Für die Zukunft VII: Unvorhergesehene Hindernisse.

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Death In Rome – Summertime Sadness (Lana Del Rey – Cover) by Death In Rome


We surround ourselves in this incandescent reality of summer even on a deeper level we yearn for the wilds of winter.

As the title suggests I have reached unforeseen obstacles which have hindered my trip schedule originally announced and planned in advance for 07/17/17.  In fact I neglected to mention last month under the operational budget “return trip” cost (which shall be amended). However that is not relevant to why I did not book a trip this month,  price differentials or fluctuation can be easily mitigated as I have set aside a large sum of cash for my operational treasury,  every hour of work contributed directly to this (Something a welfare parasite cannot do). The reason I have postponed my trip is due to that my extended family is flying over from half-way across the country to visit my ailing father,  on such short notice within the same week I would have departed,  it would be impolite and selfish for oneself to embark upon a personal trip under such circumstances.

On another note traveling at this time for me is greatly inconvenient due to apartment rent,  expeditions must be planned in accordance to accommodate a payment window,  my flat dues are not automated and require a delivery of cheque. If say I lived in my condominium I could leave at my own discretion for however long deemed appropriate and return at my own volition without having to pay heed to such hassles. As for the condominium property I am now officially a home owner yet due to legal obligations cannot occupy said dwelling as of yet.

On a personal level I strongly believe however such occurs for a reason take for example

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” – Murphy’s Law.

In retrospect upon reviewing equipment I am fully stocked in regards to;  emergency medical kit (I.F.A.K.), water purification/filtration components,  multiple water storage options; water canteen on webbing harness,  hydration bladder inserted into a compartment on my patrol pack (w/ accessible bite valve), weighed packs used in conjunction with equipment webbing rig,  outdoor cooking kit/fuel (Alcohol Stove),  sure-fire/fire-starter (Ferrocium Rod & Treated Wicks) topographical maps (x3 different scales),  navigation tools (pace-counter, compass) including being versed in the materials that would require directing and orienting oneself via coordinate grids (U.T.M.).

However I am cutting it close in regards to some key components,  namely I fall short in two specific areas.

  1. Provisions (Rations Beyond 130 hours).

My eagerness threads on folly in this regard as I am used to eating few calories as deliberate fasting in a typical week yet in an atypical scenario calories are an absolute necessity,  in particular to when to exerting oneself for such a duration in mountainous alpine geography. Foreshadowing a worst case scenario if I am indeed marooned there must be not only an ample quantity of cash on hand but also provisions in particular food/medicine to account for the worst possible outcome. i.e. incapacitation in the wild with no ability to signal help renders one vulnerable to the elements. Additionally without proper caloric intake can exacerbate viral infection due to weakened immune system or fatigue making one more liable to making costly mistakes.

  1. Lashing and Cordage (Equipment bindings).

Not unlike most  I am about as well versed with tying survival knots as the guy down the street which is to say not very knowledgeable,  at best I can tie my bootlaces into a secure knot and tie my rope into an Alpine coil to be slung across my shoulder or rucksack. However that is literally the extent of my knowledge regarding knot tying. Secondly is that I lack proper lashing of a suitable length to secure a hybrid pack (the ideal bug out/mountaineering setup). Essentially if I cannot lash my 12 hour pack (50 L Alice Style Army Backpack) to my 72 hour pack (80 L Mountain Patrol Rucksack) then I run the risk of an insecure load resorting to carrying a smaller pack inside the larger one which negates valuable storage space better spent on hauling additional supplies or potentially making high priority equipment such as my I.F.A.K. inaccessible. Currently I have Steel Carabiners hooked to my Alice pack which would otherwise function with a 6ft long equipment strap across the back then looped around the Mountain rucksack tightly length-wise,  follow this up with another lashing strap vertically and voila you have one secure pack as a combination of two while not sacrificing space nor blocking key items from reach. (Medical,  Sleeping Bag & Mess Kit).

In other news I am currently free from work and have been since 07/07/17,  rightly I am able to sustain myself financially till Fall 2017 and shall resume employment then,  all other plans remains unchanged asides from a slight alteration in expedition departure by one month,  rather additional expeditions will be plotted for the fall and winter (I’m eager to see the Cascades blanketed in snow). By March of 2018 I will be moving into new a domicile proceeding with renovations in preparation for making it a suitable safe-house for in between excursions,  videography will continue from where I last left off only with higher quality assets to commit into a more distinctive (tasteful) visual overhaul and overall more professional presentation.

Mid July Reconnaissance Expedition No. 1 (Departure Re-Scheduled).

08/18/17 – 08/29/17 -11 days for the actual wilderness excursion in itself,  just slightly under two weeks. Key emphasis on addressing resolution to the weaker aspects of my kit. I still plan on doing a proper video regarding my particular E.D.C. and B.O.B. setup,  however will likely capture optimal footage when reaching my destination unless a particular day happens to be advantageous locally (factor of climate). As a final note I would also like to cover additional modern equipment i.e. medical kits,  long term water storage however for starters N.B.C. (Nuclear Biological Chemical) equipment in particular to gasmask/respirators.


The Swedish A4 Forsheda a.k.a  Skyddsmask 90 (left) is a viable alternative to the German Dräger Schutzmaske M2000 (right) for those unable to acquire the later due to either geographical restrictions or immense cost.

Apparently there are those who coin themselves as survivalist/preppers yet are allergic to such topics dismissing anything which is deemed “too advanced” as degenerate to their childish perception of reality. This isn’t even a matter of personal taste,  albeit aesthetics are subject to personal discretion skimming over integral subjects while projecting oneself as the proxy of such knowledge is a disservice to those seeking genuine insight applicable to practical real world scenarios. For example daubing honey and a fuzzy weed might be effective for cuts and scrapes however it will do you no good in regards to trauma such as third degree burns or gunshot wounds. I may be far from established concerning my own channel however I seek to transcend the stagnant muck that was former associations to the best of my abilities.

Are you weary of quotations uttered by those who do not practice what they preach? Never fear you aren’t alone. Against all odds we thrust ourselves into the fray,  be it a rally to arms,  one’s obligation,  duties or otherwise,  retreat is not an option and only viable as a strategy if one ever asserted themselves on the battlefield to begin with.


We live in a time of emergency and war this not a time to hide shrouded under a veneer of psuedo traditional role-playing! Keine kapitulation,  kein rückzug! – A.K. 14/88


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