Waffenbrüderschaft: Die Industriell Militärmusik II. (ROME WILL RISE AGAIN).

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Sonne und Stahl :: ROME WILL RISE AGAIN :: Album: t.b.a. :: Year: 2022

Brotherhood in Arms: Martial Industrial music series II. Within this month of August I technically made two videos, one for my own channel “Wappenbund :: Empor” also a video for my friend S&SOrdo Ab Chao ~ N.W.O.” produced in the dystopian atmosphere of last month’s video “Puissance :: Control :: War On“. Within this newly wrought workflow pipeline I will now upload a minimum of two videos per month (Fall 2022 onward) thereby encouraging increased growth to my channel.

Wappenbund :: Empor :: Album: Zeitenwende :: Year 2020


I. die Zusammenfassung (Intro – The Eternal Return).

II. Waffenbrüderschaft (Discipline vs servile consumption).

III. die silberne Kugel (Remaining the Over-man whilst marking a foe).

IV. Prophetissa Teutonica, um deine Stimmung zu heben (Outro/closing).

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Introduction/Abstract – The past bites the tail of all that is to come: “Allem Zukünftigen beißt das Vergangene in den Schwanz“, a core philosophy of the Eternal Return “die Ewige Wiederkunft” famously coined by Friedrich Nietzsche. I chose this direction for it is a recurring one within all of my written work & visual media content such as the ever present Wendehorn Runic sigil (Leben und Toten), symbolic of life and death within a circle yet not unlike the Jera Rune heralding deluges such as upheavals or the turn of time “Zeitenwende” & seasons better expressed in the ever animating SonnenradSolar-wheel“.

Within this natural cyclical law of duality, all that has come before and will return again. Not to imply that in the meanwhile we are not responsible for forging our own destiny I am simply stating that we are beholden to great cosmic tidal forces that which has endured long before mankind & will continue without us. Thus, it would be senseless to thwart such an indomitable order.

We of Occidental destiny – Germanic, Celtic, Italic, Baltic, Slavic, etc. should understand that this is our expression it does belong to anyone else! Outside of this even the Latin phrased Ordo Ab Chao (order out of chaos), similarly Lux in Tenerbris (light in darkness) does not belong to outside forces, rather it has been co-opted by infiltrators hence it is our duty to reclaim it as Europeans who actually care about & cherish our heritage.

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Brotherhood in Arms – Discipline vs servile consumption: Before proceeding I would like to stress that within our Germanic culture the seed of which are Runes, the sigilized motifs of our collective unconscious (racial memory) & yet unborn insofar to the greater cycle of rebirth (reincarnation). These Rune-forms represent an outward physical abstraction of our hidden & ancient immaterial divine, that which encompasses the aforementioned duality. Runes represent invariable multi-faceted truths only revealed in the light of personal events as well respective environmental dynamics i.e., the winds which shape societies.

That being explicitly stated it is time to clean the room so to speak… Unsere Germanisches Sonnenkultur ist Unsterblichen! Memes are not the gene of our culture! I am tired of Millennial hipsters & other ill begotten ilk with limited intelligence flapping their gums about Meme-magic and other such distortions of truth.

The bigger question few dissidents ever ask themselves – Are the Frog & Clown Memes sweeping the world wide web dissident sphere beneficial or subversive to the movement? Are said Memes lowering the quality of creative expression & intelligence of the overall movement? etc.

Breakdown: Mimetic a.k.a Archetypal Magick (Meme Magic as the colloquial shorthand), A Pop-culture friendly iteration of occult Chaos Magick – “Illuminates of Thanateros” (I.O.T.). & Its schism “Discordianism” which utilized the laughing Jester motif as its primary expression.

It should be noted that the cornerstone to their influence was Freemasonry to which its organization was mostly comprised of non-Jewish vassals nevertheless exercising a variant of Zionism crafted to the vestiges of an elite fraternity who perform rituals in homage of the sundered temple of Judea so they may bring forth a new age laying down the foundation stones of the Third Temple.

Mimetic is also where the word Mime (the actions of a performing pantomime) is derived from, meaning to mimic, to emulate which can be innocent & innocuous at first but when such behaviors reach any mass communication medium or niche community such as the online dissident movement then the results can be disastrous! Whilst Mimetic can be positive when strictly regulated it can rapidly degenerate into Slavishness e.g., “servile behavior” when introduced to already damaged, hopeless, easily influenced, malleable or otherwise toxic absolutist people. Hence why I titled of this section “Discipline vs servile consumption“.

When you can convince a community to mock themselves whilst believing that they’re elevating themselves then the enemy has truly disarmed our movement! Our enemy would probably be laughing, as they dine & serenade themselves amidst the decline of our Western/European civilization… Above are two Masonic allegories which depict their manipulations as well portents of doom.

Often, I get backlash from people who retort “It’s a Meme!” as if I am supposed to understand what that means by default, this type of response is a valid deduction of “Slavish behavior“, essentially a circular answer i.e., what is a canary? A bird! But what is a canary?! A bird!! (More belligerently). Thus, such never actually concludes with an intelligible answer, because said individual lacks the intelligence aptitude to breakdown an explanation.

The Honkler (cringe) meme as a single example was engineered with a deliberate intent which seeks familiarity & comfort among those grossly enamored via wanton immaturity (usually weaponized nostalgia but also self-destructive nihilism). 4chan, Reddit & other such web portals will not usher forth the new golden era of European “Germanic” destiny, these are examples of co-opted & highly infiltrated platforms – social field laboratories.

Our enemy seeks to manipulate a desired specimen into their perfect disarmed guinea pig rather than to transcend the mundane into Occidental Nietzschean Übermensch (The Over-man). As a point made slightly tangential, I will briefly paraphrase Dr. Carl Gustav Jung who uttered that those beholden to clique movements no matter how smart as a single individual have the collective I.Q. of a crocodile.

We often see these types online role-playing as the Joker (A mentally ill outcast as described by said fictional character in the film by the same name). Most of who “think” they willingly determine their own terms of freedom (subverted will to stagnate into oblivion) within a fabricated fantasy framework of their own choosing hosted via innumerable social portals – wordpress included. Outside of isolated niches and little cliques online these memes will never move the needle for our own people no matter how much pretense is used to justify said cause!

Ultimately, if these poor specimens of humanity don’t end up as 40+ somethings who never once lived in the real world let alone interacted with actual women, they typically end doing something really dumb & destructive e.g., a spree killing… For that is the intention of the CIA/FBI/NSA/MI6 or whichever Zionist infiltrated social monitoring outfit happens to preside at a given moment.

Such illumination does not require a background in Quantum computing to conclude what their endgame seeks to accomplish (digital subversion by means of saturation of all major social portals). Targeted at young or susceptible European men primarily.

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The Silver Bullet – Remaining the Over-man whilst marking a foe:

I will not mention who this person is again for they don’t deserve the mention, I will say that this infiltrating enemy has written yet another hit-piece this time far more vicious. I have since sought legal advice by means of a family lawyer to document every instance of slander against my namesake but not to otherwise engage with said bad faith actor nor his peers. In brief said individual has made false insinuations not only in poor taste but also seeks to force a narrative that if it were true would have the potentiality of destroying a persons’ livelihood (offline), as well said bad faith actor has dragged my deceased father into his deluded grossly embellished & petty online argument.

At the moment I still have more important plans within my immediate future which take priority over all else, if anything said bad faith actor has only succeeded in further reinforcing me, whilst proving that he is in fact all the things I previously had pointed out about people like him; voraciously amoral, capricious & vile.

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The German Prophetess, to lift your spirits (Outro/closing):

Sei stark und gerüstet auf jedem Gebiet und pflege das Leben, wo du es antriffst. Bekümmere dich um die Deinen und halte dich selber aufrecht, auf daß dein Herz erleuchtet werde in der Sonne. Gib die Sorge für die dir Anvertrauten nicht auf.“ – Hildegard von Bingen

Be strong and armored in every area and nurture life where you find it. Take care of yours and hold yourself up that your heart may be lightened in the sun. Do not give up caring for those entrusted to you

Our very most venerated (holy sister or latent seer) Hildegard von Bingen as a topic will return for a dedicated post as she deserves no less foreshadowed as; “Pax Germania Series IV-V.”. In closing we who have a duty upon others do what must be done we know this from deep within our core, those who think of only themselves will reveal themselves of falsehoods – conniving & self-serving. Be well & most importantly faithful to those closest to our hearts!

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