch for this personally), but what happened to George Floyd would have occurred to any man white or black had he been stopped by the police for trying to make a transaction with a counterfeit money whilst on the influence of opiates, crystal meth and intoxicated on top of everything.

This is not even about race; this is a political Zionistic orchestration to enforce even stricter rule via lawless purge upon the population specifically innocent bystanders who are simply guilty of being of European descent hence must submit or else receive mob violence, as well business owners and youtubers with a large reach are being forced to endorse BLM by means of public address or else they will be shut down, apparently the embellished Covid-19 debacle wasn’t sufficient enough.

Thank the gods I am not a big youtuber although being shadow-banned still sucks.

The tactical police forces of America have sonic crowd control systems, rubber ammunition, canine units, capsicum spray canisters, incapacitating tasers, high pressure water cannons. Where are these implements of crowd dispersal during these riots? Even the U.S. Military has a Microwave based ADS (Active Denial System), yet all these systems are absent, police officers appear suited in full gear on television broadcasts yet serve little more than intimidation corps.

Clearly this chaos is being deliberately perpetuated to serve a larger overarching goal, Zionist deconstructionism.

I am willing to bet upon my life had the situation been reversed the Federal government of America would have called in the cavalry upon a Pro-European dissident for simply having the wrong ideas.

Whilst I do not love American police forces, I can respect individual law enforcement officers (municipal) who have to contend with this unlawful BS on a daily basis. Within a normal healthy & sane society law enforcement would be venerated, they are supposed to be on our side but are very sadly not.

As for my region, I am very fortunate to live in a small city & mostly rural state excluded from such chaos, when Covid-19 affected my region our lock-down restrictions were minimal as well temporary much to the dismay of the more heavily populated liberal regions (the coasts) who refer to everyone who lives in the Midwest as (uneducated, ignorant, backwards people).

For once being labeled Fly-Over country is no longer particularly insulting, there is no rioting in my local vicinity either, I do not want to live near such noise.

–When storm breaks loose:

I stress, where is everybody? I find it sad and disconcerting that the only reason why people were vocal 3-5 years ago was because they felt emboldened due to mass public online platform and since the mass de-platforming everyone who was once very vocal & convincing of their passions has since dispersed into obscurity.

Where are the most vocal of our side when vile Pakistani Muslims trafficked, raped & killed young European girls in Britain? Where were you when Migrants beat & bullied young European boys, just to steal their pocket money? Lastly where were you when Migrant men attacked & sexually assaulted elderly women in Berlin, the most vulnerable of all?

It appears ever since the great YT purge every so called online dissident ran off to twitter instead, which is very discouraging I am frankly sick of online and online exclusive interaction hubs, clearly it has proven to be counter indicative of galvanizing a true movement or men of action.

We should not be about all bark & no bite. Whilst legally we cannot even gather publicly under the stipulation of Covid-19 social distancing legalese, ironically this doesn’t appear a hindrance for BLM/Antifa who can justify mass mobs for rampage, to maim, kill & destroy under the stipulation of vengeance for some deceased negro degenerate.

George Floyd you are not missed and curse thee upon all your kin. Sadly, there are many white European idiots who now use said person to validate their own depraved will. I apologize for just one thing here, the very real blackpill, so let us not revel in dismay and end this on a positive note.

Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets; art deserves that, for it and knowledge can raise man to the Divine.” – Ludwig van Beethoven