Andrea Haugen (1969-2021) aka Nebelhexë • Murdered in Kongsberg Bow and Arrow Attack (Norway)

Zur Erinnerung an Andrea Haugen (Nebelhexë, Aghast, Hagalaz’ Runedance), wir vermissen dich. ᛟ (1969 – 13 Oktober 2021) ᛣ

Hagalaz’ Runedance :: Hel Goddess of the Underworld.

Cold, this misty night
A black moon’s preparing my mind
Out here, I seek her shrine
I welcome the queen of the lowest world
Into the ice hall
Where mirrors reflect my soul
She’s freezing my tears
Taking all fears

Two sides to her face
Her claws pierce or embrace
Enter, with open eyes
You’ll see her garden of delight

To the within
Beyond our memory
Falling so deep
Where unborn souls sleep

Hail, to the queen of death
Her shadow walks with you
Remember her kind
And understand life

Invisible mate
Waiting to seal our fate
Watch my strife
Hel, guard my life

Cold, this misty night
A black moon’s preparing my mind
Beneath eternal fog
I have seen clear.

Calculus of Decay

Friday • October 22, 2021

By: muunyayo

Last week, on October 13, 2021, a deadly bow and arrow attack in Norway which left five people dead appears to have been an act of terror, Norway’s security service (PST) said.

Police first received word of an attack in the town of Kongsberg, south-west of the capital Oslo, at 18:12 local time.

Five people were murdered in this horrific attack.

Among the victims of the attack was a lovely, famed artist, poet, author and musician Andrea Meyer Haugen.

Andrea Meyer Haugen

A Hamburg, Germany native, Andrea Meyer Haugen was loved by the worldwide Pagan community.

She loved to create dark atmospheres and to explore hidden human feelings. A lot of Andrea’s ideas are created in her dreams and, thus, inspire her music, visuals and stories.

Originally looking at a model career in London, she soon quit that “shallow scene” in search of…

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