~Hel Nacht: An extended summary of Halloween, the dead & ghosts.~

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Cities Last Broadcast – Cabinet. Video by: Thorsten Krüger

Now approaching Novemberblut steadfast and the last two months of my stay within American high civilization, the span of time shrinks like a speeding solar flare and it freezes like like dew caught in crisp winter air, times like these feel so utterly surreal. More immediate however is the festival of Hel (Hallowed Evening) which corresponds to the entire end of year in regard to the continual preparation for death and then rebirth. While Hel is in fact the goddess of death, she technically only collects half of the dead while Odin collects the other half, a distinction is made between the honorable dead and dishonorable/intermediate which I shall later discuss in depth. Light is traditionally emphasized more than darkness as the Solar aspect representing vitality (Leben) and its return from death are more pronounced than darkness, especially considering winters of northern regions. During antiquity and the last ice-age this would have been a formidable and merciless force which hardened our ancestors.


Positivism is integral to not only survival but also morale, atop of this there is a subconscious memory of an unending winter ingrained into the collective unconscious of all Europeans, the primordial memory of such a time flicks on like a hidden switch, it will save us! For the most part at least, it is this natural aversion to death and an increased will to keep pushing forward no matter what which has forged the very essence of European fortitude. However, we observe this fundamental nature reversed at present, admittedly I cannot help but long for an eternal winter. Perhaps such is a manifestation of the dark times we dwell within; I am yearning for Götterdämmerung/Ragnarök (figurative & literal). Not unlike the European immune system ridding itself of sickness. an ultimate wish for renewal.


To revert Europe to a prior healthy condition and purge all foreign bodies (those not suited to European ecology). Not only will it be a cleansing but also a test those who will be the future of new European folk, in the same manner a body grows new cells and rids of old ones. A person’s so called individuality in the modern ego driven sense is completely irrelevant,  only our individual qualities as part of the greater destiny in blood matters!

I’d like to elaborate upon the Dvergr (Dwarves) and Svartálfar (Dark Elves) in context of this season (See: https://odalgruppewesten.wordpress.com/2016/04/10/myrkheim/)

Both were one in the same (As in the dead) however a distinction is made.. well alluded to at least considering how vague some of the older descriptions were. The Svartálfar can been viewed as shadowy phantoms,  be it negative energy manifested as an apparition or even the shadow aspect of the otherwise honored dead(This is especially relevant to present day Germany). One should note that the Light Elves of Alfheim (Leben) or simply Elves embody the brighter positive aspects as they are depicted white and radiant (Noble). Dwarves however, were very different from the modern interpretation introduced by high fantasy work courtesy of J.R.R. Tolkien for example, nonetheless still derived from European folklore. Rather than the high fantasy variant such Dwarves represented both the physical dead (human remains) and the collective spiritual wisdom of our forebears, this is symbolized by the blacksmith’s forge (Divine Metallurgy). One can also associate this myth with the Draugr; reanimated dead which return to life to guard the treasures of their tombs although contextually cursed (negative) insofar to the latter most case.

Although I should note the Dwarves were more so indifferent regarding their motivations to outsiders just like when Loki visited Myrkheim to retrieve new golden hair for Sif, they would sooner tend to their craft lest instigated than bother themselves with the presence of an onlooker. Contrasting this quality with other forms of undead (unborn ancestral spirits queued for rebirth) the cursed dead for instance are almost certainly hostile, in any case it would be a sane reaction to be wary of forsaken grounds i.e. bogs or desecrated tombs (bog burial meant the remains would become inaccessible quite deliberately because this prevented such persons from being remembered therefore, venerated).


1st image: A Draugr – Cursed nobility typically buried upright were said to manifest into hostile revenants not unlike the Lich of popular high fantasy.

2nd Image: The dishonored dead,  those who defied tradition in antiquity i.e. homosexuals and other degenerates were ritually sacrificed and their bodies thrown into a peat bog. The purpose of this was so that their remains could not be retrieved for burial within the ancestral crypt (remembrance hall – Valhalla).

Why does Hel collect the intermediate (neutral) along with the dishonorable? In the traditional European context you either gave all of your initiative to life (to your folk),  or none at all. There is no room for fence sitters in high trust communities, qualities such as; Boldness, perseverance,  bravery despite the odds are to be embraced not dismantled.

As to the Dwarves and their grotesque outward appearance – bent, dusky, twisted.. If they were not negative why were they not depicted like light elves? In one instance Freya cringed when Sindri attempted to kiss her of course such is the case because it is the candid reality of death in all of it’s unflattering decomposition. Myrkheim was a kind of limbo for ancestors before being reincarnated(The Sarcophagus) unlike Helheim which was strictly an abode for the forsaken (where one would repeat all the mistakes of one’s life until redeeming oneself), bogs are shrouded in mist just as Nifelheim is depicted. As to the short stature of Dwarves regarding folklore such beings which had dwellings underground correlates to our own physical dead,  typically the entire skeleton disintegrates save just a bearded skull (in the case of men at least). One can also trace this to the Totenkopf motif of early Germanic tradition (Not to be mistaken for the later Totenkopf motif associated with Prussian Hussars & later Third Reich edifices), a European symbol of rebirth or in the latter Prussian example veneration.


Skull = Abode of the Spirit (The Mind).

Femur = The Leg of which man stands upon (The Lifeblood).

Insofar to literary examples, Gimli remarks on how Dwarves are not simply born they just pop out of holes in the ground,  of course he is expressing this in a tongue and cheek manner as the jovial drunken Dwarf cliche goes,  yet still this is not far off from the truth. Imagine Dwarves emerging from the grave (Bones from the burial mound) symbolically beckoning to connect with the living, a continuity of rebirth in the ancestral cult.

In relation to realms of myth, the home of both the Dwarves (Myrkheim) & the Dark Elves (Svartálfheim) denotes to subsections within Niðavellir. These realms are represented as the roots of Yggdrasil (Toten/Irimsul). Nifelheim (Realm of Mist) is also noted in relation to Helheim (Hel’s Hall) a realm of deathly cold drawing all heat from nearby Muspelheim (Surtr’s realm) & lastly Jotunheim an eternal tundra (Ruled by Thjazi father of Skaði till his death). Naturally I am inclined to these locales & associated myths even if the archetypes for the most part are on the opposite side of the fight (at least in regards to defined order). Niðavellir being relevant within expression considering that all of us trapped within the ill-machinations of high civilization are confined within a figurative “limbo”. Within the physical world we occupy however, the entire cosmic world tree symbolically represents clashing cosmic forces intertwined into each other, natural cycles of death and renewal in its entirety.

The world tree is also a direct representation of the ancestral burial complex (the only valid womb reference b.t.w.) an accessible site intended for divination & coming of age rites.

See: https://odalgruppewesten.wordpress.com/2016/02/18/ragnarok/

Note that when Christianity arrived to Europe many of these burial mounds were desecrated or completely razed with churches erected atop of them in some cases. The construction of christian sites atop of pagan ones represented Judeo conquest over European lands not unlike the shariah law and social-Marxism that sweeps over Europe at present, resulting of the aftermath forced Europeans to attend church only to be near their ancestors. Sensitive individuals could feel a presence upon entering such a sites, it is not the presence of the Semitic god they feel, rather echoes of the true European past. Pagan heritage remained alive in secret nonetheless and all the European high festivals remain intact to this day, albeit with a foreign veneer. We need not pretend to follow vestiges of a Jewish sect any longer, let alone any design of theirs.

See Morphic resonance: http://www.sheldrake.org/research/morphic-resonance/introduction


Within the burial mound,  one was to retrieve an item from the forebear,  to be reborn as they involved an elaborate ritual on the hallowed evening (Hel’s Feast), within the burial mound a young person yet to receive a name/title of adult was to spend an entire night among the dead in a manner of speaking and overcome challenges of a myriad sort. Such could range from a test of wits or willpower in order to obtain a key from Hel/Frau Hulda (A priestess in the guise of a dark goddess). The key can only be obtained by discovering a pass phrase (uncovering the name of one’s ancestor) to be reincarnated. In context this would be the equivalent of an adventurer within a high fantasy game setting forth into a dungeon to encounter foes or traps either to succeed or die – the player having gained wealth or new experience either way.

The original Nordic version of this very festival was less dark, our contemporary Western Halloween is more closely attributed to the German high festival – Walpurgisnacht (Hexennacht) otherwise known as May’s Eve which isn’t even officially observed within North America. Halloween as we know it was invented in America through the lens of Christianity, it is a distortion of the original European high festival; An amalgamation of Celtic Samhain, German Walpurgisnacht & Old Norse Álfablót, yet entirely superficial void of any spiritual substance. Halloween in America fulfills materialistic consumerist agendas as well as a means to enforce Abrahamic Judeo dogma upon the masses as a means of social control.

A scare tactic, by vilifying the true pagan culture that is native to Europe and to somehow validate the existence of their non-existent devil. We see this fear manifest to the extent of boycotting Halloween as a Satanic holiday within the United States, by extension of this christian authorities within Alpine (Southern German) countries have taken a similar stance towards Walpurgisnacht and Krampusnacht celebrations.


On another note, I’d like to clear some confusion of spiritual androgyny with overt vulgar sexual androgyny & modern perversions. Spirits (The Gods) are hermaphroditic insofar to primal energy, a magician regardless of gender neutralizes their silhouette via obscuring ritual attire a pointed hat brimmed or not, masked (A Helkappe) fashioned from animal bones, antler and other natural materials or even what appears to be a pointed full face hood to the later extent of becoming Phantom-esque. Even the greater Völk as an organism (collectively speaking as a network of living forms) is in a sense hermaphroditic because it encompasses all living men and women, the dead and yet unborn, since the Gods are alive in us they only take a gender because of our assigned individual dual biological order. To go from an abstract spark (godforms) into flesh & blood material requires either a man or woman. Make no mistake, our forebears were not encouraging perversions such as transgenderism or homosexuality rather our Gods only manifested as exemplary men and women.


I’ve discussed the forsaken dead in the context of defilers but what of the wrongly cursed?

The Ghosts of Germany are bound to a cursed existence by such a denial, to haunt till aptly exorcised, the darkness one sees is not representative of the true honorable quality, one which is eternal. To the contrary it is the burnt ashes of what was and what is perceived by the official narrative. One must reveal the Gold from a sullied earthen tomb, even if the truth is untouchable bound within razor chains. I conclude because an entire historical generation of Germans have been denounced, not only so but often slain in such a dishonorable manner. The Shadowy dead (Svartálfar) have arisen out of accumulated negativity, a tainted presence amplified by shame (self-hate), hatred of the past and relinquishment of a future for one’s folk. As a result, we see deep miseries manifest and never seem to go away. People are angry and depressed at the deepest existential level, many know there is something fundamentally wrong but cannot articulate their disharmony therefore seek poor avenues in life in an attempt to fill their void.

After all Germanic Solidarity is unacceptable in the modern F.G.R.

Collective Negativity derived out the mainstream narrative,  pseudo German archetypes – the vilification of Deutschland and it’s Volk hence the Svartálfar symbolically manifests in kind. Akin to a never ending bad vibe which spreads like an infection,  it cannot go away. Just like Herr Vikernes refers to the programs of self hatred and population replacement it becomes an “Evil Ghost” until the people enact the necessary steps to rid of it.

On the subject of negativity,  curses and ill machinations I’d like to briefly discuss technology and strife but within the relevant context of gods. Beyond Ragnarök we shall have the initiative of kinsmen and still other key challenges to face, Öðalists will need guilds of artificers to both safeguard the valuable positive technological achievements of one’s race and also to dismantle the negative destructive technologies which cannot simply be left to nature. As a benefit the laborious intellect preserved within a traditionalist communal structure will contribute well to future generations,  therefore I have recently adopted the moniker “artificer” as of late considering that terms such as “engineer” or “industrialist” are very much antagonistic to the Öðalistic frame of mind.

What of the Promethean flame then? Well let’s now discuss Loki as it is entirely relevant,  he is the clever mind more brilliant than all the gods combined yet deemed dangerous for being nihilistic,  selfish and unpredictable. Unlike Tyr (The Ordered Mind) Loki’s machinations are usually chaotic,  serving the gods only when it suited him,  he made equal dealings with the Æsir/Vanir as with Ettins/Thurses including plots against both parties (A double agent) bound to receive ire on all sides of conflict sowing pain and misery wherever he went.

Loki would eventually have his lips sewn shut for a combination of misdeeds i.e. dishonoring Sif,  the symbolic equivalent of rape by cutting off all of her beautiful golden hair,  added to this disrespect towards Sindri by first bragging of skills he did not actually possess and later denying Sindri his head following capitulation. Later Loki would be punished by the gods,  bound by the entrails of one of his more obscure sons, tortured by poisonous water dripping upon his forehead. Loki would remain bound as such until the three destroyers emerged; Jörmungandr,  Fenrir, Hel (His brood) to fulfill their destiny as prophesied by the Norns in bringing about the twilight of gods (Ragnarök).

This example of judgment for misdeeds is not so different from the tale of Prometheus where he is bound to a rock in a similar manner to Loki,  every day he must endure his viscera being devoured by the Eagle Ethon in contrast to corrosive poison. Some may sympathize with Prometheus as have I in the past however while the act of giving mankind fire stolen from Apollo may seem charitable at first glance, it was the sullied reputation of trickery and deception against the gods which landed Prometheus final judgment from Zeus.

Loki.. you little shit. – Ancient Norse Proverb (No not really..)

Chaos would only have to sufficiently accumulate against the natural order to achieve critical mass,  devastation follows.. Seem familiar?

The point I’d like to make is not to pick sides between the two clashing parties but rather to find a middle ground between varying qualities of the presented archetypes,  the gods represent the pure ordered and traditional aspects of man while Loki and his offspring as with most giants represent strife. In regards to Giants/Titans (Naturally occurring disharmonious forces of our cosmos) such can be equated to natural disasters or even base impulses (vices). However, Loki (Prometheus) would be indicative by artificial (man-made) disasters – high civilization and all the ill machinations to follow such.


One should note that Loki is not wholly bad,  there is no such thing as absolute evil in the traditional European worldview,  Germanic,  Scandinavian,  Greek or otherwise. There are no devils among the old archetypes even with the giants themselves present there is also immense good. The Norns (Three Fates) and Skaði being positive examples to this case.

It is this clashing of forces which should be observed,  such does not a represent a simple dogma unlike the way a certain desert tribe thinks.. Rather the European religion provides us with keen insight at striving upon a true balance in life. I think we can all agree than the annihilation of one force of nature over another is just counter-productive.

In short the Promethean flame has driven us upon a precipice which now teeters over oblivion. Öðalism (Traditional Tribalism) typically seeks a clear and distinct separation between negative and positive technology while the modern (Industrialist) mindset strives for ever more complex and advanced systems, progress to no end. Again, look to the gods for insight!

First though, we must all break free from the merchant yolk!


On an unrelated note I finally uploaded by first video in ages,  expect more soon! I am currently working on another video which is much longer yet less heavy handed in execution as it emphasizes what is at stake rather than just the stark grimness of reality.


Look not to some far flung fantasy of Mars, or the facsimile of worlds within cold windowed boxes. Rather look to your kinsmen in arms and the strong earth beneath one’s feet!