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This is relevant to how I feel about Americans and the U.S.A. in general.

Von Thronstahl – Star Wars, Stripes and Pyramides (A uniquely German interpretation of U.S. enforced Democractic civic policy, Multiculturalism, Capitalism, Globalism & most importantly warmongering behest of Zionism).


1. Forward (Caecus caeco dux ~ Inert Stupidity vs Dangerous Stupidity).

2. The Blind leader of the blind (Dangerous Figureheads).

3. Closing: Anecdotal Proverbs.

𝕮𝖆𝖊𝖈𝖚𝖘 𝖈𝖆𝖊𝖈𝖔 𝖉𝖚𝖝 (The Blind leading the Blind). Before I begin let me state that what I am sharing here is not current events, it is not particularly new information that Michael Issac Peinovich a.k.a Mike Enoch (The Right Stuff/National Justice Party/The Daily Shoah) was an American dissident of highly questionable background who made himself a topic of discussion only due to clout (Live action role-playing as a knock-off Sturmabteilung). That is not what I am addressing however, my primary concern is not stupidity in itself but those who would lie to oneself or one another to provide exemptions thereby empowering such a movement into a vehicle with destructive capacity. There is nothing worse than willful ignorance; knowing full well the gravity of lies & ill-credibility outweighs any expressed good intention. People can become so enamored with a particular figure they begin making up excuses to justify putting their faith in someone (rather than taking charge themselves). Take your pick from the litter; Mike Peinovich, Andrew Anglin, Richard Spencer, Greg Johnson, Emily Youcis, Millennial Woes, Stephen McNallen, Varg Vikernes, etc.

Incidentally, Mike Enoch was Doxed (His private life leaked) most ironically it was not the Dissident-right that spread the information leak, it was friends of his Liberal Jewish wife who believed him to be a hypocrite. Here we have a man who is married with children living a seemingly innocuous life atop of this his wife held a regular Pro-LGBT podcast on her spare-time whilst Mike role-played as a caricature archetype of the former German Reich fraternizing within the Alt-Right confluence.

Objectively speaking within the bounds of hard logical mindset devoid of any political bias one can blatantly spot the hypocrisy here.

–The Blind leader of the blind: A Primer for the uniformed – Michael Issac Peinovich (TRS/NJP).

See: Ad Nauseam – Das Egozentrische

Presenting my aforementioned reinforcing argument (Link directly above) against certain illogical fallacies of the American White-Nationalist movement pertaining insofar to broad conventions which permits infiltration by outside forces, I wrote this to counter an article authored by “S” (Seax) who shall not remain abbreviated in anonymity any longer. Especially given the malign nature of particular narratives being perpetuated as hard fact, I no longer believe this person simply just ill-informed or ignorant, this action is very deliberate.

  • Peinovich is a Slavic surname, I am not clear whether specifically Russian or Serbian there are also, rumors that it is a Russian-Jewish surname however, I have not verified the credibility of this detail. Mike would technically be advocating for an American filtered N.S. movement under flimsy pretense, not even being comprised of proper extraction to wield such an ideology.
  • Mike claimed to have 99% Nordic Scandinavian ancestry we can safely verify this as definitely false. Ethno-Nationalism is about venerating & being proud of one’s own kin not role-playing as another group for social capital (Attention seeking).
  • Mike was confronted by a speaker of the Far-Left reproaching him in German, to which he stuttered & froze… what an embarrassment. Liberal or not, he made a public spectacle of himself, do not blame your opponent for making a fool of yourself! (Oh, wow an American who idolizes the former German Reich, yet did not bother to learn German himself –Sind Sie Deutscher?)
  • Mike grew up with a half-Negro adopted brother (Matt Peinovich) who was the best man at his own wedding.
  • Mike not only married a Jewish woman but also, had children with her.
  • Mike performed traditional Jewish rites & chants at his wedding.
  • His Jewish wife (Former) is a strong advocate for the LGBT program.

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DISCLAIMER: Aforementioned links provided are from a blogger of who used to see eye to eye upon many topics with me however, said blogger has since redacted his opinions as of very recently, I had attempted to inform him regarding ill cohorts sadly, the olive branch was not returned. I cannot comment any longer on V.L.B. due to the fact that I am being deliberately unapproved whenever providing critique which contradicts present stances of said blogger.

(Asides from blatant contradictions of prior points there appears to be a growing influence of Flat-earther & New-age Pagan Hindu revisionists masquerading as Pro-European dissidents I shall elaborate upon at a later appointment).

I do not reproach my Germanic European brothers for petty nitpicking alone, I express critique out of concern! I only become hostile when dismissed, when my extension of compassion is ignored (which is very difficult to begin with being introverted) hence brushing this aside as if trivial violates my utmost valued principle of trust, therefore I do not forgive nor apologize for the mere sake of it.

My stance on VLB has changed but my stance on Mike Enoch and American W.N. remains the same.

Which begs the question, who in their right mind as a Pro-European dissident supports Mike Enoch in 2020? Allow me to re-iterate TRS (The Right Stuff) endorsed The Männerbund, therefore one of said group operating under the moniker “Seax” promoted one of their own “Mike Peinovich” just very recently. Not too long ago following the end of August 2020 I called out on his own blog for promoting Artificial Anglo-phonic American Identity Politics, which irked him immensely. I had stressed that such break-away culture is incompatible with European movements he had professed being invested upon in particular to Pan-Germanism (Which he denounces) and Völkisch Nationalism (which absolutely requires the former) of which he misrepresents. Seax, du bist ein Hohlkopf!

American & Anglo is not an ethnic group! Why is this so hard to grasp? Why is it that every European language & culture which traveled alongside people to the U.S. became so heavily bastardized? Simple, because it had to compete with another language culture seeking to assimilate & dominate. ANGLICIZATION is the conversion to ENGLISH linguistic conventions hence my primary issue with Anglo-centrism insofar to the Anglo-sphere placing supreme emphasis of said standard upon other peoples, ANGLO-PHONIC people who destroy the beauty of other people’s heritage in particular, GERMAN. -End Rant.

(Anglo is not the same things as Angles “Germanic People of the Anglian Peninsula”, one can contrive this to suit a political narrative, but it does not change the fact that the two are not interchangeable).

When an American places much emphasis upon state mannerisms & regional American dialects therefore becomes upset when these petty sensibilities are erred upon it speaks a volume insofar to their own European connection which is null & void. Most noteworthy when said person cannot even name their favorite locale in Europe. Take for example, my own place of current residence Missouri, honestly I do not care about the integrity of the Midwestern accent, this area is simply a physical point in reality of practical necessity, I have been to Europe more than thrice, I have living family (blood) from Hamburg, Germany therefore that is where I weigh my values. Asides from all these points anyone who supports Mike Enoch is not a good faith actor, so leave your contrived highly dubious and acutely autistic BS as the door!

One who has stated to me “that he was never going to meet face to face” hence was not going to debate me (evidently one will not meet most people who agree with you in the flesh either). Therefore, this kind of dismissal is highly ironic, especially considering what he had later chose to do afterwards. Seax, held the audacity to post exactly what I expressed prior within the context of “divisive behavior” within a later article titled “Strength & Honor” to which was the quoted body of text within last month’s post. In fact, I was not planning on covering this topic again however, considering the dangerous narrative being perpetuated this needs to be challenged openly!

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Unter den Blinden ist der Einäugige König (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king), as the phrase infers – one who bears the least severe fault holds the greatest advantage, the former figurehead(s) do not qualify for their faults grossly outweigh any positive message, hence blindly following a blind king is not daring it is folly!

Everything depends on whoever we have for opponents those French tricksters or those daring rascals, the English. I prefer the English. Frequently their daring can only be described as stupidity. In their eyes it may be pluck and daring.

– Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen.