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Hello kinsmen and readers first I’d like to apologize for abruptly becoming absent prior to the conclusion of last year, I was unable to convey Solstice Greetings for Weihnachtsfest let alone the New Year in the typical prompt and consistent fashion. On 12/11/16 my primary work machine ceased functionality after 5+ years of service. Fortunately there was zero data loss having anticipated that such a computer failure might occur,  just that same week I came upon a shocking realization that the path I was on for the past year was not what it appeared to be, rather lets address the elephant in the room – Ôðalism.

A certain Neo-Völkisch movement which initially gave me the impression as a sane and stable alternative in a world made incompatible to National Socialism, note that I do not knock on the N.S.D.A.P. in a mainstream fashion all of my reasons for not adhering to said ideology are purely pragmatic. I have stated on numerous occasions that I sympathize with the historical party era not this new quasi National Socialistic revolution spear-headed by various unsavory individuals or stereotypical racist archetypes. Many of who do more ill to their kinsmen than to any realization within the real world.

What was the appeal of Ôðalism to me?

Perhaps I was lured in by a regression of childhood resentment towards Christianity due to clashing with certain thick headed Christian Nationalists. Yet I do still support other notable individuals such as Dennis Wise (T.G.S.N.T.) or the late George Lincoln Rockwell, musicians such as Militia Dei & Von Thronstahl (Both Christian leaning musical projects) as I respect noble intentions and high art no matter the religion. I have been a more than a little harsh towards Christian leaning people in the Far-Right over the past year which perhaps might not be the best mentality to practice in light of German (European) preservation.

2021 Anecdote: I no longer believe G.L.R. fueled the American version of “National Socialism” which is complete caricature of the original German movement & wholly incompatible with both the White-American population insofar to modern societal-pressures as well even historically within the American past. Rebranding a failed movement is not the work of geniuses, asides from this G.L.R. was too fixated upon outside forces so much he didn’t even suss out his own peers, one of which was his best-friend who later murdered him because he was an undercover Federal Agent. As well, I no longer endorse the work of Dennis-Wise, whilst I do not totally disagree with T.G.S.N.T. (there is some validity) it is nonetheless an American alternative documentary set from the vantage of Americans of the “Right-Wing Protestant Puritan” persuasion. I only support one National Socialist movement that was (1933-1944) Germany, that period is over, I detest any American NS 2.0 movement.

I want to broaden my European viewership with neither a “Right” nor “Left” lens. I still however, very much love Von Thronstahl & Militia Dei just as much now as I did 5-10 years ago.

Whatever People’s perception of God, or Gods, or the motive Force of the Universe might be, they can hardly deny that Nature’s Law are the work of, and therefore the intent of,  that Force.

–From 88 Precepts by David Lane.

I’d also like to note that German Roman Catholics & Lutherans (Regular Population), Cosmo Theists i.e. (Adolf Hitler) & Heathens i.e. (Heinrich Himmler technically a Wotanist) coexisted under a singular cause.

2021 Anecdote: I would like to clarify that Cosmo-Theism is purely work of the American (National Alliance – Dr. William Luther Pierce) being his interpretation of the German Faith Movement within the N.S.D.A.P. which was greatly varied in practice & predominantly Christian – Lutheran with a brief re-resurgence in Roman-Catholicism behest of Adolf Hitler’s personal inclinations, to a lesser degree pagan revival within the Waffen SS organization.

Was it because of Heathenism?

To be frank I would be what Heathens refer to collectively as a follower of “Dark Gods” traditionally speaking in European Paganism “Non-Gods” as phrased by many “Loki’s Brood“. Such a path is shunned by Heathens on a whole and to Christians is deemed “Satanic” without proper contextualization. Technically I do not worship Dark Gods but rather I take an undivided (Rökkatru) approach when I reflect on the qualities of all Germanic Gods. I gravitate towards lower Yggdrasil (Toten) because I find it relevant to the path this world is heading down. I also seldom ever speak of my former Occult era but I’d like to elaborate on that one day in the future considering that the Dissident-Right community seems to either not have an opinion due to lack of information or outright condemns such in a witch-hunt manner by both Christian & Heathen alike. Also I have never been associated with Heathen communities as brash and public display of such is in poor taste which invites Jewish infiltration.

The only true way to preserve one’s Pagan traditions is to establish your progeny and keep it within the family only.

Was it because I was a J.R.R. Tolkien Fan, or an avid live action role-player?

Negative, while I can appreciate the works of J.R.R. Tolkien I am not a huge fan of said constructed universe, I am much more of an avid H.P. Lovecraft follower however one will seldom see such manifest in overt form. I also do not participate in Live action role-play nor have I ever save within a ritual occult context in my early-mid 20s which was done so in seclusion. Personally I’d like to reference that J.R.R. Tolkien absolutely abhorred the majority of his fans, those obsessed with living in middle earth fantasy or LARPing he referred to as “pathetic”. To contrast this Adolf Hitler in section 12 of Mein Kampf refers to “Primitive Wotan Worshipers” donning bones & raw animal hides to emulate Paleolithic Germanic people as “foolish”.

Was it because of Black Metal i.e. Burzum?

I discovered Burzum & Varg Vikernes in my early 20s (Over 17 years ago). This was still during his incarceration era, having gleaned an electronic copy of Vargsmal which even at that time I considered short-sighted. His obsession with regressing to a pre-industrial state I considered then as absurd, to think that I even considered the notion as viable over a decade later. Aside from these details I discovered Burzum via the Ambient music genre not through Black Metal music in fact. At present I do enjoy very select Black Metal works even Burzum still, yet I have never been affiliated with such a musical scene and as far as my musical tastes are concerned BM only comprises 2% of my entire musical taste. Martial Industrial, Neoclassical, Neofolk, and Dark Ambient comprises the bulk. Varg isn’t the only “Vargr” musically speaking either.

Was it because of Autism?

No, firstly I am not even Autistic despite having promoted certain articles in favor of an “Odalistic Autistic Perspective”. Secondly I am Schizotypal (Allegedly… or so quack doctors say) which is only comparable to Autism in terms of Introversion & Magical Thinking. However, asides from said core similarities the two personality/brain processing frameworks are like oil & water, I too have limits on how much Autism I can cope with before drawing a line somewhere & saying enough!

To note a key difference Autistic people can fully understand “nuance” or “tone” in principle however are unable to apply such directly into social interactions while a Normal Introverted person tends does not suffer from this defect. For example when one response to an off comment “Why the hell would you say such a thing” an Autistic person tends to be oblivious that they just pressed someone’s buttons. It is said an “Autist” is in their own world & has difficulties connecting with the tangible physical world socially or otherwise.

So what was the allure considering my Promethean background and antagonistic alignments? I realized all other conservative movements lead to a dead end. National Socialism whilst historically admirable in establishing a sense of Völkisch unity, a respect for nature balanced with maintaining a very sharp technological edge. Nonetheless any mention to such is forbidden territory for Continental Europeans hence counter-productive (Nor does the N.S.D.A.P. have a monopoly on German Heritage). At the time I felt because we were never granted an opinion other than the official one it would be a cause worth fighting for. Even at present I refuse to defame the era between 1933-1945 for I am disgusted with any individuals non-awakened or otherwise spewing the official narrative in order to separate themselves from the truth or their own past..

Yes I am referring to Varg Vikernes. If  one cannot say good things about National Socialism due to legal restrictions do not say anything at all! Germans have already been demoralized enough, I guess speaking out against war-crimes perpetrated by Russians and other Slavic people during, before and after WW2 against the German people would have been too dangerous or bold for a man trying to distance himself from his past. Bravo.. *slow clap* Ursula Haverbeck is more resilient and venerable in contrast. Rather I’ve seen an increased Pro-Slavic slant on all topics.

Asides from this my original impression was that Ôðalism (European Tribal Traditionalists) was in fact the Völkisch element of  National Socialism stripped down to the bare bones. I understood(or assumed) that Europeans were to preserve their various unique and distinct qualities in correspondence to their respective Bloodsoil i.e. the Alpine territory stretching as far north as the Baltic Sea to (Southern) Germanic people (Magna Germania), Italic and Hellenic lands to Southern Europeans. Vice versa for Anglo-Saxons, Celtic, Scandinavian, Baltic & Slavic.

2021 Note: Ôðalism is a very antiquated & unrealistic way of thinking unless you’re a literal Paleolithic-man or just simply Autistic, otherwise there is no real appeal for sane European people.

While it is noted that South Europeans for example do not encroach into Northwest European zones or mix into other groups vice versa for all other distinctions, this is what differs from Whites in America (Low breeding standard) & Native Europeans (True Diversity). Slavic peoples however, mass migrate into Northwest Europe in the millions,  a topic a certain famous Norwegian has no problem with outright ignoring. Sounds like a contradiction, or peculiar pandering for yet undetermined reasons. Yes, Slavs are more pure looking than certain Germans at least in terms of certain phenotypes but the majority of Slavic people are not however! As well in a more recent video Varg slams Ethno-Nationalism with generalizations, he criticizes those who judge only on whiteness alone and not individual personal qualities.

Oh, much like placing Slavs higher than light brown eyed or haired Germans due to just having blonde hair and blue eyes? Such as claiming “short, brown haired Germans” mistreated Slavs yet what happened to German women and children at the hands of Russians & Poles were unspeakable, claiming Germany enslaved millions of Europeans like just another Good Goy! What I see is a man who likes German things i.e. Waffen SS uniforms or Panzer Tanks but hates Germans and would sooner grant a free pass to all Slavic peoples while turning a nose down on all Germans.

Varg Vikernes does not care about Justice For Germans.

Poor citations, vague theorem, redactions without an utterance to his own word, contradicting opinions, & straw-man arguments. To make matters worse the recent “Germans and Anglo-Saxons do not exist” remark or rather “We’re all Slavic” if not Scandinavian, Celtic or Baltic was the nail in the coffin for me.

Added the Techno-Phobic zealotry is getting out of hand, to the extent where it is no different than Autistic people on the far-left. I do not doubt that Oil and Nuclear infrastructure has been a blight to this world nor do I deny that various sectors of Information technologies have been instrumental at eroding the social-community and willpower of mankind. Nor do I subscribe to the trans-humanistic techno-cratic sci-fi pipe-dream. However the ardent Ôðalist behaves not unlike blind automatons triggered at the mere mention of anything which requires an engineer to fabricate.

I have tried to accommodate this Ôðalistic framework but even as I posted on Hel Nacht I am unable to properly formulate a conclusion to that article which will make Oðalists happy and still remain flexible to outsiders. Not every scientist, engineer or technician is an Evil Technological Priest and to be honest I miss doing this.


I also miss talking about German Praxis i.e. “Kraut Space Magic” (No Pejorative Intended).


Ôðalism with former or present technical/scientific/engineering field backgrounds please raise your hands!

Raises his right hand and looks across the room as everyone else leers back.

 The N.S.D.A.P. was founded in favor of German Laborers maybe that is why I still admire it historically. I don’t find it admirable than some other figureheads think it’s preferable to have never been employed or have never paid taxes in their entire lives then insist on bringing children into this world without first establishing a solid financial foundation, Its irresponsible. It’s also also widely accepted among true conservatives that equality is unnatural, hence there will always be people who are more technologically adept and other people who are too simple to grasp such. It is wrong to condemn an entire demographic of brilliant minds just because someone resents technological development and it’s craftsmen to such idiotic extremes i.e. “The Princess and the Pea” article on Thulean Perspective.

If the drive to make technology is the result of said hybridization between Neanderthal & Homosapien then technically by his logic all Sub-Saharan Africans who never invented anything & always remained primitive are the worlds first & only Übermenschen. Now do you realize how reversed that perspective is?

Germans love their craft i.e. Lagers are more so a labor of love than just simple alcoholic distillation it is a refinement of both art and science as with metallurgy, percussion firearms, jet-turbines. We Germans are the Adeptus Praxics. I will not stand by and see this quality belittled or erased!

 Craft has evolved from the simple wheel and hammer to complex flywheels, pistons, magnetic accelerated projectiles, particle colliders, electron microscopes and far more than any humble artificer could have dreamed of in ages past. Metallurgy, from the earliest Orichalcum to modern exotic alloys via Finite Elemental Extraction all legitimate trades of craftsmen and later fields of science exemplify the torch of Prometheus held high. It is also the competitive and innovative nature of Europeans which has always maintained inherit dominance within various technological fields.

An out-lander can at best only make an imitation (often dangerous), hence it is one’s duty to the Völk that such is not dismantled out of prejudice or fear but safeguarded as with any achievement or tradition. One must face sentinels eastward with bulwarks raised and recall that not all men are as compassionate or enlightened when wielding these very tools of artifice.

On another note “Waiting or Doomsday“. Rookie Prepper Mistake No. 1

I too have been guilty of doing this, admittedly it is a negative distraction to be preoccupied with. Realistically Götterdämmerung or Ragnarök – The Twilight of Gods can be viewed as a battle within oneself or immediate conditions of nature unfolding in real-time, rather than an impending world doom. One is best remaining pragmatic and adaptive(tactical) to whatever event he is to combat(i.e. regional weather) not dreaming of hobbit holes while LARPing and playing RPGs under the pretense that a Solar-Storm,  Ice-Age, Oil Collapse, Nuclear War will magically usher in a new age! I even stated in Hel Nacht that you will need Artificers to properly dismantle destructive technology, for example Fission Reactors are not just going to safely disassemble by themselves. Especially not if idiot Luddites think that the field of Nuclear physics or Structural Engineering is a byproduct of sick modality and must be abandoned in favor of role-playing Barbarians.

The world is sick but this narrow tribal path is not the cure.

In a post [insert cataclysm] world running around in a Pre-Viking helmet or swinging a bearded axe is not going to save you or your loved ones from Gas mask donning Somali’s wielding AK-47s with high capacity clips nor is a hobbit hole/wooden shack effective at sealing, ventilating nor compartmentalizing Radio-logical contaminants let alone Nerve gas agents deployed by either a Military industrial complex (Z.O.G.) let alone foreign terrorists. While it is true those biologically predisposed to Tropics or Desert environments will suffer immensely in Boreal climates one is a fool to be so self-assured that migrants will simply all freeze to death or die off from nutrition deficiency in the event of a sudden cold shift.

Man’s natural state of mind is close to nature true enough, for mental clarity and discipline – honing one’s physical resiliency or willpower. Added European man draws out his greatest qualities living closest to the Boreal zone, it is not however wise to fixate on some kind of primitive regression. Orientals who naturally harbor a disproportionate intellect to compassion ratio aren’t going to drop their high-tech tools to LARP Japanese Samurai or Mongol Mangudai simply because one decides to live in a primeval fantasy. While the intent may be pure and noble the application is completely impractical, it should also be noted that such a system cannot be realistically cultivated by those living so distant from Europa.

This isn’t the world we wanted however we must work with what we’re given!

It is now clear I am not leaving the U.S. to return to my ancestral plot the manner of my personal belongings would definitely lead to my arrest by the T.S.A. Even so the legal restrictions of Europe will likely have me in prison not long after ground-fall due to my present unwillingness to remain apolitical about a certain time in Germany. It is for the best that I stay within the U.S. just someplace much colder and closer to Hyperborea (As far as hemisphere is concerned). The Groundwork for the future is now very different.

What about S.Z.H. ODAL? That remains as it was before 2015- Present. Prior to becoming politically motivated or “Redpilled” I was living rather decadently, I first became complacent and then disillusioned and depressed following unemployment and family related strife. S.Z.H. ODAL was originally a small group of like-minded creative people who have since dispersed into different directions. I was not even the original administrator/founder of this WordPress nor was the Youtube account of the same name. I currently retain full control of the remnants of said organization which I have re-purposed for my own means.

S.Z.H. ODAL in itself is “branded” according to Google thus remains permanent with no plans of change. I am instead initiating the Black-Out protokolle which coincides with my contingency plan to Bug Out to the Pacific Northwest, I will go on a reconnaissance expedition to determine viable positions to dig at first while maintaining a minimal living expense within the city limits. I am no longer going to be active on Google+ from here on out and the Video sector is on hold till I can establish a bridge between minimal living and practicality with the use of more advanced tools. I would very much like to document how to do various useful activities given a survival/outdoor context.

[I am currently using a 100.00 USD Netbook to establish this update.]

I have however nearly scraped together sufficient funds for a military grade toughbook-refurbished (Early Next Month) aptly dubbed “Blackout Cf-19” intended for outdoor-extreme environment (non-multimedia use). Off-grid solar power will be the next immediate investment to power what little electronics I plan on utilizing. For example, go-pro camera and aforementioned Cf-19. For internet I will make use of infrastructure in a nearby township if presented with the opportunity, if not video footage will remain archived between excursions out of and back into civilization (Satellite Internet is a high probability if coverage is permitted in my operational region). One must prepare to both “Bug Out” and “Bunker In” as flexible tactics for survival as well.


Hail, and farewell for now – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII