Alchimistischer Walzer: Abschluss eines kosmischen Ereignisses.

———— ᛟ ————

Sonnenklar und Mondlicht concluded.

Selvans/Downfall of Nur(Broken Gods Unofficial Fan Video Pt2) FX and visual overlays by:  Anton Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ

3. Mater Universi(Universal Matter)

4. Outro/LUNA

A beautifully executed albeit untitled conceptual collaboration album.

“Broken Gods” as the artwork denotes brings together an eternal and inseparable cosmic pair their dance weaving together sonic alchemy under an auspicious sign(Scorpio). From the soothing ambiance of rainfall,  the spring in bloom to the call of night in all her serenity and the intensity of which encompasses our entire cosmos!

I’ve uploaded the album in it’s entirety albeit broken into two sections which you can find on my channel.


A minor cycle has concluded a greater one prepares it’s unveiling,  for now it’s details remains enshrouded,  prepare oneself as the wheel turns a drunken flood looms!