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Aus der Dunkelheit ins Licht (Of the Light in the Darkness)

Das Reich (Pax Germania) should not be dictated by the whims of a young break-away nation across the Atlantic ocean (See: Addendum No.9), I need not stress this to native Germans & other Europeans who are bound within this heritage as the key exists within the blood. I only urge for one to remain wary of those extending a false pretense of brotherhood for personal gain.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance for the excruciating long text, by my utmost German quality I absolutely must point out idiocy, hypocrisy in particular to the adverse ideology of Americanism & Zionism, illuminating upon such within context, to do otherwise whilst other parties wantonly spread misinformation would be a disservice. Above all simply exercising critical reproach does not equate to divisiveness.


1. Ad Nauseum (Quoted body of text in question – Conceited & Long-winded).

2. Addendum I – IX (Personal summary of said work).

This post I will be sourcing in quotation blocks & thoroughly reducing to a more digestible format was brought to my attention (I am not the only one who thinks this person is a tool), naturally it is within my habit to call out stupidity. Before I begin dissecting this disarray that presents itself as an article allow me to enlighten you dear reader, if I wanted to read something complex, I would read the Codex Regius or Poetic Edda not this snooze-fest, that would make even the likes of Odin close his one eye. My woman on her menses can be emotional, but she is a breeze compared to this writer’s long-winded & failed attempt to be fanciful.

A word of friendly advice, a work of standard written English typically does not need to contain more than “two adjectives” to convey an idea whilst this rule can be overlooked within informal instances, literal overkill on the other hand just makes your work appear conceited, rather than being interpreted as intellectual a written work’s true meaning will become lost in the arrogance of said author’s meanderings thereby perhaps even unbeknownst to them. More often than not this I notice tends to be a flaw of authors who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome but that is asides from the point here.

I could reproach the group associated with said author for the misuse of German terms in particular namesake in question: “The Männerbund” (I can feel my bones cringe). Note that this should technically be “Das (Group Description) Männerbunde, i.e. Das Ostamerika Männerbunde” (Not unlike Der Wilde Jagd und Männerbunde) pronounced with emphasis on the umlaut however, I feel that pointing this out would fall upon deaf ears. Consider that they’re only interested in German insofar to superficial “social capital” by usual intent of fishing for those with a particular fetish for a certain time period in Germany, or a penchant for barbaric revitalization (which contradicts the former), maybe even some erroneous tinfoil for garnish.

Fortunate for readers said group in particular a certain writer only uses select German words as if it were some kind of condiment to spruce up tasteless food, in this specific case – content that is entirely style over substance.

For example, I read a random article by said author to my dearest, she was also irked by how said author used Völkisch as if trivial, being Nordic herself considered it cringe-worthy, to quote her;

I still do not understand the reasoning behind using a German word for a wholly American White-Nationalist organization not even comprised of German extraction, who do not speak a fraction of German yet said author has the audacity to claim being Völkisch most insulting of all does not even adhere in the very least to Pan-Germanism. Above all else, Americans need to stop plagiarizing National Socialism when it was Americans who sought so adamantly to destroy it in the first place!

Now to proceed with carefully disassembling each paragraph while making note of key excerpts.