Für die Zukunft IX: Liebe und Wahnsinn.

—————————— ᛭ ——————————

-257 Tage.

Please don’t like or re-blog this post until I have managed to re-collect myself,  presently dealing with things I cannot articulate (No not heartbreak) but rather that I am separated by an ocean in distance powerless to bridge the gap to affect others or assert my will..



    1. Thanks, at the moment I am just dealing with a 360 in all aforementioned pursuits. The Autumnal Equinox approaches so I will return with a proper update and explanation prior to the 21st/22nd.

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  1. There will be no further updates to this series or the blog. As of the past 2 months I am more focused being with my true love and future wife to the extent I no longer use youtube save to listen to music and barely even check my emails.

    Additionally as of 09/29/17 my father passed away …

    Abschied.. Nikolaus Thorsten Krüger 25. Oktober 1944 – 29. September 2017

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    1. Ohhh… Sorry for your loss.
      On the other hand, I am glad you have found a good woman to be with, and it’s good to hear you are refocusing your energies towards a good IRL relationship…
      Best wishes!

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      1. Thank you for the condolences, I’m still dealing with the aftermath (family) however with one generation at an end.. another generation lays down the foundation for the future.

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