–Einfluss Archiv Pt 4 [November 2014].

Video by Youtube User: ★Europa Radio★ Artist: Sonne Hagal – Odin.

Arbeit, Sterblichkeit, Tod und Industrie.

Eine Generation für meine Familie seinem Ende nähert, trotz der Not haben wir nicht erheben den Hammer unten.

Wir werden nicht nachgeben.

Wir werden nicht aufgeben!

Dear, Family.

This has been especially difficult for me since certain persons within my own family are hell bent on painting me as the villain just because I express the inevitable differently,  as if the sudden possibility of death would not sway me. Implied that I am incapable of feeling any emotion,  coming from family it hurts and angers me beyond words,  upon this I fail to understand how the hell I’m so forgiving and lenient of my other family members whilst so callous and unforgiving towards my father.

Yes,  our relationship over the past 31 years was far from ideal,  however this is not my doing and it is not my fault to how distant and conflicted I feel. Whilst my outwards empathy towards my father is cold,  my intellectual empathy towards him is greater than most can fathom. I quote my father more than my other family members,  why? because unlike the rest of my blood relatives he has always straight up with me,  at least when he decides to open up.

Father never manipulated my emotions or put me in mortal peril because of mind games. Yes,  I do have a hard time expressing love for him as with my biting harshness for the rest of humanity. I am only as cold as he was to me,  at least during my youth. Sometimes upon reflecting to those times I fill with burning hate.

However contrary to what one may think I understand his motivations better than anyone can appreciate. Despite the high cost of his actions; gambling my childhood for his revenge, I lost who can say if he got his revenge? Regardless of what ills befell me 25 years ago to today,  without these hardships I would not be who I am today.

My younger brother asked me;

Do you think it is possible to be successful or a brilliant intellectual without being ruthless or doing something nefarious in the process?

Depends on what you consider to be nefarious to begin with,  it was less of a question and more of an implication I suppose.

“The world turns the those with intelligence or talent into ruthless individuals.” – N.K.

Mother birthed me,  Father forged me.

Upon reading this aloud my dad nearly wept,  he uttered some things I never expected to hear from him in my lifetime,  unforgettable.

As aforementioned I may not be mentally capable of fulfilling my personal goals for posts,  for certain we’re unable to meet the projected model outlined for black-light engineering(SL) this month,  just slightly – delayed till the 4th of December from there on it will be a matter of walking a cable whilst carrying two full plates in regards to my pursuits. This month has been a cluster-fuck.

TL;DR – Work – family drama + emergencies – internet drama – making up with family and cooking for the holiday – making haste with media at the literal last minute.

Spicy Roasted Yams, Salmon Steak with a side of sweet & tangy Red Onion Cran-Rasp-Blackberry sauce.
Spicy Roasted Sweet Potatoes,  Salmon Steak with a side of sweet & tangy Red Onion Cran-Rasp-Black berry sauce.

Below are some influences that we’ve collectively settled upon which drives the project visual direction.

–Influences from Cinema:

Frankenstein's Army_Theatrical_Praise

Frankenstein’s Army,  a Dutch/Croatian Found Footage style film set from the perspective of a platoon of Soviet soldiers(they aren’t heroic,  just thugs). Set late into World War 2 when Russia begins to push back against Germany,  they uncover more than they bargain for,  an army which fights for neither side. This film features a cast of several unique and memorable,  deranged monsters,   most notable “Mosquito”(from the US edition of posters). Hacked flesh,  period machinery infused with distorted programming and an unwavering loyalty for their creator/master Dr. Frankenstein.

How do you relay commands to your monsters? -soviet officer.

What! What do you mean? They love me,  I feed them. -Dr. Frankenstein.

–Cinematic Influences(cont.)

Herzog_und_companyDS2_Kommanding_Nazi_Zombies 000IS_Herr_Klaus_Iconic ShotIS_Sights_on_target 000

Dead Snow 2 as briefly mentioned in last month’s post followed by iconic Lunar scenes from Iron Sky.

–Dead Snow2: Red vs Dead is a Norwegian dark comedy following literally from the conclusion of Dead Snow 1. Kommandant Herzog resumes his final mission from Hitler and recruits a necromantic army at all costs to fulfill his goals,  this time around the hordes of death re-acquire a Tiger tank from a museum and employ their very own field doctor to meld their fallen dead(sounds redundant right?). Of course the kicker being Martin(Vegar Hoel) summoning an army of undead Soviet soldiers(Don’t worry they suck). Martin having inherited the necromantic gift from Herzog early in the film. The film also alludes to a part three if you watch the post credits bonus.

–Iron Sky: A Finnish dark comedy about The Fourth Reich attacking Earth in the year 2018 from the far side of the Moon(I recommend only watching the extended edition if you do).


Youtube Video by:  Bifferbob451 Film: Outpost. Artist/Track: Achtung(Industrial Remix) :: Ad Hominen.

–Influences from Gaming:


Top: Metro Lastlight Redux – Reich,  1) A scout accompanied by a heavy greets Artyom “Guten Morgen” before rendering him unconscious with a boot. 2) A Soviet infiltrator disguised as a Reich Soldier.

Bottom: Wolfenstein: The New Order, 3) The Asylum scene before Kommandant Keller orders the execution of mental patients. 4) Our quirky head villain – Dr. Wilhelm Strauss(Deathshead),  bearing the tortured immortal remains of a friend.

“In the end we will not be judged for what we destroyed,  but for what we’ve created!” -Deathshead.


–Amalgamated Expression(Secondlife – Top to bottom: Herr Sauber,  Zyklon Baby, Herr Totenkopf,  Anna Arsen).



This and current SL photos are 100% honest. No misleading post processing is applied.
This and current SL photos are 100% honest.
No misleading post processing is applied.

Just a small fraction of how this effects us,  namely my partner and group accountant in terms of her avatar(s) appearance if not already completely obvious from prior posts and associated media. A strong Apocalyptic undertone has always really resonated thus the genre of Dieselpunk or Blitzpunk often intertwines into something compatible. A tangible immersion into a familiar Cosmos gone awry given our wonderfully dark,  end of days narrative.

See you shortly,  I am set on Winter Solstice(Yuletide) 2014.

Also note Iron Sky continues as
Iron Sky continues as “Iron Sky – The Coming Race” currently in production.