Sunshine and Moonlight: Broken Gods – a fan tribute to Selvans/Downfall of Nur.

———— ᛟ ————

Selvans/Downfall of Nur(Untitled Conceptual Album – Broken Gods) Editing,  FX and visual overlays by:  Anton Krüger ᛋᛉᚺᛟᚾ

1. Intro/SOL

2. Pater Surgens(Father rose).

On the remainder of this auspicious  night under the sign of the Scorpion we bear witness to the charging of seals,  the union of two gods and of dutiful men and women bound within traditional oaths. Charged with the mantles of custom and of war,  a strategic alliance and marriage,  may we steel ourselves against our eternal enemy who is rootless and cannot break what remains sealed in blood!


To be continued…