Der Brunnen des Lebens – Pax Germania

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Album: Frigga’s Web, Year: 2002, Genre: Pagan Folk, Country: Germany, Label: Hammerheart Records (Netherlands).

Hel eventually claims us all (of shared blood), not simply just the dishonored dead for Helheim is the lowest realm of purification only those with honor in their permeated deeds are permitted rebirth. By Northern & a broader extent Central European tradition this day is not about kitsch costumes nor trite Western (Anglo-American) tropes regarding evil & forbidden arts, it is more commonly known as the “Evening before all Saints day” (Abend vor Allerheiligen), Samhain Fest (Celtic) & Winternights a.k.a Vetrnaetr (North-Germanic), a start of larger more comprehensive European Solar High-festival concluding with Yuletide & the New Year.

Note: Winternights Fest (Vetrnaetr) is not to be confused with Winternächte/Nacht im Winter (Winternights translated in German corresponds with Yule “Weihnachten” rather than Hallowed Evening).

Such observations are not simply just the cyclical death of the sun (season) but venerating its eventual rebirth in tandem with every aspect of nature which defines our world including the Volk as a larger collective network. “To the Within” & “Where unborn souls sleep” refers as entry into the Dolmen (Familial interment site) “domicile of the dead” which represents the material reference point of the immaterial “spiritual” (Völkisch) – our living, our dead & yet unborn not as separate states of being but a singular point within a continuity by which is eternal.

Reminiscence permits us the intimate empathic connection to our kin both in mind & memory thus allowing us to recall fragments of our prior selves (an ancestor). This is one of the most sacred principles of Vetrnaetr/Samhain Fest, a truth often lost in the muddled noise of the very rootless American commercial holiday.


I. Historical Overview: Both history & the cosmic order teaches us the key role of the sexes, their unique intrinsic qualities & interplay as part of the greater continuity of the Volk.

II. Moral Context: Misanthropic vitriol expressed towards women within the dissident movement is very much the tactic of our enemy – the enemy of all mankind (Zionism).

III. Positive Resolution: For us to win as a movement against ill machinations of our enemy one cannot consume in any portion the polluted narratives perpetuated within any medium, to do wholesale signals our defeat, there can be only victory!


Before I proceed allow me to commiserate my utmost deepest condolences, may we lower our heads in silence for this month we lost a supreme sister to the Germanic Pagan movement, in the spirit of her memory, as well both friends & family I shall restrain my own proverbial razor teeth & caustic rage at best capacity out of respect for those closest to her within the Pagan & Neofolk music community. This post is not about politics, the dichotomy of Left vs Right nor popular tropes about division between the sexes, said video I created as a dedication to her memory, in light of the tragedy that transpired upon (10-13-2021) I will not sully the essence of vigil by letting various questionable word salad contributors who occupy certain poorly refined corners of wordpress dot com agitate me to the point of losing total sight of my core message. I had not intended upon return to blogging so soon either, but some things have crossed my attention & need to be addressed foremost.

Der Brunnen des Lebens (The Fountain of Life), I made have made this post as continuity to my series “Pax Germania” one will see momentarily why I made this decision. Death, Life & Rebirth encompass the same central theme whereas the Fountain of life are women, literally & by extension of the natural order one cannot underplay this notion for it would be counterproductive.

Considering that I often overestimate the general intelligence level of other bloggers & readers alike I must place a caveat here; an ideal European social order is neither a Patriarchy nor a Matriarchy, the former “Patriarchal” mindset is a linear concept not unlike “Dogma” (Absolutism) introduced by proxy of Institutional Christendom in the formative years of central European holdings following the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, whereas the latter “Matriarchy” is a direct result of more modern Liberalized social deconstructionism, this extreme polarized thinking is always the most detrimental regardless of which end one ventures towards.

Altogether it is counter-intuitive for one to claim at being “Pagan” yet also proclaim that a Patriarchal framework is yet the solution vice versa the inverse, essentially one cannot possibly be true to their Pagan roots & express such a sentiment. I also detest how the usual suspects claim that one cannot refer to either a Roman Catholic or Lutheran European (German) historical figure nor respective period thus must only discuss a very small window of earlier Germanic pre-history as if Heathenry is by default regressive.

Wir Deutschen sind von gestern. Wir haben zwar seit einem Jahrhundert ganz tüchtig kultiviert; allein es können noch ein paar Jahrhunderte hingehen, ehe bei unseren Landsleuten soviel Geist und höhere Kultur eindringe und allgemein werde, daß man von ihnen wird sagen können, es sei lange her, daß sie Barbaren gewesen.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Regardless of practiced Faith one of the strongest characteristics of German culture has been the deeply rooted duality of polar attributes – Barbarism/Futurism, Primal energy/Orderly precision, qualities other peoples do not fully embrace in tandem of one another hence the essential Pagan connection was never entirely expunged, it simply rearranged itself regardless of the material components of German society & accumulated history ever since the tribes of Magna Germania transitioned into the Holy Roman Empire & contemporary Central European nation-states we recognize today.

I digress…

One of the most venerated women in German (Prussian) history not for any mere trifle is Luise von Mecklenburg-Strelitz a.k.a Luise, Königen von Preußen during the reign of her husband Friedrich Wilhelm III, König von Preußen, for it takes a profoundly strong woman to bring out the best qualities in her man, above all else only a superior woman can birth a superior son, one destined to unite & rule!

Prior to the Deutscher Bund during the Rhinebund (Rhine Confederation) period very much hastily set in motion by Napoleon Bonaparte following dissolution of the Heiliges Römisches Reich (H.R.R.), Prussia was not yet a superpower & was very much reliant upon evading the invasive Corsican’s desire for total conquest considering that much of the central European holdings of the former 1st Reich were still not settled upon a new unified Fatherland. However, neutrality did not stave off Napoleon’s forces nor the defamation campaign directed towards the ruling family.

Napoleon referred to Luise as “his most beautiful enemy” despite his wanton disregard for German autonomy he held a lustful penchant for German women, he saw this as a means to infiltrate German royalty in turn establishing his own line, he wanted to rule German lands but not by rule of blood (heritage).

Ultimately, the Prussian royal family fled facing both occupation of their homeland & ravenous hordes seeking the blood of Prussian monarchs not unlike the events which already swept through France like a wildfire, the combined duress led to an early death from stress complicated illness for poor Luise thus she was immortalized in her youth.

Whilst this is a mainstream establishment documentary, I quite enjoyed it & I do not in any part subscribe to the notion that every mention of a notable woman is purely “Feminist Propaganda” I don’t particularly care much for the “Pop-star” reference, but I also don’t believe women should be excluded from our movement either.

Queen Luise most notably was mother to Kaiser Wilhelm I. our most exalted progenitor of the Wilhelminer dynasty (Deutsches Kaiserreich) which was the quintessential German superpower united under a Prussian diet.

Therefore, it should come to no surprise that such polarizing rhetoric often derives itself from immature & delusional malcontents (with not much real-world experience), we don’t need more bitter misanthropes, we need both men & women to come together in union, completing one another as soulmates, two hearts one soul in tandem with the universe, as the Gods intended. Partners not unlike the interplay of elements within our cosmic order, fire cannot tame all before its path by itself, nor can ice bring forth new life by direct means but in unison both perpetuate our natural world in cycles not as individual forces but as the collective sum of components.

“Providence has entrusted to the woman the cares of that world, which is her very own, and only on the basis of this smaller world can the man’s world be formed and built up. The two worlds are not antagonistic. They complement each other, they belong together just as man and woman belong together.” – A.H.

Said exclusionary narrative only alienates “normal women” & “good men” whilst promoting abnormal behavior. Rather, we need more power-couples like the Kaisers & Kaiserennen of times past, a fundamental essence both men & women that comprise the establishment/fringe of either political polarization has forgotten in their dismal pursuit of atomized nihilism & self-isolation.


Achtung, Lebensgefahr!

I shall be brief & to the point as I do not want to dwell upon tragedies nor individuals of ill repute nonetheless when one utters the following names: Josef Stalin, Lev Davidovich Bronstein (Leon Trotsky), Marshall Georgy Zhukov, Genrikh Grigoryevich Yagoda, Lavrentiy Beria, Illya Ehrenburg, Karl Berngardovich Radek. These are just a few out of many more numerous unmentioned butchers & defilers, Ad Monstrum – Homo Sovieticus, respectable & healthy individuals would never emulate such.

Ultimately, these individuals were instrumental at initiating the Anti-German purges by means of ethnic cleansing, population displacement, territorial dissolution, public shaming & general brutality against the German population, within the specific case of women of all ages even young girls were subjected to extreme sexual violation on a mass-scale (3+ million) often followed by brutal murder or irreversible trauma if they survived. This transpired towards the end of & following WWII which also resulted in the near total annihilation of Prussians who no longer have a homeland they can return to.

There is not a single great Prussian man who wanted to accomplish great achievements for the Fatherland who would ever utter such vitriol towards his own women nor women in general. Rather, the author below spouts rhetoric is eerily similar to that of the vindictive Untermensch orchestrators mentioned above, not unlike Karl Radek who lusted after German women & was constantly rejected for being unkempt & ill-mannered towards women, as well someone who held no authority on speaking on behalf of the German people, this author Prussian American Society should not be granted credence on speaking behalf of “Prussians”.

Blogs like the aforementioned are a disservice to the memory of Prussians, Prussia & spirit of Prussianism for it advertises very contrary to the true essence of such, that being said anyone who persists supporting “said P.A.S. blog or similar” should be reproached for lack of quality control.


Oftentimes individuals within one side of the political world will refuse to agree with someone on the opposite political spectrum simply for the superficial reason “they’re not on my side” for example leftists who express impassioned outcry against someone on the right (presumably, establishment, or fringe) for saying that “women should be locked up in a shed barefoot, unkempt & pregnant till they reach menopause” Such does not immediately invalidate their position simply because of their political allegiances, a leftist with a point is not simply incorrect on the basis of their outward material components, they would be correct because expressing such a view as an intended practice is abhorrent, detestable & amoral, vice versa if the situation were reversed.

For someone on the “right” (for a lack of better terms) to not be able to admit fault to this implies there is something fundamentally wrong with said person or groups for that matter, for a movement to protect said person rather than reproach & hold accountable for such vitriol only reflects a doomed, fatalistic & misanthropic movement that will never garner any continuity or organic growth.

One of the fundamental flaws of the dissident-right movement is that too many remain silent when one of their peers behaves in poor taste hence it enables & encourages general indecency which becomes normalized.

Being a moron is not a sin, aggravating – Das ist ja wirklich ärgerlich! Nonetheless not illegal either despite the fact that showing higher discipline would better elevate oneself (culturally, spiritually, intellectually) yet more pressing still the encouragement of monstrous behavior should not be granted any room within an ascended Germanic society, it should be denounced, actively reproached & scrutinized heavily both within the public setting & among the ranks of private internal organizations.

The right-wing of both establishment & fringe has become completely polluted by Zionism, fatalistic individuals & groups rallied under a pretense of brotherhood/tradition/honor, etc., more specifically social dregs much like the appalling legions of clowns & frogs, these types of people already let our enemy win, they don’t even realize it yet…

Hence, we as a third position movement of like values, shared heritage & commonality need to move on, we need to leave the immature behind to their own devices & habits, within time some of them might evolve growing leery of this very sewer of ugly behavior, idiotic memes & superficial reciprocal appeasement games.

Meanwhile we are not to be held responsible for the personal development of said individuals either! If they’re too fragile to handle thorough constructive criticism, then they have no hope of redemption.

In closing, I stand firm to what I expressed in February:

  • My 1st Love Natassja ~ Meine Suße Liebe (Our life comes 1st everything else is secondary, tertiary & quaternary).
  • My 2nd Love is the Fatherland by extension of this Nord & Mitteleuropa (Veneration of European Art + culture).
  • Video Production O.G.W. (Higher tier output, I have grander ambitions for the video sector).
  • Original Speculative “Hard” Science-fiction S.Z.H. Blut unter den Sternen (To be promoted on a separate blog by the same name).

I might still on very rare occasion write a blog from time to time, such as within this instance – plebs must be put in their rightful place, how else can one better learn than being able to man-up & receive critical reproach!? Nobility is not material, the divine is Aristocratic in nature these qualities do not come wantonly, above all else ascension is not free!

Der große Stil entsteht, wenn das Schönste den Sieg über das Ungeheure davon trägt.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

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  1. Small Error Edits Applied:

    1st Paragraph under the Andrea Meyer Haugen Memorial Graphics: “which (who) occupy certain poorly refined corners of wordpress dot com (agitate me to the point of losing total sight of my core message)”.

    2nd Paragraph under the photo Die Prinzessinnengruppe (Johann Gottfried Schadow): “Prior (to) the Deutscher Bund”.

    End of Section Two: anyone who persists supporting (said P.A.S. blog or similar) should be reproached for lack of quality control.


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