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 𝖁𝖔𝖓 𝕿𝖍𝖗𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖆𝖍𝖑 :: 𝕸𝖎𝖙𝖙𝖊𝖗𝖓𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖙𝖘𝖇𝖊𝖗𝖌 Video by Thorsten Krüger

Aus tiefem Traum bin ich erwacht (x III)

Sample: Wollen sie endlich doch verstehen, es handelt sich hier gar nicht um Regierungsformen, sondern um eine neue Vision von der Geburt des Menschen.

Vom Mitternachtsberg erhebt sich die Glut
entgegen der Spötter Zorn
Im Schöpfungslicht strahlt neu der Tag
und segnet das reifende Korn

Im Mitternachtsberg glüht schwarzer Stein
wie die Sonne so weiß
Von dort aus waren wir gesandt
das Starre zu brechen wie Eis

Im Mitternachtsberg brennt ein Feuer so tief
denen die auserkoren
Im Namen dessen, der uns berief,
sind wir einander verschworen

Glüh’ schwarzer Stein
im Mitternachtsberg
wie die Sonne so weiß
(x II)

Sample: Seine geheime politische Mission, sein Streben nach Wahrheit.

wie die Sonne so weiß
Flamme, ungestümer Geist,
wie Feuer gegen Dunkel und Eis
(x II)

Und liegt deine Seele in tiefem Schlaf noch
und scheint auch dein Herz gefroren
Zum Zwecke dich zu erwecken
wurden wir wieder geboren

Ich weiß unser Licht sich erheben
Von kommender Frucht raunt die Saat
Mir träumt von Ernte und Leben
Wille befiehl mich zur Tat

Video Concept: Durch die Nacht (Through the Night) Akin to a journey from Darkness & into the Light (Rebirth) Midnight being the Witching Hour.

Locations: Hamburg (IMMH, Speicherstadt, Altstadt Nikolaifleet, Sankt Georg, HafenCity Luftaufname bei Nacht) Heidelberg (Luftaufname), Berlin (Am LustgartenOberpfarr- und Domkirche zu Berlin, Gendarmenmarkt Konzerthaus, Unter den Linden), Dresden (Schloßplatz Hofkirche und Residenzchloss, Theaterplatz Semperoper Sächsische Staatsoper, Georg-Treu-Platz Frauenkirche, Rähnitzgasse, Neustadt bei Nacht).


1. Forward: Wo ist das H.K.L.? (A Rant + Question addressed to those with principles).

2. Schwarz, Weiß, Rot (North German Heritage & Historical overview of Germany).

3. Herrenvölk vs Übermensch (Contrasting two similar yet ultimately different principles).

4. Closing: Für die Zukunft | Post-modern expansion (One day we will take the rest back!)

My thoughts on interpersonal conflict (A Rant): I am aware that I am not the most adept communicator for conciliating affairs, if one intends to broker peace with a faction one best not send me because I do not do “white gloves” with other people – point blank I do not care who or what you are. That being said, for this is another reason out of numerous reasons as to why I have disassociated from the “Dissident-right”, it is perfectly acceptable to be on the “Right” & trash talk Liberals, Foreign ethnicity, S.J.W. types on the pretense of challenging the “special treatment” clause, which ironically many on the Right use among themselves quite often as an exemption.

Adaequatio Rei et Intellectus The intellect of the person must be adequate to the thing known.

Point blank, this is blatant B.S. hypocrisy of the highest degree, it is fine to speak critically of an outsider, but one cannot criticize a peer even if they are incorrect, spreading falsehoods or otherwise leaving between the lines “Germanophobic” comments. Immunity often granted under the pretense that challenging said person would make another individual unpopular within peers typically said peer is more often than not an American of the “White-Nationalist” persuasion. Apparently, we cannot be critical of fellow dissidents otherwise it will be deemed as “divisive” behavior.

Admittedly I can be at times overly abrasive, with very pointed comments therefore perceived by another as divisive or hostile yet I do not aim to make conflict. Are we also not grown Men? The movement at large is not a day-care center, at least it is not supposed to be. Men should allow for conflict among their peers, Attrition & debate is what forged us, if someone else does not want to consent with said confrontation from someone like me, well the “mute/block user” function exists for a reason. I suggest you exercise said feature or else grow a spine.

  • Hypocrisy is a worse affliction than the pandemic itself, there is nothing worse than ignorance in action.

  • I do not owe the Dissident-right a thing, nor does anyone, no one should justify their line of work, what kind of pet they own, what kind of beverage they consume, what type of food they like, what kind of music they listen to, what type of clothing they clad themselves in, etc.

  • Peasant Revolts are not a positive prospect to a better future, if you think otherwise fine by me, I do not have to agree with it, therefore I should not feel inclined to shake everyone’s hands on that stipulation alone.

  • A matter of when & where rather than where we are going – That is the Right, a group which cannot collectively settle upon whether they want to embrace the emergent future & applicable technical challenges or revert to emulating a past time period.

  • To, American “Might is Right” W.N. types or N.S. Live Action Role-Players, German stereotypes do not win you any points despite whichever delusions you’re convinced are facts.

A typical example of counter-productive cherry-picking: It is often said by the Right that if you like Latte you’re a Leftist sissy, I don’t know about Latte but I do enjoy a Tall shot of Espresso, my dearest enjoys a light roast coffee, it is also said by the Right that if you eat “Sushi” you’re a Leftist weakling, Admittedly, I have not eaten real Sushi in a long while however, I used to make Sushi (I’ll share that upon closing) for ten years consecutively before stumbling upon the Right in 2015. I like many others felt guilt-tripped into abandoning this among other pursuits which in retrospect I should not so quickly discarded.

(The S.Z.H. portion of O.G.W. prior started off in 2012-14 as a purely creative vehicle for written – speculative science/horror fiction, cooking & design) More on that later this year.

One can place a definitive line of demarcation between being cultured & abiding to a cult mentality, between ethnic collectivism & clique mentality, this “cherry-picking” of personal preferences is 100% the latter case not the former.

You know what I really think about the Dissident-right five years later? All this preaching is just noise usually perpetuated by some random very inferior human specimens with backwards expectations on life in general, individuals who as a general past-time pick what they “Like” & summarily “Don’t Like” then box it like some kind of “Moralistic Traditional-Life Path Virtue Signal” in order to make people like you, or I feel bad for having tastes which don’t mesh with theirs.

All I feel after 5 years is intellectually starved, maybe once upon a time the Dissident movement stood for something, that period was long before my time. A word of clarification participating in certain activities & partaking of certain behaviors can for a fact become detrimental be it to oneself or one’s own people. However, this preferential nonsense is beyond the realm of reason.

The Right as it stands collectively is not qualified to tell me nor anyone how to live. Aegri Somnia (A Sick Man’s Dream). Right-wingers beware, you’re beginning to sound more alike to your adversaries every day.

“Wo ist das H.K.L.” for my renewed continuity to Pax Germania in 2021 (Now a series).

H.K.L. is German military abbreviation for “Hauptkampflinie”.

Which begs the question precisely “Where is the Frontline?” Given that everyone on the Dissident-right invests a great deal into talking about fighting a proverbial war under many pretenses, for example collective racial purity (unrealistic) ethnicity (more feasible) for blood & soil (heritage, ancestral lot, nobility), for hegemony (to become a super-power again). Incidentally, some individuals cannot even handle criticism as if they are primary school children who need to be coddled or shielded from spoken or written confrontation as if it were literal projectiles, well… if one intends upon fighting an actual battle for one’s so-called “principles” against an existential threat don’t expect a real opponent to spare your “feelings” let alone your physical well-being.

Now to the main topic – German Heritage: Schwarz, Weiß, Rot, why exactly is this relevant? Forget the usual suspects & their primitive impulse driven desire for big shapes & flashy colors. I express within this article veneration of German Heritage & to a more broadly defined (Germanic Central & Northern European) High-culture to have better stressed the importance of pursuing creative legacies within a common community – Die Deutsche Passion.

Atypical to HARTE-KUNST vs KUNSTMORD I am not claiming contrary to being Gatekeeper, here within this post specifically will remain very pointed regarding subjects that I greatly value. Mainly, to not attract the lowest denominator of White-Americans, specifically Hitler worshipers, “Fashy” Pseudo-German role-players. Considering that I have already broached this topic prior via Heim ins Reich – Pax Germania just last year, to which I am not satisfied with the outcome of previous content (prior omissions were not intentional) said work was more of a “condensed summary”, whereas I will cover a few missed points within this post yet also plan on covering even more within continuity to this series.

Please see my Introduction/About page for more information regarding this.

In the meantime, between consecutive blogs Götterdämmerung & Pax Germania I can organically do the recording with my fiancée for the new Válisblót/Lupercalia themed post for 2021 (A result of delays of the New Year P.S.A.). Apparently, almost no one of the “Right-wing” persuasion covers Valentine’s day as if it were a taboo of sorts, more than likely it is because they feel left out due to being single… surprise, surprise! Whilst not always the case it is typically, the lot who are inept to relationships. On the off chance they are presumably married or engaged yet still remain frequent online will ironically cling upon immature M.G.T.O.W. type behaviors as if their woman were a footnote to their entire life.

This makes me conclude they must not be very happily coupled. We need more power-couples like the noble families of old.

Incidentally Arbeitsbericht Pt I – II are my least popular series by far contrary to what Natassja thought would be successful, I warned her even… “Natassja, guys on the Right don’t give a damn about that kind of thing” she misjudged the online “Right”, but that is by no way a fault of her own, in reality it shows precisely what the “Dissident-right” online is demographically interested in & what their prerogatives in life are…

A whole lot of talk, a penchant for bad news, an extreme fixation upon the past, null ambition, with no present real-life aspirations unless that manner of living is “off-grid” like some kind of Right-wing Peasant revolt of course. See the discussion here, regarding my thoughts on city living vs off-grid life.

Anyway, January was also a terribly busy month with not a whole lot of free time, Das Letzte Einhorn from last year took two weeks just for the audio recording alone because of frequent re-takes, as much as I would like to do another narrated, spoken word type piece this however, requires a much more fluid approach rather than a rigid plan unlike my typical video content which I work on solo, these seldomly deviate from a pre-determined structure (I will continue to make my usual music videos in the meanwhile).

𝕾𝖈𝖍𝖜𝖆𝖗𝖟 𝖚𝖓𝖉 𝖂𝖊𝖎ß (Black & White): Das Teutonic Orden (a.k.a) Das Deutsche Orden. Holds responsibility for the conquest & later settlement of Baltic & Slavic territories (NE) of Das Heiliges Römisches Reich (The 1st Reich) spanning during a campaign known as the Northern Crusades (1217–1274 A.D.). This resulted in the formation of the State of the Teutonic Order (Deutschordensstaat), these same lands would later form (German) Prussia. Shelve one’s reservations for the crusades or the religious institution (If you have any), I will not belittle the Order for the sake of personal grudges or Anti-German revisionism either, one cannot ignore the fact this organization remains an integral chapter in German history.

Hence Black & White on both German National & Merchant Flags (National und Handelsflagge) as well the checkered motif on the Imperial German Wappenbund.

“Justly” can be argued perhaps by some… I am refraining from discussing the usual suspects nonetheless rooting for the underdog here does not change history, I am not apologizing on behalf of any party that a faction of my German predecessors decimated & assimilated the remaining (Old Prussian) Balts & Slavic groups thereby rendering the population null & ripe for German re-settlement, a land Eastward of Germanic High-Civilization which was already mostly de-populated via the Bubonic Plague which happen to affect less developed kingdoms worse. I do not hold prejudices against present-day Baltic peoples (Estonians, Lithuanians & Favored Latvians), nor do I dislike every single Slavic ethnic group unless you are of said groups which betrayed German trust (within more recent history) & to this day remain an unreliable people or agitator, in which case I do not need to repeat myself (Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Serbian – let alone French, American, English) etc.

I judge indiscriminately based upon accountability, mind you I am not saying Slavic peoples & Germans are they same because they are not.

I should note that between the dissolution of the H.R.R./H.R.E period was a series of central European conflicts (1600s-1700s), the Thirty Years’ War, War of the Austrian Succession, Seven Years’ War + War of Bavarian Succession. Decisive events within Mitteleuropa’s history – which I shall elaborate upon within more detail at future appointment within the same context of this series, for the moment skipping this period & moving on.

Fast forward the timeline well past the Napoleonic conflict, following the dissolution of the H.R.R./H.R.E. shortly thereafter was Das Deutscher Bund (German Confederation), a league of Pro-German states bound by common Ethno-lingustical ties & history, led by Austria trailed by several Germanic Ducal vassals which included Prussia, Luxemburg & Liechtenstein even though the latter two never attached to the major German dual powers remaining autonomous Dukedoms to this day. Luxemberg & Liechtenstein (Wished to remain anchored to the H.R.R./H.R.E. tradition) even though technically it was no more insofar to a unified realm, it did last a thousand years nonetheless.

The Kingdom of Austria (House of Habsburg-Lorraine) dominated affairs during both the former H.R.E./H.R.R. period & German confederation period.

(In order to not omit essential details, I shall quickly summarize the shift in German dominance).

  • German Dualism: In the mountainous terrain of much of the H.R.E./H.R.R. territory, isolated peoples developed in-cohesive cultural, educational, linguistic, & religious differences over a span of time. This internal division became known as “kleinstaaterei”, essentially the “practice of small-statery”. By the 19th century with the advent of more advanced transportation & communications brought an early semblance of unity.
  • The Germany Solution: Kleindeutsche Lösung, the small Germany solution (Germany sans Austria), or Großdeutsche Lösung, the greater Germany solution (Germany & Austria). This issue would further manifest as stressors to the conflicts within Central Europe as well play a relevant role to both world wars within the 20th century.

Gründung des Deutschen Bundes (Establishment of the German Confederation) was also known historically as The Metternich Period (1815-1848) due to significant influence from the statesman by the same name, Klemens von Metternich of House Habsburg. Herr Metternich’s ideas permeated the collective psyche of Germans, equating Austrian domination to all sense of Germaness, which included a strong opposition against Liberalism judging that it was a kind of legalized revolution (anarchy) this sensibility was shared well beyond the confines of House Hapsburg galvanizing a shared passion among all German ducal vassals. Particularly among Prussians.

Although the German Confederation was short-lived it did grant major growth to Austria; the population of which rose to 37.5 million by 1843, Urban expansion also occurred by which Vienna’s population reached 400k. During the Metternich era, the Kingdom of Austria also maintained a stable economy reaching an almost balanced budget, despite having a major deficit following the Napoleonic Wars (Dissolution of H.R.R./H.R.E.).

1866 is officially heralded as the end of the German Confederation period with just the remaining German dual confederations N.D.B. + S.D.B. which eventually would lead to the formation of a Greater German nation der Deutsches Kaiserreich & smaller German power die Kaisertum Österreich (once grand but in decline).

The liberal Revolutions of 1848 (Märzrevolution) broke out within confederated Habsburg controlled (German) dominion which led to Metternich’s forced resignation as well dissolution of the German Confederation in the decades thereafter resulting in the formation of German Dualities: North & South German Confederations (Norddeutscher Bund + Süddeutscher Bund) respectively. Otto von Bismarck under Wilhem I. (N.D.B. –> D.K.R.) exiled these demonstrators to the U.S.A. having deemed them as traitors to all Germans.

As to the Liberal movement itself, who were composed of those in opposition to Absolute Monarchy in favor of Parliamentarianism or even Democratic & Communistic ideas defiant of Traditional German order, whilst this is drastically different from today’s Liberal attitudes it did however, pave the way for systems which are directly responsible for expulsion of the German Monarchs, House Habsburg-Lorraine just as House Hohenzollern-Brandenburg eventually lost dominion leading to Prussian de-centralization in Germany following both World-wars (More on that later).

Naturally, I do not view these “Liberal Revolts” in high esteem – A German centralized nation ruled by a German native aristocracy is essential, democracy framed as a voice for common people simply grants outsiders a means to infiltrate & subvert entire nations. This is precisely why the German monarchy was expunged & precisely why the Tsar family was assassinated to pave the way for Communist takeover in Russia. Monarchs are a spiritual & physical threat to alien influences, with strong national figureheads removed a surrogate can assume the mask under pretense of equality/freedom.

As to the N.D.B. (North German Confederation) lands more commonly known in relevance as East & West (German) Prussia, Pomerania & Silesia, unified with the remaining Northwestern German states i.e., Mecklenburg along with Hanseatic Free Cities (Hamburg & Lübeck), note this was prior to the Greater bulk of Baden-Württemberg & (Bayern) Bavaria joining then a part of the S.D.B. (South German Confederation) in Vassalage to Austria. Whilst the N.D.B. was not technically all Prussian insofar to territory it was a confederation joined by leadership of Prussia by means of political centralization which would serve as the foundation to eventual German Unification (Deutsche Reichsgründung).

1864 – Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg – (Historical) Drama-series (Not 100% accurate nor free of certain “narratives” yet still worth the watch).

Following the Second Schleswig war (Deutsch-Dänischer Krieg – February 1 – October 30, 1864) Combined Austrian + Prussian forces marched against Denmark, after much heavy fighting on both sides Danish forces sustained considerable losses & capitulated resulting in Austro-Prussian victory, enacting the (Treaty of Vienna), following partitions Holstein came under Austrian administration, while Schleswig & Lauenburg under Prussian administration, yet Austria & Prussia could never settle upon an amicable compromise regarding annexed territories, this led to feuding between the dual German powers.

To add more pressure upon Austria, Hungarians pressed for autonomy which would force Austria to compromise with Slavic interests, Venetia was ceded from Austria by a now unified National Italy by matter of proximity (The Brenner Pass Borders Italy with Austria) which only added insult to injury within the entire affair.

This feuding would culminate into the Austro-Prussian War (June 14 – July 22, 1866), following Austrian defeat at the hand of Prussia finalized with dissolution of both the N.D.B. & S.D.B.

Germany became wrought in conflict yet again an old nemesis, France (The Franco-Prussian War 1870) in which Das Königreich Bayern (Bavaria under King Ludwig I.) at the time was still technically a vassal of Austria, nonetheless with the fervent spirit of German unity backed the Prussian declaration of war on France thereby marched headlong against the French alongside Prussian forces meanwhile the greater bulk of (Austria) remained uninvolved from said conflict.

The German Unification – Das Deutsche Reichsgründung (January 18, 1871) again led by the Kingdom of Prussia officially Federated the remaining German vassal Kingdoms as states of a single centralized German nation under Emperor Wilhelm I. with Otto von Bismarck as Chancellor – der Deutsches Kaiserreich (The German Empire – 2nd Reich). Bavaria having been an integral ally in the Franco-Prussian conflict joined the German Unification along with the remaining greater portion of Baden-Württemberg which excluded Austria, unfortunately.

Note: That “Empire” insofar to Germany is not a term embraced universally however, for the sake of simplicity & for that my half Austrian fiancée actually does not mind the term Empire. I shall retain it for the sake of conveyance…

Summarily the S.D.B. also dissolved officiating die Kaisertum Österreich (The Austrian Empire) as a singular Habsburg dominion however, the Austria + Hungary Compromise of 1867 granted the Kingdom of Hungary & the Empire of Austria as two separate entities conjoined on the basis of apparent equality, hence die Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie (The Austro-Hungarian Empire).

Said Compromise shifted the role of Dominant German powers considerably. Habsburg dominion never granted a status to Hungary during the H.R.E./H.R.R. period, Hungary traditionally does not share common heritage as either a Ducal vassal or Princedom let alone within the broader context Germanic heritage considering Magna Germania prior to Christendom. Austria + Hungary therefore remains a historical anomaly, to no surprise a colossal failure.

In which case an abbreviation K.U.K. (Kaiserlich und Königlich) began use pertaining to the singular Habsburg entity which does not represent the dual monarchy between Austria & Hungary as a whole but rather as a discrepancy to “Hapsburg dominion” when referring to outsiders.

Speaking in hindsight as a personal opinion, it probably would have benefited the entirety of Austria to side with Prussia (despite the bad blood from the 2nd Schleswig conflict) in the war against France prior to the German Unification. Doing so might have prevented both world wars from ever occurring later within history! At the very least would have prevented the Austria + Hungary Compromise considering that Germans are stronger united as one, was it not Austrians who ruled against the formation of “Small states” after all?

Regarding the Austria-Hungary debacle, an overall lack of ethnic cohesion & cultural incompatibilities between Austrian-Germans amidst Hungarian, Slovakian & Polish ethnic groups sharing a confined nation created great social unease which partially contributed to both world wars, perhaps even galvanizing communist revolution among lesser Slavic ethnic factions.

History has shown time & time again that German & most Slavic peoples do not share a confined nation together very well... Hungarians, Croats & Ruthenians would be more exceptional allies but not under a German umbrella.

Within the Austro-Hungarian military sector: The armed forces appeared disjointed with mismatched equipment/uniforms; decorum as well divergent command structures based around ethnicity rather than nationality. Whereas within civilian life ethnic Germans were frequently harassed by their Slavic counterparts who held the majority populous despite that Austrian (Germans) determined rule.

Austria was once held in esteem as the Traditional leader of German peoples this shifted to Prussia by the mid-late 19th century onset to the Industrial Revolution. As a combination of societal instability, falling behind in terms of military technology & losing a war to Prussia, exclusion from the German Unification hurt Austria the most. Summarily this placed Austria & the southern German states as the lesser German power – Kleindeutsches Reich, yet lesser only insofar to innovation & economic output, Austrians were still a figurehead of German culture & remain so to this day.

Fact: 9/10 times a notable German achievement – culturally or technically is the credit of either an Austrian German or Prussian German for they were the best of Germans.

As a personal opinion not every official Prussian mandate was fair for our Germanic brothers i.e., the aftermath of the Austro-Prussian war led to Veneto being absorbed into Italy this would not be the final blow to Austria either, as well the Second Schleswig War between Prussia/Austria & Denmark even though technically in the case of Danish Schleswig the major population was ethnically German. I believe if we work together as Germanic brothers, we can resolve lost claims to territories in an amicable fashion which benefits all parties involved, we need to stop playing to the interests of outsiders!

One day the great European War will come out of some damned foolish thing in the Balkans”

– Otto von Bismarck (1888)

Prior to the 20th century Southern Slavic groups were already disgruntled by societal unease within the Austro-Hungarian Empire now lesser groups fueled up new ideas of revolution (Marxism) had placed their target on Austria. Before moving to the topic of Das Weltkrieg I would like to summarize the lost Austrian (German) Heritage corridor ceded from past conflicts.

  • Princely County of Tyrol with Vorarlberg (Gefürstete Grafschaft Tirol mit dem Lande Vorarlberg), subdivided in 1861 (The history of Tyrol is extremely complicated there has been attempts to re-join with Austria although unsuccessful, Italy would literally have to hand it back to Austria on good-will alone).
  • Kingdom of Lombardy–Venetia (Lombardo-Venezianisches Königreich), lost in 1859/1866 (The formation of Unified Italy due to alliance with Prussia (N.D.B.) during the Austro-Prussian war ceded this territory into Italy even though it would be German cultural jurisdiction (Lombards are more broadly Germanic from ancient settlement).
  • The Duchy of Styria (Northern Slovenia see below). The 1919 Treaty of Saint-Germain partitioned this territory to Balkan Slavic factions forming the modern states of Slovenia & Croatia.
  • The Istrian peninsula a.k.a Slovenian Istria (Hapsburg Dominion of Illyria) along the Adriatic coast was divided between Slavic national jurisdiction & Italy post WWI (An even more complicated history which probably deserves its down dedicated post). The 1919 Treaty of Saint-Germain ceded this territory to Italy which also transferred the population residing there who were forced Italianized under Mussolini’s regime.

There is argument that this population was of exclusive ethnic Slavic “Slovene” within mainstream circles, yet relatives of my fiancée stress the contrary, apparently there was also a sizable displaced ethnic German population which was also forced assimilated into Italy.

Contrary to the propagated narratives of present-day role-players favoring Benito Mussolini, he was just another fool, one who declared many rulings in the disfavor of ethnic German people this became more prevalent towards the end of WWII especially.

Weltkrieg – WWI & II. (Summarized short version).

The German Unification unknowingly created shock-waves politically by large affecting Austria in more way than one ultimately, leading to the assassination of both Archduke Franz Ferdinand & his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg at the hands of Gavrilo Princip (A Bosnian Serb for the “Young Serbs” (Yugoslav Pan-Slavic Communism). Austria issued an ultimatum against Serbia to which was refuted leading to all-out war; The Austro-Hungarian empire imploded upon itself with social unrest from divergent factions. Germany backed Austria considering they were backed into a corner by hostile groups all around them. Somehow… the rest of Europe behest of England decided to involve themselves in a conflict that was none of their business to begin with.

More than likely motivated by greed fueled by petty spite for German achievement hence the desire to finally topple both German Titans with one stone.

German blood was wrongly spilled under pretense of favoring “Slavic liberation” from Austrian (German) tyranny, in reality many Germans were harassed & assaulted by such Partisans onset to & following both world wars. A chapter of history seldom told as we are forced to accept these Anarchic agitators as “Freedom Fighters” (Not unlike present day narratives).

Under mysterious circumstances that presently is still a matter of much debate & not fully understood, der Deutsches Kaiserreich was dissolved upon the verge of a very hard-fought victory (November 11th, 1918) summarily Emperor Kaiser Wilhem II. abdicated the throne & was exiled to the Netherlands while the Fatherland was partitioned, then resulting in the formation of a German Democratic Republic.

Heartbroken & distraught German veterans returned home (some did not have that option). Within French jurisdiction (Saarland) Germans were often subjected to assault by French police & could not protest, perhaps worse off were Germans displaced or trapped within Poland such as the case of East Prussians confined within Danzig, now surrounded by a newly formed Polish state or a part of Czechoslovakia in the case of Upper Silesian Germans.

The French led (Treaty of Versailles) granted access to coal mining rights on German soil to benefit of France, by proxy also greatly minimized domestic German armed forces & industrialization for the benefit of Anglo/American supremacy. By stifling German hegemony within Central Europe eliminates competition for England, America & their allies.

Most devastating was the combined total fracturing of both German dominions, in particular to Austria (The Treaty of Saint-Germain-en-Laye) resulted in major seizure in favor of Slavic groups namely the newly founded Polish, Czechoslovakian & Yugoslav states just as the case to Poland gaining land from Germany (Posen & Upper Silesia), much territory was ceded from Hapsburg Dominion such as Lower Silesia, Lower Istria & Adriatic Illyria, today the region that would become Slovenia & Croatia. Germans gained nothing but displacement within newly drawn territorial borders, either by assimilation via violent means or legally enforced linguistic & national identity change such as the case of Austria & Italy.

A large portion of my fiancée’s family are actually citizens of Northern Italy having been displaced for generations & do not wish to leave their homes despite having grandparents & great-grandparents who remember the Österreich as it were before. As for Germany the Weimar period was wrought with inequality & subversion of the German people by hostile alien interests which would only crystallize come the following twelve years (1933-45).

It is no wonder that the Anschluss (March 12, 1938) was welcomed with such open arms from proponents of the Fatherland Front (Vaterländische Front) which collaborated closely with the N.S.D.A.P., considering the surge of Völkisch Pan-Germanism as a means of uniting the German dominion. Sadly it was a belated bittersweet reunion which did not last, I will not discuss this further as I have already thoroughly covered the topic of N.S. Germany & have no desire to repeat myself on this matter.

The rest is history… not a particularly good one for either German power, which would set the stage for the short-lived mini rebirth that was the Third Reich which had an even worse outcome for all German people in the end. How I really feel about Adolf Hitler, The Third Reich & N.S.D.A.P. in retrospect shall be elaborated here. American “White-Nationalists” more often the case than not fixate upon this period & said “political model” often say “Hitler did nothing wrong but lose”, this crass statement can only be made because these same individuals did not live through the Reich, they are not German, they do not carry a stake in German affairs nor the story of German people.

As a clarification, at one point I felt very strongly in favor of the N.S.D.A.P. such as my predecessors who believed in the dream of the Third Reich & Unified German Dominion & perhaps even under a new Monarch, but that time is over we are in a vastly different yet equally pressing situation today!

Before I completely move away from the topic of Das Weltkrieg & back to main topic of North German Heritage (Flagge: Schwarz, Weiß, Rot) I will conclude with a brief, personal tangent for the sake of illumination. Insofar to German Federal administration, Centralized Prussia by means of House Brandenburg-Hohenzollern held its capital to Berlin whereas the former state of Teutonic Order held power centralized to Königsberg, which is technically the true Prussian capital therefore its relevance for discussion as the flag of the Fatherland as well concluding WWII as a topic.

Regarding Königsberg, which was decimated following seizure by the Soviet Union (Post WWII) now unrecognizable as nearly all German edifices were razed to the ground, in the aftermath of the U.S.S.R. it is today – Kaliningrad city of The Russian Federation. As of 1990 with the Potsdam declaration, Germany (B.R.D.) relinquished all claims to the city of Königsberg, to much dismay…

My fiancée’s paternal grandmother’s family were Austrian Germans who moved to East Prussia during the good years prior to the war, during the war also fought fervently for the dream of the Third Reich (A Unified German Reich) which ultimately, we know how that story ends. She, my beloved has told me many stories of her grandmother fleeing on foot from her home city of Königsberg for fear of being killed in her sleep or worse… by Soviet troops.

Therefore, I find Americans or anyone for that matter who speak of Prussians in the pejorative sense as detestable, who shall receive my extreme impassioned ire. If this is not an opinion you share, then why reinforce it?! Above all else there is no such ethnic German who would speak down upon Prussians unless they were either a revisionist with a desire to erase this history completely or simply a German National & not German by Blood.

One cannot claim to be Pro-German yet reinforce Anti-Prussian expressions. Post WWII Germany today is essentially a Fatherland stripped of anything Prussian, extermination of the vast majority of the German Prussians at the hand of the Allied, Soviet & Communist Slavic Partisan forces, the dissolution of the Prussian institutions of Art, Science & Military excellence in favor or Western (American) re-branded surrogates.

As to my own family – the short version… according to Americans – “Proven which Hamburgers they don’t like”, according to Brits – “Hamburg Hammered!” Without going into intense detail one whole side of my family was killed down to my grandmother (my father’s mother) no thanks to Allied Air-raids, my grandmother gave birth to my father just a year later in 1944 after meeting a good working man for a newspaper company, my father did not talk much about the war or what transpired as I was growing up. It was not until after my father passed away in 2017 that my relatives having flown overseas to America informed me as to these details.

(There were only three remaining newspaper companies left operational during war-time Hamburg I do not know what position my grandfather worked nor to which company it could have been either the Hamburger Anzeiger, Hamburger Fremdenblatt or Hamburger Tageblatt).

Having shared two personal anecdotes here I must also state that first-hand experiences combined with a maturity to having certain realities revealed insofar to so-called “Right-Wing” movements has made me shift this platform away from anything particularly Pro-N.S. for the sake of broadening my audience & credible longevity.

I digress… returning to the main topic – Flag of the Fatherland : Schwarz, Weiß, Rot.

𝕽𝖔𝖙: Hansa Teutonica (a.k.a) The Hanseatic League, a North German maritime trade & military defense guild centralized to Lübeck then later Hamburg (Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg/Lübeck) these cities are well known by their fortress-like red brick Gothic architecture style above all integral history to safeguarding economic interests of Central & Northern Europe within the earlier H.R.R./H.R.E period waning towards the 1600s.

At its zenith Hansa was a titan which took the Danish led Kalmar Union head on resulting in The Dano-Hanseatic War 1426-1435 an armed trade conflict between the Hanseatic League & Kalmar Union noteworthy for having demonstrated the 1st European use of long-range ship-based artillery against an opponent resulting in the (Bombardment of Copenhagen 1428) & total destruction of the Danish fleet. Hansa as a mercantile entity led the German maritime monopoly for hundreds of years only later were the scales shifted by Swedish & Danish led competition.

Within the larger European scale historically, the Renaissance period actually occurred within Northern Europe 1st before said rebirth spread to the rest of Europe, this was largely credited to domination of commerce within the North-sea & Baltic-sea trade sector including both merchant maritime & naval maritime innovation within the late Middle-Ages. Even in wake of decline, the Hanseatic legacy remained strong within many North German & Dutch cities which prospered, enjoying the status & benefits of city-state based autonomy.

The Hanseatic League was also responsible for the establishment of the Kontore an early precursor to modern 20th century stock exchanges which held compartmentalized treasuries dependent upon dominant currency types, specific to each Kingdom (This is an intensive topic therefore impossible to comprehensively cover all in one post, I will cover more on Hansa at a future appointment).

Therefore attributing significance to Rot (Red) on the true Patriotic German Flag.

As to present-day… Germany, The (B.R.D.) flag still incorporates Hansa (Rot) it discards the Teutonic Black & White (Schwarz und Weiß) in favor of what the Anti-Monastic Liberal traitor movement coined 48’ers (Märzrevolution 1848–49) vied for in their failed German insurrection prior to the 2nd Reich, Otto von Bismarck exiled these same agitators to the U.S.A. many of who very willingly altered their names, discarding their German heritage & identity in favor of English ones entirely in certain cases, this also coincides with a major wave of German emigration to North America during the 1850s.

Ironically, it was a combination German Americans who resented their true heritage, Anglo-Americans envious of German achievement not unlike their English Predecessors & Outside Zionist forces which instated (Schwarz, Rot, Gold Mustard) as the flag of the Western American (Puppet) German Federal government. One could say they influenced the Soviet-backed D.D.R. which also incorporated these colors, following Das Deutsche Wiedervereinigung (German Re-Unification 1990) up to present-day Bundesrepublik Deutschland. Germany today is economically prolific, yet still not free from outside interests… but it does not have the end there.

Although Germany re-unified with the fall of the Berlin wall the true German heritage corridor still remains severed (I am not simply talking about one nation either). Prussia went to Russia & Poland, Silesia went to Czechia & Poland, insofar to Austria – Trentino & Veneto is still a part of Italy, Slovenia & Croatia are virtually unrecognizable as to once having been German. American occupational troops still remain upon German soil under the false pretense of allyship/defense against the post-modern Russian Federation, Germans & the rest of Europe are still strong-armed by American war-mongering policies – N.A.T.O. & the E.U. Framework must go!

America cannot remain a super-power if Germany is to rise once more! Das Neue Deutscher Bund ist die Zukunft (Zweibund).

Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Leichtenstein, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy (By jurisdiction of Northern corridor & Central – Rome), to an extent also Denmark, Norway & Sweden (+Belt Islands). Strength & Unity to those who share commonalities!

Note: Everyone remains their own sovereign nation this league would simply be a military & trade pact with benefit of those involved against outside threats.

Germanic Unity (All who share this) instrumented via a defense & economic pact within Central & Northern Europe would only pertain to those who not only truly respect said heritage but also who share the living story within their veins – those who hold a stake in a German future, are ultimately German for example, this can be applied within all European Nations not just those with lineage to the (H.R.R./H.R.E.) even though it would be preferable, best to unite among those which all share language, culture & common history.

Scandinavia (More so Denmark) would be incorporated because of earlier ancient origins of Germanic people & latter history of competition between the Hanseatic league & Kalmar Union, old conflicts have long since subsided & evolved into amicable trade collaborations which continue to this day despite the change of institutions along with present-day societal pressures.

The American Question. As to the U.S.A. even among White-Americans is not compatible with Pan-Germanism or similar ideas, America collectively represents a socially antagonistic outsider which does not share inclusion to the greater Germanic family, I have already discussed Americans of European (Germanic) ancestry & what pertains to their lot, so I shall not repeat myself again. Americans should vote to minimize wars, downscale its armed forces & remove its troops from Germany.

Das Herrenvölk vs Übermensch: I have always held an affinity to Monarchies, a native born Aristocratic European elite (deutscher Adel) as stewards to high-culture & heritage something which held higher than the crown itself. One of many integral components which Americans of European extraction never retained historically in the New-World, in fact the earliest White-American settlers could not wait to shed any essence of European Heritage or Nobility equating such to the evils of Pagan vestiges “they wanted to start over in the promised land” according to the Puritan way of thinking. Yet all of a sudden, the descendants of these same Puritans think they have a stake upon Europe? Strong Europeans hold a spiritual connection (even subconsciously) to each their respective Homelands (Blut und Boden) likewise, to the Fatherland.

Whereas White-Americans only ever had the physical embodiment hence only cling upon material culture or some embarrassing stereotype, moreover many White-Americans fail to grasp that Völkisch movements are incompatible with their situation, to grasp the latter they must connect with the former.

Previously I had mentioned upon closing Lexicon – Fatalismus that there is not such thing as ascendancy without a sense Nobility (Elevation) outside of oneself this can be attributed to divinity associated with the gods, Herrenvölk/Übermensch are often used in tandem of one another, while this can be the case I should clarify these two principles are not exactly the same thing even though similar, below I will breakdown similarities & differences.

:Übermensch – Superman (Not the Alien outsider comic-book trope) Rather Friedrich Nietzsche’s Übermensch, much to the namesake of his seminal work by the same name, not even the Third Reich is granted a monopoly on the term here, forget the “Aryan” stereotype as well which was another highly erroneous political artifice birthed out of N.S. Germany (I will cover this in due time). The N.S.D.A.P. might have popularized it for propagandist means but Nietzsche shall be forever granted true credit. Philosophically, Übermensch represent resolute figures of profound beauty, outward physical, inward intellectual & spiritual excellence.

Übermensch remain stoic in the face of agitation or miseries which would break other men yet precise & determined against all odds despite the climate (literal & social) not bothered by even the harshest adversity rather facing a brave new world with optimism & a heart filled with joy, love for oneself, one’s people & a mutual respect for all forms of life which include other peoples. Exceptions are only made against truly malignant energies or hostile forces, in which case would be ignored if minor, or surgically removed akin to diseased tissue if more severe.

Americans W.N. types think Germans have forgotten how to be proud “Aryan Übermensch”, when in reality Germans were never Aryan to begin with! Aryan + Nordicist fabrications was one of the most intellectually damaging falsehoods which hurt the credibility of many brilliant & respectable Germans, this was zealously backed due to political sway not because it was the empirical truth thus remains a blemish within German history to this day, to no surprise most Germans willing to discuss the period objectively don’t want to talk about the N.S. Party.

This has little to do with de-nazification or legal ramifications in the grander scheme, whilst the N.S.D.A.P. was correct on many matters, it does mean they were always correct! Especially not insofar to the “Aryan” topic. Mainly those of the “White-Nationalist” persuasion still exercise this terminology, the same niche which does not grasp German culture or history prior to 1933 who remain disinterested in anything German after 1945.

Anyway, before I get carried away the Übermensch thwarts Anti-Life forces, not by means of deemed preferences but by what perverts life or does not respect life. We should all strive for this, but it is much harder to attain for we must free ourselves of feeble animal impulse & petty grievances, much of which is a considerable part of human character, consider those forged by strife on the other hand there are those who do not react to strife at all, well… there is clear differential between stoicism & apathy. Cold indifference is not an Übermensch quality.

This concept has been thoroughly misinterpreted and/or corrupted by outsiders not unlike the sensationalized “Master Race” propaganda, Supremacist thinking does not correlate with Pan-German ways thinking, Supremacy is not the same thing as Hegemony. In fact Supremacist views are a Zionist convention more prevalent to the Western – aptly American way of life which we see in practice today. Whereas, Hegemony is a direct manifestation of will to power promoting cultural excellence, collective re-known of a people that is respected, admired & much sought for by others as a positive example.

In short Supremacy is detestable for it seeks to destroy or erode all that is outside of itself, Hegemony is worthy of veneration, mastery over willpower not mastery over others.

:Herrenvölk (Noble Folk) Misconstrued as “Master Race” (See above) essentially a collective group or shared community akin to Nobility, one worthy of veneration or having heroic qualities – derivative of “Herren” from old High-German. For instance, Herr (Sir as a formal noble title) likewise Freiherr/Freiin (Baron/Baroness) yet rather than Nobility as equated to social station it is Nobility within the traditional sense of said quality (Higher-Order).

This is another term originating outside of politicization referring to not just simply a pluralization of Übermensch but also German Nobility as a collective spiritual entity, comprised of both past & present Royals/Nobility insofar to ancestral lot + heritage. European nobility (in most cases) are descendants of the oldest ruling families some of who can even trace their lines prior to Christendom, the connection of which is Ancient & deeply rooted in much older Germanic ancestral worship. Alternatively, this can be used informally in the philosophical sense not unlike the aforementioned divinity outside of oneself, a divine ruler (Before this concept was corrupted by English Monarchs).

Having said characteristic qualities within man or woman of shared ethnic stock pertaining to one’s lot (Nation), or one that places Noble standard upon themselves thereby with purpose ascends devoid of pretentiousness manifesting mastery of oneself & reality, becoming Herrenvölk!

Herrenvölk thwarts the Regressive, savage & uncouth, striving for beauty, wisdom, culture & passion through vigor or respectively grace dependent upon man or woman – forget the construct of class or material wealth, visualize the whole community of any one human group, some are endowed with wealth whilst others are simply not so spirited, the latter of which shall fall behind & remain forgotten (spiritually unborn).

Regardless, these are not Political terms thereby the “Right” do not hold monopoly on such, granted these same people no longer set the bar high enough to be worthy of credit, my dissociation from the Dissident-right is something that organically occurred between both I & my dearest at the same time, so-called Right-Wingers would rather be content as farmers in a community of log-cabins set within a world moving rapidly forward technologically & socially, because they can no longer keep up or fear a world that has already left them behind. This world is not perfect, but we still have a choice to make if we intend to make it better!

Generally speaking, within a vast majority of said movement people are neither physical nor spiritual representatives of Übermensch principles nor are they aspirants to becoming Herrenvölk either.

One must stay ahead of the curve doing in order to evolve, adaption over stagnancy. A man who has a superior woman at his side can bring the best of out of himself, the superior man is confident within his own convictions & does not need to grant credence to outside narratives nor justify anything to anyone nor any party vice versa the other way around for one’s woman. A Power-couple, both aging gracefully & growing intellectually, contributing to a positive creative outcome as that is what couple in love do.

An inferior man & inferior woman produce a stagnant, complacent duo of which ages horrendously on the physical level as well do not incorporate new habits which thereby cannot improve themselves intellectually, they can never do or learn new things, or travel to new places, for they are simple creatures of simple habits, with simple dreams, living a simple life incapable of realizing either the Ascendant potential as Herrenvölk let alone Übermensch.

Undeserving of both title & proverbial immaterial Crown, by grace of true Divinity.

Even worse, a single man or single woman will be left out completely, for they forgo chance to the notion that something new or different simply will fall upon them haphazardly “Luck Favors the Bold” after all not the complacent, true maturity comes with equilibrium of which works best in pairs which comprise a bigger whole. We should strive for our own greatness anchored to the present & tangible future, stay clear of the so-called Right/Left (Regressive movements), the more extreme you go on either spectrum, the more alike the nonsense.

This is not a matter of Right or Left, it about what a person stands for, a person with merit & purpose is truer to the Übermensch/Herrenvölk in essence, which is not a stamp entitled culturally inept simpletons can simply latch upon because a quasi-political social movement made it “Fashy”.

I want to interact with cultured people not tinfoil dregs. (97% of the time cultured people are not on the Right, nor are they on the Left, they’re simply Apolitical).

–Für die Zukunft | Post-modern expansion ~ One day we will take it all back!

Even if this means having a cryptically Pro-German (Native German not American) faction purchase the city & outlying region of Kaliningrad (Königsberg) as a private business acquisition (Transitional Corporatism) from the Russian-Federal government given the Potsdam declaration of 1990 might make the conventional route difficult via persuasion of the Bundestag.

I am a little surprised something like this has not already happened, considering how prolific the German economy by means of the private business sector has been for many decades, we Germans are industrious in this world that equates to business savvy my father & I no different.

Rather than working through petitioning National-political channels which seem to take forever, & always sprout up pointless conflicts with third parties you did not even know existed. Demolishing the hideous Soviet period Brutalist skyline to replace it with a re-recreation of the original architecture or least a Post-modern renewal project which pays suitable homage to the historical German edifices. Secondary to such an acquisition would be a potential investment upon the Northern Baltic coastline onward to Germany, facilitating re-connection to the Prussian heritage corridor even if not officially recognized as German national jurisdiction straight away. Poland for example is dependent upon Germany for both food & financial aid, just as well technology.

Poland should not be the one making demands from Germany, vice versa America or Israel! I am certain something can be worked out with Germany having a critical advantage that benefits all without a needless conflict. I am thinking 21st century Free-City status.

We would pursue this not via 19th or 20th century means (German tanks will not roll into Poland) but by dominating our present capitalistic market model in line with emerging fields such as our opponents do, this is the whim of society much as the Industrial Revolution altered the landscape a the turn of the last century within our present, Information Technology, 3-D printing, Quantum computing, Deep Learning Algorithms, Advanced Composites Materials Engineering (A.C.M.) to name only a few examples permeate the now, basically we live within the S.T.E.M. field specialization Revolution, one marketed to applied technologies.

To answer the big question at the start of this post: Our present battlefield is determined via interests & investments, this principle would not be unlike the German Hanseatic Guild at its zenith the primary difference being level of technology & sociopolitical dynamic. Either assert oneself on this battlefield or disappear – life is never so simple. Think of what the migrant crisis of 2015 essentially was – a de facto invasion force not via formal military presence but through numerical superiority alone. Think of numerical superiority not by means of armies but via Capital & Influence, this is what our opponents do at present, & what we need to do to remain at the top!

Poland/Czechia/Russia might require a road network, water mains, electrical grid installation, power-plants etc.

A Dystopia/Utopia is only a matter of perspective to those who wield the results of Enforced Power, be the Power you want in the world! Russia is not looking towards the past, nor is China, Europe or otherwise.

For example a private German business could render services under the stipulation of requiring transference of key assets (manpower & technology) which includes independent housing complexes built onsite by the contractor company which includes autonomous grid infrastructure (electrical power, water, heating, medical, etc.) this ensures near total autonomy when residing within for example: Polish National boundaries, presences only needs to be temporary whilst drafted on paper, given stipulations surmised of operational contract (situations change) as well the type of “assets” being transferred.

A gradual annexation by means of influence & applied investments which manifests a dominant presence can definitely occur. Ex: Private German Engineering, Scientific, Military & Police Contractors along with their families follow suit thereby placing importance on German needs wherever Germans project influence at the given moment.

Someone might say, well… our societies are blended so many will be “National Citizens” not Nationals by blood (ethnicity). I would say – one issue at a time, not all issues at once, all our societies are blended that is a hard fact, not ideal but we at least have the power to choose who shall remain basic service-men, trade-partners, neighbors & who shall remain executives. As long as we strive for position rather than retreat!

To do otherwise grants credence to an outside faction entirely which is the moment you consign your fate to defeatism & vassalage! Alternatively, you can choose to run away like that “provocateur in Calais” but I guarantee you that ten or twenty years down the line, this… or something more sophisticated will greet you on the way out.

I am just speaking hypothetical here not insinuating anything illegal or nefarious. China currently practices this within Sub-Sahara Africa, New Zealand, Australia. From a Western, or somewhat lesser extent European vantage point this is definitely sinister (See my above statement about perspectives & power). We need private European agencies with financial capital (those with vested interest in Pro-European expansion/re-conquest), we need to start thinking like our “competition” rather than the disadvantaged party always backed into a corner submitting to the whims of the status quo. Many are stuck in some psychological gulag – rather than living in the shadow of prior centuries we need to owe up to our own achievements in the present!

“The main thing is to make history not to write it” – Otto von Bismarck

Even that it takes many lifetimes to achieve this perhaps numerous “re-brandings” for the sake of longevity insofar to venture capital, although we have lost the Generational planning of our forefathers, it does not mean we cannot re-acquire said quality. Especially given that unlike our predecessors we live in the cusp of a new technological revolution, we can live better, extended, higher quality lives – if we so choose that path.

At the very least it should not take longer than it would to theoretically Terra-form a lifeless terrestrial neighbor like Mars. That being said, we are no longer technically even living in a modern age, despite some backwards people on the Right still using “modernity” as a pejorative term it does not change the fact that they’re not living within the present. European civilization by lesser extension Western society has always been moving forward, as with the rest of the developed world in their own way. We can talk about Zionists & the Great Reset until our faces turn blue, alternatively we can go seize our destiny regardless of how daunting the challenges are, or die out because of stubborn ignorance whilst swallowing black pills.

We are denizens of a Post-modern landscape set in the XXI century with Post-industrial tools at our disposal, whilst some of our co-peers still cling to 20th century thought-forms & habits, antiquated notions of technology, business, obsolete political models, unrealistic sentimental over reliance upon false ideas. Simply because our stark reality stifle us should not deter us from embracing the future! Either put oneself in a position that would change said reality, try something other than the broken loop of some “backwater narrative”. Otherwise shut the hell up & get back in line with everyone else SERF! My late Father would have not wanted of me to become stagnant intellectually, physically, or otherwise, I am prepared to move forward, are you?

Would thou love to live deliciously, would thou love the taste of butter, would thou love to see the world?

Images from the (2013-14 Defunct Predecessor Blog) – Homemade Sushi + Sashimi (Temari & Nigiri) w/ Pickled Ginger & Salmon Roe platter, Shitake Mushroom sauce, Cranberry-Raspberry sauce, grilled Salmon steaks, baked Sweet Potato wedges, Scallop & Shrimp chowder (Not Traditional North German Seafood, but still of the sea & still delicious).

Natassja & I are naturally inclined to be Nocturnal in a perfect world we would be just that. Therefore, this proposed way of living which enforces waking up as soon as the sun is up tending to the land is not our calling. I am only presently active within the day & asleep at night because of necessity, yet highly likely in the near future would only work the night-shift, like I did when younger. This is a conceptual of how I see us as a couple in the near-distant future. We still both want land & many little“Ni Ni’s” (Kleine Zicklein Kitz ~ Endless little goats) that does not mean that we won’t pursue other activities. that does not mean that we won’t pursue other activities.

(I am not just talking about just hostile outsiders or incompatible cultures either, some so-called “White people”, those who place emphasis on “White” over “European” are no better than lesser groups & will never advance).

Ultimately, I believe everyone has a calling & purpose nonetheless, we are not obligated to save people who behave like puritans, those fanatics who choose to dictate unto others yet are more often than not weak people. Everyone should simply raise their expectations applicable of oneself & as a collective! We need children of the sun (Sig/Sigyn) for one facet & children of the moon (Hulda/Hela) for another, what I am stressing by this comparison is that even cohesive communities are comprised of individual personalities, one should not be guilt-tripped to sate the opinion of another. This would be no different than Tyr & Fenrir as archetypes of order vs chaos pulling each other closer to oblivion, for that would spell total annihilation.

Ich wünsche eine bessere Zukunft für das deutsche Volk! We stand between worlds at a precipice, within one blink of an eye – the preservation of our heritage, within another the challenges of exploring entire new worlds. Within this instance one should question our priorities, yet rather than discarding one for the other equilibrium is the utmost necessity! Our ancestors once dreamt of the firmament beyond not our place interred beneath ruins.


    1. 01/25/21 **Minor Edit**

      (Underneath the two images of Post-WWI Austria): Discrepancies are corrected for the sake of clarification “Lower Silesia” should not be confused with the latter regions hence new corrections have been added, high-lighted here within parenthesis.

      “much territory was ceded from Hapsburg Dominion such as Lower Silesia, (Lower Istria) & (Adriatic) Illyria, today the region that would become Slovenia & Croatia”


    2. EDIT: 01/26/21 Added a small section following the section regarding “Deutschordensstaat” & prior to mentioning “Gründung des Deutschen Bundes”

      This Section as follows: “I should note that between the dissolution of the H.R.R./H.R.E period was a series of central European conflicts (1600s-1700s), the Thirty Years’ War, War of the Austrian Succession, Seven Years’ War + War of Bavarian Succession. Decisive events within Mitteleuropa’s history – which I shall elaborate upon within more detail at future appointment within the same context of this series, for the moment skipping this period & moving on.”

      [I suggest past readers re-read this post as I also placed in photos of Frederick II (The Great) of Prussia.]


  1. **Attention Readers (02/10/21 Technical Preview) for 𝑽á𝒍𝒊𝒔𝒃𝒍𝒐𝒕:

    This video is 100% ready as of 02/13/21 will be uploaded at Midnight C.M.T. 02/14/21 to my channel.

    (Video Themes: European Architecture, European “Germanic” Beauties ~ Queens, Princesses, Duchesses, Romanticism, Baroque, Rococo)

    This will be 1/2 projects related to Válisblot (Valentine’s Day) counting an additional piece later this month in similar vein to 𝑫𝒂𝒔 𝑳𝒆𝒕𝒛𝒕𝒆 𝑬𝒊𝒏𝒉𝒐𝒓𝒏.

    Once I am completed with all videos for this month of February, I will proceed with a blog post titled “𝐔𝐧𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐛𝐥𝐢𝐜𝐡𝐞 𝐆𝐞𝐥𝐢𝐞𝐛𝐭𝐞 𝐈𝐈 – 𝐕á𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐛𝐥𝐨𝐭 2021” following up from last year with updates.


  2. 𝐀𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭𝐢𝐨𝐧 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐬, for those wondering what I mean regarding to: “𝑻𝒉𝒂𝒕 𝑷𝒓𝒐𝒗𝒐𝒄𝒂𝒕𝒆𝒖𝒓 𝒊𝒏 𝑪𝒂𝒍𝒂𝒊𝒔”, this is deliberately cryptic, so allow to me to illuminate.

    **07/16/2022** [Comment addendum Re-post, I Accidentally removed prior to reviewing in full, I have also redacted the more “ranty” bits in order to remain more grounded within my argument.]

    This is also addressed to (anyone) not just any one individual who believes throwing rocks at the 𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐢𝐭𝐚𝐫𝐢𝐳𝐞𝐝 𝐓𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐢𝐜𝐚𝐥 𝐋𝐚𝐰 𝐄𝐧𝐟𝐨𝐫𝐜𝐞𝐦𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐒𝐪𝐮𝐚𝐝𝐬 is a good survival strategy.

    𝐎𝐃𝐀𝐋𝐈𝐒𝐓𝐒 – This is what awaits your future rock throwing Regressionist band of delusional Neo-barbarians (Yes, it is Russian) considering he who suggested throwing rocks at Police is very Pro-Russian, I thought it ironic to note that the vast Majority of Russians today are not living in the past anymore and are very forward looking insofar to topics of “𝑭𝒖𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒊𝒔𝒎” + “𝑻𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒔-𝒉𝒖𝒎𝒂𝒏𝒊𝒔𝒎”.

    For those who say “𝑾𝒆𝒍𝒍 𝒕𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒋𝒖𝒔𝒕 𝑺𝒄𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝑭𝒊𝒄𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝑵𝒐𝒕 𝑹𝒆𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒕𝒚” well… allow me to elucidate what is reality in 2021 & will be reality by the year 2031 (Ten years from now).

    1. U.S. Department of Defense (A.D.S.) Micro-wave crowd deterrent system.

    Forget Rocks… in an extremely near future scenario the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies will just park an A.D.S. mounted truck in front of your house & bombard you with 95GHz of amplified electro-magnetic micro-wave beams every few seconds until you & your family capitulates from excess heat.

    2. MILREM THEMIS UGV (𝐔𝐧𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐬𝐚𝐥 𝐆𝐫𝐨𝐮𝐧𝐝 𝐕𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐜𝐥𝐞)

    3. MILREM TYPE X “Robotic Ground Vehicle”.

    I actually embedded a link to the UGV in the above post pointed at regression types living in some backwater commune or homestead who think they have an advantage with lesser tools – The MILREM UGV, mini tank drone rolling to a Calais Homestead near you.

    𝐑.𝐄.𝐌.(Rare Earth Minerals used to manufacture advanced electronic components & next generation composite materials will not become depleted within our live-times either, we have 3,500 years’ worth of Rare-Earth-Minerals at current consumption rate not counting high-potential prospects within our terrestrial neighbors – The Moon & Cis-Orbital Asteroids.

    𝐂𝐚𝐯𝐞𝐚𝐭: “Rare-Earth” is a misleading term, it does not mean rare as in “finite” R.E.M. are actually more abundant than other conventional transition elements rather it called rare because it cannot be mined from ore seams unlike conventional metals it must be produced by means of compressed gasses & electrical currents in lieu pulverized crust/extracted soil in order to derive obtainable “mineral concentrates”.

    (Crude) 𝐏𝐞𝐭𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐮𝐦 – We as Post-Modern, Post-Industrial societies are already actively transitioning out of Petroleum fuel infrastructure, in fact the only sectors dependent upon crude oil in the near-moderate future shall be (A) Military-Industrial (B) Construction-Industrial. The vast majority of Civilian consumer market itself with exception of vehicle enthusiasts will no longer require petroleum derived fuel by 2050).

    𝐒𝐲𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐭𝐢𝐜 𝐏𝐨𝐥𝐲𝐦𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐮𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐲 – Insofar to the aforementioned Petro-Chemical Industry, there are viable alternatives “𝒐𝒍𝒅” ones in fact which are being re-purposed (Bioplastic) with a more advanced understanding of A.C.M. that will provide an efficient yet effective replacement for petroleum-based plastics.

    𝐍𝐎𝐓𝐄: I am not a 𝐓𝐑𝐀𝐍𝐒-𝐇𝐔𝐌𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐒𝐓 nor 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐨𝐜𝐫𝐚𝐭, Rather I am a Euro-centric Futurist who strongly believes in responsible Scientific & Applied-Technological advancement in tandem with respect to natural laws governing our sacred bio-me (Respective Homeland & Greater Planet) as well Cosmic order. I am an INTJ & of North German Heritage hence, it shows in my all my deliberations, expressions & actions, to do otherwise would be very Un-Germanic of me.

    Two years ago I had written a (10K word) Exposé “𝑷𝒓𝒊𝒗𝒂𝒕𝒆: 𝑻𝒉𝒖𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒏 𝑷𝒆𝒓𝒑𝒍𝒆𝒙𝒊𝒕𝒊𝒆𝒔 ~ 𝑪𝒐𝒓𝒑𝒖𝒔 𝑽𝒆𝒙𝒐 ” (Jun 28, 2020 at 11:45 PM) complete with photographs, quotations, personal anecdotes, but I refrained from making it public. Why? Because I show (Germanic) restraint in my actions unlike some other people. I expected to show at least common courtesy that if you leave me alone, I leave you alone.

    Here, have some music for your own personal Dystopia.

    Tschüss! ⚫⚪🔴


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