–Das Jahr im Rückblick – 2015

Friday 12:00 AM CST 01-01-16

Video by Skull Line Records – BloodSoil – The World is Sick – We are the Cure(Domination).

Dr. Caligari can be viewed as the shadow lurking behind the facade of governments, the entertainment industry preying upon a susceptible audience – society,  the affliction which brings madness and dis-order to all peoples. – The Jew.

We are the cure.

Twenty fifteen has been an interesting year, I went from running a Trigger-Komplex within Virtual Worlds to abandoning said medium entirely to pursue authentic ventures.

Atop of not being apologetic for my political pursuits,  there is also the revisionist side of things. I can’t even touch Wolfenstein with a ten foot pole now unless to rip it apart, the same goes with The Man in the High Castle or any form of Controller(Jewish) propaganda.[One may as well disassemble these propaganda works and reclaim our enlightened hegemony!]

Upon my enlightenment I felt a mix of disgust and shame,  immense disgust for the victors who push the Jewish Narrative and shame for myself as I had unintentionally been contributing to the chain of false information and misguided purpose,  hence I will do my part to reverse it. As a result I’ve grown jaded with gaming and all sources of entertainment media.

Hatred - was an entertaining red pill at gaming culture and the industry at large.
Hatred – was an entertaining red pill regarding gaming culture and the industry at large.

While all my former peers play Fallout 4 I refrain from such,  because I’ve realized what gaming culture represents on a whole and I’m sick of it all. I’ve disassembled my more powerful machine and extracted the important components for travel,  the rest will be given away. I’ve deliberately downgraded to an older machine in order to avert distractions presented by gaming,  removed my subscription from gaming channels on youtube and vice versa purged old playlists.

A little over 3 months ago I transferred from the old URL,  which transitioned over from being initially an apolitical creative vehicle to a harder politically charged vehicle.


If anything useful can be gleaned from my experience in virtual worlds it is that walls are indeed masculine even virtual ones manage to evoke a profound psychological impact on others. Perhaps it reminded the degenerates who sacrificed their reality they weren’t in control of their own lives nor their own illusions.

If you look far back,  I’ve also retained older posts as part of my Einfluss Archiv volumes 1-11 in order to reflect upon the past I committed to which over time transformed into something else. A reminder to myself on where to go in the future and what to avoid.

Quarter 3 of 2015 would be the pivotal spark which would push me on my path,  as a former peer called the Federal enforcers on me,  alleging that I was involved in terrorist activities. While it was not the first time the F.B.I. payed me a visit it was the first time a friend was involved.

2015 was also a year of added turmoil in my family,  my father for the 2nd year in a row was diagnosed with cancer,  my mother I clashed due to my views on challenging the Jewish narrative and my younger brother is completely convinced I am a monster,  rejecting his own heritage and disassociating from me because he says “it made me who I am.”

While I am at least able to reason with my parents to an extent,  I cannot say the same for the authorities who are convinced I am a White Supremacist.

Video by Youtube user: MAGISTER POPULI Germany Must Live – Europe Must Live.

2015 was a year of madness and rude awakenings.

So be it,  I can’t say I am particularly upset,  it only shows the lack of enlightenment within the masses and urges me on the path I now seek.

The path leads out of the confines of modern society,  although I still have a full year from this point to prepare mentally,  physically and financially.

 Target date: 12-31-16 [If all goes according to plan,  I don’t expect things to go awry.]

Sturm-Nacht 5

“Er, der die Schlüsselanhänger, aber keine Schlüssel hält” looms on the horizon for this new quarter, the title is fitting as I in a sense bear a key chain but it has no keys. Instead my mission is to find them – one task at a time.

~The wheel has completed one full cycle and starts anew,  we erect fortresses in our minds to stave off the murk which surround us,  the light shall return.~