Prometheus Rising not Fallen a.k.a The Faustian drive! Given the divisive nature of so called black-pilled individuals it is pertinent that Ethnic-Europeans retain the highest level of advancement; technological, cultural and otherwise expansive aligned with our racial security. Regression and under-achievement will be our undoing!

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Triangular Ascension – Sexta Republica by: ChtonicApophis

Hello readers, I intend to keep this update short, employment has resumed following recent events and inclinations. The end of 2016 heralded not only a realization which redirected S.Z.H.ODAL into the aforementioned posts but also a shift into focusing upon immediate concerns. To briefly summarize my personal motivations; in 2014 my father was diagnosed with his first stage of cancer, I was laid off from work and broke up with my girlfriend all within the same year which drove me down the path of becoming “redpilled“. Over the following years I have grown increasingly disgusted with all so called conservative and/or traditionalist movements be it the “National Socialistic revival of Internet Trolldom” or the “Neo-Luddite Autistic Odalistic Consortium“. I have already stated my summary of both quasi-movements for better and worse. Added in light of emergency hospitalization and surgery of last May-June I intend to take the helm to stay the course of determined journey to improve the situation, lest end up at Muspelheim figuratively speaking yet again. Even if one may not live a full life, defeatism is not an option! As a result the Black-Out Protokolle becomes ever more pertinent as my time is now dedicated to a new part-time job and away from wordpress or youtube (At least for the duration of spring).

At the start of Summer I seek my first reconnaissance excursion, to survey both land and all applicable dynamics: sociopolitical, environmental, infrastructure, etc. Beggars can’t be choosers thus why be a beggar at all? I have already begun to acquire licenses for high definition VFX and Video stock however as of this stage I do not foresee a final conclusion to said projeckt within this month. What would be a simple introduction has transformed into much more.

  1. Establishing a more robust financing pool for the Northwest Survey Operation (Most would go South for the Winter, I’m going North for the Summer). Said accumulated treasury will also apply into video to improve my own craft.
  2. Documenting said excursion and whatever practices applicable to survival/outdoors so be it an exercise or to glean situational awareness and gear up/adapt skills in accordance.
  3. Establishing a proper tone and intended visual direction for creative vehicle i.e. Video sector, holding high the Promethean flame and smiting those who would seek regressive darkness. This is precisely why I have delayed video production yet again, true quality control.

For the first morning cunning folk worked the very stones of the land into great monoliths heralding the sun’s life and rebirth, under a noontide sun artificers forged singing engines of steel and fields of light which reflected upon the rivers like the scales of innumerable silvered fish, sparkling akin to stars in the black of night. Dusk fell upon our kinsmen who stayed their worn tools and gazed upwards to the firmament once more. The night is upon us for this chapter is our most pivotal, our destiny unravels however alien aspects have taken hold. Division runs rife among our kinsmen who’s own racial foundation is being eroded, these very engines of greatness have been re-purposed for the ruthless and nihilistic hand of a looming globalist technocracy which haunts us like a loathsome specter. One should be wary of the imposter growing out of the vestiges of European achievement not the other way around.

The Runes of old tell of upright divination and also of inverse omens,  this also applies to High Technology as one of man’s machinations for better or ill, it is highly doubtful that traditionalists viewed Runic divination in a Black and White manner why would anyone think otherwise to another applicable situation? Such is not our undoing any more than the firearms industry producing tools widely abused to commit crime or wage modern wars (Institutionalized Zionist Execution). One does not treat the symptoms of illness to be an effective doctor however addresses the  direct cause of affliction. Above all else one does not dismantle the Promethean legacy out of emotional misguidance, fear and ignorance is the hallmark of our eternal enemy it is also a prevailing fault spreading among Neo-Luddites and similar zealots who preach before they practice.

S.Z.H.O.N. Docrine-of-Immortality-Demo

For the hour hand approaches midnight, we can join the stars holding the Promethean torch high or drop the torch entirely and become lost to darkness. Farewell for now – A.K. 14/88