Die Verwandlung aus Kunst in den Krieg – Eiserne Rose. Q4 2015 Pt 2/3

Video by Youtube user: RussischAufseherin Artist: Gabe-Unruh – Singt Eisern!

This month of November has transpired many dark tidings – the recent Paris Attack which put forth the migrant invasion crisis in Europe to the light of day(it was always blatant but some still deny challenging the subject). Added the more recent conflict between Turkey and Russia. I feel The Russian Federation is being wrongly  punished for their enlightenment to the Pax American/Israeli Agenda(Fighting their fabricated Bogeyman ISIS).

But of course I was wrong,  Russia is just another Jewish Proxy Power,  unfortunately.

Video by Youtube user: AnaStasia Andreadou Artist: Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio – A World Not So Beautiful.

**This is not the first time I had used this video,  however is more relevant now than ever.**

On a positive note however more mundane event following my 32nd Birthday and Thanksgiving/Ullr(Hunter’s Festival) week. I have the full support of my extended family for my pursuit of leaving the U.S. if and when I deem any assistance necessary. I am not alone despite my family being at odds with my intense Nationalistic ideals my mother especially feels that leaving the U.S. is the best pursuit I have ever decided on making.

America is not the land of the free.

Rather America is only the land of freedom for idlers who let a blinds eye to crimes being committed in front of them in order to simply maintain the comfortable life of distraction one is adjusted to or conditioned to accept blindly without question.  America is the land of opportunity for opportunists who value nothing for example whores and parasites sinking down to new lows with every passing decade. Above all it is only freedom to those who do not value their own cultural integrity or tribal distinctions,  especially not in the face of extinction via Social Marxist agendas.

We live in an era where every mainstream publication will claim that Liberals are Intellectually and creatively superior to the Right and Centrists,  this only proves that Liberals are more socially fit for a domesticated world built upon lies.

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As hinted to last month,  the subject of Controller Media(Jewish Propaganda).

All external media which appears on this site either by mention or visual reference is in part out of affinity for the Blitzpunk Literary/Artistic Movement.

However most in such a movement  cower from National Socialist messages under the guise of a superficial visual fetish which is both cowardly and demeaning to the ideal itself. In any other case people avoid association or belittle this ideal out of fear of European legal consequences(Germany and Sweden mostly) combined with emotional assault(Jewish victim sob story) and academic brainwashing(ignorance).

Having been enlightened to the truth of the events of WW2,  the Third Reich and it’s Allies via various revisionist media sources,  a visualization of a fictionalized Third Reich ruling the world only reminds me of the cruelty of those who perpetuate such lies and accepted mainstream reality. Akin to a crude brutish bully mocking you – Oh look is this your dream? Too bad you got you lost the war,  haha.

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The Man In The High Castle ceases even to be entertaining as it mocks every truth I am enlightened to. In the very least it is just mildly interesting due to the visualization of a triumphant German Reich and Yamato Empire. Fallen Warriors of the Axis deserve songs of praise not vilification and dishonor. I was immediately bothered by the annoying weeping softhearted portrayal of Juliana Crain (Alexas Davalo),  her entire drive to find the so called truth is a stark inversion to Revisionists in our reality.

Juliana having been exposed to The Man In The High Castle’s forbidden films is deeply affected by very real footage of the Allied powers winning WW2 yet in her world such events never transpired, apparently her father was killed by the Japanese even though she doesn’t seem to care at the start of the series. Episode 2 – Sunrise immediately follows by perpetuating the most widely abused hoax story ever.

Homicidal Gas Chambers.

As mentioned by a senior Japanese official,  Inspector Kido(Joel de la Feunte) Zyklon D is a fast acting,  painless and completely odorless improvement to Zyklon B. I practically cringed upon hearing this.

In reality there is no scientific or forensic proof to validate the use of Zyklon B in homicidal gas chambers let alone on human subjects(Jewish law conveniently forbids autopsy),  all official conclusions are backed by Soviet lies,  the Nuremberg confessions from tortured German officers and wild rumors spread by Jewish detainees themselves.

  Scientific investigation concludes Zyklon B was used to disinfect clothing and bedding,  not once was any residue detected in the alleged gas chambers of death(Shower rooms modified by Soviets and Americans),  rather it was used to save lives in the face of Typhus epidemic than to take lives. Although such findings are blocked in Germany and not accepted as the official record even in the face of logic(Gas chambers are built like space stations and submarines). I am aware challenging this subject even will land one in prison within Germany,  clearly if it wasn’t true there would be no harm in the investigation it really makes you think long and hard about the victors and their perpetuated media.

I also find it funny that all the turncoats in this series are also adulterers. Rudolph Wegener(Carsten Norgaard) plays a distinguished Swedish SS Officer who has a German wife and two children in Berlin,  yet motivated by guilt for exterminating Jews he cheats on his wife by sleeping with a Negress prostitute and betrays his Reich by collaborating with Japanese traitor Nobosuke Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa).

This isn’t even the last instance of such infidelity,  Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank) our young charismatic albeit highly conflicted American Reich operative turns very quickly after being smitten by Juliana Crain. Joe Blake also happens to leave behind his Italian girlfriend with child in New York city as he adventures into the heart of our drama attempting to woo another woman already in a relationship all while fighting for freedom.

We’re supposed to be sympathetic towards these characters as they’re fighting Evil Nazis after all,  I can’t help but feel utter contempt for the screen writers.

Episode 10 – A way out concludes with Nobosuke Tagomi meditating only to materialize in a world where Japan had not conquered the Pacific states, smiling as he is depicted gleeful to a world which defeated Japan. Obviously he did not see Hiroshima and Nagasaki obliterated by Atomic weapons in his vision,  would he still be so ecstatic then? I think not.

I can continue to pick this adaptation apart however,  for the time being I’ll end it here.

On a side note,  I did not pay to watch this nor do I emphasize financially supporting these Controllers (Zionistic Talmudic Jews and their Supplicants). Torrent it if you wish to watch for yourself.

In reality of course Germany and Japan had no intention or agenda for global domination.

Adolf Hitler only wanted to rebuild Germany’s borders after the treaty of Versailles severed the German territory,  in a short time he pulled Germany out of economic depression and sought to re-unite all ethnic Germans in Europe and establish hegemony as a scientifically enlightened super-power. Japan was more openly instigated by an American government which couldn’t keep it’s nose out of East Asian affairs,  Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto was educated in part within the United States,  I’m sure that left a lasting negative impression on his life (I can relate).  Pearl harbor was not a surprise attack by sinister godless eastern barbarians as depicted by Americans.

If anything is more sinister it is manipulative Allied powers on a whole.


Propaganda works like The Man In The High Castle only represent a fiction(What if these alleged bad guys won the war scenario) to validate another fiction which is our accepted history.  Controllers want to remind you that this is not a subject you’re supposed to challenge,  we’re all taught to understand how the judicial system works without bias yet in this case we’re taught to contradict ourselves and look the other way.

America and it’s allies won the good war to safeguard world freedom from Tyrants.

Right.. clever but not clever enough.

–Past Mentions summarized(Old articles moved to Einfluss Archiv 1-8):

The Man In The High Castle by Philip K. Dick. Webseries adapted by Ridley Scott.

  Fatherland by Robert Harris.

Dead Snow a.k.a Død snø and Dead Snow 2 – Red vs Dead by Storm Studios(Norway).

Outpost by Black Camel Pictures(Scotland).

Iron Sky and Iron Sky The Coming Race by Energia Productions(Finland).

**In early production I.S. was rife with bubbling potential however of course in the end it was just a piece of independent liberal propaganda interlaced with strange race mixing messages,  it also seem T.C.R. will be taking this route as the main protagonist is a mixed race woman(Neither African nor European),  way to go with foreshadowing the dreaded future.**

Frankenstein’s Army by Dark Sky Films.(A Dutch production filmed in Croatia – found footage style following a group of Soviet thugs as they trail an alleged Mad doctor building a new weapon for the Third Reich.)

Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army trilogy by Rebellion Developments ltd.

**For the record Nazi occultism is a Hollywood term. Esoteric research in the Third Reich was not Satanic. The real Ahnenerbe institute a.k.a Ancestral Heritage Foundation infused elements of Germanic/Norse Paganism(Far from being full blown ASATRU but neither was it typical Christianity). Re-activation of pre-Christian German heritage was integral being authentic to National Socialism,  elements such as Eastern Vedic Dharmic traditions were researched to parallel similar foundations within the West.

Ost und Westen – Such did not equate to some form of pseudo multiculturalism as both distinctions would cultivate their own traditions independently without the hassle or alien encroachment.

In a nutshell the Ahnenerbe Institute were connecting the dots within Aryan lore to trace it’s lineage across the world.(Across Hyperborea). In order to create a new religion suitable for the Inner circle of the Third Reich. Transcending itself from Judeo vestiges of Christianity to better suit the ideology of National Socialism.

The premise of Satanic Black Magic is totally alien to the Third Reich,  it is pure Hollywood level fiction inserted by media for the utmost sensationalism. The Esoteric is Divine not Satanic,  while there is a mystery and perhaps allure of the term Occult which means hidden knowledge in Latin. Sinister and diabolical vestiges are concocted by the enemy to discredit all Occult research as being part of something destructive.

Satanism in reality is a modern invention based upon the negativity of Judeo Dogma,  a Semitic experiment to create chaos among peoples and their traditions all the while leeching off mythological archetypes and symbols like a parasite does(Pentacles were inverted from Celtic/English witchcraft as just one example). On the game itself,  N.Z.A.  is mindlessly  entertaining,  visually interesting if not lacking richer substance.

Wolfenstein series (Birthed by id software(U.S.A.) originally, followed with Return to Castle Wolfenstein(Raven Software(U.S.A.) and more recently The New Order and The Old Blood by Machine Games(Sweden).

Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light by 4A Games(Ukraine) adapted from novels of the same name by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

**For the record the Metro series in retrospect were superior games,  as there wasn’t an assault on my senses,  the world was well constructed as with the narrative. The Reich for example were just another metro faction modeled after the Third Reich of Germany. A faction which supported eugenics in the face of radioactive biological mutation and National Socialism in restoring Russian civilization in the midst of greedy Capitalist and Communist Metro factions.  While I will admit it is unfortunate that the gas chamber bit was pushed on early in Metro: Last Light. One can however play both games in the entirety without killing a single member of the Reich,  as non-lethal combat is emphasized to unlock the positive ending. To a small degree you can even play as Reich Heavy weapon specialist Hans against Communist Hordes for a single DLC mission.(Not nearly as fleshed out as the Ranger or Sniper Missions though).

In Metro 2033 the enemy was fear and hatred alone,  brothers fighting brothers.  In Metro: Last Light the enemy was Communism,  neither title made fighting a National Socialist Party central to the theme.

Wolfenstein however doesn’t even give you the option of non-lethal pacification as it’s entire premise is constructed upon killing Cartoon Evil Super Villain Nazis violently it stresses this to player as if written on billboards that this is not something you’re supposed to question. We’re taught that racism ignorance and bigotry are bad,  yet we’re also taught to ignore this if we demonize other human beings so it’s ok. It’s not racist to stereotype Germans as ruthless archetypes with facial scars who all pronounce everything with a “z” yet it is racist to criticize hyper individualistic sub-cultures i.e. furries,  trans-gender people and homosexuals because Liberal American law(Namely Californian) states such as communities which deserve protection above all else.

Our media programming complex likewise depicts such parties as victimized underdogs.

This is just one small slice of the Social Marxist agenda within Western Pax Judaic nations,  manipulating inherit human weaknesses and compassion.

They aren’t human beings just Nazis.

I recall the prison section in Wolfenstein: The New order,  eavesdropping on two guards,  one was guard was ill,  complaining about mildew growth on cement,  his companion was giving him friendly advice on coffee with lemon where the other guard speaks of the well being of his children. In turn you as the player have the one option of killing them both in order to toggle a switch. I actually felt guilty,  in the past I never thought twice because we’re conditioned to make distinctions of what is ok to kill and what is not in videogames(Nazis, Zombies, Demons and Nazi Zombies). I still think about what kind of developers would push this type game play without hindsight. The only thing Wolfenstein has going for it is an amazing over the top aesthetic(Art & Design) alone,  another gripe is the lack of multi-player or modding tools.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein actually had an Axis vs Allies battle mode albeit limited was immensely popular for a time,  this was omitted from the newest Wolfenstein,  at first I didn’t care so much,  I’m not a huge multi-player gamer however in retrospect it is pretty clear that the developers don’t want you playing for the other side.

**Metro 2033/Lastlight though are very different FPS titles from Wolfenstein so it may seem unfair to contrast them as such however I know no better standard for comparison.**

Now for the heavy material,  this will not be the last mention either.

The Stark Truth!


**Guaranteed to ruin the lie that is Schindler’s List.**

Multiple nations within all of Europe and beyond fought under a common ideal. But aren’t National Socialist’s racist? No,  loving your own race is not hate nor is upholding an ideal which emphasizes protecting one’s heritage and stock from hostile alien influence. One who loves their own race automatically has more respect for another tribe which shares the same core tenants. One who has no love for their own race would sooner destroy all races.

As for other things I am aware of recent delays as I have been mentally preoccupied with this dead end life in North America,  the immense cost of fresh food,  the toxins in everyday products,  banks,  debts,  the assault of psychic pollution,  technologies being used against us rather than for us(Drug Culture,  wireless tech etc). National policies i.e. the American Surveillance State and perverse liberal social reforms as the final cherry atop of everything else. This is not simply day to day survival but our well being in terms of wholeness to both mind and body is at stake.

Many choose indifference as the safe route,  what can I do about it? Just watch T.V. or play your video games after all.(The route most taken).

“Among the fanatics are the mass of non-fanatics” – G.L.R.

See: http://das-neue-reich.com/2015/09/28/sept-2015-flusse-aus-feuer-und-stahl-schmieden-eine-industrielle-erbe-q3-2015-pt-iii/

In 1965 George Lincoln Rockwell was referring to the mass of T.V. Watchers and Comic Book Readers in contrast to positive Fanaticism driving men to create great things against the social conditioning to be fearful of becoming fanatics. It may have been relevant half a century ago,  however it is even more relevant now in 2015,  our increased growth in information technology has allowed other distractions to dwarf Television/Film and Comic books i.e. Internet Social Networks and Video Gaming. All of which are more effective distractions for complacent cattle as one need not worry of the sinister forces at work to destroy you.

Apathy and Ambivalence is all the rage.

I’ve encountered numerous people on the web and the physical world who consider it a practically trendy thing to be without belief or stance on any subject,  the heavier the subject the more adverse the indifference. People are so content with their addictions and comforts(Fetish worlds and their associated hedonist cults). Putting one’s foot down to affirm a stance on any subject scares these simple creatures,  fearful sheep under the impression that their self gratification will be revoked if they’re committed to an ideal.

But of course any ambition or passion requires too much work or self sacrifice in this day and age,  people are superficial,  above all else change is scary.

This is the main reason I left virtual worlds,  this popular trend especially among Americans,  Germans,  Swedes,  Dutch(Western Europeans in General) practically makes me sick to my stomach. Such only induces an unhealthy rage.  I will admit I’ve been at fault in the past for giving into an adrenaline addiction derived from conflict,  I became ensnared to my rage till it eroded everything up till the point I lost my way.

We all must avert self annihilation.

The more comfortable you are the less you worry you have,  thus the granted illusion of security. In reality the more complicated one’s cage is as the barriers become less visible than say to enlightened individuals.

On the flip-side the less complicated one’s life the more free you actually are. Self sufficiency within all sectors of life is key,  this includes simple things from growing your own food in order to cultivate an optimal nutritional profile or making your own toothpaste in order to keep industrial waste out of your body. Even more pro-active defense measures aren’t nearly as complicated as mitigating legal/corporate red tape within civilization.

Abstinence from the traps of mainstream cosmopolitan life is the first step be it something trivial such as saying no to social networking,  credit cards or..

The Cult of Pretenders.

Note that the trend of pretending to be something first started with another group,  the Jews themselves are absolutely in love with the concept of masquerades,  they subtly push this aspect of their culture unto others via the media and popular culture,  while I am not attacking the art-form of drama we must become self-aware and break the spell.

Drama-art can be wielded against these Controllers.(I’ll allude to this more in the future).

Stop pretending to be something,  if you love nature be with nature if you love to hate transform that hate into a driving force to be reckoned with. Our environment is not just going to change to suit one’s needs,  so waiting for change to happen is not the route to take either.

Spiritual and physical wholeness has also made me weigh the value of different hobbies in contrast to what I actually want to do with my life in pursuit to my ideals and creativity. I’m far from thinking in a fog,  on the contrary my thoughts are quite clear.

On that subject,  visualize  the authentic experience of working earth between one’s fingers and enjoying it’s cool beneath one’s toes,  the accomplishment and independence which comes from working with just one’s own two hands far surpasses any simulation. As of late I admit I’ve also hit a creative void,  like any illness this affliction is the end result of Toska accumulated from all recent events.


My only cure is evident,  I must leave this Social Marxist American prison and seek refuge in a land of my tribe(I will not divulge as to where for my own anonymity/security). We do not retreat unto others like migrants do(locusts more like),  rather we are architects,  engineers and sentinels adept at building and protecting order among total chaos.

I can see certainly see now the appeal of cultivating isolated rural sanctuaries. Reflecting upon the time wasted fabricating simulations I’ve deduced that I seek the exact same venture in the physical world but never had the will to realize it till now(Thinking something is impossible in reality to retreat to an escapist realm).

One shouldn’t fabricate illusions in a sea of false light unless it is directly contributing to a greater goal in the physical world. Rather one should realize the same creative fire on the Earth,  skills are skills,  dreams are dreams and reality is just. Don’t ever devalue it.

We come to rest upon a sea of chaos, with will power and light of wisdom we cultivate order.
We come to rest upon a sea of chaos, with the torch of wisdom we bring order into existence.

~Never forget who you are (in blood) and where you fit in this world.~