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Wappenbund – Fremde fahnen Pt. II by: Thorsten Krüger (2020 Re-post & overhaul).

Schutzt die Heimat vor Fremden Fahnen! Schreitet voran, und habt kein Erbarmen!


Protect the homeland from foreign flags! Go forward, and have no mercy!


Our hearts remain in the mountain, the conifer forest, our blood and soil eternally. So long as we retain our racial bulwark cultivating one’s highest faculties which drive us forward. Men march towards the horizon and eventually beyond the firmament; to seize the upward destiny! It is the way of men to determine the course of civilization, labor, technology and war. Man determines how; when and where to take one’s Völk beyond the threshold, to hone ourselves into perfection and prepare one’s entire people/nation for transformation, the next stage of our evolution aligned with destiny. Women are wardens of the divine in nature thus compliment man in this quest by preserving primordial knowledge for we are not separate of nature but an extension of it. It is not the job of men to become a woman in this exact sense, men carry Promethean fire, women are stewards of all that is pure in nature and only together in cohesion is a balance achieved between the natural world which birthed us and the artifice man produces to improve his edge in defense, conquest and exploration. The Sentinel and Librarian roles are integral to our racial preservation and pertinent that they remain united in cause!

What could have been from seeds sown..


This is not the world be wanted but it is the only one we have“.


Men assert themselves to protect the realm during times of duress,  they do not hide in the woods to await some imagined cataclysmic event or outwardly behave as they should take up the Librarian role during times of war rather than that of a Sentinel. This is not a matter of choice or belief it is duty and responsibility surpassed of any mere infatuation for yesteryear. There is no beauty in remaining idle while the cities burn, as if the rampaging hordes will let a blinds eye to your retreat. Do not mistake me for wishing to retain our current degraded nihilism. No, our civilization is indeed in the Twilight of Rome, however the difference being we will not let Hyenas pick at the carcass as if they were Lions. Kings are not opportunists lying in wait, those who seek to rule seize the world! Your fortress is where your kin reside at that very moment, be it your Citadel Bunker or Woodland Enclave however do not forget that your existence is always second to the preservation of your blood/racial stock, homeland and every applicable achievement in lieu with tradition. Our triumphs and labor of love, retaining legacies and customs of those who presided over you; mothers, bakers, craftsmen & soldiers. Our ancestors lived, loved, toiled and died to attain something, be it progeny or the flagstones lain upon the very ground by which future generations of Europeans will prosper over.


–Mid July Reconnaissance excursion No. 1

Destination: Western Washington Cascade Region (Mt. Baker/Boulder River Wilderness proximity). From my location of departure and intended destination comprises a total of 1,858.5 Miles approximately 2,990.9 kilometers.

This first trip will be little more than an over glorified hiking/backpacking trip,  no hunting or fishing this time as licenses for either venture could not be attained prior to trip due to budget constraints and regional nature,  pertaining to hunting however my interest is specific to small game (fowl) as I have little desire to hunt large game animals,  we already have established domestication/slaughter industry for such, with the noted exception of invasive species of course e.g. North American Feral Boars (Eurasian Invasive wildlife). In the long term however I will be saving up for hardier expeditions with equipment to better suit given ventures. Also since Federal Backpacking passes are queued between April-March, combined with recent extreme weather and high demand I am unable to acquire a legal wilderness pass, regardless I am determined to seek a work around such limitations i.e. State managed park jurisdictions pertaining to intermediate zones. In order to permit my goals I shall bend imposed regulations just slightly (at the cost of myself not the environment), my intention is to scout adjacent wild-lands and come to an assessment of basic navigation,  coordination and applicable outdoor techniques.

[Precise Location Information redacted with **** and ____ to maintain OP-SEC.]

Purchase Greyhound (Economy Plus)  Round Trip in advance for departure -205.00 (departure ticket) -215.00 (return ticket) +420.00 ~ total <**MO-**WA.>  Book on: 07/__/17  For: 07/16/17 __:__AM

Withdraw: +230.00 in cash and +5.00 in quarters  (+235.00 All together covers Community Transit fees,  Emergencies i.e. Lodging  & Concessionary).

Ideally I will not set foot in a motel, the entire point of this trip is to spend my time in the wilderness, I did not plan such to hang about in another city or township which means that I am willing to bend imposed regulations to achieve said goals summarized above (Camping/Backpacking permits are queued in limited slots for Federal National Parks). Although I am perfectly aware in a worst case scenario that a motel (likely the lowest tier) may be necessary in the event I cannot maintain a stealthy operation.

-2.25 (multiple instances) Metro Fare i.e. between ******* WA and ******* on my way to and from Trailhead destination.

Required Total: +655.00  (Minimal Projection which suits my needs and typical consumption rate).

Roughly under (2) weeks 11 days total spent in ******* WA vicinity,  Western Cascade in proximity to Mt. Baker/Snoqualmie National Park Jurisdiction.  backpacking/hiking at ******** **** State Park and surrounding Wild-lands.

Location: 47.9009094238281, -121.674842834473

________ ____ State Park (******** Greyhound Depot to Community Transit Bus – ******** station + 30 minute hike to Trailhead). First Come First Serve Campgrounds at start of trail. (May not be accessible thus why I am willing to plot an alternate course).

Call: ******** **** WA State Park a week and 1/2 in advance to leaving . # ___-___-____

Greyhound bus departs for return home **MO. from ******* WA. on 07/29/17 __:__ AM (Projected Time-frame).

I have determined that expedition No. 3 will be plotted towards Mid-September,  appropriately I will observe the Autumn Equinox within the duration of this expedition,  far more fitting than the limitations of prior years. Concluding the final expedition, a review of how much was required to sustain just one person in said duration and how much was retained (unspent) or rather how much more can be spent will be compiled. The Operational Treasury will be given a re-charge, I shall resume employment and switch gears in order to give myself a reprieve from such expeditions and focus upon another aspect; “Bugging In” a.k.a the Bunker-In scenario (Stockpiling & Fortification). This way I can resume video production in the meantime.

I plan on doing a small video regarding an E.D.C. (Every day carry) pocket dump towards the end of June. Additionally I will make a B.O.B. (Bug out Bag) with rigging setup video for July a week right before departure upon the 1st expedition. I could list out everything but that would be somewhat counter-intuitive a video would better suffice just the same.

In other news, I have very recently inherited a Premium Condominium Property from my Father, this news came entirely out of the blue as I have not expected such. His concern being eventual passing beyond the realm of the living also that I have been die-hard upon pursuing an ever increasingly minimalist way of life the past two years which he considers disconcerting (Noted Disapproval). Because of this I will be transitioning come New Year, nonetheless all aforementioned plans remain unhindered. In hindsight this move will actually grant myself a considerable boost in Operational Treasury,  presently a large slice of my income is currently spent on Apartment Rent -560.00 USD p/ month with rates increasing every year, electric and water bills are maintained lower than all of my neighbors (not exceeding -35.00 USD each p/ month) added I spend less than 200.00 USD per month for food.

Additionally I can suffice on just 500 calories a day in lieu with fasting for prolonged periods of time. Buffered with a 800-1K calorie reprieve every two weeks, an additional 2K calories may be consumed upon visiting family or special observance which does not occur all too often. This is a practice I still exercise consistently, retained from former Occult practices, initially such was for spiritual means yet at present it has become highly practical as an efficient means of saving money while disciplining both mind and body. In contrast however my diet has grown even more strict as of recent years due a brief span of decadent complacency spanning years: 2012-2014.

I don’t eat a lot of meat (terrestrial land mammals) not because of some inane diet mind you but out of necessity (cost). Red-Meat and Alcohol (In particular to German Pilsners & Apelwein) are specifically reserved for special occasions most notably Spiritual/Völkisch Winter Festivities or uncommon auspicious events, such as the Scorpio-centric Lunar event which transpired last Fall (November 2016).

Another angle I would like to discuss yet still entirely relevant to Survival and even the Political sector is Operational Security (OP-SEC). Invisibility does not denote cowardice, to operate from beyond sight or reach of enemy weapons and agents is often overlooked entirely under the pretense that such individuals are too fearful to assert themselves. Exposure of one’s visible identity/resources or use of personal information can be costly,  this can affect one’s livelihood, namesake, or how one expresses themselves entirely. Take for example many self proclaimed video-blogger personalities, congratulations your boldness may in essence be admirable on an idealistic level but incredibly foolish on a pragmatic level. One does not leave their windows and doors unlocked in the midst of enemy activity.


I would rather be like a Stealth Fighter pilot invisible to radar while I remain on course to my target (figuratively speaking of course) than a Ostentatious Bulls-eye target,  sure while that may be boldly assertive, one will also get shot out of the sky, in the literal sense cornered into compromise by our eternal enemy. Not to mention some of us have to work normal jobs. Certainly there are those who enjoy the attention of having their faces immortalized and emulated by the masses (Narcissism). Such individuals like to mix their overt brashness with a superficial notion of heroism or bravery, often used as a shield against criticism (an excuse “At least I show my face unlike thou”). More often to incite other individuals into exposure. This is also strategic albeit twisted for sinister aims as it is an attempt undermine one’s true autonomy, consider doxxing and other such breaches in Operational Security.


Do not confuse stealth operators for those who insist upon hiding in a complacent fantasy (as if such were strategic), we interact with civilization not because we cling to a certain superficial byproduct of such, on the contrary a keen strategist fully knows well that the level of fortification on the citadel tier dwarfs even the grandest fortifications on the tribal tier. Support your race where they are so we may move forward, not 80 years ago nor in the mists of some obscure pre-Viking era. Many would be conservatives are a sentimental lot and more often than not quite impractical. One can be inspired by the framework of National Socialism adapting such to work with our time, yet as mature individuals we must understand that creating a carbon copy re-construction of the Third Reich in the 21st century is unwise for a multitude of reasons (I have elaborated in prior posts). We require the best, brightest and strongest Europeans for our cause,  drawing the wrong sort of attention is just as detrimental as going out of one’s way to ignore civilization entirely (I am referring directly to Odalists).

Those who do nothing as the world crumbles around them under the pretense nature will sort all problems out for them, charming in simplicity yet doubtlessly unrealistic. (In my opinion this denotes true cowardice). Consider the event of a post-cataclysm; non-European savages, sewage run-off, or radioactive pollution will not simply ignore such individuals in the long run. Worse still when those very defeatists somehow think they are more clever or wiser than active individuals just because another person might exercise a practice/belief one finds distasteful. So what? I think having to wear a suit just for a job interview that does not require such for the given task is fairly silly. It doesn’t mean I won’t do it, because the benefits outweigh the cons. Consider how battles are waged and what kind of choices a wise Commander makes in real-time. To clarify as aforementioned one does not defend civilization in itself, rather one defends the accumulated legacy of our families; race (Völk) not limited to culture or tradition but also all technologies and sciences. To do nothing would be a disservice to those who worked or laid down their lives to accumulate what we have today.

On an off-note asserting oneself as anything but an Ethno-Nationalist/Authoritarian needlessly complicates matters from a pragmatic conservative standpoint. Idealism suffices as the fuse which sparks vitality and vision to an abyss of apathy and nihilism but that fuse alone is just one component not a solution in itself. Understandably the world needs many kinds of individuals likewise the foundation is comprised of many deeds however large or small, while we may remember individuals akin to Titans centuries from now the flagstones of destiny are always hewn from quarries and lain upon the ground by common men like you and I.


Consider eternity, however always upwards and never regressive. -A.K. 14/88