Arbeitsbericht Pt I

—————————— ᛭ ——————————

╬ Work Report No.1 ╬

Video by: Reinhard von Lohengrin

Upon acquisition of my property I realized everything was in dire need of upgrade not just for personal reasons of taste but for legal reasons as well i.e. my former central heating unit and gas connectors, however not everything hidden in the woodwork was an unpleasant surprise, whilst renovating the aging infrastructure I uncovered a hidden gem – Solid Oaken Cabinets! Good quality wood is hard to find nowadays, modern home construction and domestic suppliers alike are rife with low quality press-wood products more likely than not – Chinese/Pakistani tier mass-manufactured garbage which often just aims to please visually from veneer alone yet provide little versatility or real value. Needless to say re-doing my present cabinets entirely would be a waste of money, labor and resources in favor of what essentially amounts to a upgrading to a NEW “lower quality”. To do so would be downgrading while sacrificing precious Oak wood, I’ll stick with my cabinets thank you very much.


–Renovations Roadmap:

Kitchen: Absolute Black Granite counter tops & tiles (6-7k t.b.a), Refurbishment/Modification of current 1980s era Oaken cabinets (Difficult to acquire in present market – valued in itself at around 20K USD for just panels alone). Bosch Gmbh 100 Series Dishwasher acquired however pending installation to follow suit of cabinet work. NEW KRAUS Stainless Steel Under-mounted Sink Pending acquisition to replace old sink as top mounted sinks are incompatible with Granite counter-tops, not the mention the present sink has seen better days. Golden Oak Engineered Hardwood Floors (Like in the rest of Condo) to replace jarring linoleum cushion floor.

Living room: Pipe Mounted Industrial shelving (To be installed within the next 30-40 days). Matte Black Industrial ceiling fan with LED lights [x]

Bedroom: Machine gear style Industrial chandelier with Edison Lights [x]

(Installation of NEW Ceiling Fan & Chandelier Complete as of 10/20/18).

Entryway: Security camera with terminal (Acquired – pending installation).

Patio: Storm-force tempered UV glazed glass sliding double doors with central internal locking bolt and European style Black-out shutters, practical & aesthetic (Installation contract Postponed until Kitchen contract is completed).

Bathroom: I am also contemplating replacing the linoleum cushion floor in the bathroom in favor of Engineered Golden Oak flooring as a higher quality upgrade and uniformity with the rest of my flooring from a visual standpoint consistent & regal.

Self-impoverishment does not yield enlightenment contrary to some nor does regression garner any result but proliferation of imbecilic stock, move forward with sharp eyes scanning all directions rather than remaining stagnant upon the shifting sea.

 – Hail Odin! – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII


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