Historical Archive Volume I: Chronicles content under former Das-Neue-Reich.com associated timeline. We cannot allow ourselves to permit sentiments of nostalgia to slow our ascent in obtaining secure tangible power within our present sociopolitical climate.

Stahl Wahrheit – Justiz für die Deutschen,  Freiheit für Europa!

Video by Youtube User: MAGISTER POPULI – Rebuilding a Nation – The Third Reich.

Bringing  sanity and reason to insane times,  it takes a tremendous amount of will power and strength of character to be free in this day and age. Thus the majority of people are not free.

Compare the last 70+ years of American history to just 6 years of the 12 year Third Reich.

I commend my brothers and sisters in arms who live an intermediate existence between the world of poison and the world of truth,  we often feel alone as we see loved ones and kin consumed by the miasma that is the Jewish Narrative. At last we must make painful choices if not for oneself but for one’s offspring.

If one’s immediate ancestors are unwilling to carry the torch-light then one must only care for your own immediate future and the next line to follow yours.

Not only are we given a reminder to recall but also an example to seek out and pursue. Germany’s true inheritance awaits,  no more lies!


Today is International commemoration day for the Revisionist movement,  remember that one’s job is far from concluded. I have a dream of National Socialist Germany and their collaborators officially exonerated of the Jewish Extermination/Holocaust lie even if it takes 100 years.


 ~I will be absent from this site well beyond the end of January into February. I am currently producing a piece of artwork which will accompany an article  for the next major post.  considering I have not finished any piece in 8 years I really need to pick up the pen again as well I have been motivated by a certain subject which has been gnawing at me since December 2015.~