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-133 Tage.

Wappenbund – Licht Ist Leben IV by: Julius Spartiat

Dein Aufleuchten ist schön am Rande des Himmels,  Du lebender Atom,  der zuerst lebte. Wenn Du dich erhebst am östlichen Rande des Himmels so erfüllst Du jedes Land mit deiner Schönheit,  denn Du bist schön,  groß und funkelnd. Dueine Strahlen umarmen die Länder,  ja alles,  was Du gemacht hast. Du bist Re,  und Du hast sie alle gefangen genommen. Du fesselst sie Durch deine Liebe. Obwohl Du fern bist,  sind Deine Strahlen doch auf Erden. Obwohl Du hoch droben bist, sind deine Fußstapfen der Tag.

Hell ist die Erde,  wenn Du aufgehst am Himmelsrand. Wenn Du als Atom bei Tage scheinst. Das Dunkel wird verbannt,  wenn Du Deine Strahlen aussendest. Die beiden Länder feiern täglich ein Fest,  wachend und auf den Füßen stehend. Denn Du hast sie aufgerichtet. Sie waschen sich und nehmen ihre Kleider. Ihre Arme erheben sich in Anbetung, wenn Du erscheinst. Alle Menschen tun ihre Arbeit

Du bist es der den Knaben in den Frauen schafft. Der den Samen in den Männern gemacht hat. Der dem Sohn Leben gibt im Leibe seiner Mutter. Der ihn beruhigt,  damit er nicht weine. Du Amme im Mutterleibe,  der Atem gibt um alles zu beleben,  was er gemacht hat. Kommt er heraus aus dem Leibe am Tage seiner Geburt so erfüllst du seine Liebe zu ihm.

Du machst die Jahreszeiten,  um alle deine Werke zu schaffen. Den Winter um sie zu kühlen und ebenso auch die Hitze. Du hast den fernen Himmel gemacht,  um an ihm aufzugehen. Um alles zu schauen,  was du gemacht hast. Während du allein warst,  erstrahlend in deiner Gestalt als lebender Atom. Aufdämmend,  strahlend dich entfernend und wiederkehrend.

Du hast Millionen von Gestalten gemacht aus dir allein. In Städten,  Dörfern und Ansiedlungen,  auf der Landstraße oder am Fluß. Alle Augen sehen dich vor sich,  wenn du die Tagessonne über der Erde bist.


Your lighting is beautiful on the edge of heaven,  your living atom that lived first. When you rise up on the eastern edge of the sky,  you will fill every land with your beauty,  for you are beautiful,  great and sparkling. Your rays embrace the lands,  yes everything thou hast made. You are Re and you have captured them all. You tie her by your love,  though you are far away,  your rays are on earth. Though you are high up,  your footsteps are the day.

Hell is the earth when you rise at the edge of heaven. If you appear as an atom by day. The darkness is banished when you send out your rays. The two lands celebrate a feast every day,  watching and standing on their feet. For you have set them up,  they wash themselves and take their clothes. Their arms rise in worship when you appear,  all people do their work.

It is you who creates the son in the mother who made the seed in men. Who gives life to the son in his mother’s body,  who calms him so he does not cry. You nurse in the mother’s womb,  the breath to revive everything he has done. When he comes out of the body on the day of his birth,  you fulfill his love for him.

You make the seasons to create all your works. The winter to cool them and also the heat. You have made the distant sky to rise at it. To see everything you’ve done. While you were alone,  radiant in your form as a living atom. Dismantling,  radiant,  revolving and recurring.

You have made millions of people out of yourself. In towns,  villages and settlements,  on the country road or along the river. All eyes see you when you are the day sun over the earth.

After a pleasantly prolonged cold spell the heat of the Sun has made its presence known in my occupational region,  a signal to an imminent venture. However due to the late window of emergence regarding my recent employment and the few costly licenses for video recently acquired,  the window of departure has been moved to mid July rather than early June pertaining to Survey Expedition No.1. Allocated resources and projected time-frame foreshadow no less than three expeditions spanning between July-September concluding with the start of Fall. (I need to quit my current job in order to pursue these small expeditions). Concluding these excursions I will determine future expeditions (Home Hunting) and resume employment followed by a period which I can dedicate to making higher quality videos. Most people cannot simply inherit a plot of land or property from their parents and not everyone requires hand outs to live,  nor should a responsible person forfeit their integrity to become a social parasite.

Most notably a normal person does not wear their past as a mantle to grant themselves immunity to critical inquiry or inconvenience. I am but an ordinary man and we ordinary citizens of European blood heritage need to engage with the utmost discretion, we operate independently or within the confines of a cohesive community most certainly not under the shadows of online icons given questionable motivations. One might speak about a modular role-play gaming system yet we should be focused upon modular systems for finance or technical/community/residential infrastructure instead,  anything applicable to practical autonomy while thwarting our eternal enemy rather than offering ourselves up as vulnerable targets. I don’t believe the former is applicable to theoretical simulation either,  it is time to break the chain and stop giving ourselves excuses to validate counter-productivity,  let alone indulge in the business gimmicks of burnt out e-celebrities clutching at whatever opportunity to remain relevant with the passage of time.

Sociopathy is not a venerable European quality either,   I should have known better myself prior to associating with said sympathizing circle,  however myself like many others were manipulated via anger or disdain,  which I am sole accountable for. One who knows how to feed our Ettins in a manner of speaking,  to yank our base impulses by the chain to better suit their end goals. For example a man ensorcelled under the whim of such an icon might throw away his entire life following such convoluted notions (fear-mongering + pseudo science + sensational past = money grabbing gimmick),  for a notable factual example (another sycophant) someone who decides to backpack across a country (which may as well be a continent),  without first regarding variable social or environmental dynamics presented before such a task,  unbeknownst at how to pursue a living upon reaching said destination. To claim one will simply just figure it all out as it transpires is pure negligence.

It is pertinent to cease foolish Romanticism,  accurately I strongly believe now that such icons or associated hubs are Federal affiliated operators with a deliberate aim to attract a certain demographic to be more easily monitored while engaged online and disarmed while pursuing life offline. However it appears more people are waking up,  let not the aftershock dissuade one from important goals or the sudden rush of emotions weigh you down. Re-calibrate,   eyes forward to the horizon and both feet planted firmly upon the ground. We ordinary men can stay off the radar. Noted icons cannot afford such luxuries and that is our strength! Do not squander such by affiliation with notable firebrands.


With a strong will and ordered mind,  let no icon account to your own words or actions but oneself! -A.K. 14/88