Ad Nauseam – Das Egozentrische

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Aus der Dunkelheit ins Licht (Of the Light in the Darkness)

Das Reich (Pax Germania) should not be dictated by the whims of a young break-away nation across the Atlantic ocean (See: Addendum No.9), I need not stress this to native Germans & other Europeans who are bound within this heritage as the key exists within the blood. I only urge for one to remain wary of those extending a false pretense of brotherhood for personal gain.

DISCLAIMER: I apologize in advance for the excruciating long text, by my utmost German quality I absolutely must point out idiocy, hypocrisy in particular to the adverse ideology of Americanism & Zionism, illuminating upon such within context, to do otherwise whilst other parties wantonly spread misinformation would be a disservice. Above all simply exercising critical reproach does not equate to divisiveness.


1. Ad Nauseum (Quoted body of text in question – Conceited & Long-winded).

2. Addendum I – IX (Personal summary of said work).

This post I will be sourcing in quotation blocks & thoroughly reducing to a more digestible format was brought to my attention (I am not the only one who thinks this person is a tool), naturally it is within my habit to call out stupidity. Before I begin dissecting this disarray that presents itself as an article allow me to enlighten you dear reader, if I wanted to read something complex, I would read the Codex Regius or Poetic Edda not this snooze-fest, that would make even the likes of Odin close his one eye. My woman on her menses can be emotional, but she is a breeze compared to this writer’s long-winded & failed attempt to be fanciful.

A word of friendly advice, a work of standard written English typically does not need to contain more than “two adjectives” to convey an idea whilst this rule can be overlooked within informal instances, literal overkill on the other hand just makes your work appear conceited, rather than being interpreted as intellectual a written work’s true meaning will become lost in the arrogance of said author’s meanderings thereby perhaps even unbeknownst to them. More often than not this I notice tends to be a flaw of authors who suffer from Asperger’s syndrome but that is asides from the point here.

I could reproach the group associated with said author for the misuse of German terms in particular namesake in question: “The Männerbund” (I can feel my bones cringe). Note that this should technically be “Das (Group Description) Männerbunde, i.e. Das Ostamerika Männerbunde” (Not unlike Der Wilde Jagd und Männerbunde) pronounced with emphasis on the umlaut however, I feel that pointing this out would fall upon deaf ears. Consider that they’re only interested in German insofar to superficial “social capital” by usual intent of fishing for those with a particular fetish for a certain time period in Germany, or a penchant for barbaric revitalization (which contradicts the former), maybe even some erroneous tinfoil for garnish.

Fortunate for readers said group in particular a certain writer only uses select German words as if it were some kind of condiment to spruce up tasteless food, in this specific case – content that is entirely style over substance.

For example, I read a random article by said author to my dearest, she was also irked by how said author used Völkisch as if trivial, being Nordic herself considered it cringe-worthy, to quote her;

I still do not understand the reasoning behind using a German word for a wholly American White-Nationalist organization not even comprised of German extraction, who do not speak a fraction of German yet said author has the audacity to claim being Völkisch most insulting of all does not even adhere in the very least to Pan-Germanism. Above all else, Americans need to stop plagiarizing National Socialism when it was Americans who sought so adamantly to destroy it in the first place!

Now to proceed with carefully disassembling each paragraph while making note of key excerpts.

“The blood is already in the vein and the soil is a moveable feast for those who understand. The tree of life has branches and roots, but the wise gardener knows that the branches which fall can take root where he wills. The same tree grows where it must, and everything else is form and shadow. The ship’s course was plotted long ago, that sent the branch abroad, and the ship has sailed now long ago. Yes, the sea is vast and the tide is slow, but why should we forget the harbours that sent us off?” – S.

Addendum No.1 – Blood & Soil:

“The blood is already in the vein and the soil is a moveable feast for those who understand.”

Pretentious execution placed aside, whilst it is true that blood can be transferred to “New soil” which includes colonial European territories such as within North America (or elsewhere) this concept seems to be lost upon Americans of said extraction, one cannot incorporate blood upon soil seized through dishonorable action, especially not if the original peoples are still alive. “Blut und Boden” in itself cannot not serve a foundation for a land with a pre-existing people as that is bound to their mind & memory as much as their own blood. For one to discuss this inherently “Völkisch” concept then we also understand that it is completely biological, one can only grow roots in compatible soil nothing in nature overtakes something else lest a complete die off occurs.

By using the same logic as the author in said above quote, are the Russians who now occupy Kaliningrad today (Formerly Königsberg) then a part of Prussian-German Bloodsoil? Are Poles who inhabit lands once part of Eastern & Western Prussia, the fatherland part of the German völk?

No, the answer is quite clear, this American author utilizes the same exact same rhetoric as Pro-Soviet Partisan Josef Tito Broz, who sought to erase all German presence & replace Europe with Slavic re-settlement, if we’re going to point out Zionistic propaganda of our enemies then we should not also fall into the same critical pitfall of making up narratives to suit our own political views, in which said movements will dismantle itself beneath the burden of lies.

I will make two valid cases to better explain; firstly the Scythian population subsiding to Mongolic presence in North-Central Asia (See: Addendum No.5 “Aryans”), secondly an entirely different scenario can be noted with the Old Prussian (Baltic) de-population during the Teutonic Crusades, which wasn’t entirely impacted due to warfare by Germans either, one must also factor in the Bubonic Plague traveling eastbound into Europe from Asia which lead to a major de-population of not just continental European civilization but also drastically affecting less advanced tribal settlements amidst it’s borders, asides from this many noble Baltic lines integrated into the German population of Prussia but I digress, both examples are valid as to annexation under completely different environmental & social pressures neither of which are really applicable to the case of colonization of the Americas.

Considering the North America situation, lest one would try to justify ethnic cleansing via Typhoid on part of the Puritans in which case total erasure of the indigenous population did not occur, rather the remaining tribes were simply long after partitioned to be excluded from their ancestral tribal plots (Bloodsoil) & forced to adopt institutional Christendom (suffering).

Within nature the only exception to this case of force being certain invasive hostile species of flora & fauna via artificial (man-made) intervention or environmental cataclysm which wreaks havoc to a pre-existing biome. Colonial presence in many parts of North America is not unlike this latter premise of invasive alien lifeforms (No, I do not subscribe the Soultrean conjecture either).

“If you do your duty, someday you will be called to court. If not by them then one of your own. It is the price of doing business. Common courtesy dictates you answer the call, but these are uncommon times. Yet still, honour makes demands upon your soul, and the ones who set the gears of the global hellscape know the price of honour. What is honour in a global melting pot? Is honour a question of kith fighting kin? Is it a question of fratricide in the face of broad extinction? Do we in fact owe an explanation for each and every thing we do? We do not. Those within our camp we owe much, those along our lines we owe some, and those outside the pale we owe naught.”

“History is a bloodthirsty mistress. The road has been paved in the bonedust of our ancestors, ground into meal and wetted into mortar, like stone, into which the sins of our fathers are written. For some time now, until quite recently, every war which has been fought has been a fratricide, a case of honour pitted against honour, good intentions warped by the machinations of those without. Every such fratricide has been a travesty. French against German, English against Irish, the list goes on. More recently it was the world against National Socialism. That conflict still goes, albeit through a lens darkly, for those with eyes to see.”


Within these two instances the author flogs the reader over the head with the word “honor” six times, this is clear example of psychological projection denoting an inherent lack of said value rather to distract the reader with a lofty plea to emotion. F.Y.I. the melting isn’t global (not yet at least) it is localized, weaponized upon Europe & the West as targets. Yes … brothers wars have indeed been a travesty but I am also tired of pleading to emotion by those with no solution to offer other than a moot sentiment which I have heard one hundred times over since 2015.

Addendum No.2 – Honor & Duty:

Multi-generational Americans of European extraction often forget or simply ignore their own history, note the simple fact that not all wrongs being dealt upon themselves today is the fault of “outside forces” No, Americans do not need to answer when scrutinized within every instance this isn’t about instilling “White-Guilt” nor scape-goating for false crimes this about owing up to hard truths there is a clear difference between the two, additionally Americans simply need only acknowledge this once however, perhaps out of deeply ingrained arrogance do not realize that the decline of the United States of America does not parallel to forced agitation placed upon Europe today.

One of my primary issues with American White Nationalism is the attempt to latch upon European problems as if relevant to their plight in order to justify a stranglehold upon U.S. dominance of the continent. This has nothing to do with Pan-Germanic Will to Power it has everything to do with Zionistic Might is Right.

Do not forget It was Americans who forced indigenous peoples upon reservations & imported Sub-Saharan Africans to the new world. Whilst we can blame the Jews for the Trans-Atlantic Slave trade as well nearly every ill machination under the sun at this point in time it does not change that Americans made the fundamental mistake of buying into that trade in the first place which included breaking bread with our eternal enemy resulting in numerous incidents of global destruction both prior to & following the last world war.

Negroes did not invade America with their “Nutshell Navies” after all, nor did the Cree tribe seek to build a new caliphate upon the bones of our kindred through the wombs of our daughters. Presently the ensuing dynamic of social unrest within Europe is simply not comparable to the adversity Americans must ultimately face, more aptly the multi-generational lot who arrived over eleven generations ago have unpleasant “Baggage”.

“I don’t see much future for the Americans … it’s a decayed country. And they have their racial problem, and the problem of social inequalities … my feelings against Americanism are feelings of hatred and deep repugnance … everything about the behaviour of American society reveals that it’s half Judaised, and the other half negrified. How can one expect a State like that to hold together?”  

– A.H.

Therefore, I consider it rich when an American decides to dictate the terms of Honor & Duty as if they have the authority over such conventions the foremost concept of Honor being wholly alien to many of them added their long record as dutiful servants to Zionism doesn’t instill much good faith. Is it truly a brother war then? I am certain there are good Americans who cherish their European roots, who sought to discard the Yolk of Americana entirely, of who perhaps comprise a mere fraction of the entire population but they are indeed scarce.

These exemplary Europeans born into America do not make up the majority sadly. Just as well, I cannot overlook those who more than likely descend from the very people who killed or dishonored my own family during the last world war, it is not blood libel when the descendants of those very people prop themselves up for the sake of clout & use aspects of my heritage, acting the authority as if qualified to speak of matters they cannot grasp, nor deserve to use it is an affront to my German people & a violation of my sensibilities.

Don’t even speak about honor if one cannot abide to the duty of owing up to your faults!

“Now it is the (((world))) against Whites. The pace has quickened, the stage has widened. Once the resources of Europe were the proving ground, and then the Colonial Estates came up for grabs, but now always and everywhere a struggle for culture, autonomy, freedom, and self-definition rages. The lines are blurred, and there are no clear paths to solemn victory. There are presently only opinions without force of population to back their governance. Another travesty, you’ll see. Yes, “White” began as an artificial term. We all know it. A surrogate, in a way. In the wake of Petty Nationalism confronted with increasingly diversified odds, the differences between tribes and clans had to be shelved in order to, in some way, galvanise against mounting differences. Were the Bavarian and Prussian so unlike the Kentish and Londoner in the face of mounting pressure from the Middle East and abroad? Does that make the thought so wrong, that it began as a term of convenience? No. It does not change that the inconvenient truth has become a dire fact. (((The world))) does not care a bit about your individual folkways, to the (((world))) your skin is a uniform, your culture is a masque that you wear, interchangeable, replaceable. But you, you should care.” – S.

Addendum No.3 – The Pan-White Movement:

“Now it is the (((world))) against Whites.”

I must emphasize that this term “White” alone is something only Americans utter, Europeans do not check a box “Achromatic” to describe their racial distinction as that would be redundant, White is a color not a Race, Europeans are a Race to each their own ethnicity assigned upon birth. The only other people who refer to themselves by a pigment are American Negroes because they are simple, ignorant & above all rootless having been forcefully torn from their mother continent! The usage of “White” in particular is popular by a certain group seeking to assume the mask of European extraction, if one does not believe me simply add into a web search any number of notable Ashkenazi Jews, nearly all will all identify as either “White” or “American” only upon deeper probing will one uncover the hidden Jewish roots.

Hence, any group/movement emphasizing for Whiteness is dangerous as that permits too many questionable elements to assume an identity for their own nefarious gain.

Note: For the sake of clarification “White” insofar to Europeans is not an ugly term it simply is very superficial & as expressed redundant, I refer to blood ethnic/racial extraction whereas “White” is blanket term often used to a detriment that does not explicitly apply to native European.

Who decides what is European? Americans? I think not.

Tangential to this is Hyper-Individualism or the fragmenting of ego-centrism into self-assumed false identity groups as said author tries to put emphasis upon yet fails to mention it was 1st an American experiment before it spread to Europe and the rest of the globe. Additionally, for one who puts so much emphasis on Germano-centrism they completely fail to grasp that over wordiness is detestable most especially within a North Germanic mindset just get to the point and say it as it is, bitte …

Note: that placing the “world” in echoed parenthesis is pointless as the world is not a censored term, that will have your livelihood stripped from you for uttering it. Globalists who push the “we are all citizens of planet earth narrative”Zionists more aptly seek to strip us from each our own ethnicity & most importantly race. That doesn’t mean we are all instant friends of circumstance because of the overarching narrative either especially not under the umbrella of “White Nationalism”.

Understand we’re all valuable indeed much akin to the bio-diversity of our natural world yet we must dictate our own terms not that of the Zionists, Americans or otherwise.

I do believe each nation (European or otherwise) can view one another within an Ethno-Nationalistic framework we could all work to a common goal via military & trade pacts to each our respective heritage corridor within Europe, just as I stressed in my post: Heim ins Reich – Pax Germania, not everyone can possibly get along but we can at least cordon off territory to serve the needs of most (not everyone can stand on equal footing) whilst maintaining strictly temporary alliances on a needs only basis with semi-compatible satellite states, if such an arrangement occurs naturally so be it, if not then we need not force such interactions.

Ultimately this can only work by disbanding NATO in place of a new Nordic & Central European treaty coalition, discarding the European Union framework & expunging all American Military Presence from Europe in particular to Germany as just a few of many steps in ensuring a brighter European future.

Alliance with America as a nation will not work, it failed before and will fail again. Tend to your families & homelands 1st, doing otherwise will lead us back to square one: deceit, treachery, destabilization of our homelands in favor of foreign interests as it has happened before the weight of such a loss is still felt. Consider that the only valid alliance which can be offered, is to American dissidents who wish very strongly to return to Europe, I value the völkisch concept of blood & soil thereby will honor that so long as said Europeans born of the West break free of such & do not dictate the affairs of Europe under the whims of American break-away culture.

Does that make the thought so wrong, that it began as a term of convenience?

I make no penalty upon individual thought however, I do criticize sweeping statements.

Please refrain from making comparisons of matters you know nothing about nor do not have a stake within, the remaining Prussians today are now all elderly if they remain alive even, above all else their last dying wish would be final resting place within their homeland among familial plots in the former German corridor of Prussia & Silesia. However, unless they sign up for foreign citizenship they very sadly cannot return home as these lands are now within the territories of Poland, Russia or The Czech Republic. You can thank the American/Soviet Partition of German lands to Slavic Partisans for that as well.

Respectively if you want all Europeans & Westerners alike to mount against a common enemy you need to respect everyone you seek collaboration with (if you cannot, do not urge such a coalition), don’t assume something you’re not, do not clone our movements or act the authoritarian to other peoples interests – the rest will tend to itself organically.

“Each and every unit of ethnicity and identity in our milieux is under attack, and must be defended. However, there is a broader spectrum than the microcosms which form the macro. One struggle, many layers. There is a common goal, for the defense of all will at some point necessitate a whole. Not one tribe, nor ethnicity, nor even a nation such as they are; is sufficiently strong enough to do what must be done. If they seek preservation of their folkways and mores, than common cause is required. We have only to seize the means of production, as it were, to defend or else generate the contiguous identities which will weather the storm and stress of modern living. Or slow death, as it goes.”

Addendum No.4 – Pipedreams vs Reality:

We as dissidents at least grasp one of the most common fundamental flaws of liberal thinking and that is one cannot make every group happy, hence we must also critically apply this same thinking in all situations we must draw our line in the sand in a manner of speaking or else spread ourselves too thin resource-wise trying to appease everyone, likewise we must also fight our own battles as we’ve done in past centuries. In the best case scenario, we can only support a wide network at an arm’s length basis, “White Unity” is an idea such is only just that; a proof of concept on paper one which usually fails miserably in practice. As long as American boots remain within Europe there cannot be a proper brotherhood between the West & Europe, Americans do not get the luxury of deciding who should accept their friendship.

I strongly believe in European (Germanic) Unity foremost, we must discard the blanket term of “White Unity”! (Note that Americans also often confuse the West & Europe as one in the same, this is not the case as these are separate jurisdictions).

Do not forget that Germany still is not a Free Country.

“Now, we are an outlet for American mores and folkways, here, in our brotherhood. Are we rootless? No. Such monumental effort has been levied to up the roots we have lain that, when you consider the resources and world defining schemes that have been marshalled to do this, there is no more question, and there are no more arguments. Blood came, and baptised the soil. Generations have come to and gone into the earth, it is ours now. That is a cold law of nature. One which you do not have to like, embrace, or believe. It is in our hands now. Not always do you end where you began. Even the ancient Aryans, according to much of what one may read, settled and assumed localities. Here we are, replaying history. The ancient Celts roamed far, and settled much. So did the ancient Germans. Colonial history is nothing more than transmigration of souls from one motherland and fatherland to the next. Moving on.” – S.

Addendum No.5 – Judeo-Americana Cognitive Dissonance Syndrome:

What one is referring here is not the Law of nature, it is rule by force! (See: Addendum No.1 – Blood & Soil).

“Blood came, and baptised the soil. Generations have come to and gone into the earth, it is ours now. That is a cold law of nature.”

Nature does not dictate what is yours upon the basis of material entitlement, added the natural forces are neither here nor there in terms of expressive warmth or coldness, Mutter Erde can be belligerent & cruel as she can be comforting & merciful, a harsh winter can kill your crops as much as it can renew all life attuned to the natural cycle of seasons, the sun can bestow upon us growth just as well scorch the planet barren with lethal ultra-violet radiation if it were not for our atmosphere, water can drown a human likewise the absence of such will mean certain death. One can grasp the point I am making regarding the dualism & cyclical relation of all things here.

Said interpretation by the author is a classic example of another “Judeo-American” mental defect wrought forth by subconscious linear dogmatic thinking, combine this flaw with yet another type of defect – America-centrist arrogance & one will quickly realize just how dangerous a social catalyst many Americans (whilst not all) represent in general.

This I feel is mainly unintentional subliminal Zionistic programming which affects Americans on the whole, a deeply ingrained need to dominate all affairs on the mere stipulation of entitlement (because they did this 1st and the indigenous people did not, etc.), as if they’re equal to the same standing as European history & culture. Such rhetoric still does justify any action as this falls in line with “Might is Right” which contrary to many Westerners is not a Pro-European frame of mind it is entirely Jewish Supremacist behavior e.g. Zionism.

All ills (rule of force) are to be judged with consequences, if one believes in justice then one cannot make an exemption for your party that is exactly what our enemies do i.e. “It was for the greater good” (An excuse I have heard uttered innumerable times).

Even the ancient Aryans, according to much of what one may read, settled and assumed localities. Here we are, replaying history. The ancient Celts roamed far, and settled much. So did the ancient Germans. Colonial history is nothing more than transmigration of souls from one motherland and fatherland to the next. Moving on.”

Again, do not make comparisons as if one understands the dynamic of each particular expansion throughout history, do not make sweeping comparisons just to appear clever. Additionally, I grow weary of those citing reference to the Aryans, these people were originally Celts migrating outside of Europe later having picked up non-European genetics as they traveled eastward becoming known later as Thracians/Scythians, these very same Aryans literally willingly race-mixed themselves into oblivion much as what Americans do today in their detestable melting pot, I suppose like speaks to like.

Frankly I find it aggravating that W.N. types latch upon the Scythian disappearance as if a relevant comparison to current-day European population replacement dynamics.

Ultimately we critically minded Germans in 21st century understand that “Aryan” was “political institutional artifice” birthed out of the Third Reich founded upon mostly incorrect sentiments of the prior nineteenth century specifically within the spiritualist movement, apply this to the Übermensch as Nietzsche would have expressed exemplifying all the attributes of untarnished morality just as well resolute willpower, combine the aforementioned  with Pan-Germanism & Völkisch Nationalism we now arrive upon something whilst noble in premise ultimately mired within incorrect, irrational & unscientific notions insofar to “Aryans”.

I stress a critical point that the word Aryan is a historical anomaly insofar to German history on the whole, Prussians did not refer to themselves as Aryans within Otto von Bismarck’s Germany nor prior, Germans from Kaltenbronn within the Holy Roman Empire did not refer to themselves as Aryans either, not even Germanic people during the year 500 AD used such jargon! Within our present day the only peoples who use the term Aryan are Iranians & a certain caste within India of which has long past residual Indo-European lineage that is not even Germanic to begin with!

I’ve stressed numerous times the mere span of 1933-45 does not hold a monopoly upon German heritage.

In reality Aryans have little to do with Europe, Germans let alone Germanic people at all, historically speaking the true tale of Aryans were that of complacent mongrels who erased themselves within an Asiatic majority (Northeastern Iran, Northern India, Northwest China, Mongolia), now known only in name to the annals of history. Only deluded or ignorant American White-Nationalist types still exercise this jargon in lieu of a mostly erroneous alternative history narrative.

I stress to example; Das Deutsches Ahnenerbe (The German Ancestral Heritage Organization) engaged a purely scientific archaeological & anthropological expedition to the Eastern-Oriental corridor (Mainly Tibet), the Ahnenerbe organization had nothing to do with sensationalist tropes circulating popular media in particular to; Vril flying saucers, hollow-earth, Atlantis, a race of giants nor running around in animal skins wishing for a world reset (One that realistically shall never come).

This is not the world we wanted, but is the only world we have, one which we must ultimately fight to change for the better which will not do so by role-playing or banter.

“Shall we own the patently false accord that because the movement of peoples to this country which could have been a nation erased our past? Did America begin in a vacuum? Did we have no history prior to 1776, like when in a bad videogame the English spawned in Plymouth Rock to capture the flag? Did the seizure of England by the Anglo-Saxons disinherit them from their past? Did the border raids of the Celts, and the intertribal disputes disinherit them? Absurd notions.

Nothing can be more absurd than this very comparison, one addressed in a very condescending manner as if the contrarian would be an idiot to assume that cultures & peoples materialize out of an airless void. Intellectually speaking no one is going to take this breathy paragraph seriously so I will explain in the simplest terms considering that is still goes over the heads of many American White-Nationalists – Americans were once Europeans, a few sought to keep their European roots alive however, most do not value said connection. This is not propaganda it is fact based upon direct observation!

Some Americans in fact have convinced themselves that the United States of America started European history Year Zero on a blank slate & anything else prior was just Roman Catholic Sin & Pagan Heresy hence lead to their exodus to the true “promised land” away from continental Europe.

Is it not also true that for a good long while, much tribal identity was filtered through a Roman lens? Did the Germans name themselves? Did the Celts? Or were these artificial titles applied to them by another tribe and later adopted as a term of convenience to self-define against mounting dissimilarity? Even within each Nationality there are disagreements, vernacular entanglements, and regional customs. They are all beautiful, all developed and owned according to the will and soul of the folk who grew them. Here we have our own, as all do, and they suffer attack from within and without.”

Addendum No.6 –Distracting Off-Tangents & Sweeping Statements:

Yet another side tangent in order to make a sweeping argument, no one denies that it was the Romans who gave names to all the tribes of Europe who were to become present-day Nation-states. However, one cannot make the same comparison with “America” whilst I make no argument that every European ethnicity & respective culture are all beautiful, such emerged organically within our respective native habitats, Americana is not beautiful it is hollow, empty & stripped of anything connecting it to the true spirit of Europe.

I even directed a prior response to said author that Europeans have by right the Law of Jus sanguinis & Jus soli Americans only ever had Jus soli from the earliest founding of the United States.

The aforementioned Jus sanguinis “blood” Ethnic-National law comes from an old Roman principle however, due to present E.U. enforcement of Civic-Nationalism has been reduced to Jus soli not unlike what America already had since its inception. Italy was the last European nation threatened to redact this law of “blood ties to nation” just a few years ago, whereas Germany & the rest of Europe have redacted this law, today only Austria, Denmark & Finland in addition to Italy retain this law still because they’ve fought to keep it!

“Already we are men abroad, disparate, claiming a sizeable diaspora. There is no cavalry, the Winged Hussars were not invited to dinner. They weren’t pure enough for the refined tastes of some. And why? The internet has safeguarded a mechanism of womanish suspicion and grievance, fostered deep resentment, and recurrent complaints which hinder the march to solidarity. Not uniformity, but self-determination; the audacity to take ourselves seriously, one of our regional leaders calls it. We ask the questions, we look for social capital where it may be found, and we move on.”

This is a very classic straw-man tactic, foremost no sane Ethno-Nationalist will ever reject Poles simply because they weren’t pure enough, this manner of argumentation is very intellectually dishonest my grievance with the Polish people/nation is a personal one embedded in recent historical feuds, which stems from lost heritage & silenced crimes, aftershocks of which are still felt within my own living relatives who survived the last world war, I do not discriminate upon a group for the sake of doing so. My dislike for Poles is not for the sake of petty feuding, rather my distaste arises from not unlike how I detest Americans who choose to appropriate my heritage & misrepresent it (See: Addendum No.9 – Finality).

Americans shake the hands of people when it suits them only then to reject them when it no longer is convenient for them. I would sooner befriend a Germanic Baltic – Latvian than I would a confused, fickle American who lacks both a spine & sense of honor.

When I am criticizing someone else from Europe all is good however, when I criticize an American White-Nationalist I am considered divisive, how convenient. Intellectual scrutiny should be indiscriminate, I make no exemptions, to do otherwise makes the dissident-right movement appear no better the emotionally frail people who demand special treatment.

To set the record straight I do not hate any particular group nonetheless I assess all error & adverse influences much as I would a bacteria colony spreading upon a once clean countertop or more aptly infected tissue to be triaged in order to save the body applicable to such a case.

Hatred makes a poor judge; surgical reason unclouded by imprecise animal impulse is far more effective.

Let us scrutinize this line;The internet has safeguarded a mechanism of womanish suspicion and grievance.”

Pray tell why would one remain online at all then? I am much less active online than most people hence hold valid reason to suspect, inquire & proverbially vivisect upon 1st contact. A man’s senses are akin to a wolf, trust does not come easily it is earned not unlike with actual wolves. Akin to such effective hunters I track, thoroughly inspect & neutralize any target deemed questionable, these are not inherently womanly attributes. However, do not take this personally …

I could well flip this statement around; that a man who overuses flowery jargon in convoluted wall-text of emotional ranting is more innately feminine. One who passively retreats to his safe-space & peer confidants rather than to assertively confront that which bothers him directly. Ultimately a man has two choices, he either ignores forthright which means such does not bother him, or he directs his frustration to that which has riled him in the first place if something indeed does bother him.

Said author has refused to debate me

“So here we are. Called rootless and likened to dogs, with blood libel upon libel to answer for. Oh yes, our fathers committed sins, and here we are; in our own way, atoning for what we had no hand in perpetrating. The wisdom of the Copperheads and Isolationists was ignored in lieu of false honour, warped into submission, and used for fratricidal abominations. American history is soaked by that original sin. If Cain was the first kinslayer, then his hand stretched from mother and fatherland to squeeze the neck of the European colonies which were so unjustly pitted against each other. Where unlike before, where suicidal solidarity was confined to the European ancestral ground, it has since engulfed the world. And why? Flat thinking, false dichotomies, and shallow understanding. The world lost the last brother’s war, the “victorious” Allies sealed what would ultimately prove to be the fated end of an era, and then, potentially; the fate of the world. It is a guilt most don’t like to speak of, but remember why we do as we do; so another such war never comes.” – S.

As of the events of 9-11, The U.S. Government placed stern demands upon Germany & as well the rest of Europe to intervene on behalf of the U.S. Germans did not want to get involved due to not wanting reprisals “waves of migrants” to swarm upon Europe. America strong-armed Germany with sanctions, blockaded German businesses & vandalized French establishments, ultimately Germany caved into America’s demands. Within the years following Germany (as with the rest of Europe) is now forced to contend with the aftershocks of American wars for Israel.

This isn’t about holding grudges from WWII, it is for the fact that Americans have not learned their mistakes & still flex their dominance and divisive politics upon other nations.

Addendum No.7 – Frailty:

First off, projecting an inferiority complex is very unbecoming, secondly “Where unlike before, where suicidal solidarity was confined to the European ancestral ground” this is more conceit dictated by those who wish to draw the terms of racial European solidarity. You do not get to make the rules! Also, the war is already here in a manner of speaking, waged quite differently & asymmetrically, more so than the last time – one should seek minds that think alike, like I have urged many times this can only happen organically & not from making a plea to emotion.

The Fate of the World? Yet another delusion, I care about Europe by extension of that my German Heritage rooted more broadly within the Central/North European Germanic family, I only care about the world insofar to the stability of the natural order, I do not care about the world at large as the affairs of the rest of the world should be dictated by each respective people within their own homelands – That is what true Ethno-Nationalism is about! A concept lost to “American White-Nationalists”.

“Still it is asked “what is even White?” There may be a time and a place to ask, but you, reader, should know that when hostility froths from the tongue that asks it; it is not being asked in good faith. Those who do ask, almost always know. The question is more often than not, a gateway drug, leading the dopamine addled to an endless liturgy of complaints. Historical grievances are drug up like the dead horses they are, and beaten for losing a race we thought we’d buried with our grandfathers. Oh, we hear about the mean, manipulative Saxon and the poor, pathetic Irish – as if there were no middle ground, as if all were so feeble as the pittance they’re hemmed in as. Then we hear of Germans and Poles. Endless reasons and wasted complaints about why we cannot get along, all in bad faith, all in pursuit of veiled nihilism. Now, colour me deranged, but it strikes me that even Petty Nationalism suffers a fatal flaw. How many times have I heard that “Anglo” itself is an artificial term, usually from one who wishes to call me British? Yet when they wish to demean my kind, the “Anglo” becomes quite real, the Eternal Anglo, in fact. Is the same argument made for the Irish? Yet here we are, some Anglos and Patties henpeck eachother, but this is in good fun unless you are an idiot. There is no time for regressive infighting, there’s not enough time left before the doomclock strikes the eleventh hour, and ZOG worms his way into our beds one lonesome night. No one with a heart that beats for the love of his Race has time for that, no one I can name stands blind before the dark cloud which blotted out the Golden Sun long before the question of Socialism became an object of discussion.” – S.

Addendum No.8 – He who speaks a volume says extraordinarily little:

This really is a mouthful … firstly scathing criticism should not be equated to “hostility” what is the author essentially saying? That he is too weak to deal with reproach. Also, if one wishes to complain about use of the “Eternal Anglo” device I suggest you direct your venom at those responsible and not pin it on the person criticizing you.

“Still it is asked “what is even White?” (See: Addendum No.3 – The Pan-White Movement).

“Historical grievances are drug up like the dead horses they are, and beaten for losing a race we thought we’d buried with our grandfathers.”

This is also untrue I still have grand relatives from WWII who remain alive today, who shall never forget what transpired and still remain voiceless to this day a product of a weaponized narrative of silence & blacklisting propaganda no thanks to the U.S. Federal government & former U.S.S.R.

Then we hear of Germans and Poles. Endless reasons and wasted complaints about why we cannot get along, all in bad faith, all in pursuit of veiled nihilism”

This a very crass statement, firstly if one is not German nor Polish at very least European, they should cease discussing the topic period. An individual living in their deluded bubble of “Pan-Americanism” should not involve themselves in said dispute & mind their own business! It is bad enough Americans vie to police the entire world now we have Americans who want to conciliate Intra-european affairs? Additionally, to pin nihilism upon your detractors without valid credibility is an incredibly cheap move more akin to character assassination rather than a legitimate argument.

“I heard that “Anglo” itself is an artificial term, usually from one who wishes to call me British?”

For the record, I never called said author British – I inquired if they were British? because said individual could not tell me from which part of Great Britain insofar to the three founding tribes & region they bear lineage from, this hesitation is amusing considering that this very same person also claimed having an ability of tracking familial lineage as far back as the 15th century, a bold statement nonetheless clearly overcompensating for inadequacies. Ironically said author also proclaims to be Völkisch a uniquely German movement created for German people of all things considered, whilst this can be more broadly Germanic, Celtic & Baltic even considering the dynamic of tribes & later kingdoms within Central & Northern Europe. I must stress that it is deeply insulting to throw around that particular word yet at the same instance remain inconsistent or indifferent to applicable worldviews.

Also, the “Angles” (A tribe from Anglia) are in fact an ethnic distinction “Anglo” (English speaking people of G.B. America & Australia) is not! I continually emphasized this fact that “Anglo” is a linguistical term hence being “artificial” unlike for instance “Saxon” which is a tribal/ethnic distinction. Said author literally became triggered for having stressed “Anglo-centrism” not unlike “White” was blanket terminology hence applied usage was synthetic rather than ethnic (blood lineage) i.e. “Anglo-Saxon” being Saxons who assimilated a particular language culture.

(One can determine “Saxon” – Germanic DNA via lab sample one cannot determine “Anglo”).

Sadly, this just proves that I am dealing with another very dense American, who clings to terms like “Anglo” & “Whiteness” (American identity politics). These are not Pan-German ways of thinking nor European in fact, rather these are thought-forms of disconnected & confused people who perceive tangibility in things of no real substance.

Addendum No.9 – Finality:

I am not going to dis-assemble the massive closing anecdote other than simply state if you seek to address men who spend too much time online immersed within electronic artificial environments & not in the presence of real organic human interaction I suggest you preach closer to your own online social company & also cease using moronic memes that were probably created by C.I.A. operatives to make the dissident-right appears as buffoons to outsiders.

What do those on the outside think of the dissident movement right now in 2020 but a group of socially inept and/or mentally challenged people who can only communicate via badly drawn cartoons & select slang phrases.

Fact: The widely circulated “Angry Pepe” Meme utilizes a sound byte file “REEEEE” which literally is extracted from the film “Deliverance” (1972) more specifically the rape scene, the original author is either someone with a sick/degenerate sense of humor or a government operative with intent to make a spectacle of those who use this meme to express anger.

I don’t speak in memes simply because I find them tasteless & imbecilic (Call me uptight, elitist I don’t care). I interact with real people daily hence why I choose not to partake of online as I did years prior therefore remain mostly inactive both here and elsewhere on the internet. I work, come home happy to spend my evenings with my beloved, I say good morning to my fiancée upon waking, we plan our day events & future despite all obstacles. I fall asleep next to her & wake next to her, the black nihilism that is many current events does not steer me from the path of a grounded Germanic worldview, something I value dearest 2nd only to my beloved, honed by action of body & precision of an ordered mind.

My woman and I are a team, can one say the same about themselves? Far too many online presenters of the dissident-right focus upon appearances for the sake of face-time rather than actively exercising the values they so frequently profess. Men who are married to women (if they even have one to begin with) who don’t even share their spiritual or political views & end up wishing for another, men who role-play something online to overcompensate yet return to their unremarkable & mundane lives whilst offline.

I do not express certain opinions simply to appease my own ego nor am I an isolationist; I simply do not seek alliance with poor bedfellows for the security of my livelihood & integrity of my German heritage, one which shall not leave its final chapter upon this western continent.

“This is the way to make America, and every White country, great again. Not through slogans, nor by wasted hatred, but through love of your people, and the iron will to join them.” – S.

As a final response the above writer, Love is precisely true but only if said love is centered upon common blood & compatible social frequency, of which American Puritans are incompatible with the pure essence of Europe!

Paintings by Joseph Karl Stieler, commissioned painter to King Ludwig I of Bavaria who joined with the North German Confederation during the Franco-Prussian war, which later resulted into annexation of Bavaria into Das Deutsches Kaiserreich (Germany) from Das Kaisertum Osterreich (Austria).

Addressed on September 30th, 1862 (N.D.B.) Blut und Eisen;

“The position of Prussia in Germany will not be determined by its liberalism but by its power … Prussia must concentrate its strength and hold it for the favourable moment, which has already come and gone several times. Since the treaties of Vienna, our frontiers have been ill-designed for a healthy body politic. Not through speeches and majority decisions will the great questions of the day be decided – that was the great mistake of 1848 and 1849 – but by iron and blood” – Otto von Bismarck

The period spanning between 1848-1849 was significant to the Märzrevolution – a Liberal German uprising, carrying a flag reminiscent to present day Germany (B.R.D.) these same “Liberal German Demonstrators” rallied against the “Norddeutscher bund”, ultimately they were thwarted, rounded up as traitors to the Fatherland & exiled to the United States of America coinciding with the mass German Diaspora to America of the mid-late 1800s.

If it was not entirely self-evident the N.D.B. edifice of Germany up to the formative years of WWI is of great historical/cultural importance to me.

Many Americans (whilst not all) who have German extraction arriving within this period bracket are descended from these very same exiles. The same Americans following defeat & partition of Germany post WWII, who were instrumental at forming the new West German government not to mention placing permanent U.S. Military presence within Germany, which still remains today!


Quite coincidentally, The U.S. Federal government instituted the flag of the former liberal revolution of 1848-49 against Otto von Bismarck’s Germany – The 2nd Reich, Reichsbanner Schwarz, Rot, Gold was the flag of the former Weimar Republican government prior to the 3rd Reich which still remains the flag today long after the defeat of National Socialist Germany concluding with the re-unification of East & West Germany as of 1990.

For clarification I am a 1st Generation American, born from a Hamburg business family of which held the misfortune of staying in the U.S. for work related reasons longer than intended therefore I do not have this negative “baggage” to contend with nor do I have an overt love for all things America (rather the stark opposite). Having lived in Germany for a time in my youth as well speaking German at home with my parents nothing American resonates with me, in fact the mere notion of dying while still residing in America fills me with existential dread.

Where German blood retains itself the mind & memory of one’s kin radiates, with spiritual iron the will to break free from the mental prison of corrupt overlords. -A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII

As for my honest opinion, if Americans of European extraction want their ethnic integrity stabilized then simply embrace that but as its own separate movement with its own essence & symbols, if you want to be tribal return to the European wilds & leave North American tribalism to the indigenous Amerindian tribes! On the other hand, if you want to be a serious Ethno-Nationalist, then you need to man up, respect & venerate from where you come from above all else! Discard this absurd break-away notion of “Americana for all under the umbrella term of Whiteness”. Americans should not delude themselves with such falsehoods.

Not every European of strong heart and sharp mind born into an “American vessel” can return all at once due to reasons of necessity, but in due time, do not fear …. if your honor holds true you will reborn into the völk come next life.


“We all wish that the Prussian eagle should spread out his wings as guardian and ruler from the Memel to the Donnersberg, but free will we have him, not bound by a new Regensburg Diet. Prussians we are and Prussians will we remain; I know that in these words I speak the confession of the Prussian army and the majority of my fellow-countrymen, and I hope to God that we will still long remain Prussian when this sheet of paper is forgotten like a withered autumn leaf.” – Otto von Bismarck.


  1. A celebration of German Art (Deutsche Kunst) Ludwig van Beethoven DOKU

    A journey of a man born to humble beet farmers, who battled with his own personal conflict of deafness & melancholy (having suffered at the hand of a stern father) galvanized passionately to create music in the wake of the Napoleonic war within central Europe ~ The waning years of the Holy Roman Empire (Das Heiliges Römisches Reich).

    Previous minor mention:


      1. So you’re s 2nd Gen. American?
        If you were trying to say „Thanks. I try my best“ in your first German sentence then „verschume“ should be „versuche“ instead.
        Otherwise a good German sentence.
        You may have noticed that I subscribed to your blog which I enjoy very much.
        If you want to I can point out to you all German grammar or spelling mistakes.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. 1st Generation (My father immigrated to the U.S.) that was a typo on my part I answered you very quickly – Incidentally I had a Latin transcript open when I was typing to you. I almost never make mistakes in basic German, life seems to always has a way of humbling you when you least expect it 🙂

        As for everything else, thank you I would like you to point out any noticeable error, it would be very much appreciated!

        Thank you for subscribing as well. I had just subscribed to you yesterday, I am always trying to find more German language centered blogs on the topic of current events, culture, history/heritage & politics (dissident-side) I am particular to European Architecture & Art, I would love to visit Vienna & Rome sometime in the future if it were not for present circumstances..


      3. Well I think it’s a must for you being able talking and writing German fluently.
        English has a way of creeping in one’s mind and slowly taking over because it is so much easier.
        On the higher levels of thought though English sucks. Like poetry and philosophy.
        That’s where German trumps every other language.
        In my mind there’s only one language with an even higher potency: Latin.
        Its power never ceases to amaze me: whenever othe languages need a whole sentence to describe or say something, Latin needs only one word (or very few words). Like “come with me!” versus “vademecum!”

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I fundamentally agree with you regarding both the German & Latin language vs English speech/writing, more I recently arrived upon an obstacle with spoken German prose, which cannot be translated to literal English even if you know all the correct words in German.

        In this particular case the internet provided German was incorrect and I had to listen to the track over and over to figure out the verse structure. A wise man once said the only way to improve speech is not through the censorship of speech, but to provide better speech.


      5. Yes, lol.
        The way I fell in love with the English language?
        As a kid I started listening on an old radio to BBC World Service „broadcasted from Bushhouse, London“ as they used to say and to

        „Voice of America“, the radio station for American troops stationed in West Germany.

        I didn’t understand anything they said but got a good feeling for the language’s structure.
        It made learning this language later that much easier..

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Sounds like you “contracted” the English language via second hand exposure 🙂 We feel the same sentiments, English is convenient but it is also brutishly un-eloquent.


      7. Think what it can do to your brain!
        Think Schwarzenegger!
        He didn’t have much brain to begin with…
        …it made him stupid enough becoming Governor of California…. it made him stupid enough betraying his beautiful wife with an ugly mongrel… and while he can only stutter German with a heavy American accent he became goddamn ugly as well.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. He, became complacent as do Americans on the whole, I bump into people at work who come from distant German relations (six generations or more) but because German language was abolished under penalty of treason in the late 1800s – early 1900s they simply submitted to Anglicization without fighting for their heritage, and it shows..

        Liked by 1 person

      9. Yes, towards the waning years of the 19th century there was a growing Anti-German sentiment when WWI broke these sentiments crystallized in the collective American mindset. The U.S. Federal government issued a nation-wide ban on German language & culture, any teacher caught teaching German would be branded a traitor & potentially trialed for treason as “spies” German settlers Anglicized their surnames to escape targeting. German named goods, streets, towns, even dog breeds were summarily redacted & “Americanized” (Even though the U.S. was not involved in the conflict until much later this was enforced very early on).


      10. Yes, totalitarian measures indeed, such laws are no longer in place yet said German settlers acclimatized themselves to American Anglo-phonic culture any edifices of their former heritage erased with little initiative on their part to revive said heritage.

        As for Mussolini he was a fool (all heart no brain) who made himself culpable to outside influences hence he made severely erroneous decisions (spurs of irrational passion) which affected causes towards the progression of the last world war, by this course many high ranking within the Fascist Italian government became swayed by Western/American allied Anti-German propaganda.

        Believing themselves to be targets by Germans for elimination hence acted rashly, my fiancée is half Austrian (on her father’s side) she has told me stories of such betrayals told from her Nana & Großpapa.


      11. Yuh. Life has become so much with the advent of electronics…
        Gee I remember me being a youngster seeing the first electronic device of my life:
        A pinball machine by the name of SUPERMAN with a digital number display!

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Yes, and computers have come a long way too I recall using PC’s for the 1st time in the late 80s thru early 90s, one having the old P1 (Phosphor) CRT Monitor with the now disused 5 1/4 ” floppy disks.

        Liked by 1 person

      13. I think it was in 1982 or 1984 when I had my first run-in with a personal computer.
        It was a very solidly built and pretty heavy IBM 8088 with no hard disk, two 5 1/4” Floppy disk drives (single density) and a huge monitor running on Hercules graphics. DOS version 2.2 and no Windows in sight for some time to come. No mouse either. Everything had to be entered by keyboard. Remember the command edlin?
        Makes me feel pretty old when thinking of those days.

        Liked by 1 person

      14. Yes, I remember the old command line prompt. I also recall my 1st PC having a keyboard only interface as well having to scroll with the arrow keys, only when I used an Apple-IIGS for the 1st time did I ever see a mouse before it became a popular accessory.

        My dearest was not PC user prior to the year 2000 sometimes she has a hard time believing that PCs were ever particularly old to begin with, which makes me feel old in contrast when looking back at the hardware from my youth.

        Nonetheless, I am also reminded by my late father who did accounting on the old IBM card sorters it is almost hard to believe at times that people once relied upon “perforated cards” for any manner of computation.

        Liked by 1 person

      15. I never happened to see such old hardware in real life. The most antiquated machine I remember seeing (and using) was a PC which had a tape recorder instead of a floppy drive.
        I remember experiencing a revelation in those days when IBM computer ran on DOS without Windows.
        I went to see a friend who bought a new kind of computer I never heard of: an Atari.
        This was the first time I saw a mouse being used. So he powered up that sleek looking Atari and started a game by the name of Sherlock Holmes.
        Dammit, real graphics! But that was just the beginning of my amazement: when he clicked on a question he wanted to ask a person, that face of the person started moving its mouth synchronously with a voice coming from the computer’s tiny speaker!
        I was totally blown away!
        It took IBM a couple of years to reach that level.

        Liked by 1 person

      16. I recall the old reel to reel (analog) magnetic storage machines from my childhood as well, the Midwestern states here used them well into the mid 90s before the upgrade to digital server farms in the late 90s.

        The 1st gaming machine I ever saw was the C-64 by that point it had already been released for several years, but I know what you mean I remember seeing Pre-Rendered (Static) 3-D graphics in the early-mid 90s before the hardware for accelerated 3-D graphics technically existed, I thought it was so cutting edge for the time.


      17. I was totally addicted to my first computer game in the early 80ies: “Elite” by Bell & Braben. I played it on a Schneider CPC and a little later on an IBM 8088 Laptop which had an incredible small screen.

        Liked by 1 person

      18. Wow.. I don’t recall one of those, the oldest make of personal computer I recall using was the IBM 5152 (I think). I was in grade school on special privileges the classroom only had one of these machines at the time, we did not have a dedicated computer lab yet.


      19. Under Schwarzenegger term, he was also responsible for the highest population of homelessness, highest illicit drug-addicts (degeneracy in general), highest taxes, highest mental illness rates, ultimately the highest divide between the rich & poor (the rich live in mansions whilst the poor live in tents along streets) What a great job the imbecilic Americanized governor did.

        I cannot fault true ambition (which does not apply here), I do fault someone for betraying their homeland (which he very much did), championing terrorists & “Americana”.


      1. As far as I’m concerned I believe it was a genuine terror attack. If the attacker has been played by certain interest groups I cannot say. All the “evidence” presented by skeptics is mostly due to their own ignorance about weaponry, ballistics and medical knowledge. I am certainly glad this piece of human filth has been sent straight to Allah where he will finally receive his 74 year old virgin and I hope that this butchery was really done by one person alone.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I hope so as well, there was the narrative of “multiple suspects” initially which I find dubious, without concise evidence along with the usual “scapegoating” of non involved parties.


      3. Yes. When that SHTF they were talking about “up to ten possible terrorists”.
        But I think it’s better to initially assume that there’s more suspects. Never underestimate your enemy.

        Liked by 1 person

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