1. Our story thus far compiled out of fan images of the D.K.o.K. (Death Korps of Krieg WH40k)

    Left: Our first meeting – reluctance then an unbreakable bond. Middle: My vision of a 1st son getting his folding spade bloodied with jew residue. Right: Vision of six sons who shall wreak havoc and terror upon the Jew world order.

    I’ve lost my mind.. I MEAN already I have found my partner in crime! I mean future mother of my offspring

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    1. Danke. Yesss my sleep schedule is ruined though.. on the plus side you and I might become territorial neighbors one day.. Its not a matter of if but when..

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      1. Note the idiot French mongrel essentially said that Danes have Mongoloid blood.

        ( https://www.youtube.com/user/seruvu )

        Also following this he and his sibling deleted their parent threads on the M.E. Re-upload added two dislikes and an additional two dislikes to my intro video “The Doctrine of Immortality (Preview)” because they are salty sycophants.

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    2. So… a recap.
      People speak about V.V
      Then some faggot troll fixates on the supposed Mongol ancestry of Varg Vikernes (retarded thing as fuck, imo)
      Chick calls him out on his faggotry… plays well, she is the only one who would be right on fixating on his physical features, because female, but she doesn’t, because smart (and V.V is married anyway).
      Faggot goes tuff guy mode with her.
      Then (you?) step in, because he is so retarded.
      lol no, u neckbeard.
      Faggot melts down with gal and you (I think), spews more retarded shit (enough to make any person brain cells to melt, mine did).
      Chick thrashes his ass back and forth with class.
      At last fag troll leaves.
      You guys are friends (or chat on PMs).
      the end.

      Something like that, right?
      The Norse are Mongols thing is the most retarded stuff I’ve read in a long time… Where did he got that shit? From his ass?
      Man, sure there are retards out there. I feel a bit less intelligent after reading his comments. Ugh!

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    1. The D.K.o.K. was also a late admittance, considering that gaming media of such a theme is typically demonized by the same Jewish influence as Hollywood with the exception of WH40K in which case “The Death Korps of Krieg” as an Imperial Guard Regiment would actually be portrayed as a force aligned with order/justice/truth rather than another archetype of villainy.

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