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 𝖁𝖔𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖍𝖑 :: 𝕸𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖙𝖘𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖌 Video by Thorsten Krüger

Aus tiefem Traum bin ich erwacht (x III)

Sample: Wollen sie endlich doch verstehen, es handelt sich hier gar nicht um Regierungsformen, sondern um eine neue Vision von der Geburt des Menschen.

Vom Mitternachtsberg erhebt sich die Glut
entgegen der Spötter Zorn
Im Schöpfungslicht strahlt neu der Tag
und segnet das reifende Korn

Im Mitternachtsberg glüht schwarzer Stein
wie die Sonne so weiß
Von dort aus waren wir gesandt
das Starre zu brechen wie Eis

Im Mitternachtsberg brennt ein Feuer so tief
denen die auserkoren
Im Namen dessen, der uns berief,
sind wir einander verschworen

Glüh’ schwarzer Stein
im Mitternachtsberg
wie die Sonne so weiß
(x II)

Sample: Seine geheime politische Mission, sein Streben nach Wahrheit.

wie die Sonne so weiß
Flamme, ungestümer Geist,
wie Feuer gegen Dunkel und Eis
(x II)

Und liegt deine Seele in tiefem Schlaf noch
und scheint auch dein Herz gefroren
Zum Zwecke dich zu erwecken
wurden wir wieder geboren

Ich weiß unser Licht sich erheben
Von kommender Frucht raunt die Saat
Mir träumt von Ernte und Leben
Wille befiehl mich zur Tat

Video Concept: Durch die Nacht (Through the Night) Akin to a journey from Darkness & into the Light (Rebirth) Midnight being the Witching Hour.

Locations: Hamburg (IMMH, Speicherstadt, Altstadt Nikolaifleet, Sankt Georg, HafenCity Luftaufname bei Nacht) Heidelberg (Luftaufname), Berlin (Am LustgartenOberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt Konzerthaus, Unter den Linden), Dresden (Schloßplatz Hofkirche und Residenzchloss, Theaterplatz Semperoper Sächsische Staatsoper, Georg-Treu-Platz Frauenkirche, Rähnitzgasse, Neustadt bei Nacht).


1. Forward: Wo ist das H.K.L.? (A Rant + Question addressed to those with principles).

2. Schwarz, Weiß, Rot (North German Heritage & Historical overview of Germany).

3. Herrenvölk vs Übermensch (Contrasting two similar yet ultimately different principles).

4. Closing: Für die Zukunft | Post-modern expansion (One day we will take the rest back!)

My thoughts on interpersonal conflict (A Rant): I am aware that I am not the most adept communicator for conciliating affairs, if one intends to broker peace with a faction one best not send me because I do not do “white gloves” with other people – point blank I do not care who or what you are. That being said, for this is another reason out of numerous reasons as to why I have disassociated from the “Dissident-right”, it is perfectly acceptable to be on the “Right” & trash talk Liberals, Foreign ethnicity, S.J.W. types on the pretense of challenging the “special treatment” clause, which ironically many on the Right use among themselves quite often as an exemption.

Adaequatio Rei et Intellectus The intellect of the person must be adequate to the thing known.

Point blank, this is blatant B.S. hypocrisy of the highest degree, it is fine to speak critically of an outsider, but one cannot criticize a peer even if they are incorrect, spreading falsehoods or otherwise leaving between the lines “Germanophobic” comments. Immunity often granted under the pretense that challenging said person would make another individual unpopular within peers typically said peer is more often than not an American of the “White-Nationalist” persuasion. Apparently, we cannot be critical of fellow dissidents otherwise it will be deemed as “divisive” behavior.

Admittedly I can be at times overly abrasive, with very pointed comments therefore perceived by another as divisive or hostile yet I do not aim to make conflict. Are we also not grown Men? The movement at large is not a day-care center, at least it is not supposed to be. Men should allow for conflict among their peers, Attrition & debate is what forged us, if someone else does not want to consent with said confrontation from someone like me, well the “mute/block user” function exists for a reason. I suggest you exercise said feature or else grow a spine.

  • Hypocrisy is a worse affliction than the pandemic itself, there is nothing worse than ignorance in action.

  • I do not owe the Dissident-right a thing, nor does anyone, no one should justify their line of work, what kind of pet they own, what kind of beverage they consume, what type of food they like, what kind of music they listen to, what type of clothing they clad themselves in, etc.

  • Peasant Revolts are not a positive prospect to a better future, if you think otherwise fine by me, I do not have to agree with it, therefore I should not feel inclined to shake everyone’s hands on that stipulation alone.

  • A matter of when & where rather than where we are going – That is the Right, a group which cannot collectively settle upon whether they want to embrace the emergent future & applicable technical challenges or revert to emulating a past time period.

  • To, American “Might is Right” W.N. types or N.S. Live Action Role-Players, German stereotypes do not win you any points despite whichever delusions you’re convinced are facts.

A typical example of counter-productive cherry-picking: It is often said by the Right that if you like Latte you’re a Leftist sissy, I don’t know about Latte but I do enjoy a Tall shot of Espresso, my dearest enjoys a light roast coffee, it is also said by the Right that if you eat “Sushi” you’re a Leftist weakling, Admittedly, I have not eaten real Sushi in a long while however, I used to make Sushi (I’ll share that upon closing) for ten years consecutively before stumbling upon the Right in 2015. I like many others felt guilt-tripped into abandoning this among other pursuits which in retrospect I should not so quickly discarded.

(The S.Z.H. portion of O.G.W. prior started off in 2012-14 as a purely creative vehicle for written – speculative science/horror fiction, cooking & design) More on that later this year.

One can place a definitive line of demarcation between being cultured & abiding to a cult mentality, between ethnic collectivism & clique mentality, this “cherry-picking” of personal preferences is 100% the latter case not the former.

You know what I really think about the Dissident-right five years later? All this preaching is just noise usually perpetuated by some random very inferior human specimens with backwards expectations on life in general, individuals who as a general past-time pick what they “Like” & summarily “Don’t Like” then box it like some kind of “Moralistic Traditional-Life Path Virtue Signal” in order to make people like you, or I feel bad for having tastes which don’t mesh with theirs.

All I feel after 5 years is intellectually starved, maybe once upon a time the Dissident movement stood for something, that period was long before my time. A word of clarification participating in certain activities & partaking of certain behaviors can for a fact become detrimental be it to oneself or one’s own people. However, this preferential nonsense is beyond the realm of reason.

The Right as it stands collectively is not qualified to tell me nor anyone how to live. Aegri Somnia (A Sick Man’s Dream). Right-wingers beware, you’re beginning to sound more alike to your adversaries every day.

“Wo ist das H.K.L.” for my renewed continuity to Pax Germania in 2021 (Now a series).

H.K.L. is German military abbreviation for “Hauptkampflinie”.

Which begs the question precisely “Where is the Frontline?” Given that everyone on the Dissident-right invests a great deal into talking about fighting a proverbial war under many pretenses, for example collective racial purity (unrealistic) ethnicity (more feasible) for blood & soil (heritage, ancestral lot, nobility), for hegemony (to become a super-power again). Incidentally, some individuals cannot even handle criticism as if they are primary school children who need to be coddled or shielded from spoken or written confrontation as if it were literal projectiles, well… if one intends upon fighting an actual battle for one’s so-called “principles” against an existential threat don’t expect a real opponent to spare your “feelings” let alone your physical well-being.