Um zu Leben I: Mein Zuhause.

—————————— ᛭ ——————————

╬ Ersten Jahrestag ╬

Video by: Eivør

Trøllabundin (Spellbound).

Spellbound I am, I am. Thor has enchanted me, enchanted me Spellbound deep in my soul, in my soul. In my heart burns a sizzling fire, a sizzling fire Spellbound I am, I am. Thor has enchanted me, enchanted me. Spellbound in my heart’s soul, my heart’s soul. My eyes gaze to where Thor stood.

[Note: Generic translation omits Thor in favor of “The Wizard” additionally the throat singing chorus represents the direct channeling of Thor thus being Spellbound.]

In the wake of the one year anniversary since meeting my sweetheart and having taken a leave from online interaction hubs. Last September my father passed away little more than a week after I had planned on my departing for my much touted expedition (which would have lasted little over a week), my sweetheart convinced me not to go on that trip it was not a decision I would regret as my father was on his death bed not long after. Fated for me as had I done contrary my father would have passed and I would have been absent and unable to tell him one last goodbye.. Last September onward heralded a lot of bad blood with my own next of kin my only respite being a happy Yule having spent it with my sweetheart, the only silver-lining at a very hard chapter in my life. Following the final quarter of last year till now all of my time has been exclusively focused upon building a home for myself and fiancée.

Yes, I’d like to address the elephant in the room I have since engaged my sweetheart and she is on her way to be with me despite having to traverse a great many obstacles on both our ends, we remain true to our course and madly in love. Our primary pet project is my only pursuit at present hence prioritizing nearly all of my time offline (Yes, I know my last YT account was taken down but that is not my utmost focus). Additionally, my Washington trip has been placed upon indefinite hold.. At least until I can make it a more meaningful trip with my sweetheart wife and puppy Knut.♥ On the up side, the battle for my father’s assets have nonetheless been in my favor despite the abysmal living Hel which has since transpired, gods be praised! I have since moved into my new home as of March Y2k18 thoroughly invested into the property to mark up value of said capital and grant a distinctive aesthetic unique to our personal tastes (-$20,000+ in renovations with another $8K+ pending).

On a final note, life is expensive something many of a certain niche never bother to utter, needless to say living is not for those taking the backseat while they hide in the shadows of others, however a life well road-mapped is indeed very rewarding yet only feasible for adults living in the real world! Rather than role-playing escapists who think that self-impoverishment will garner themselves a willing mate or procure a strong foundation for future generations, the later is an immature mentality which leads to no fruition! A dead end for defeatists.. The foreseeable future of S.Z.H. ODALGRUPPE – Westen shall be honed towards employing viable real-world life strategies, logistics & networking so that individuals of like mind and strong will may exchange and build up to a better future for themselves and their families in particular to new couples in particular to; Dissidents. Second to this primary goal we shall remain intent upon exposing counter-productive if not downright self-destructive attitudes/practices while remaining productive ourselves and true to the good fight upon our one only eternal enemy.

We do not capitulate what the predator has seized but rather we re-conquer!

Liberals are not the only demographic comprised of dead-weight, not everyone can be saved, nonetheless only those of strong blood and enabling fortitude in a world of two enduring empires.. Which begs the question, what two Empires? That is left to be elaborated in a future post, yet my long absence is not without something to show, if an individual is going to throw stones in disfavor of other persons or parties one better be damn sure that you are the one pulling the full weight of every belief and action in accordance with one’s own living. I cannot say for certain or guarantee a particular schedule for updates however be certain there will be a lot more to come in grander scope!

–Summary of Renovations:

Re-painted entire interior including accents (Snowberry White & Tricorn Black), stripped carpeting and placed down engineered hardwood flooring (Golden Oak stain), added custom wall plates for switches, outlets and air vents, replaced single plank on deck and stained three layers (Cedarbark). Replaced bathroom sink, faucet in favor of European fixture & cabinet, added Venetian bronze towel ring new toilet paper holder, shelf & all bars for towels/curtains (Oil Rubbed Bronze). Completely overhauled walk-in closet with custom made shelves with Black/Bronze Poles (Dressing mirror affixed to door). Partially replaced Kitchen appliances (Additional work on kitchen pending). Replaced Central air-conditioning & heater unit and brought into legal Missouri regulation (Cut exhaust vent into bedroom wall).

–Pending Renovations:

Kitchen: Absolute black granite counter tops for the kitchen, new dishwasher & refrigerator unit along with minor visual tweaking to current kitchen sink for the sake of consistent aesthetic uniformity (Bosch dishwasher and G.E. fridge scheduled to be installed on 09/21/18).

Patio: Storm-force tempered UV glazed glass sliding double doors with central internal locking bolt and Black-out shutters, for the sake of security against both natural elements and intruders (Installation planned within the next 40 days).

Bathroom: Molded wood black toilet seat/lid (Purely for aesthetic). Living room & bedroom: Mounted Industrial shelving (Short-term) Industrial ceiling fan/lights (Long-term). Entryway: Security camera with terminal.

[This is the last set of bad photos one will have to endure I already have a better camera for both professional grade photography and future video-making.]


People in glass houses should not throw stones, we should all aim higher rather than strive in contentment for lower. ~ Hail Odin!

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