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Video by:  oiskald – Wardruna Algir-tognatale.

Ravn flyg i himmelhjul, i skogen gjestar gamal Tul. Algir! Stien kovnar, togna talar. Algir.

The raven flies in a wheel on the sky in the forest, the old wise lives. Algir! The tracks disappear, the tongue speaks. Algir.

A meditative track for elevation and reflection upon the world, fan away black smoke obscuring sunlight as if it were a corrupting miasma degrading truth and wisdom. Bring a light before descending into the inky murk, sometimes shadows can teach us vital lessons via example. We often reflect upon that same darkness, during times of struggle such forces become far more familiar – we do not live in enlightened times. Art also reflects this same disharmony, sometimes the shadow (chaos) makes a direct statement, it is certainly relevant. I have a Jörmungandr Komplex, when I am on my own island (state of mind) as well it is key to illustrating a point as elaborated upon below. My recent re-ignition creatively has been motivated by three primary factors:

  1. Promotion of Pro-European Pre-Christian Völkisch heritage.
  2. Folklore as euphemisms  i.e. the Norse Sagas as allegories of our natural world.
  3. The F.E. Cult needs to vanish in the same manner it appeared, into an abyss.

For my own artistic interpretation of the natural world (Our immediate universe), I have as a centerpiece –  Jörmungandr (The Midgard Serpent). This is a personal interpretation not a depiction of any traditional designations whatsoever!

Birthed by Angrboða a tiny snake, he was tossed into the ocean by his father Loki (Under command of Odin). The serpent was deemed a threat to world, he was expected to perish alone in the great blue sea. However, instead grew so large he encircled the world. Hence it is obvious why I chose him to grace my pen tip. Technicality Midgard is not intended to represent planet Earth in the physical sense rather it is the Worldly manifestation of the Axis munde – Yggdrasil. This represented the tie to Death and Rebirth, as both Midgard and Valhalla are symbolic of the tomb. However, to simplify things for the case of this euphemism, Jörmungandr rests upon the world like a snake around an egg, he is the curvature of our Earth. Mjölnir (Thor’s Hammer) represents the force of gravity and center of mass,  the hammer is placed before Yggdrasil (The World Tree) as Earth’s core. For my personal impression tree branches are reminiscent of magma veins.

An outer ring adjacent to the core is lined with Runes like a dial (implies movement) this represents Earth’s mantle and crust (The shifting of tectonic plates). As with the artistic representation of a very real science this layer also represents the concept of Blood & Soil, of Runes & Men (Oðalism). As for the implied movement – Cyclical reward or consequences.

To defy natural laws will bring about chaos and destruction.

An outermost ring represented by a woven border (Lightning bolts and the Aurora Borealis) this pertains to Earth’s geo-magnetic field,  when the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) becomes more visible below Arctic Polar/Nordic regions (Hyperborea) it is due to instability in Earth’s Geo-magnetic field. Powerful Solar-storms can affect weather adversely as well disrupt global communications infrastructure (high technology is very vulnerable and we are so over-reliant). Thor is described as descending from the Aurora Borealis accompanied by lightning storms,  thus Ragnarök ensues. For this illustration Fenrir is represented as the Moon (Eclipsed Sun a.k.a Black Sun) not simply because Wolves supposedly howl at the Moon in the cliche sense, rather this depicts his binding by Tyr. Dwarven forged Mithril chains represent the Earth’s relationship to the Moon, i.e. the rising of Ocean tides due to the pull of Lunar gravity. Hence the binding of Fenrir plays an integral part in maintaining balance in nature. In the Poetic Edda, Thor combats Jormungandr yet one does not purely triumph over the other, this is not a childish spar between good & evil, nature seeks to re-balance itself after all (The scales of Order & Chaos).

Thor slays Jörmungandr with Mjölnir (Gravity). However, the serpent also kills Thor with a fatal poisoned bite.

The relevance of the Jera/Jahr rune emphasized in my artwork – Yearly Cycles, consequences and Upheavals. We live in an era rife with confusion, counter-cultures as well new cults spring up to convert those with no better alternatives.

In my interpretation Jörmungandr is not a pancake unlike popular illustration.

F.E. is the new Scientology, which has also gained a lot of recent attention and backing within W.N. hubs. I consider this alarming especially since it appeared literally out of nowhere and suddenly became as big as the J.Q. (Even being pinned as part of the Jewish Question). As aforementioned we live in an era of dusk; confusion & degradation runs amok even among bright people who should already know better. Honestly, this topic of  F.E. (Flat-Earth) insofar as conjecture does not even deserve a mention, it is anti-nature, anti-science thus Anti-Tradition! The F.E. cult is nothing more than an Astro turfing campaign, a U.S. Government Psychological Operation to destabilize Reactionary groups which are deemed threatening to Zionist globalist Agenda, in short such only hurts Truth-seekers. Garbage conspiracy theories such as F.E. ruins intellectual credibility when publicly challenging the accepted Holocaust narrative or the Global Zionist agenda affecting our world, imagine how outsiders view conservatives who adhere to tinfoil ideas such a Flat-Earth. Infighting also makes it very difficult for a reactionary group to mobilize and make an impact upon the real world.

On a brief off tangent, inter-racial intimate relationships miscegenation in any form invites the destruction of all peoples. Such practices are an open invitation for invasion (The Migrant Crisis). Not only race mixing but abandoning one’s blood soil; Ancestral heritage & homeland in favor for a foreign one or worse, a Nihilistic Modernist fetish is cultural/racial suicide. Europeans want racial or at the least ethnic homogeneity correct? Then the least one can do is adhere to these principles without compromise. Vice versa the other way around, one should consider it admirable if a non-European person were aware of these very issues & took steps to ensure their own cultural & racial preservation without antagonizing another racial/cultural group or mixing in with them. To contradict this reflects one’s strength of character as well conviction to the very principles they uphold (Either one makes the exception both ways or don’t make the exception at all), as well the ability to reason & come to sane conclusions. I am referring directly to the F.E. Cult leader Eric Dubay of course & White Nationalists who support him yet don’t seem to be bothered by his personal practices of woman hunting in Thailand.

As mentioned last December we head into a pivotal moment in our human history,  one which will determine the outcome of the future for everyone on this spinning rock,  not just Europe,  North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand or Eurasia. As to National Socialism as a framework succeeding once more it will be Western/European civilization hanging on a lifeline. Mother Europa having strained herself ousting hostile alien influence and all forms of social corruption, breathes and in turn slowly heals as if a malignant tumor was just removed. We become again Mono-ethnic at the very least Mono-cultural as first step, Traditionalist Nation-states to pick up the foundation stones which were left to us. On other hand a total collapse of civilization all together is much more likely, Western & European civilization is repeating history, we are in the twilight of Rome yet again.. 

Barbarians are at the gates and weak citizens antagonistic to the natural order live behind its walls.

In which case Oðalism becomes the survival Protocol.


Regardless of personal paths and individual inclinations we need to be more self-aware of trickery in times of chaos. Don’t be well, be Iron!