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Trigger Warning: The Biological Operator of this vehicle S.Z.H. ODAL (Odalgruppe – Westen) is a physical occupant The United States of America (German Heritage Correspondent),  if one feels an aversion to all European Americans as if we collectively bear the Mark of Cain no matter our affiliations or inclinations then do not proceed to fraternize or exchange lines of communication with the author ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ (Anton Krüger). Otherwise Thank you and have a pleasant day or evening.

[Currently away from s-z-h-odal.org Blog and associated Youtube account(s) due to restructuring hiatus,  pending physical move and life transition. Time of Hiatus: Q3 Y2K17 – Q3 Y2K18]

Former Youtube Account Terminated due to security breach,  current account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjE4vZ9IhzG-6lvsA8HU2Q?view_as=subscriber

 Amerikanismus provoziert Wahnsinn und verursacht Schäden an Menschen wahre Blut und Erbe nicht im Gegensatz zu ätzende Angelegenheit. Man schaut nicht auf einen Abgrund zurück,  nur nach vorn in Richtung zum Licht!

Contact:  herr-geist@nym.hush.com

Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną remains one part creative vehicle and one part political cell,  to uphold the truth and defend the integrity of Blood and Soil in opposition of modern degradation or any of the many destructive agendas perpetuated by a certain rootless international clique. Thus will not align itself as an entity,  be it as a group or individually against those who are incapable of upholding the core principles outlined below.

  • To seek the advancement of our kin via respect and adherence to the natural laws which govern both man and the cosmos he occupies.
  • To promote Volkisch unity by reflecting upon key insights of traditionalism and to establish a foundation for the future without being caught up in counter-productive nostalgia.
  • To Revolt against the vile machinations of the globalist Zionist machine which hamper our ascension and degrade our world.
  • To carry the Promethean flame and vindicate when necessary pertaining to foreign incursion,  piracy,  defamation or regressive internal sabotage.