~Er,  der die Schlüsselanhänger,  aber keine Schlüssel hält~ Pt 3/3

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Als die Alten jung noch waren (Absurd cover) by: VII Batallón de la Muerte

With little exception White Nationalism as a movement is flawed,  it is damaged due to two primary factors:

1) Christian Nationalism(Flawed Modernist Construct Masquerading as the European Spirit).

2) Psychological Operations(To destabilize reactionary movements while posing as truth seekers).

Civic Nationalism is pure Poison and Ethno Nationalism is a lost cause,  the survival protocol must now  be initiated.

See: Ragnarok.

To argue with a Christian Nationalist – In disagreement one is a Jew.

To Argue with a Jew – In disagreement one is Anti-Semitic.

To disagree with a SJW will resulting in blocking.

To refuse conversation with a brainwashed outsider – One is a Nazi Coward.

To disagree with a Christian Nationalist(Oh so Lionhearted..) will result in being blocked including among extended peers.

Essentially reverse Ad Hominen remarks.

National Soclalism and the true essence of Oðalism is far removed from any notion of “Racial Supremacy”.

However there are many White Nationalists within the online communities who parrot “White Supremacy” of which are usually mental rubbish who spill out of the bowels of the internet.

Who else speaks of Supremacy? Zionists,  of course..

Sound familiar?

It doesn’t take one long to deduce that White-Nationalism is either rife with controlled opposition or only exist to perpetuate some negative stereotype of sociopathic,  sadistic,  idiocy. The later of which makes up the majority who are the most deterring.

Such will never make any ground within the real world.

It is not our sovereign right to prosper,  it is our responsibility!

~On Spirituality and Religion.~

National Socialism: Within the Third Reich of Germany,  the inner circle had abandoned Christianity all together(Despite what Christian Nationalists would like to believe). On the exterior the Reich would appear Christian to the day to day Volk,  internally the reverence of God was simply to “The Almighty creator”.


Not unlike Cosmotheism a.k.a. Universism(not to be confused with Universalism) of the late Dr. William Luther Pierce.

A refined spirituality in connection to Aryan God Consciousness. Aryan man by extension of the German Volk was a being in blood to elevate civilization beyond fields of featureless clay. It is creative fire,  or industriousness in a more traditional German mindset,  cultural,  spiritual and technological evolution of one’s respective folk(biological determination) in line with said God Consciousness.

Likewise Aryanized men and women would exhibit enlightened traits which would set them apart from the baser man.

Disciplined rather than decadent,  yet warm like rays of the sun to one’s own people with steeled exteriors to thwart off outsiders,  forged by ice and bound by blood.

The mainstream doesn’t ever consider why Germans bothered to take care of Jews in internment camps,  to give them medical services and entertainment,  if there was a final solution agenda to kill off the Jewish population,  why bother? However such sociopathic solutions is not the Aryan(Honourable) way. Because Germany and the Third Reich exhibited such compassion they paid the ultimate price – In German blood.

The True sociopaths with dark blood thirsty hearts won the war instead. From the rubble of Europa was erected a Globalist Empire with a Talmudic foundation,  both figuratively and literally atop the bones of European men,  women and children. So many good forebears were lost while the last Reich becomes vilified in present to a practical Satanic extent.

Oh the irony..

This Aryanized Cosmotheism retains some residual vestiges of both Norse/Germanic folklore and Dharmic Vedic philosophies such as Buddhism as conveyed by Savitri Devi. Neither  was this inner religion Buddhism or ASATRU/Seiðr nor was it Christianity.

See: Eternal Honour regarding Ahnenerbe.

All Judaic vestiges were to be expunged even if in the earlier stage of the Reich,  Christ was used as a tool for propaganda.

Both ASATRU and Buddhism share a circular view of the world/time,  unlike the linear thinking of the Christ people or Jews. Eternal Creation as coined by Savitri Devi or Eternal Rebirth as symbolized by the Totenkopf stemming from much earlier Germanic/Norse paganism which can be traced back to Neanderthal(Proto-European) times.


“Gott Mitt Uns” was a clever way to promote spiritual foundation in the face of Atheistic Bolshevism as well transition out of a Levantine religion into another creed without changing vernacular,  as such would have been potentially disastrous for a still predominantly Catholic German people.


Christian/Catholic churches would have been eventually replaced with championship halls(emphasis placed upon vast forums),  National Socialism was a true forward looking life philosophy for a new order,  not just a mere political movement.

Naturally I can respect this more than say Christianity,  but I am certainly not a Cosmotheist.


Oðalism: Essentially take National Socialism,  remove the notion of modern Governance and concept of “Nation-states“,  expunge Roman law and return to the Pre-Christian “Barbaric” Folk traditions of Europe. “Technically Teutonic Tribalism” in it’s purest incarnation.

One of the main differences between the two is High Civilization which the Third Reich represents. Oðalism opposes such and seeks severance from Promethean fire entirely. Last December I mentioned how much are you willing to sacrifice? In retrospect I am much more willing to let high civilization slide into oblivion now as my Promethean sentiment grows weaker.(Or will it?)

I can still use my engineering mindset in a Primitivist context,  at our current rate high technology poses more harm than good.

For Blood and Soil!

Land is not just dirt,  one does not give it away like a flat for rent anymore than one would donate their organs to total strangers. Let alone strangers who do not share one’s blood and will sooner destroy your culture and race.

Völkisch Paganism.


Oðalism listens to the forest,  mountains and fjords.  Stones to which ancient priests revered the Sun and Earth,  the old Gods and respective ancestral spirits. For example everyone outside of the Scandinavian/Germanic jurisdiction i.e. Dinaric peoples(South Europeans). Latin and/or Greek Hellenistic Pagan traditions would be re-cultivated. Slavic peoples(Eastern Europeans) likewise have similar folk traditions to the Norse which would be re-kindled. All European pagan tradition share the same common root regardless of the differences in names of gods and variants within a mythological context.

It is also the duty of all with European ancestry to return to Mother Europa,  the Old Forest is not in North America,  South Africa or Australia.

Vice versa for non Europeans and their respective ecosystems.

For all outside of Europe,  East Asians for example would likewise follow corresponding Gods and folk shamanistic traditions i.e. Shintoism to the Japanese,  Tengrism to the Mongolo-Turkic peoples,  Vedic Traditions to the Indus Valley,  et cetra. Christianity in East Asian lands will likewise be expunged by the respective native people in defense of their own blood and soil.

It is only up to you to defend one’s folk and heritage,  if the Asians and Africans cannot tend to their tribal stock and culture leave it,  it is not your concern.

In the reclaimed United Pagan Europe,  Christianity will only exist in the desert from whence it emerged not unlike Judaism and Islam – the vile Abrahamic family.

Your Folk,  one’s own people and it’s eternal tie to creation via death and rebirth are the ultimate higher power. Men imitate Odin and women imitate Freya to become closer to their gods(The good in mankind). Blood Sacrifice of animals was just a more respectful way of slaughter before consumption(To revere the source of which food was provided),  Human sacrifice pertained to criminals,  men who presided over the tribe dressed as the gods of Justice and sacrificed wayward men who broke the laws of the folk or disgraced the gods.(Modern executions do the same save in a spiritless secular vacuum).

There was nothing sinister or diabolical about human and animal sacrifice in Pagan Europe despite what the Semitic cults like you to believe nor were one’s forebears godless,  headhunting,  mushroom tripping savages as depicted by Christian/Jewish media propaganda.

While National Socialism interprets Natural Law fairly accurately with a singular Cosmic creative force driving the spiritual evolution of men,  Oðalism simply reveres nature in the straightforward traditional sense via Symbolism. The ways of Yore,  removing Christianity and any Abrahamic Mono-theistic cult entirely.

Generally Oðalists do not express any ill towards National Socialism(Historically speaking),  one can respect the immense achievements of the last Mini-Renaissance that was the Third Reich of Germany. However Civic Nationalism is the root of all problems in the context of modern civilization.

Thus American Nationalism fails the most and Europe is imitating this cultural cesspit.

Europe cannot be free until this current Nationalistic poison dies via total economic collapse. South Europe will be the first to go,  likewise the Spanish,  Portuguese,  Italians and Greeks have a higher chance of making any ground at achieving reclamation in a post-collapse world.

From positive insight – Oðalists(Thulean Perspective) and negativity from Christian Nationalists has successfully made it easier for me to Transition.

I much rather ride horses or build Ballistae while living in a rural hideaway. Oh how I envy those Oðalists.

This is certainly better than spreading toxic banter which aggregates a midst most W.N. hubs. i.e. “Thou is more pure than ye” arguments.

This movement of Quasi National Socialist revival is certainly is not worth sacrificing my family for either,  despite our differences in worldview. I told my mother that the blood we share is more important than anything else,  nothing will ever change that. Most drama which existed between myself and family has been mended with the exception of my younger brother,  who is lost due to other reasons beyond my mere influence alone.

National Socialism is great but this new National Socialism is filled with all the wrong people.

The N.S.D.A.P. and the collaborating Axis Powers were also an artifact of it’s time,  one which may not see the light of day ever again. This world  is corrupt and broken beyond repair,  a magic wand turning everything N.S. won’t simply fix it either.

While I admit there are difficulties informing my next of kin to the J.Q. and how it threatens this world,  my mother does however give me undivided attention when I speak of the old gods and the natural world to which they inhabit.

Summarily I have removed any video or link on this blog site which endorses questionable White-Nationalist hubs,  I only actively support Varg Vikernes(Thulean Perspective) and his even keeled Oðalists with little exception to anything outside of this.

I also plan on buying a Go-Pro Camera,  I’ve been inspired by many Oðalists to follow a similar route in video,  this also falls in line with my mention of Sturm und Drang – last post and how performance art can be utilized against the Jews who manipulate the world.

Likewise sometime before my move out of the U.S. I will change the blog URL and background/icon to correspond appropriately to this transition into full Oðalism,  in the meantime I am investing and preparing for my migration back home(-10 months).

 I can practically visualize home over the horizon,  far across the Atlantic near mountains shrouded by mists,  yet still remains out of arm’s reach. The Fortress of fate remains locked with key(Sadly some things cannot be).


~In the end,  ascension is in blood not via marriage of hostile alien ideas.~