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Predominance :: Cathedral of Light (2020 Redux Tribute) by Thorsten Krüger

Walpurgisnacht (Hexennacht) falls upon us shortly and soon to be followed with Beltane observed in conjunction with National German Labor Day (Tag der Arbeit – Not observed in the U.S.). I will shift from the cold objective rationale that was Das Bluthund into a more obscure method of decoding our natural order. Regardless still consistent to the overall Martial tone of this vehicle, added due to the nature of this post I will be treating it as a one off until the appropriate time presents itself again.


At the start of the year I brought up my occult era however it appears the heathen reaction to my past Khaos Gnosticist/Luciferian affiliation is as adverse and ill taken as the average God-fearing conspiracy nut, even in light of the fact that I do not associate myself with the L.H.P. any longer. For the better part of the past eleven years I have refrained from discussing my personal beliefs with the lay population let alone mention past affiliations, aside from nuanced reference to the Promethean flame in regards to S.Z.H.ODAL (online presence). As a pragmatist I simply tell my employers that I’m Roman Catholic, this helps me maintain work and prevent unwanted social drama considering the dynamics of my state added provides a believable suspension of disbelief and repels loony liberals most notably the wiccan types. Be the wolf in sheep’s clothing when necessary, no one needs to know what you believe with exception to those on your team.

As Extrapolation: A certain individual once felt the need to discuss among all his peers how he was attacked by residual psychic negativity upon entering a swamp (Alleged Morphic Fields). Following this he had a nightmare where veiled witches grabbed him and attempted to force a syringe into his arm (Corrupting Influence). To a layperson this sounds absolutely insane which is why I refrain from discussing this topic among a regular audience. A second mention of such experience transpired so I felt inclined to email said individual discreetly rather than post my own experiences publicly to his YT channel. Did he take it well? No, to make matters worse he did not respond to my e-mail at all save via a video where again an excerpt of my transcript is used followed by a laugh. This snide & passive aggressive act shows me the sheer contradiction made by said individual’s so-called honor, naturally I feel nothing but contempt for this individual now.

About two months later I clashed with a Pseudo-German (Mexican catfish) occult conspiracy type who summarily said “he was going to take action against me” because I asserted my spiritual beliefs as “The Völkisch Cult – The faith of one’s corresponding blood & ancestors“. Uttering “Blood” and “Cult” in the same sentence must have been too much for his simple brain to process as his immediate reaction was: Pizzagate-Podesta-Occult-Pedophile to which he retorted in page after page of accusations along with threats. Upon exposing his ill expression of the N.S.D.A.P. he shifted his tone suddenly, in fear or embarrassment perhaps. Said exchange concluded with an awkward proposal for collaboration which was proceeded with a pathetic, cringe worthy attempt to convert me to Christianity.

A textbook catfish may be a fish in principle, but it most certainly is not a feline.

Occultism is not something those within European conservative/traditional circles react well to. While I should note that my core beliefs are rooted in Ethnic Heathenism a.k.a Völkisch Paganism, I however do not affiliate myself as part of any Heathen re-construction community due to my former practices evolving into present inclinations. This being noted there is a divide among two dominant group of Heathens in the alleged traditional hub of online activity, neither party works into my favor in any regard.

Thulean Perspective/Odalists: Oldman Larsson Vik’s Cult of Techno-phobic sycophants. No further explanation needed (See prior posts).

At war with Renegade Broadcasting.

Renegade Broadcasting/Tribune: The definitive central hub for Flat-Earth & Hollow-Earth delusions, who’s heathen members actively assert Loki and his brood as primordial archetypal Jews. Many writers affiliated with said portal also claim that Neanderthals to be Jewish ancestors despite self-evident Boreal (European) evolution, Renegade also promotes sensationalist hysteria via the pseudo occult Zionist connection. For example, the assertion of which various unrelated occult movements are part of one larger plan to subjugate the populous into a mind-control scheme, this is absurd (Not the conclusion of illuminated intellectual people). What is not absurd is that Zionists have in fact grabbed power for malicious intent, they are not magical in doing so!

At war with Thulean Perspective.

In truth organized Jewry via institutionalized programs has only proven mastery at playing against gullible individuals most commonly dogmatic fear mongering (Judeo-Christian fear of their devil in lieu of Pop-culture). This is especially typical in the American sociopolitical climate due to the prevalence of simplistic binary thinking. Organized Jews i.e. those in positions of influence play their games as do non-Jewish supplicants for amusement at the expense of those they view below themselves. These parasites delight in being able to manipulate the populous which they literally view as stupid cattle, clearly anti-social & depraved due to their own selfish ego-centrist nature or assimilate genetics (vast miscegenation causes higher traits to be gradually lost while base impulses remain dominant). However, note that such only transpires at all because of foolish prey (People who should rightly know better, yet many do not).

Break the chain as will Prometheus ascend unbound! These puppet-masters are certainly not the adepts as illustrated by yellow journalism. Genuine occultism is an abstraction which opens the door to awakening, practitioners require a great intellect and high discipline both mentally and physically. These are not qualities associated with debased individuals let alone attention whoring millennial hipsters or any alleged figure highlighted within the mass or alternative media. This obsession with the frivolous occult aspect of the global Zionist machine has long grown toxic and quite tiresome. The threat of Zionism is very real, no need to complicate matters with muddled storytelling.


Why do I care about the Promethean flame? Considering that the typical conspiracy theorist views the Titan Prometheus to be Lucifer and that all individuals who make the Promethean connection such as myself are automatically part of some global Jewish cabal. Similar to this line of thinking the average Renegade broadcasting Heathen will consider me a Jew or a traitor for mere association with Promethean ideas, by extension Loki is considered a deceiver of Europeans as they cannot let go of the fact that he dubbed a trickster as one of many titles, note typical vernacular “Loki is a Devil” – Thule productions (Renegade Broadcasting Affiliate). This is not unlike those with a fervent Judeo-Christian mindset, on the other hand Odalists affiliated with Thulean Perspective are not any better. European civilization is referred to as “Prometheus Fallen” even Louis Cachet has stated “Death to Prometheus” as he associates Prometheus/Loki with both high-technology and civilization.


As I have previously stated upon numerous occasions, there is no concept of absolute good or evil in the traditional Germanic/Norse worldview let alone classical antiquity, more akin to 1,488 shades of gray. I am not one who claims Loki as some kind of oppressed deity shackled by the Demiurge, at the same time I make no associations with every dark aspect within Norse cosmology to the ills plaguing our modern world, assumed correlation does not necessitate causation.

As regarded in my euphemism last post, making a literal dogmatic interpretation of the gods is folly. The traditional association of winter is directly tied to darkness which befalls the Northern hemisphere (Hyperborea), likewise the gods (Æsir and Vanir) are commonly cast in a positive light due to the importance of the Solar cycle restoring warmth; harvest & life back to the lands. However, as with casting runes nature in itself cannot be ruled out as a simplistic black & white distinction.


Nature can be motherly and beautiful just as well belligerent and ugly. Nature does not play favorites, it is indiscriminate. The only thing we can do is cooperate via observable laws rather than attempt to put ourselves above the natural order. Thor can be noble in intention however leans towards being foolish and brash in his actions, initiating pursuit before he has fully thought out a strategy, Loki will out smart Thor taking advantage of his mistakes yet while more brilliant than all the gods combined he also inclines himself to hazardous selfish gambits which usually result in his undoing. The sound of Thunder is always slower than the speed of light, this is not some manner of competition between elemental forces let alone cosmic division. Rather one simply acknowledges the reality of nature in every facet in order to better appreciate all aspects of our cosmos for what they are e.g. Man & Woman ~ Fire & Water.


What is a rainstorm without thunder and lightning? Both of which instill awe in might and also sooth our senses in calm.

From my personal perspective however the ever-unpopular Prometheus/Loki represents European inventiveness specifically the spark of industry – Germanic High-Technological craft and all accumulated scientific knowledge. If an obstacle gets in our way do, we run away? Europeans are not cowards nor are we simpletons, we are in essence the M.B.T. Breacher plowing through enemy barricades, the I.C.B.M. piercing the firmament! This is not shallow materialism as the drive for such innovations stems from the Völk in itself as a collective entity united in our blood, pointing to our destiny which lies among the stars. Someday in the distant future at least, less than likely any of our generation nevertheless this is why all our technical achievements must be preserved in lieu of our kindred!

Presently we have other obstacles to focus upon. I shall certainly allude more extensively to this Promethean connection in the not so distant future “The Doctrine of Immortality – Promethean Vindicator” remains my sole motivation in the video sector. Practically however I cannot focus on more than one project at a given moment, either everything is prioritized into my woodland expedition or videography not all at once.

As mentioned in my last post Das Bluthund I do not structure my worldview around an Axis 3 spectrum disorder, however I do in fact structure my worldview around being a Scorpio, its corresponding qualities & corroborating profiles which better reinforce certain conventions. I would like to note that the astrological aspects are not superstition, much like any field of genuine praxis the occult is predominant to both psychology & mathematical disciplines. Consider two distinctions of science: Exoteric (objective rationale directed outward upon the physical world) & Esoteric (obscured wisdom sought inwards towards our spiritual divine) either of which abides to laws which govern our cosmos neither of which can break said Natural laws. A skeptic from the lay population may dismiss such in entirety because they are incapable of processing information in such a manner (Secular Rootlessness), or perhaps ignorance of that particular field leaves one at odds with the subject.

Astrology & Astro-theology does not tell one how to live or how to act. (It is not Fortune Telling). Albeit mainstream Astrology is garbage and should be avoided. Rather as with any table for deduction, chart or formulae it however, lends one a gauge to determine through a series of connections a determined conclusion (take that as one will).

Note: However, one does not counter objective hard science with the esoteric in a debate yet considering the nature of this article it is relevant for discussion.

The Astro-theology of: “Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną” – S.Z.H. ODAL.

Zodiac: Scorpio – He who is marked with cold introversion (Right-brained), highly organized and commanding in presence. Dislikes fame via facial recognition or name but rather seeks recognition via actionable cause or outward expression,  calculating and strategic in both interest and practice, perhaps a militar or police enforcer, fiercely loyal to his kin yet unforgiving at times to even his loved ones, even more callous in regards to betrayal yet thrice more merciless in response to foreign incursion. A master of secrets, attracted to the mysteries of the cosmos, making note of every angle of its respective order. (Shadow and Light). Scorpios can be arrogant or vain at times with a downright Machiavellian level of pride.

(No Surrender – The Immovable Object).

A Roman Phalanx or Main Battle Tank.

Color: BLACK (Darkness).

Component: Soil/Iron (II) oxide FeO

People tend to not trust Scorpios this has been an experience I can very much relate to, it is said Scorpios scare people, perhaps we just trigger sensitive individuals. More often than not we Scorpios tend to be viewed as harsh or abrasive. I’d also like to add our tendency towards discretion and secrecy is not for everyone.

Everyone is hysterical so calm down!” – A Scorpio.

Ascendant: Aries – He who strides under the mark of War, who relishes conflict and competition, dominant or unruly at times which inclines towards hot temperament. Much to the latter case one may seek a haphazard or chaotic route in life as living dangerously to fill the void in their existence, however when kept in line with the proper complimentary person make for an highly formidable; employment, partnership, team operation. Aries has the tendency to also be quite arrogant and stubborn not unlike a Scorpio just far less reserved and more audacious.

(No Retreat – The Unstoppable Force).

The Javelin thrower or an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile mid-burn.

Color: RED (Danger).

Component: Blood/Iron (III) oxide Fe2O3

“Grow a pair or piss off.” – An Aries.

Konzeptionell – Blut und Boden oder Blut und Eisen.

It is said an individual with both signs has a tendency of attracting oneself to a violent demise, a life forged by constant inertia. He who fights as if he no longer fears demise is the one you don’t take lightly. Another reason out of numerous as to my severance of association from certain parties. The core premise of every movement implies that there is a physical community or group of individuals acting in cohesion to a singular cause (Not on the Internet) especially consider the frequency of internet usage by these very individuals. A couple guys who live in rural isolation with digital video cameras pointing up into their nostrils does not count as a movement! Anyone can express their opinion, some can act in accordance with what they proselyte, fewer can provide reasonable solutions for others to act upon.

True Heroes are not individuals with little merit urging Europeans to abandon their technical achievements or quit their jobs to go on welfare. Our True heroes are those European tradesmen who work not simply for pay but for the purest essence of labor in itself, the very Doctrine of Immortality is founded upon this spirit – Vocations; Engineers, Laborers, Scientists, Technicians, Doctors, Police & Military, faceless Artificers & Warrior alike, toiling tirelessly.. more often than not one who dies thanklessly while extremist piss-ants do a disservice to their legacy, commitment & effort.

Lastly just because someone insists upon working a normal job does not confirm a wage/tax slave mentality. Idleness & responsibility is the antithesis of Germanic work ethic!


Farewell for now fellow artificers and warriors, as we work, live and march against those who would cast our fire into darkness. – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII