Prometheus auferstanden: Dekonstruktion des Nihilismus.

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The Doctrine of Immortality ~ Prometheus Rising (Re-posted 2020).

By: Thorsten Krüger

A formal introduction consistent with intended channel theme – The Doctrine of Immortality – Promethean Vindicator. Visual fx licensed from and Full video is scheduled for release as of November 2017

Music: ARDITI – The Doctrine of Immortality. (Excerpt)

Quotations as followed in order of appearance:

“I believe in an immortal soul. Science has proved that nothing disintegrates into nothingness. Life and soul, therefore, cannot disintegrate into nothingness, and so are immortal.”

– Wernher Magnus Maximilian Von Braun

“Invention is the most important product of man’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of human nature to human needs.” – Nikola Tesla

“Every tool carries with it the spirit by which it has been created.” – Werner Karl Heisenberg

Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy.” – Sir Issac Newton

With these men and women who work-for the cause with all their hearts, with cool heads and skilled hands we will master every fate.” – Gustav Krupp

  1. Science is objective and gray although true men of science are spiritual in their pursuits.
  2. True innovation and our pioneering spirit are the extension of our European sovereignty.
  3. Technology is not devoid of spirit as such are integral into to reaching our ascension.

There is s prevailing sentiment among many Neo-Luddite Heathens (Odalists) who will claim that such Advanced Technology is only just “Materialistic” or that tools are only meant to be used and have no real value in itself hence play no part in our higher role (destiny). I must shake my head in disappointment every time I hear such uttered by an alleged European. Such limited frames of thinking are inherently Non-European. Allow me to elaborate, an Eastern Asian (Oriental) engineer can make a copy of European Artifice in functionality but cannot refine such Artifice into higher Art nor even interpret it spiritually as such remains their biological limitation, Europeans are always regarded higher to creativity and abstract thinking. Appropriately this Non-European frame of mind coincides with the Jewish Nihilistic Technocracy which represents an apex of their future Globalist agenda. Said future represents the “Black-Standard of Progress” seen to (detrimental) fruition.

Be wary of saboteurs in our midst! As an added clarification I want nothing to do with Odalism or to be confused with that lot, if the sole prerogative of such individuals is the decentralization of European power, infrastructure and disarmament via rejection of High-Technology therefore I cannot conclude such as a positive movement contributing to our respective self-determined Ethno-State(s).

Octocopter über Lichtbogenofen im Einsatz by HEIGHT TECH

Additionally High-Technology and Heavy Industry is characteristically Masculine, those men who persist to whine about technological advances are innately Feminine, this is natural behavior for women because inherent to their nature, the traditional roles as mothers nurturing young are of course tied to maintaining tradition and customs as well the role of stewards to our natural/wild order. If a woman raises concern for such then it would be pertinent for a man to listen and consider her counsel this does not mean however that he relinquishes the hammer or parabellum entirely to become the librarian steward of nature. It is not the role of men – we are warrior artificers it is our primary role to provide strength for community; defense and to hone the craft into perfection for our eventual higher evolution. Man, alone cannot undertake this task by himself of course, Woman must accompany him on this journey to ascension and only when united between pairs in a racially cohesive environment can such be realized.

(See post: F.D.Z. VI).

We thread into a possible fractured (divided) future, one can practically envision the formation of Promethean Militias to thwart sabotage with extreme prejudice, whereas judgment was typically reserved for the hostile Alien aspect (Jews/Orientals/Eurasians/Africans ~ Dual Loyalties cannot work) now such vindictive flame is made apparent without compromise or hesitation for Techno-phobic cultists seeking the disarmament & ultimate downfall of all European people. One does not necessarily harbor hate for such entities, as does a doctor treating viral infection, one rightly deals with such hostilities objectively and methodically without anger not unlike a surgeon’s scalpel.

2021 Anecdote: A redaction had been added to “Alien Aspect” mainly because all ongoing negativity, manipulation & destruction focused not only upon Europeans but all of mankind stem from one singular cause, Zionism. All other components are either distractions (e.g. the recent trend of fixating upon China) whilst these can be lesser symptoms of the affliction in itself we should focus our primary attention upon the heart of our enemy not its various appendages. Attack an appendage, a new one replaces it, yet if we attack Zionism (The Heart & Brain) all issues will dismantle from the source, or at the very least become immensely easier to resolve.

Prometheus Risen – Deconstructing Nihilism (More accurately deconstructing Nihilistic angles which are weaponized by both degenerates on the left and technophobes on the alleged right).

The aforementioned Black Standard being interpreted as a manipulation to suit the agendas of the Jewish Social Marxist Nihilist (Left) and otherwise negative image championed as an example by Neo-Luddite Odalic (Right) as why High-Technology and Civilization is irredeemable. The truth for however remains conservatively in-between either faction, neither polarity offering a positive conclusion or definitive solution to our current crisis. Additionally to clarify, no I am not a moderate and detest fence-sitters, a true Dissident is fully capable of discriminating between false messengers (cultists) in our midst as well deconstructing potential motivations to better determine an angle of attack. To better convey my point I have assembled a series of  images which better illustrate three key models and their respective visions of the future.

-The Nihilistic Techno-Fetishist (Black-Standard of Progress).

Model no. 1 More widely known as the Globalist Technocracy, the Jewish/Liberal vision of the future which is utterly dismal, devoid of spirit or racial identity essentially our current situation magnified times threefold at the cost of our defeat. Prevailing theme(s): Transhumanism (Humanity is a plaything to be sculpted as one sees fit). Social Marxism gone off the rails – this can include race/gender being social constructs as an official mandate hence holding no inherent value to progress under the supervision of the (((tribe))) Everything is Permitted ~ Nothing is Sacred. Within this black future hyper-individuality totally replaces ethnic identity, self-gratification, hedonism (no matter now perverse), materialism, greed and every imaginable vice replaces the moral fabric which held Europe together in the past now a death cloth draped over the broken monoliths that were European monuments. Preservation of one’s genetic legacy or contribution to a racial community are null and void, the only individuals who appear White are in fact Jews having assimilated the very last gentile and of course the Polymer Facsimile of European visage which are now endowed with depraved purpose.

Having thoroughly decimated the European horizon, forests are no more as with the magnificent spires and bold castles now cast into the shadow of ugly obtuse geometry and caustic oceans. The current occupants being mixed-race foreign denizens amidst the ruins of  Europe, even the very mountains have not been spared, scarred by negligent engineering and dwarfed by an ever growing expanse of shadowy; cold, life-less Jewish machinery. One of the most popular visions championed by the Nihilistic left is the notion of Artificial Intelligence, to become immortal physically in order to extend the span of self-serving hedonism, perversions, or power to extend force over nature rather than to co-exist with it. For the deeply disturbed Jewish psyche to transfer their would be patterns of thought and personalities to a synthetic facsimile of human form. Without a doubt such fantasies are an abomination. The concept of Trans-humanism is nothing more but a Jewish corruption of true European Ascendancy a dark future seized upon the groundwork of European visionaries who’s descendants are interred below the ruins of a bleak and desolate landscape.

-The Promethean Vindicator (Battle-Standard of Enlightened European Power).

Model No. 2 With tools ever advancing in complexity we steel ourselves in times of crisis and eventually raise ourselves beyond the firmament. While the line between what is destructive and what is beneficial may be too unclear hence uncomfortable for some often warranting aversion or fear by more simple individuals. One should note that only Europeans are capable of true enlightened technological progress enacted responsibly, unfortunately the Pandora’s box of Jewish modernist globalization has dispersed our creations to those less capable of responsible development or proper utilization. This further complicates matters for our cause, only the European man is capable of justified artifice into art corresponding to our preservation, working in cohesion with nature rather than against it. However as far as history is concerned our ancestors did not shy away from challenges, the greater the challenge the greater the outcome, the more titanic the foe the more worthy the risk.

Technological advancement is akin to a path marked in an uneven and disharmonious arc, not unlike an electrical current or fire unpredictable at times, however as the great Wernher Von Braun has stated the cosmos is only hostile for those who do not grasp its laws. There will be error and obstacles encountered along the way as we continue to advance and update our compendium of natural laws, surely and boldly we undertake every step that is crucial to the our eventual understanding, no matter how hard, scary or perilous our obstacle we seek the means to the method, refined to a higher purpose,  not just to this world, our racial struggle but eventually beyond the very Earth itself. Simply because a technology is deemed destructive does not mean it should be abolished, we create to promote creation and learning in itself, to do otherwise would be Anti-European.

“Science clears the fields on which technology can build.” Werner Karl Heisenberg

Please Note that “Promethean” is termed loosely and not a mandatory standard of use,  as such remains a personal frame of reference. I could care less if one coins such as the Almighty Creator or otherwise so long as the sole prerogative remains genuinely dedicated to Pro-European truth, industriousness and ascension.

-Neo-Luddite Anarchist Saboteurs (The Black-Tribalist Standard of Regression).

Model No. 3 One consumes the Red Pill for awakening to the truth of how our world truly works and who is behind such ill machinations, one consumes the White Pill for European morale and Ascension. The Black Pill however only presents inherent value via observation not direct consumption. Those who seek the solution via Black-pill are likely the same people who run from all their problems rather than to boldly confront it, while there is truth and beauty in the Blut und Boden we must seek the middle ground between going off-grid entirely and living within the grid full-time if we are truly going to succeed! As a discrepancy one should note that I do not vouch against the in-group preference as emphasized by European tribalism nor do I speak against traditional masculine virility and feminine fertility let alone other integral aspects of Traditionalism.

What I adamantly oppose however is the outlandish regression to primitive lifestyle expressed often as “The Solution” along with counter-productive live-action-role-play (L.A.R.P.) during times of crisis rather than focusing upon acquiring the necessary skills that would be essential for building communities; defense, technical maintenance and safeguarding long-term infrastructure which our descendants shall inherit. Our lives thread the line between pragmatism and idealism, extreme ends of the spectrum of either are just as bad as having none at all.

“The spread of civilization may be likened to a fire; first, a feeble spark, next a flickering flame, then a mighty blaze, ever increasing in speed and power.” – Nikola Tesla

For the sake of expression regarding “The Black-Pill” One makes an observation, preferably from a safe distance behind armored glass and leaden steel bulkheads, while donning radioactive protective gear. Such an abstract concept can be equated to a highly radioactive isotope, the only observation which can be made from such is that we avoid threading down the path that is revealed from misuse or irresponsibility, this can be said with either model no. 1 or 3.

When darkness sweeps over the land some will flee towards waning light clinging to the hopes of yesterday.. True men don’t run however, rather they proceed headstrong with torch and steel in hand. – A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII


    1. Thank you, it is crucial that the path we thread is the correct one, whether those individuals caught in the fray like it or not model 1 and 3 are not too different from each other, rather just at opposite polarities reflecting the same detrimental extreme at our cost.

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    “One consumes the Red Pill for awakening to the truth of how our world truly works and who is behind such ill machinations, one consumes the White Pill for European morale and Ascension. The Black Pill however only presents inherent value via observation not direct consumption. Those who seek the solution via Black-pill are likely the same people who run from all their problems rather than to boldly confront it”

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