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Pax Germania – In memoriam somnium. March 12th, 1938 Anschluss Österreichs.


  1. A brief history of the German Reich – Contrasting to the importance of Unity.
  2. Anti-German propaganda machine & Ultimate Responsibilities (Hard Truths).
  3. Looking back at Aktion T4 – Dekonstruktion des Autismus (Eugenics).
  4. Sociopolitical dynamics of the Polish Question in the XXI century.
  5. German Social Nuances – A Tongue in Cheek Perspective.
  6. A Passionate Criticism of Leaderless Resistance (Anarchy).
  7. Closing: Covid19 – Thinking outside the box.

A Brief History of the German Reich (Germanic Unity):

All German people are the same Ethno-family, I am specifically referring to descendants of Germanic tribes (Magna Germania) which formed into various German regions & confederated into the HRE (Das Heiliges Römisches Reich) 800 – 1806 (1st Reich) following the Napoleonic conflict the Holy Roman Empire dissolved & fractured into what would become two dominating kingdoms & later several smaller nation-states. (Following the short lived Deutscherbund)

Prussia (House Hohenzollern & Brandenburg), The Austrian Empire (Kaisertum Österreich – House of Habsburg) would emerge as the Dominant German powers, later the North German Confederation (Norddeutscher Bund Deutsches Kaiserreich) a.k.a German Empire (2nd Reich) & (Kaisertum Österreich) which later formed into the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie) would both be drawn into conflict as allies onset to WW1. Dissolution of both German Empires facilitated treacherous & highly orchestrated interference by our eternal enemy, leading to the formation of two Republics: Germany & Austria to which lost much of their rightful territory due to unjust treaties (The Balfour Declaration, Treaty of Saint Germain & Treaty of Versailles) likewise many Ethnic German people became displaced in particular to Northeastern Prussia – Danzig (Gdańsk Poland today). Imagine coming back home from the Great war as a German and not being able to renew a Prussian passport rather you’re told “You’re a part of Poland now”. Imagine the anger, resentment & heartbreak associated with that for a moment, having lost fathers, brothers & sons on the battlefield & for what? Many ignorant people do not realize the implications which lead up to WW2. Germans all longed to be re-united as one singular family again – Heim ins Reich! (3rd Reich).

The sociopolitical dynamic prior to the events shaping WW2 – Austria & Germany were to join as Größer Deutschland, to re-unify the broken Prussian & Austrian Reich.

A.H. referred to the Third Reich of Germany to last a thousand years “Tausendjähriges Reich”. Unbeknownst to ignorant people & contrary to liars this was not a vain glorious statement expressed out of ego so much as a well-intended desire to endure as long as the HRE (Holy Roman Empire) The 1st German Reich, Germanic Unity which did in fact last a thousand years. Iconic-ally or infamously so the Blutfahne was to be a temporary edifice of a transitional government, I have briefly touched upon this long before that the N.S.D.A.P. was not intended to endure long-term but so long as it was necessary to fulfill its core mission in restoring the fatherland & a unified Frei germanische Reich, which was not proposed at a thousand years! Likewise the banner of the Third Reich would no longer be utilized in its current form at that point in time, it would have been treated a relic which embodied the galvanizing spirit of time past in a war against Marxism, whereas today it is vilified, whilst I don’t believe it should be vilified I don’t believe it should be resurrected either. National Socialism works in itself as a reference point to future political infrastructure, to be utilized intelligently, revised rather than re-packaged as utilizing a carbon copy is incompatible with our present sociopolitical dynamic in 2020.

As my own beloved has phrased “it is like putting an old floppy disk (5 1⁄4-inch format 360K) into a modern drive and expecting it to run”. If you want to operate an older program you either need an emulator or to re-engineer entirely it from the framework up which would be preferable, as we should never pigeonhole ourselves into stagnant nostalgic visions of another time which cannot productively advance us into a new century. National Socialism does not hold a monopoly on Germanic Heritage either, we need to wake up and move forward. We shouldn’t cling to the edifices of a defeated Reich; nostalgia massages the ego & it also blinds us to truths we may not even want to admit. Whilst I stress that playing war-games or re-enacting the period can be cathartic or healthy in moderation, it is important to not get caught up romanticizing an era which does not apply to our present. Plagiarism is never seen as genius either, passionate men of European stock are fully capable of creating for oneself new movements & writing their own chapter in history. Whereas men who are empty vessels can only emulate movements of yesterday at best a fetishist caricature. If you’re passionate about the future, you need to seize today! The last world war ended in such a way it left a jagged scar over Germany it was not glorious added we have new concerns in our present era.

The Anti-German propaganda machine & Ultimate Responsibilities (Hard Truths).

The Mainstream narrative: Germans are hapless warmongers set upon world conquest & Anti-Semitism. Warmongers like Zionists? The same Zionists who wage war & spill the blood of innocents for the sake of wiping the slate clean for Israel. Over 80 years ago Germans suffered immensely as a consequence of losing the second world war, whilst the Third Reich of Germany had six grand years out of twelve, the flame burned so brightly our enemies with dark blood thirsty hearts sought to extinguish it. The Fatherland was fractured in twain thereby dividing our people once more casting a shadow over our passion, some events which transpired afterward were unspeakable, perpetrated mainly by Soviet & Partisan forces who sought to erase everything German.

WW2 and the Third Reich became a central foundation for Holocaust Propaganda machine and modern Anti-German attitudes within the Fatherland itself in particular to present day Berlin, a vile archetype to defame, belittle and prevent any Germanic Reunification in Europe ever again. I am not going to say our predecessors were 100% all the time and that they did no wrongs, part of being a man is admitting truths which might not please all ears, above all being truly redpilled is not about picking the truth you want to swallow, often being enlightened means having realized that your own people are not perfect larger than life figures & those who speak otherwise are part of the continual problem running amok within certain circles today.

First let me be abundantly clear that the Holocaust did not happen to Jews, there were no gas-chambers, there was no “Final Solution” regarding Jewish population. The true Holocaust happened to the German Civilian population which remains seldom spoken about to this day. Were Jews persecuted? Yes, they certainly were targeted & expunged either out of Germany or to labor-force reallocation camps, Jews wanted to bask in leisurely cosmopolitan living on the backs of German people yet remained adverse to German heritage & indifferent to German plight, they did not want to fight for the Fatherland, yet they wanted rights still without the basis of any merit. Meanwhile German men, women and children suffered poor conditions or exploitation under the Weimar Republic.

A genuine dissident should already know that WW2 was not waged solely for the sake of extermination nor was it waged for world conquest. That being said I am not an intellectually dishonest person either I will not LIE to win by presenting a narrative, unlike Zionists! Not all German mandates under the Third Reich were correct even if they might have been founded upon noble intentions initially i.e. Lebensborn which was responsible for many broken families. Additionally, there were also isolated cases of abuse of power upon the weak or innocent in which said cases were met swift & harsh punitive measures. Now, to be completely candid Aktion T4 (Eugenics) regarding euthanasia/sterilization of defective individuals in particular persons classified with Autistic Psychopathy did in fact transpire. Contextually this might appear cold or sterile in today’s touchy feely (((politically correct))) social atmosphere, yet such a program when utilized responsibly & methodically can be deemed justifiable which in the long run advances medical understanding of developmental disorders therefore alleviates prolonged suffering as a preventative measure so such individuals do not put strain upon a healthy population. Mild cases were sterilized severe cases were quickly identified & triaged.

“And if we help them (defective children) with all our dedication, we also render the best service to our Volk; not only by avoiding that they burden the Völksgemeinschaft with their dissocial and criminal acts, but also by trying to ensure that they fulfill their duties as productive individuals in the living organism of the Volk.”

– Johann “Hans” Friedrich Karl Asperger.

Looking back at Aktion T4: One should be wary of the very dubious mainstream quotation circulating the world wide web: “it seems for success in science or art, a dash of autism is necessary.” Such praise for Autism was made post-war when Hans Asperger had to renounce his former contributions to the Third Reich. Therefore, I do not view said quote valid especially considering one cannot find any other quotation from searching his namesake. However, I’ve deduced the above quotation from translated medical transcripts while he worked under the Fatherland Front & later National Socialist German Lecturers’ League. Hans Asperger passed away in 1980, I do not think it is coincidence that in the following decades a narrative began circulating regarding Han’s alleged anti-NS stance which is pure fallacy considering his strong ties to Austrian Völkisch Pan-Germanism dating far back before the 1938 Anschluss, this pro-Autism narrative ramped up in 2010-2015 with books written by numerous Jewish authors: Adam Feinstein, Steve Silberman, Caren Zucker – comparing Hans Asperger to Oskar Schindler, backed with flimsy evidence even downright contradictory claims for example:

  1. Hans was opposed to the NSDAP because of his strong ties to the Austrian Neuland Bund, a Völkisch Pan-German movement. Do these authors even realize what fools they are? That is like saying He was opposed to the color blue because he much preferred the color cerulean.
  2. Hans defied National Socialism by refusing to report defective children to the state and was nearly arrested by the Gestapo twice. The only evidence being a single utterance in a 1974 interview which Hans stated that his best friend & mentor Franz Hamburger (A Convinced National Socialist) cleared up all misunderstandings.

What we can logically deduce from this is that the Gestapo like many present-day Authoritarian organizations tended to be a bit Hyper-vigilant regarding policing & that Hans was very fortunate to have a respected National Socialist friend to set them straight. Hans Asperger might as well have protective of particular German children who had mild defects, just as any compassionate German doctor who loved children under this care just wanted to help them transcend their short-comings so they may better serve the Völk rather than coldly report them to the state. However, we can clearly spot the narrative being spun about him today long after this death.

Citations ~ Please take with grain of salt or preferably a shot of Expresso regarding the mind-numbing mainstream narrative:


Aktion T4 should be viewed as a foundational legacy program, consider that DNA sequencing did not exist in the 1930s and today we could possibly identify & isolate bad genes or even switch off faulty protocols in our own DNA programming given proper execution invitro (Which suffices to both hereditary genetic defects & detrimental environmental factors). Scientific Institutions today are sadly not aligned to favor of European people rather it has been co-opted to serve a vile agenda of our enemy, reverse Eugenics against European people out of spite for us. Take for example that Asperger Syndrome was removed from the DSM-5 in 2013 very deliberately to normalize said defect within the general population, there is particular relevance to the fact that modern Psychiatry was founded by Germanic people – Carl Gustav Jung our true father of psychology whereas his Jewish rival Sigismund Schlomo Freud is today widely cited with acclaim to credit of said field, the same can be said for many other S.T.E.M. fields today in which our eternal enemy latches upon & otherwise claims credit for themselves, therefore I stress again the importance of re-conquest vs regression!

Dekonstruktion des Autismus – Pointing out Abnormalities – Facial Dysmorphia.

Disclaimer: This is not about throwing insults, rather objective analysis for sake of scientific illumination!

Exhibit A: Jean-François Gariépy (FR-Celto-Italic with Autistic dysmorphia), Greta Thunberg (SE-North Germanic features with Autistic dysmorphia), Daniel Tammet (UK-Celtic features with Autistic dysmorphia), Marie Cachet (FR-Celtic features with Autistic dysmorphia) + Random Sample.

Please note that Asperger syndrome has seen an influx in recent decades correlating directly with industrialized pharmaceuticals, the normalization of said condition in the mainstream liberal climate of our western world has also synthesized the narrative that those within the HFA spectrum are in fact “gifted” or should be championed over normal people. It should come to surprise that historical figures & celebrities alike are being painted as “Autistic” as further attempts to break the taboo. Hence, we all should be wary & vigilant of persons or parties assisting to boost this narrative. Therefore, I have to question when a dissident begins propagating the mainstream agenda, Autism is not contagious, either one is deliberately propagating a narrative or they’re just weak.

It should be noted that Asperger individuals all share in common facial dysmorphia: wide set eyes with axial tilt of each eye fixed at a downward curve rather than eyes fixed linear & symmetrical – the philtrum depression is elongated & flattened, the upper lip is extremely thin in proportion to a pouty lower lip – all cases have broad or rounded faces with an extremely wide flat forehead disproportionate to overall facial area.

I should emphasize that HFA persons cannot have thin & proportional facial structure. It is fairly simple to determine when someone is faking the “Autism” label to seek excuse for socially inappropriate behavior or attention for convoluted theories. Lastly Dr. Hans Asperger determined that the causation of Asperger syndrome (HFA) is not genetic, there is no hereditary trace which debunks a certain theory about it being a Neanderthal remnant entirely, this conclusion was deduced in the 1940s therefore one cannot say it is a post-war narrative either. Causation for HFA’s are in reality environmental – or more aptly all the negative aspects of abused artifice & irresponsible human behavior amplified when not ruled into check.

Note: Presented faces are by no means absolutism to beauty standards. Rather the faces of the individuals featured do not show signs of facial dysmorphia a co-factor of Autism, it should also be emphasized that facial features of normal individuals are much more symmetrical i.e. axial placement of eyes do not present the downward curve as shown with Autistic individuals, also the philtrum depression is very much noticeable & short as it would be in naturally developed faces unlike individuals born with Autism.

Exhibit B: Eivør Pálsdóttir (Faroese-Danish), Lisa Smit (Dutch-Northern Germanic), Juliane Köhler (German-Northern Germanic), Cate Blanchet (AU-Celto-Germanic), Katharina Böhm (Swiss/Austrian-South-Germanic), Vigo Mortensen (Nordic-Danish-Norwegian), André Hennicke (German–Central Germanic).

Note: North Germanic specifically denotes to all of Scandinavia (Belt islands included), in particular to the Jutland Peninsula within the Nordic geographical zone where all Germanic lines stem from, to a lesser extent Dutch as well Northernmost parts of Germany more specifically Schleswig-Holstein & Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Whereas, South Germanic peoples comprises all modern nations of Central Europe which includes both North & South German lands insofar to ethnic divergence (Admixture with Celtic in the South & Baltic in the Northeast) not even touching upon cultural or dialectical variances between North & South German.

One does not harbor hate to treat an affliction, as hate clouds reason, erratic emotions lends one to imprecision unlike to the precision of a scalpel’s edge.  – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII

This example is the key difference between decisive medical triage and vile media propaganda utilized by those with a sick fixation for cruelty & anti-social behavior. I also must emphasize that Aktion T4 & likewise military experimentation by IG Farben at the time was fairly tame when compared to Unit 731 under the Japanese Empire (Manchurian Detachment – Biological Warfare Division).

As for Japan & the Orient I will clarify some things for their sake at a future appointment.

Ultimately the truth does not fear investigation, much like a truthful man does not revile criticism. Our eternal enemy has been most adamant at blacklisting holocaust revisionist publications because of this very fundamental fear & dishonesty. While some revisionist figures are more honest than others I will admit after many years of educating myself on what truly transpired, I no longer endorse the work of Gerald Fredrick Töben (Likewise removed my link directed to his personal page). Part of being truthful is not embellishing things for the sake of conveying a story, not unlike dishonest journalism there is rampant dispersion of “Dissident Misinformation” just as there is “Zionist Propaganda”. Please consider that just because one would exercise free-speech doesn’t mean you’re exempt to the same ethics or double speak as proliferated by everyone else.

Personally, I find it highly insulting to think that strictly labor facilities such as Auschwitz, Birkenau, Dachau or likewise were depicted like five-star country club resorts, or that Jewish inmates were enjoying leisure in swimming pools whilst German men were putting their lives at stake for the Fatherland!

As for the Polish question; Today in 2020 we need to be wary of Poland again, being an Ethno-Nationalist means we do not side with Zionism, and we’re aware who our eternal enemy is and what they’re responsible for, ultimately Poland is NOT an ally for dissidents, just like 80+ years ago there is a large amassing of forces this time however they are coming back from Israel to Poland, most of who fled during WW2 are re-establishing themselves in great numbers, they close their borders and claim to be Ethno-Nationalists in order  to appeal to the sensibilities of other Europeans who share these views, or are just tired of migrants yet ultimately they would open borders for everyone but themselves not unlike Israel, whilst they dump their trash on the rest of Europe.

The catch 22 being, if you embrace Zionism, they will close your borders, a vile deception as they’re not going to fulfill anything for Europeans but make more vassals to enforce domestic policies all which favor Israel 1st (Not unlike America). Prior to the last 10-15 years ago Poland was never particularly a politically galvanized Ethno-state of dissident framework, of course a surge of Radical Islam happened in Northwestern Europe which sparked an immediate distaste with the common man towards migrants in general. Note, that before Muslims were a problem at all in Europe it was Israel who had an issue with them, Israel made Radical Islam the main culprit narrative therefore to co-opt Ethno-Nationalism into thinking Zionism was the lesser evil. I am not professing that Islam is our ally either, but they’re a byproduct not unlike Liberal Marxists rather than our one true eternal enemy.

Over 80 years ago within the fractured remains of what essentially was the North German Confederation (North-Eastern Prussia) a predominantly Jewish Poland was sinking its talons into a displaced German population, whilst other tendrils were whispering into ears of many factions in particular planting seeds for Bolshevism in Russia & inciting American/Anglo Anti-German sentiments, this blackening was decisive & strategic by our eternal enemy in order to advance upon Europe starting 1st with Germany. Concluding the war many vicious acts upon the German civilian population ensued additionally the torture/murder of former high-ranked government officials & military personnel. Germany lost East Prussia for the second & final time as well all of West Prussia which included Sudetenland (Silesia) to Poland (Königsberg went to Russia); The Fatherland was broken up yet again & occupied by Foreign legions (American & Soviet).


“Your Job in Germany” Post-War American Zionist Anti-German Propaganda aimed at U.S. Occupational Forces, the very same legions which remain in Germany even today who’s main purpose is political power projection & psychological pacification of the German population.

The Geo-political dynamics of today are quite different than 1939, but Poland is very much being used as a gateway yet again. Germany today again has the advantage of economic & industrial power; German people just need to alter their political mindset & expunge the American military occupational legions in order to tip the scales for the betterment of all European people. Conflict is brewing over a grim horizon, yet the sun still clearly shines through. I strongly feel there is still a glimmer of hope, all components are in place, our people just need to re-invigorate that vital German passion.

The BRD (Bundesrepublik Deutschland) is not yet the FGR (Frei Germanische Reich, Not to be confused with Federal German Republic) that should be the 1st step, followed by Germanic Unification discarding the EU framework entirely, Germanic people 1st not the slippery slope of Pan-Europeanism for all. Rather a New Confederation for Germanic countries (ethnos & linguistic culture) aligned with a singular will & passion equipped for a new century!

In an ideal situation: There will be no room for Neutrality either which means Austria (Tyrol unified) Switzerland (Canton Ticino included), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg & The Netherlands will need to embrace this Unified Germanic frame of mind in full swing as part of the combined family as well.

Pan-Germanic Unity does not include however the southernmost tip of Italy, Greece or Turkey only Northern Italy (Lombardy – Trentino, Bergamo & Veneto) would be granted an exemption as they embrace their Celto-Germanic heritage & conjoin their thriving industry. The only others to be granted entry would be Slovenia & Croatia however in the case of the latter two, they need to abandon the Slavic Linguistic culture forced upon them by the Treaty of St. Germain, Pro-Germanic proponents should re-embrace their former Austrian-German roots to be rejoined into the Unified Germanic Heritage family.

While I support certain writings of Julius Evola I do not believe in correlation with Mediterraneanism into Pan-Germanism as the two are incompatible and should remain their own distinctions. The only exemption to this clause being the city of Rome in itself, Central Italy which should remain a protectorate – focal to the essence of enduring European civic foundation.

Regarding Pan-Germanic solidarity we should extend strategic sociopolitical alliance with Scandinavia as North Atlantic Oceanic trade & Steel Production Industry is already established, Islands within the Scandinavian belt i.e. the Faroes retain their Fishing Monopoly & Autonomy vice versa for Iceland & Greenland we just need to iron out the political kinks namely with Sweden. What does it mean to be Scandinavian after all but Danish.

Ad Memoriam – 1864. Bitte, No, more brother wars.

German Social Nuances: All seriousness put aside for the moment; I’d like a momentary impasse for levity, a tongue in cheek comparison between both Northern & Southern Germans as I continue my synopsis of German unity.

For example, Northern Germans (Lower Saxony, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern & Schleswig-Holstein) tend very to the point and dislike random chatter unless it is absolutely critical, they tend to be very objective, analytical dare say structurally authoritarian which can seem cold or even rigid to some.

Those romantic Austrians always on point about the arts, cozying up to Rome, making a song & dance of every life experience or gesture they must be on some wild drugs. Silly sausage heads.

Whereas Southern Germans (Bavarians, Austrians & Swiss) love and cherish all fine arts, good company, whimsical anecdotal storytelling both spoken & in written form, the Southern German may find the Northern German off-putting due to an inability to relax.

Those North Germans are cold & uptight it probably has to do with their proximity to the sea, and the fact they’re always cozying up to Denmark. Silly fish heads.

It is of no surprise Austrians find themselves more at home in Bavaria which is evident due to the Bavarian state having been part of the Austrian Empire for the longest time before being annexed into Prussia following the Austro/Prussian war of 1866. Naturally Austrians & Bavarians share similar social nuances & dialect.

Contrasted to above the 1860s was an ambitious time for the North Confederation (Prussia) as the Second Schleswig War Feb. 1, 1864 – Oct. 30, 1864 resulted in the annexation of Schleswig from the Kingdom of Denmark, which still remains part of Germany today as Schleswig-Holstein. Not surprisingly that the Northern part of the Fatherland shares tonal inflection & even word usage influenced in part by our Scandinavian neighbor Denmark which likely plays a role in the regional social mannerisms as well, consider that we both share a heritage of fishing & sea trade.

The North ~ Lutheran ~ Former Prussia (Fischkopf) runs on Fish & Baked Asparagus therefore values; Mathematics, Scientific Research, White Wine (Riesling), Schwarzbier (Einbeck), Technological Innovation & Ultimately complexity which baffles the minds of all men who are not German.

Qualities: Regulations, Schedules, Structures & Highly objective analytical thinking, there is a strong sense of uniformity & logical order thus decisive surgical precision in all action & mandates.

The South ~ Roman Catholic ~ Former Austro-Hungarian Empire (Weinerkopf) runs on Potato Salad & Pork Crackling therefore values; Literature, Fine Art, Calligraphy, Red Wine (Zweigelt), Lager (Helles) & ultimately the purity of the German tongue & their respective Austro-German Heritage (Visit Vienna and they will swear they’re speaking the most pure form of German).

Qualities: Rightful Compassion, Justice, Formality, Purity of Form (Linguistically, visually or otherwise) there is a strong sense of moral order & passion for being able to speak and be understood by all.

The South German man of burning spirit might feel the urge to invade Poland and re-instate the borders of the former Holy Roman Empire, when the North & South were one united German Family, before that pesky Corsican midget broke it all apart, damn you Napoleon! It was only appropriate that Austria gave Germany A.H. Germans in the Fatherland are not particularly well known for passionate oration that is more so an Austrian quality.

–An Anecdotal comparison between my beloved and I.

A: I often tap my feet & cross my arms when I come across long-winded comments in person or online, I am very much to the point and don’t typically enjoy spending three hours extrapolating an idea I can better explain in seven or eight minutes tops (Blogging is a separate matter as it involves creative insight). I prefer very structured efficiency & likewise people to be on time rather than constant delay. I don’t particularly concern myself if I am perceived to be cold, sometimes this is to my detriment.

N: Will often feel like she has so much to say and will even feel poorly of herself  if certain words were not used, she’s not cut & dry like me and she is fully capable of investing three hours into a simple formal letter whereas I feel a single line would suffice just fine. She’s always saying; bitte, ein minuten! She has good intentions & just wants to be heard a certain way without confusion or coming off as emotionally cold.

A: I am always stressing to not invest conversation into those who simply want to have the last word, as it can only pan out in a way that does not strategically favor you, these kinds of people are wastes of oxygen and caloric resources (At times even a waste of actual physical space). Likewise, if someone is an emotional parasite, I don’t invest in attempting to make them feel better and if they’re on my side I will drill them as if it were my duty to train them for war.

(I am of course different in private as tender compassion is reserved only for my true love).

N: Will often be the best at getting to the heart of things where they matter most, whether this is affecting someone for emotional betterment or even affecting them in a way which makes them contemplate weeks down the line about their own adverse failures, she contrasts my temperance which can be too cut & dry at times, whilst she is Danish/Norwegian (Faroese) on her mother’s side, she is very much a daughter of her Father (Austrian/German) therefore those qualities persist more so.

A: I am always OCD about documentation, financial ledgers & supplies, analyzing people or situations like a growth of bacteria on a petri dish and weighing in the dynamics of every variable fault. This could be the INTJ in me, the Scorpio in me or the North German in me. Considering that this more likely all of the above which can be annoying at times for both myself those who share my immediate proximity.

(I have had construction contractors break down mentally and claim I was drilling them like a Staff Sergeant completely unbeknownst to me).

N: Tends to be OCD about ordering objects for use a specific way even if to me it defies logical use and tends more aesthetic in order, she looks to people as a network of either negative or positive emotional forces and therefore picks up on the discrepancies that allow her to judge exactly what to say or do in a given situation that work to her favor. This could be womanly intuition – the Norse Völva in her, the ENFP in her or just the Austrian (Marie Antoinette) side of her. Perhaps even all of the above.

European men should seek women who are warm, compassionate & loving in nature as that is essential in child-rearing & familial bonding. Unlike socially disconnected, neurotic (Autistic) women.

European women seek men who can command greatness, such as Natassja can see in me. Rather than anti-social ambivalent types who cannot amount to anything but pessimism.

A Passionate Criticism of Leaderless Resistance (Anarchic Savagery).

“To do great things is difficult, but to command great things is more difficult” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Now returning to the scathing critical dissent I am all too known for. Bumpkins & Toddlers, it should be noted that Radical Communistic ideology was directed specifically at peasants or children with limited education & soft minds such as denizens of the hinterlands within the Russian interior, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Vietnam & vice versa.

Please consider that not every man with a fortune is corrupt & not every peasant is honorable in their deeds either.

I would like the address Anarchic thinking not limited to any particular political spectrum nor constrained to a particular party. When judged on the whole there is no such thing as a society where men & women of kin or otherwise common interest help each other out and there is no central leader, de-centralization permits another individual or faction to seize leadership amidst a power vacuum, typically via brute force as weak & capricious individuals gravitate themselves to power as a means to facilitate authority over all others. This nihilistic frame of mind is not unlike the crude animalistic behavior of vultures & hyenas, some just want to pick on the carcass of civilization because they do not want to invest into work of being a true leader.

There is no such thing as noble lawlessness, regarding: Leaderless Resistance, nine of ten times the man who is propagating said rhetoric behave very much like the worst types of totalitarian figures in existence. For example, if men are not allowed to disagree with you then it is the opposite of leaderless resistance, essentially becoming resistance against a de-facto figure of authority. Likewise, men who claim not to be leaders should not have minions either, even though we know this is often the contrary.

An Anecdotal example of savagery: The Lord of the Flies.

If you want order over chaos, then tribal anarchic regression is not the solution, unless of course your endgame is in fact annihilation to no re-emergence. We of Germanic blood are all Sons & Daughters of Rome, therefore infrastructure (Civic-Artifice) is the cornerstone which sets us apart from savages. Leaderless rebellion is great on paper conceptually speaking however, in practice such only leads to dissolution, chaos & division.

See: Prometheus auferstanden: Dekonstruktion des Nihilismus. (The Black Standard of Tribal Regression).

Hard times make hard men & good times make weak men, the same can be said for parenting or the household frame of mind which envelopes people stemming from youth. Parents who never criticize or mentally discipline their young create spoiled entitled adults who believe they don’t need to abide to leadership or believe they are exempt to consequences. Good times also make a slew of armchair philosophers, otherwise bright minds yet devoid of political backbone. True Politics are for real men not the indifferent, aloof or meek. The sole reason many today have the luxury of being an online sage is because others toiled so that you wouldn’t have to.

“Distrust everyone in whom the impulse to punish is powerful!” – Friedrich Nietzsche

One can have followers that are complete sycophants that kiss your ass 100% it doesn’t make these same people honorable, if you lived in a tribe with these same people in the flesh they can still try to rape your daughter behind your back or even plot your downfall. Sure, there are many Europeans that agree with a mistrust for Authority, yet in the real world few of those same men will resonate with a man who burned churches and killed his fellow man over a teenage trifle.

L.C./V.V. didn’t smile in court because he was tough, he was smiling because he was thinking: “Just you wait for my daddy to take care of this sentence Mr. Judge”.

You can tell someone really suffered for 15 years with a cell like this, being able to record music, have a means to write books, access a library, play games on a PC (Morrowind 2002), Read fan-mail, wear your own clothes! Oh, my sympathies for your hardships, that was truly awful living all those years in a private dorm which exceeded the standards of American Section 8 housing. To behave as if they were a gulag inmate who was chipping rocks in a quarry for 15 years therefore lost their youthfulness, drop the facade please.

This is what one will get in the U.S. for less severe infractions in contrast to Norwegian facilities where a convicted murderer serves their allotted time. For a matter of fact these are actually juvenile detention cells, not even at the Federal prison level for adults.

 –I’d like to point out a contradiction below:

“We wrestle with a pig. When we have won, we too will smell of pig. If you have to wade through shit to get out, you will be soiled. But if we do, our children don’t have to & they can live without the smell of pig & their pig sty.” – L.C./V.V.

Whilst this is a positive & very quotable text from said person, using this same reason why would one shun another man for asserting his own path to work through obstacles? If this were to be valid & genuine to one’s core principles in practice, then they shouldn’t chastise others for seeking their own path through a similar predicament.

“Yes, I am no idiot, but I never wanted to contribute to this sick society. Only rats thrive in the sewers. Only flies are attracted to shit. So I became a nothing.” -L.C./V.V.

Contrasting this second quotation one can see it makes a direct contradiction with the initial quotation. Challenging the core ethos of the 1st quote ~ Why would you wrestle the pig at all then? If you were so adverse of the stink & soiling in the first place. One can directly apply the reasoning of the above quotation to the second quotation to make it 100% viable however, in turn the sentiment of the second quote is proven completely false.

We wade through the sewers traversing rats to reach the ultimate goal of cleaning the channel, making it run clear therefore our descendants don’t have to trifle with filth or cretinous vermin. Hence, I became something viable to a positive cause. – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII

With this being said one cannot profess that pursuing a Political solution, Civilization & Technological Advancement are pointless impossible or foolish endeavors, with the principle applied. Problem solvers exercise the virtue of patience & do not trifle over tribulations, they seek the means, methods & ultimately results regardless of the obstacles before them nor do men complain of how daunting the abyss they traverse.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order”. – Carl Gustav Jung

Political Solutions cannot occur overnight, Rome was not built in a day, added in our present sociopolitical predicament we must remain content with being able to gradually nudge forward & galvanize European people for generations to come, to retain our moral torch in the face of ever looming nihilistic darkness. However, to retreat from such and throw it all down is defeatism, the same action would have warranted death by firing squad under the Third Reich no matter how phenotypical Aryan they were, the character of a man is the true cornerstone of his worth.


Thinking outside the box, I make no panic in our present Covid19 Epidemic. I have been prepared for such a possible scenario for well over four years now (I will not elaborate as to preparations here but will discuss in comments below).

Note the MSM has been perpetuating false narratives of doom to affect already emotionally unstable people i.e. “Covid19 is an engineered hybrid between SARS & HIV” which is a complete fallacy in order to force outwards opinions of certain reactive nihilistic members of society. Please note the only thing which is engineered here is the Zionist propaganda machine. As for the Corona virus itself it is most likely a strain of: Nasopharyngitis/Rhinopharyngitis, Influenza & Streptococcus pneumoniae. I am not a qualified virologist, microbiologist or otherwise physician however can confidentially ascertain this fact, the primary difference between Covid19 and the Common Cold, Influenza or Pneumonia is that the symptoms are incremental occurring within stages each stronger than the prior, one contracts it much like a Common Cold, you will gradually feel better then suddenly develop symptoms of Influenza which subsides followed Pneumonia symptoms. One should note if you’re a young to middle-aged person already in good health then you should not worry oneself over this epidemic, simply remain self-conscious of one’s overall health & remain supportive of your loved ones, the only true at risk demographic are the elderly in which just be compassionate to our greatest generation and their well-being.

Lastly Covid19 is not a population killer (contrary to doom-preachers). Please note there is no such thing as a pandemic level contagion that does not impact those under the age of 65. Yes, it will slow down the population, but it is not an extinction level event (E.L.E.) nor is it the herald to industrial collapse. As dissidents we should consider if Covid19 is deliberately released upon the population (theoretically speaking of course) then it would be a prime example for Zionists to see how the population reacts to a full-scale global pandemic event. Essentially a social experiment with a weakened virus, a trial run to simulate how to manage a population affected by a disaster, basically running “safe-mode” for civilization whilst medical personnel treats the infirm & governance enacts regional quarantine lock-downs, a pragmatic step to stabilize both the population & maintain basic operational infrastructure. Therefore, the economy focuses on regional self-sufficiency as civil services become the primary focus.

Behaving neurotically in times of emergency is the one thing low I.Q. people do during such events, rather than remaining calm & thinking outside the box. Additional to this detail, certain unstable members of society, will behave like crazed doom mongers even more than their typical selves & our eternal enemy will also already expect such from said individuals therefore activate procedures to cordon off said elements in which case of a true pandemic level contagion these elements will be the 1st people prioritized for rapid elimination. Be smart, don’t post on public (monitored) social media about “the collapse” like an idiot.

Concluding this post, there are two types of people in this world – people who are bright minded & leery of chaos therefore seek disaster prevention or black-hearted individuals excited by the prospect of total anarchy who fetishize death. One should seek the former frame of mind not the latter. Ultimately maintaining an Ordered Mind (TYR) prevails in all situations, He who wishes ruin upon his contemporaries invokes doom upon himself. In the event of the Covid19 epidemic I urge all to stay clean, safe, sane & above in good health so may we stoke better spirits to all one cherishes.

Frohe Ostern und Glücklich Ostara ~ Gods Bless.


“Never stop because you are afraid – you are never so likely to be wrong. Never keep a line of retreat: it is a wretched invention. The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer”.

– Fridtjof Nansen