Götterdämmerung Pt VII – Weihnachtszeit (Yuletide 2021).

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Album: Nordiska Hymner (Spiritual Ideal), Year: 2016, Genre: Ritual Ambient/Pagan Folk, Country: Sweden, Label: Trutzburg Thule (Germany).

As expressed in October the Goddess Hel, permeates the season of waning light, last time around with Vetrnaetr-fest yet we have now arrived upon Julfest (Yultide/Wintersonnenwende) our High Solar Festival concluding past the 1st week of the New Year.

Alas this time of year is not unlike Hallowed Evening (clouded by misinterpretation), the only difference being that most people who either celebrate European Christmas (Weihnachten) let alone other peoples who have otherwise adopted said tradition by means of cultural assimilation remain much more invested emotionally, socially & financially in December rather than in October regardless of the fact that this very season is continuity of what the mundane populous perceives to be simply Halloween.

There are sadly idiots who spew misinformation regarding Julfest, at one point this was common knowledge, to no surprise it is usually Americans either of their own volition (ignorance) or behest of another party (Zionists) who frequently spread false information regarding our most Sacred traditions, after all without the Winter Solstice there would be no Christmas tradition for it is the very foundation of whence all our traditions originated, albeit Christmas is a heavily modified variant, namely insofar to the outward accumulated material culture associated with practices we widely recognize today as quintessential were first introduced to England & Russia by means of the Deutsches Kaiserreich or more specifically Haus Hohenzollern (Wilhelminer dynasty).

Sadly, it was the English who muddled the purity of said custom by spreading it to the non-European world after said traditions crossed the Atlantic, presently Christmas might be mostly celebrated globally as a facsimile of the original holiday without an intrinsic spiritual connection yet make no mistake Yuletide remains a vital component of our indigenous European (Germanic) heritage.

Another thing which has been bothering me for the entire duration of 2021 is the moronic contextually misused dark winter repeated akin to an incantation as if it were some of kind of magnum opus death-brand curse, firstly this phrase is absurd, secondly it is redundant, why you say? Because every winter for time immemorial is technically darkness incarnate that is what the Winter Solstice represents after all, when light wanes we start yearning for a return to longer days, when perpetual darkness & cold sweeps the land we crave warmth & closeness in lieu of the seeming death of our Sun, more aptly the twilight of the gods especially among our ancient Northern ancestors.

I strongly believe that embedded deep within our European psyche is the subconscious ancestral memory of the Younger Dryas cataclysm which would have seemed to be a deathly winter unending “Fimbulvetr” a true dark winter the likes of which mankind has not witnessed since 12,900 years ago thus forming a large component of the European mindset pertaining to interpretations of winter in general. Unlike the culturally uprooted populous which sadly makes up the mainstream opinion polls we of grounded Germanic tradition do not wallow in disarray for we await the eventual Solar cyclical rebirth as our ancestors have always done for millennia.

Only Solar cultures can truly appreciate & respect life, for when we see all that is dear to us tested before our very two eyes via force of nature (Shadow & Ice), we ultimately realize that we are very small before something formidable, unflinching, indiscriminate & eternal! Therefore, we realize such things are not trivial as well we respect such natural forces rather than treating it as something that needs to be conquered/destroyed. After all we are a still part of the natural order, not above it!

As an end result we value the fundamentals of our natural world more than shallow creatures who jump at the mere notion of nature, only linear minded simpletons cower & panic at the mention of “dark winter” when uttered by an establishment “Puppet Elect“.

In closing I would personally like to briefly mention the often downplayed stance within popular culture of our much endeared & venerated natively European animal friends “Kleine Ziegen” (little goats), for it was the tribes of Judea by influencing early institutional Christendom which in turn interpreted such with sinister connotations, a fear-mongering process stemming specifically from their own savage & non-European practice of the “Scape-goat” (blood libel) which is ongoing till this day, save this time around targeted upon various European peoples more vigilantly scrutinizing those of more broadly defined Germanic heritage.

Embrace your innermost G.O.A.T. (go out against tyrants).

Niemals darf ein Mensch, niemals ein Volk wähnen, das Ende sei gekommen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Blessed Yule & Christmas! Good Luck in the New Year.

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