Die Verwandlung aus Kunst in den Krieg – Eiserne Rose. Q4 2015 Pt 3/3

–Oðalism vs National Socialism.–

Video by Youtube user:  Bifferbob451 Artist: Wodensthrone Film: Centurion.

This foreshadows another topic I would like to elaborate in more detail before the year ends however for now I mark this by the occasion of Winter Solstice 2015,  Yuletide/Midwinter/Saturnalia/Solntzevorot and all versions celebrated anciently by all Northern Neolithic people from Europe to Asia.

Video by Youtube user: Bedivere Artist: Wardruna – Hagal.


At precisely 10:49 PM CST the 22nd for universal time as well the ongoing week. Retain one’s traditions and invest wisely in the company of your clan or folk!

My simple offering of sweets to this occasion. Gingerbread in the vestiges of the last Reich - consumed life to be reborn.
My simple offering of sweets to this occasion. Gingerbread in the vestiges of the last Reich – consumed life to be reborn anew.

Video by daupike Artist: Wardruna – Helvegen(The Way to Hel).


The year comes to a close as the turning of the wheel comes to it’s conclusion. I have one more year from this point on till my big journey abroad. One year to reflect upon my actions and prepare. I have begun to give away my personal belongings in order to travel light and will continue to do so well into 2016.

But of course I’ve come to the conclusion that so long as I am within the bounds of civilization I must be National Socialist,  it is the only proper order which matches the arrangement. However when I leave those confines entirely it brings up Oðalism.

Odal-Othala-Eis 512x512

Oðal coming from the Germanic variant of The Norse Rune Othala in old Norse  – Homeland, Heritage,  Ancestral lot,  Inheritance,  Noble/Traditional Law. Under the Third Reich of Germany the  Oðal rune was assigned to the Department of Agriculture as the Germanic variation also entailed Harvest and Wheat. The Third Reich also featured many winged or serif variants of the for the German Volk as well military designations.

Oðalism as a movement does not follow Roman Law or the traditions of Western Christendom which sets it apart from National Socialism.  One could say National Socialists and Odalists share a lot of the same views on the issues of racial homogeneity,  both are strongly against race mixing and immigration into non-native lands,  the notion that men are a part of their respective homelands not only by culture or traditions but by extension of blood and spirit – Bloodsoil.

To an Oðalist,  land is not bound to the concept of National borders,  it is biological.

Bloodsoil interpreted as the German Volk in National Socialism(Not Simply a term for People) but like an earlier Shamanistic view shared by Pre-Christian Scandinavians and later Proto-Germanic peoples.

I am your Ancestor and your child.

 The Volk is a greater spiritual whole which encompasses generations of individuals both dead ancestors and those yet unborn – the entire blood of it’s respective people.

  One’s native ecosystem is not a matter of choice,  it is a matter of racial and cultural compatibility,  thus why multiculturalism is so destructive and must be stopped!

Oðal  like National Socialism both come to the same conclusion on key topics. One can say that the original N.S.D.A.P. is simply Oðalism adopted for use within an Ethno-Nationalist context having thrown out tribal laws and Paganism in place of Roman laws and some manner of spiritual mono-theism.

In which case the two now fork entirely,    Oðalism and National Socialism do not share the same end goals nor the same exact spiritual paradigm.


National Socialism aspires to be like the Promethean or Faustian as some would call,  elevating itself beyond the petty aspirations of lesser Plutocratic systems i.e. the cold totalitarian suppression of Communism or the Nihilistic materialism of Democratic Capitalism.

National Socialism is the true forward movement for enlightened nation-states,  beyond just a political movement in itself,  beyond the left, right and center divisions which cause infighting and chaos.(I’m sick of hearing the Alt-Right and True-Left Divisions).

National Socialism is the only way to go in regards to a structured and progressive high-civilization.

National Socialism emphasizes a Noble Racially homogeneous Authoritarian state.

For this fact I can never lose respect for National Socialism in the historical context.

However we don’t live in such enlightening times. National Socialism praises self sacrifice,  so does  Oðalism,  the question is how much are you willing to sacrifice?

  Oðalism seeks to disregard modern society entirely,  some may interpret this as regressing back to some period within Classical Antiquity,  even as the Iron Age or earlier which can very reasonably be seen as extreme. I personally see Oðalists as positive technological minimalists rather than negative Luddites on the whole.

Survivalists/Preppers as some call. I like the idea of Wardens in the wilderness,  safe-guarding  accumulated ancestral wisdom,   curators of hard art and useful sustainable technologies.

Important technological developments specific to one’s cultural history(both old and new). An Oðalism is not necessarily against electricity or refrigeration for example.  However one should be well aware of the technologies which enslave us or bring about environmental ruin.

An Oðalism more than likely is..

Strongly opposed to Industrialized Agriculture.

Against Recombination DNA Process(Genetic Engineering).

Definitely against Artificial Intelligence(I’m not assimilating into a Communist Borg).

Very strongly opposed to Atomic energy(Can be very useful in the vacuum of space but we might not make it that far before another Chernobyl or Fukushima incident on a larger scale).

Disdainful of Information technology(I’m sure many National Socialists share this same sentiment – it is a perfectly natural and sane reaction to sick times).

We live in the age of Smart Phones and Stupid People as much of our high technology has proven to be counter-productive if not entirely self-destructive.

Chemicals used in Plastics production have been tied to the feminization of young males(this includes the influx of homosexuals within more developed societies). Wireless technology has been tied to the infertility in the developing female reproductive system. How many of your daughters use a wifi device as if it were a part of them?

Just to name a few examples. The Chemical impact on our food and environment are too numerous for me to even begin discussing,  our over reliance on technologies which aren’t elevating mankind to greatness run amok. At our current rate we’re headed down the route of a sterile plastic wrapped androgynous civilization. One which cannot breed naturally let alone fend for itself in the face of another natural disaster let alone social one.(Not without becoming totally mechanical at the cost of our humanity).

Conservation has been hijacked by the Leftists turned into a convoluted hippy movement. True Environmentalism be it one’s Forests and Oceans,  or it’s Fauna and Flora are no different than protecting one’s Racial Homogeneity. Thus a true Conservationist should be a Racial Realist opposed to Race-mixing and immigration of hostile aliens into environments they are incompatible with. Human beings are still a part of the natural order not separate,  a fact Liberals adamantly deny.

While it is true Germany under National Socialism was one of the first countries to pass laws regarding protecting the Environment and wildlife,  it still was an Industrialist Nation. To a pure  Oðalist this does not bode well.

 Oðalism seeks to attain true cultural enrichment,  expunging all elements of Judeo/Abrahamic thought, this includes the removal of Christianity which built churches atop of it’s ancient sacred sites and severed all men and women from their old gods,  their true gods. European Christian values in fact came from the Pagan ones as the original Eastern Christian cult shares little in common with Europe,

While I respect the Oðalist stance of returning to a simpler life entirely,  snuffing the Promethean flame does not currently rest well with me. I would be lying to myself if I said I was 100% on board with Oðalism(More like 50/50). I have dedicated most of my life to a very pro-industrial view,  by work,  lifestyle,  hobbies and interests. Spiritually speaking I do not take the concept of Promethean Fire lightly(No Pun intended).

I can appreciate reverence for God not in the Christian sense,  rather as the ever burning creative flame of Prometheus,  a championship within the arena of nature that is the cosmos we occupy. The Promethean flame governing order over the chaos of the void.(A tad Cosmo-theistic perhaps).

However unlike many Christians and Cosmo-theists alike I do not believe in the extermination of Tribal Folk religions. We all have bigger enemies like Atheism,  Feminism,  Nihilistic Modernism all of which stems back to the Zionist program of Social Marxism.

Both National Socialists and Oðalists would probably agree that we’re headed into a pivotal moment in our human history. Either a technological dark age regressing back 100 years(perhaps more) or a technocratic society extending beyond this planet.

The Oðalist would say: Forget about going to Mars or outer space worry about your own folk first!

The Earth we occupy and it’s respective lands,  thus the well being and preservation of your race/culture should be one’s main priority. The  Oðalist lives off the grid,  sentinels in the coming Ice-Age,  Solar-storm,  Civil-War(Whatever strife may come). He must do all that is necessary to survive and protect his family and bloodline as the cities and nations will fall first.

National Socialism seeks to strike back against the victors of the last World War,  to gain justice against the true aggressors who currently rule the world,   to expunge hostile alien influence and re-attain an era of greatness not seen since the last Reich. Not only to re-kindle what was but to  surpass it without the threat of Global Jewry impeding upon ascension. Europe will again be for native Europeans and their culture alone.

We live in a very different Sociopolitical climate than say 1933 or 12 A.D. Thus both National Socialism and Oðalism would urge all peoples to to cherish and protect their own racial/cultural distinctions corresponding with one’s Bloodsoil. Migrants should be treated as deserters or cowards which warrant severe punishment and scorn from their own people

People have lost their way(however you wish to look at that). The masses abandon their lands and folk,  sacrificed tradition on the altar of Cosmopolitan progressiveness. This is the common truth of the world.

Alluding to future conclusions.
Alluding to the future conclusion.

For now the wheel rests at the edge of a precipice,  the storm is building but we have one more festival before the wheel concludes.  Happy New Years Eve!