~Die Festung des Schicksals~ Pt II — III~

Of The Wand And The Moon – Brace Your Self. Video by: Giorgos Kormikiaris

By now it is time to break the routine,  although this is not the conclusion to the quarter as I have been doing so consistently ever since taking up blogging.  I am unable to complete the quarterly in the usual manner not because I will it so,   but because such cannot be helped. On 06/04/16 I was informed of medical malpractice which was committed upon me over three decades ago,  due to practically criminal incompetence at the hands of modern medicine I have lived with repercussions throughout the duration of my life,  only just now have the shadows of the past unraveled into disaster. It was a shock not only to myself but my entire family,  as a result I have been frustrated and angry all month long(atop of the summer heat). This has affected every aspect of my life and all plans sought.

In fact I wasn’t even going to announce this at first,  although it did affect my temperament upon posting Muspelheim. I figured this could be endured silently or at the very least re-directed,  yet due to the abruptness of this ill it would only be courtesy to inform otherwise.  Tomorrow I have surgery,  I have reached an impasse which cannot be ignored unfortunately. The Fortress of Fate heeds me on this course and I cannot seek any other venture until I have found justice at the very least compromise..

As horrid as the later sounds,  I cannot do more than let such run it’s course. As to everything else,  I intend to pick up the hammer in a manner of speaking as soon as possible!


~Im Nachhinein Hindernisse sind Teil der Prüfung und Drangsal.~