“Keiner ist so verrückt, dass er nicht einen noch Verrückteren findet, der ihn versteht.“ – Friedrich Nietzsche

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╬ Work Report No.2 ╬

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  1. Home Work-log Annual Wrap-up
  2. Right-Wing General Morale vs Zionistic Black-pill
  3. Mercury Retrograde – Closing Note to Plagiarists & Gatekeepers

–Renovations Roadmap (RE-CAP):

Absolute Black Granite [EDIT Black Pearl Granite] counter tops & back-splash tiles (6-7k t.b.a).


Technical Reference Photo No.1

We’ve decided against “Absolute Black Granite” in favor of “Black Pearl Granite” which finishes with a rich mineral striation rather than the former material which does not give the slightest hint that it is a mineral at all and ends up looking cheap.

Refurbishment/Modification of current 1980s era Oaken cabinets. Refacing said cabinets in order to accommodate counter work, new sink & dishwasher is inevitable but nonetheless our cabinets will be preserved albeit in a different configuration.

Bosch Gmbh 100 Series Dishwasher long acquired however still pending installation to follow suit of cabinet re-work.

NEW BLANCO Gmbh Stainless Steel Under-mount Stainless Steel Sink Pending acquisition to replace old sink as top mounted sinks are incompatible with Granite countertops.


Formerly we had decided upon KRAUS but upon researching company background determined that BLANCO of Baden-Württemberg to be more distinguished in both rapport & quality in contrast to KRAUS which manufactures within budget constraints.

Golden Oak Engineered Hardwood Floors (Like in the rest of Condo) to replace jarring linoleum cushion floor.

[Floor work in Kitchen postponed until further notice.]

UPDATE: Aforementioned Kitchen contract is taking longer than expected, due to technical & logistical reasons. We have also decided against using Engineered wood for the bathroom floor due increased moisture exposure (obviously) the ideal route would be conventional ceramic tile instead of “specialized moisture resistant wood” which is excessively costly. At this precise moment the only up and coming alteration to the bathroom within the near future will be glass & steel sliding doors to replace the cumbersome & awkward shower curtain.

However, in the meanwhile I have been occupied on other sectors of my home.

Living Room:

Pipe Mounted Industrial shelving [x]

Genuine Hardwood Black-Out Shutters [x]

Yggdrasil Plague for accent wall above Fireplace mantle adjacent to Shutters [x]


Technical Reference Photo No. 2

NOTE: I have strongly considered installing a sliding (rail mounted) steel barricade door on the exterior of either patio egress (t.b.a.). Previously I mentioned UV Coated Tempered Glass for both patio doors which still remains on the table for renovations.

See: https://s-z-h-odal.org/2018/10/21/arbeitsbericht-pt-i/ for additional notes.


As for other topics, I would like to address the Steinbock in the room.

We live in demoralizing times, the Black pill an extent of which remains an abstract and another extent of it is a very real technological asset Zionistic in origin targeting a key demographic over the world-wide web. It is well known Google has implemented algorithms which can data-mine and thus index individuals into a category based upon patterns of; search, partaken media, commentary & bans on major social platforms. I’ve retained a relatively low profile of the past year and half however I have noticed an increase of “randomized noise” upon watching content about the sciences and upcoming advances in technology which is my usual as of late, I receive a recommendation which represents the antithesis of what I have been viewing. This is a deliberate action due to the prevalence of the world wide web overtaking legacy media as the primary iteration of mainstream information hence cannot be ruled to mere chance alone.


The Black-Pill is not a Rebellious concept employed by certain factions of the Right, rather contrary in fact. Black pilling represents a very Mainstream and deliberate utilization of media by Zionists to discourage, dis-arm, & otherwise Neutralize the Right!

Let us humor this for a moment. Whilst our eternal enemy is not all-powerful it is foolish to admit they aren’t formidable in terms of accumulated resources, in a world upside-down you must combat said system stealthily, intelligently within one’s own able capacity taking back key installations & infrastructure (multi-media, industrial, scientific, educational, political, etc) i.e. a “re-conquista” accrued slowly yet surely, hence why it is important to encourage young people and adults alike to take back what one’s predecessors founded rather than “let it all fall“.

For one to wish an ultimately destructive conclusion to our dilemma invites negativity which projects inwards on a personal psychological level like a depreciating ego-driven virus, worse of all it also flows outwards en masse unto immediate peers which affects the temperament of those they keep for company for worse rather than better. Visualize a slum and feeling the tangible “loser force” emanating from the dead husks of once prospering neighborhoods and the degenerate denizens bound to their condition of sheer self-gratifying ignorance. Now understand what I mean in regards to people who perpetuate a similar energy albeit doom-mongers seek to convert because they feel all is lost hence any effort being unworthy or even foolish, said individuals cannot keep friends for long periods of time because they are toxic, in reality no matter the frame they place upon others they want nothing more than to bring people to their level. Misery loves company after all.

I am not going to even bother extrapolating the latter scenario of “Regression” because I have already covered it extensively in an older post; https://s-z-h-odal.org/2017/07/31/prometheus-auferstanden-dekonstruktion-des-nihilismus/

People in glass houses should not throw stones.

One does not have freedom without the will to protest for it! While it is impossible to stay 100% safe and anonymous on the world wide web especially in today’s sociopolitical climate, such is not an excuse to succumb to said doom rhetoric. Whilst many flake-out, giving up the fight before they even asserted themselves to return to counter-productive routines; convenient simulations to massage one’s ego. One’s own conviction to life, justice, truth & ultimately victory should remain unhindered. Weaponized obstacles; physical, psychological or otherwise notwithstanding.

One of the prevailing issues relevant to our times is the epidemic of single European men and toxic online niches, no woman who is of viable European stock and traditional mindset is going to follow a black-pilled fatalist man into to his “mud-hut” to make litter after litter of children until she is infertile, needless to say women do not want to make families with said fatalists at all and it has nothing to do with harboring a Feminist attitude. A life devoid of stability is bad enough, a life without hope for future is bound to wither and die, the energy one gives to the cosmos is what one reaps for life. Thus, the energy one projects can ultimately spell one’s own success or failure.


A Family unit without hope for the future is the very last thing children need being brought into this world and the one thing women look at when they judge a man’s character i.e. leadership qualities, fortitude, etc. Most notably under situations of duress. Black-pilled individuals will never see positive fruition to their goals simply due to a highly unfortunate infatuation with instant ego-gratification, many may not even realize this bitter truth, but they are hopelessly lost to Nihilism. Ironically, these individuals are trying to thwart everything they despise having become the bane of all they wish to vanquish. Black pilling serves no viable purpose to our kin or rather the prevalence of doom-mongers proves our eternal enemy successful and I cannot.. I will not abide to that.

Note however the only women who don’t have a problem with this naive Black-pilled; Anti-Progress/Anti-Civilization mindset are “Anarcho-Marxists” (radical far-left) or otherwise women who have entered a dark rut in their lives like many men who choose this path (I am not free of guilt either). Said down period in most cases will inevitably pass due to a natural coming to one’s senses; finding a positive road-map for the future, a real purpose, a soulmate, etc.

On the other hand those who relish remaining within the defeatist quagmire will eventually stagnate into old-age, one will either realize not only did they not advance their people(kin) but they did not attempt to actually live in the time which transpired. One’s own existence should be focused upon spending their days with a compatible mate, worthy activities with real people, memories to cherish, merit-able action with has a tangible effect on one’s surroundings, etc. One should be able to lay down the foundation for future generations be it your own next of kin or a ward of equal value.

One may be immortal in rebirth spiritually speaking however our lives at the present are finite, those who toil should still be able to breathe, partake of the fruits of one’s own labor, realize a great undertaking without having to worry about some impending doom hanging over their heads let alone the self-flagellation of those who box preference into the same category as moral values to appease the electronic edifice of strangers who are inconsequential to your own existence.

A great many waste their years accumulating into decades, losing track of time in the process to; “online autistic friend simulator”, creating idiotic memes rather than trying to build, re-conquer or advance because they either feel downtrodden or are deluded about an embellished need to use the internet for some “alleged higher purpose” which is just denial to a problem rather than accepting the problem, in order to move beyond it. My advice to men who are seeking the path of building a life with a woman and wondering why they are having difficulties finding a good woman; stop following other men as if you cannot make decisions for oneself. Ultimately Traditional women seek dominant men for stability; Intellectual, Spiritual, Emotional, Physical & Financial in lieu with a compatible social demeanor, values and most importantly biology (Ethnicity).

When one is deficient in any of the aforementioned capacities, then you need to stop blaming other people, or people you disagree with out of spite and run a fact check, the best way to advance beyond one’s shortcomings is to change something about your outward focus and priorities! Additionally, I do not believe there are any good women in the pool of leftists, to give advice otherwise is both dangerous and highly questionable.


On another note we enter an auspicious time, a precious moment to reflect and re-focus lest one fall into chaos unable to grasp the blessing granted upon us. People are often unaware that all cosmic events just like divining runes have the inverse and upright signs, the planet Mercury Retrogrades as of 2019 commencing October 31st under the sign of Scorpio this Hallowed evening well past the season of the Hunt concluding on November 20th. Akin to “Jera” (cyclical change) said event may spell ruin for those in frenzy, figuratively speaking drowned by a tidal wave of muddled ambitions yet it may also serve as a needed boost for those aware of it’s currents to suffice renewed creative energy. Furthermore I find it appropriate to conclude this post on Helnacht (Samhain) a special night not to be wasted.

As a closing statement; simply because a certain individual resents me, does not make it ok to any way in part plagiarize my ideas or expressions! If one is going to use my work and hide in the anonymity of the world-wide web on other platforms the least one can do is give credit where credit is due otherwise don’t mince my words for your own aims.

I make no demands but state there are consequences for said wrongs, my intentions are not to be a Gatekeeper for what is supposed to be an ideal individual, couple or community. I’m not a hypocrite either, can one say the same about themselves?

“If you want to shine like the sun, you must first burn like it”. – A.H.

S.Z.H.O.N. Rebirth GIF

Fret not in counter-productive frenzy for the many who spell discord, we must all find our center first in order to rise against the threats which seek to discourage us.

Farewell till next Tide. – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII