Für die Zukunft IV: Der Bluthund.

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-103 Tage.


[Bundeswehr] Wir.Dienen.Deutschland. by: WargasmPegasus

 I share such to boost Germanic solidarity,  racial cohesion and morale,  added it is entirely relevant under the context of projected high intensity scenarios in a given war-time or SHTF situation. Relative to a much discussed or more accurately over emphasized topic of alleged “Autistic European purity“. Certain parties which harbor questionable ulterior motives (intentional or not) I will not stand for it. Lastly I have learned that even the so called conservative H.F.A’s are triggered by the notion of anything pertaining to high technology or European civilization not unlike the coined vernacular “microaggression” which causes other like individuals to behave erratically when a certain unfavorable topic is uttered,  so enjoy and be sure to leave feedback!

Disassembling the alleged purity myth of Autism (Aspergers H.F.A).

Disclaimer: To clarify however I do not consider myself better than others for having an axis 3 personality spectrum,  it is said the superior man is not superior to others rather superior to his former self. Such an exalted frame of mind or state of being only motivates me more at present where others would simply accept defeat or use such as an excuse to not act or worse degrade oneself. One should not feel demoralized due to circumstances beyond one’s control but rather make the best of the given situation,  biologically,  environmentally or otherwise to one’s health and benefit of our kin. Gravitate to the higher self rather than the lower self but also live reasonably and practically within what time remains. It is important that a solid foundation remains for our betters to inherit when we are gone even if some of us live on borrowed time,  we do not accept defeat nor submission. Above all it is also easy to become embittered or emotionally misguided when we see irresponsible individuals live full long lives with fame and progeny,  my goal however is to encourage as many people to the truth without telling you how to live in the attempt that somewhere along the line our enemies falter and each individual finds their own path to victory.

Aspergers Spectrum Syndrome,  an outsider’s perspective (See prior Neue Grundlagen). While I do believe that such individuals are fully capable of contributing to the greater mission of  one’s corresponding folk,  I understand however that such a condition has inherent flaws which should be noted. Namely the inability to read emotion from first hand observation can impact a person’s  ability to recognize distress or a threat from a person’s face or whether or not they are potentially withholding  information,  lying  etc. This conflicts with the statement  “Autistic people can read the truth by looking into the eyes of another person” as stated by a certain Norwegian video blogger,  alluding to latent Psychic abilities. As if some acute level of primordial intuition compensates for such a limitation is not even remotely evident.


  1. Der Jagdgesellschaft (The hunting party scenario also applicable to warfare and police investigations).

Facial Recognition (Aphantasia a.k.a Mental Blindness or an inability to visualize memory,  faces or imagine places) in lieu with team based operations and vital relay of  communications.


Genuine Answer: A person even with H.F.A. will probably struggle save in groups of like people or alone. However cohesively a party is made of a number of individuals with varying qualities each so the chance of an party comprised entirely of such individuals is highly unrealistic,   eventually someone is going to get rubbed the wrong way due to misunderstanding of social nuances.  Can one with Aspergers gather intelligence based upon observing another social circle? Consider these key factors:  Will an individual with H.F.A. pick up and decipher information in a verbal engagement? What about tone of dialog?  Facial expressions or mannerisms? Perhaps one will be required to proceed via 1v1 interrogation of a captive.

Retribution warranted under a pure emotional basis can go very wrong,  it is vital that such information is without a fault.  If said individual is unable to detect the subtly of human emotions be it duress of one’s kin under suppression or that of an enemy poised for attack then he cannot be an asset to his company. The inherent inability to react properly in a normal social situation combined with a high stress scenario to assess and disseminate key information can spell disaster. Can one with H.F.A recognize a culprit in a crime against one’s Volk? For example a foreign incursion upon one’s enclave or terrorist attack,  save via fragmented visual cues or generalization alone. This could have disastrous consequences in the long run,  not a particularly helpful person to have in an investigation. (No,  being able to intuitively judge someone based on gut instinct or a bad feeling is not definitive enough).

Emergency Medical Technicians or Field Tacticians cannot be Autistic however such a person can be a professors of said fields,  the H.F.A. ability to absorb information is very high,  however the practical ability of such individuals on the field is questionable. In contrast I do not bear such inhibitions,  not only do I recognize faces but can also recall precise visual information regarding said person(s) and environment down to lost detail i.e. the pores of one’s skin,  a vivid photographic memory combined with an acute ability at recognizing body language (mannerisms and other social nuances) has helped me considerably in school and work. It should be noted Autistic individuals are incapable of processing such information or retaining such qualities. I don’t need to be able to read someone’s mind to tell that someone is not being 100% honest with me or is withholding information. Regarding the family bond and alleged Morphic Resonance without a doubt anyone with a close family bond is going to have a strong intuitive sense of their kin’s emotional pathways especially the relation to mother and eldest child. This does not mean they are psychic!

Bulls**t Answer: The H.F.A will use mind reading intuition left over from Neanderthals,  as only pure primitive Autistic Europeans are psychic. An expected reply that is perhaps as pretentious as Liberal hyper individuality and as tinfoil a rebuttal as Flat-Earth conspiracy. A unique special snow flake who needs validation rather than accepting one’s flaws for that they are is very typically Autistic.

Conclusion: Are H.F.A. individuals closer to nature and the hidden intuition of  life? Perhaps,  however many claims are left-brained conjecture on a purely emotional bias,  I’ve yet to see such an Autonomous Autistic European Enclave practiced in reality to be observed,  many do not practice what they preach and the ability for a H.F.A. to handle criticism or high intensity stress in a field environment is likely too low to cope with such complex tasks as community development/management let alone team operations. Perhaps more reasonably surmised a H.F.A. without proper stimulus conditioning is too emotionally immature and/or completely out of touch with reality. (Character is built by Adversity not by hiding from reality).

2. Der Bluthund: (Autism regarding sensory defects – Olfaction/Gustation,  3-D Spatial awareness and vision.) To start individuals with Autism varying upon the spectrum tend to have a blunted sense of taste,  only able to acquire an extreme sensation of salty and sweet yet not bitter or sour,  the autistic sense of smell appears off the chart at times that does not however denote primal hunting characteristics.


Bulls**t Answer: Industrial Pollution,  High-Technological Habits and Modern medicine is to blame for H.F.A’s losing pure features and mostly retaining flaws. Sounds a lot like Freudian Jewish Psychology where everything is the fault of an external environmental influence and not the result of flawed genetics or racial background. I will not deny direct exposure to Industrial pollution plays a role in the influx of degenerative mental and physical illnesses however unless someone presents to me a detailed chart including chemical formulas and subsequent research which includes all variables in a concise and rational manner than I will dismiss such as more excuse making in favor of fear mongering conspiracy theorists.


On another note,  I always found the Autistic Odalistic ban against Coffee,  Chocolate and Beer quite peculiar and oddly specific (Idiosyncratic). Not unlike an O.C.D. person who reacts adversely to an unbuttoned shirt or untied knot,  I could never quite reason with such a motivation. Concerns about alcohol are more self evident,  discipline against such external chemical influence is pertinent for a true conservative European frame of mind,  however one can still partake of such libations and not lose oneself to a lesser composure or addiction. European men have stronger liver enzymes which break down alcohol than either European women or men and women of other races. Whether or not one partakes in alcoholic beverages is less relevant,  on the other hand Cocoa and Coffee aversion as foreign substances which have no place in a European digestive system is a tad extreme. To counter this argument neither substance has been proven to be adverse in European biology,  both have been cultivated for hundreds of years albeit via international trade and prior colonization.

I do not have to stress how much of an influence Chocolate has been to Germanic countries. Conquests aside small amounts of both yield beneficial alkaloids which can very useful when consumed in moderation. I guess those German soldiers with Caffeine Chocolate rations were overweight,  horrible candy junkies during WW2 right? More often than not such was the case regarding Allied American soldiers. The ability to savor or appreciate a benefit should not be treated as a crime nor should individuals who partake of such be condemned for responsible consumption. This is an clear example of Puritanical Insanity of  the Autistic Odalistic variation. Strong willed individuals of a sound genetic foundation do not harbor such tendencies,  from my observation the only people complaining about such are likely projecting an insecurity as if they cannot handle even moderate consumption responsibly. Hence such individuals will go to an extreme to preach against it in entirety,  perhaps they’re just envious that they lack the ability to enjoy such a thing in which case that would be petty and insipid.


 I do not suffer from a blunted sense of taste or smell either,  in fact the extreme polar opposite whereas potential brewing factors are apparent,  the ability to narrow down ingredients based upon sense of taste alone,  confirming inconsistencies per batch;  more Coriander,  less Hops for example not excluding texture and finish contrasting American and German brews. Those who cannot taste only receive a feedback of data to the brain it’s “rubbing alcohol“. Another example is detection of foreign substances i.e. artificial additives such as Corn Syrup and Xanthan gum,  used in condiments of which warrant an extreme aversion. (I cannot even eat in the presence of an open Ketchup  bottle whereas other people do not seem bothered in the least).

Bulls**t Answer: Autistic men are better hunters due to color blindness a residual trait from our Neanderthal ancestors. This is under the presumption that because dogs are color blind they have a more efficient detection range in a natural environment. This is not a universal trait with all predators in fact this varies greatly within the entire animal kingdom for example Eagles have full color vision with enhanced vibrancy and sharpness,  also Great White Sharks (Blue eyed under a black protective layer amazingly)  bear a full set of rod and cones on par with normal human color detection.


Der Weiße Schlitzohr sieht alles!


On another note Sharks and other predators have the Tapetum Lucidum “Carpet of Light” unique retina tissue apparent only in such animals yet entirely absent in human beings contrary to a popular Norwegian video blogger who claims Blue eyed individuals have improved night vision. Even if Europeans with Blue eyes had “Nightvision” it would have nothing to do with outer eye pigmentation as the respective tissue would be located internally behind the fluid filled space of the eye,  it is for this reason that predator eyes reflect light at night and appear to glow as their retina tissue reacts to ambient illumination in total darkness. Blue-gray eyes in Europeans might be assumed to have refraction qualities with light reflecting upon snow (UV Protection) however like the claim with night vision all photo-processing occurs on the retinal level and not via pigmentation of iris,  light enters the aperture it does not interact with the surface.

What appears illuminated in blue is not the Iris however is the Tapetum Lucidum,  photo-reactive retinal tissue,  the German Shepard’s iris pigmentation is in fact brown.


On that topic however Germans are solely responsible for the invention of Infrared Illuminated Night vision equipment as of the late second world war i.e. The  Zielgerät 1229 “Vampir” an indispensable innovation within the field of modern warfare and hunting. We have no such ability naturally,  however we draw our conclusion from nature and derive solutions via high technology.

Conclusion: Color blindness is not a viable argument to be able to compare to residual primal hunting traits leftover in humans. I also cannot deduce how a blunted sense of smell or taste relates  with being a better more pure European. If an individual H.F.A cannot detect abnormalities in a wide range of odors or flavors (the chemical markers of beneficial or harmful substances) how exactly does that equate to him being a wild,  pure,  untamed hunter? Especially regard the fact that Autistic individuals lack an ability to perceive proper spatial 3-D spatial awareness,  a trait highly emphasized by predatory animals and hunter alike. Soldiers train to sharpen their 3-D Spatial awareness,  to react efficiently and with precision in a given environment. Additionally advanced map reading,  coordination and navigation requires an ability to brainstorm visually in real-time and decipher 3-D information based upon a quadrilateral grid. While conditioning to such for an Autistic individual might be possible it requires a great deal of specialized coaching which would might hamper one’s ability to react on the fly.


As a final note while Introversion is a relevant factor to Proto-European functionality I do not directly link such with Autism,  nor do I believe those on the Aspergers syndrome spectrum (H.F.A.) are some rare dying breed,  considering that I keep bumping elbows with them within the real world and internet alike. An individual with H.F.A. is no more special and unique than I am for being Schizotypal (H.F.S.) which is demographically speaking even more rare than High Functioning Autism,  however I do not believe to be “gifted“. Rather I’ve long accepted such as simply another flaw because I am still capable of reasoning unlike other individuals who structure their entire worldview around being Autistic,  flaws motivate us to transcend ourselves,  rather than excuses to place one higher than another to avoid criticism or self-improvement. Anyone who says otherwise regarding H.F.A. is pandering to some ulterior motive (sales/following) or just hiding within their designated safe-space (Left Brain Focus). This can make such individuals highly predictable which is a glaring flaw especially in light of an enemy who picks up patterns of behavior (Basic War Psychology has nothing to do with mind reading or base intuition).

  1. Kriegsgebiet (Hypersensitivity to external Light and Noise Stimuli in a warzone).

The Audio and Visual Chaos of Warfare,  needless to say Autistic people cannot be soldiers (not front line at least),  battle is perhaps the very epitome of stress next to high altitude aircraft pilots,  bomb technicians,  oil rig workers,  undersea welders,  emergency medical technicians,  firefighters,  and law enforcement (street division). Firstly no one is exempt to this level of stress I have not served yet what I can deduce from second hand information and available experience is that an Autistic individual will the first person to mentally shut down in a given situation,  let alone outside of war i.e. a high intensity industrial music concert or club. In contrast Light and Noise Stimuli affects me less,  while these factors do bother me if I am already under extreme under stress,  being less left brained helps me retain reason and calm in high stress situations.

I cannot claim to whether or not I will remain high functioning in such a  situation however the given variables do not favor autistic individuals in that particular scenario,  not as a warfighter,  commander,  medic or otherwise. Perhaps this is why many such individuals feel an allure with the Neo-Luddite Odalistic (Defeatist) route of so called conservatism. Counter Productive Escapism: returning to the old ways before high technology,  before the Roman conquests of Northwest Europe even. No need to be judged by your betters when you can go back to a time which precedes math class,  all the technology one is too dull to grasp won’t exist and no one will criticize you because everyone else will be seeking the same comfort zone. Where everyone can agree with your absurd conjectures to validate why you’re right and everyone else is wrong. How one’s shortcomings are actually ancient secret powers and the rest of the world is sick and just doesn’t understand how special and unique you are. Sound familiar?

  1. Das Huhn und der Tyrannosaurus Rex.


Final Lesson: Correlation does not necessitate causation.

Science is not Democratic,  science is not when a group of men and women in white lab coats nod to each other in agreement “I concur“. Rather scientific knowledge is accumulated when scientific theorem (gray ideas) produces a hypothesis (educated guess) which has been proven either valid or invalid by being challenged with contrary theorems or new hypotheses. Through observing  a controlled environment (laboratory) or within a set environment (field test) with contributing factors and determined variables.  Science changes and a Scientist can just as easily drop a prior conclusion for another one,  this does not necessarily imply that there is a sinister motive behind the scenes. For my primary example The Chicken is a living descendant of a Dinosaur,   this does not make such a living T-Rex. Utilizing  a Chihuahua vs Wolf skeletal model comparison is no more valid than contrasting a Chicken to a T-Rex thus not a viable mode of argument from a scientific standpoint,  similarity does not immediately reflect comparable circumstances of  evolution.

More accurately Chickens and other Avians evolved from smaller dinosaur species i.e. Troodons and Velociraptors of  the Cretaceous era 65-75 million years ago,  not the T-Rex which simply went extinct following the widely accepted E.L.E.(Extinction level  event). All larger species of  mega-fauna died out due to oxygen deprivation (projected meteorite impact),  a sudden change of varying atmospheric conditions also wiped out all the major mega-flora. Only the smaller species of animals and plants survived to take new form,  there is plenty of new evidence to attest that the larger species of Dinosaurs were also feathered and bird-like which betters supports the contemporary Avian evolution model.


Canids however are a different story altogether the common narrative Thulean perspective tends to push is that the Domestication of man or Europeans more specifically via the construction of civilization and high-technology has degenerated Europeans into a lesser life form. Herr Vikernes uses this model to compare Cromagnon to Neanderthal which I do not think is even a fair to make considering that he is neither a biologist,  geneticist or archaeologist and should not be discussing matters far over his head. (Even he admits his sources on Neanderthal DNA are questionable and fills the gaps with his personal beliefs). Canines are mongrel Wolves without a doubt,  by the hands of early Proto-European Hunter gatherers that certain Tribal fetishists praise so highly,  civilization only continued the process with various less than useful breeds. Our early survival revolved around hunting and defense companions,  Canine evolution is tied to our own development  thus complimentary,  to assert that such is an abomination is more superfluous conjecture and pretentious idealism. Animal abuse is wrong however domestication happened! Fixating upon a world where wild wolves and primal man runs freely is not going to change reality. Dog remains man’s best friend regardless of the passage of time.


Regarding the aforementioned model however,  dog = man works entirely on its own as a euphemism in regards to physical/mental degeneration due to conveniences,  comfort and certain technologies which are in fact counter-productive. Note however I do not share a dogmatic view of high technology,  or any contemporary machination resulting out of European achievement.  We are all responsible for safeguarding our Heritage/achievements from plunder and defamation,  vice versa to each of our own faults. Europeans are problem solvers not excuse makers,  we are responsible for keeping the torch which bears Promethean flame and also learning from its misuse making adjustments in accord. As for Modern European man being compared to a Chihuahua in the literal sense such is a superfluous opinion expressed by a man with a personal hate grudge for the high technology,  industrialists,  technical trades and  civilization which separates Europeans from other peoples.

The Highly Opinionated World of Thulean Perspective more aptly,  claiming all science is tainted by Jewish influence is excuse making,  stop  giving them so much credit! It has been stated by said author “I am more honest on my blog and website than on youtube” due to alleged censorship. I have read his articles online and concluded to when he utters “I don’t believe in not using technology readily available” filming from inside his UAZ or Lada Niva,  using Apple Computers,  Digital Video Cameras,  Electricity or Internet” then writes numerous articles about his hate for the very technology utilized on a daily basis,  that he is an absolute hypocrite. (No it isn’t a means to an end either). Schooling to become a Nuclear physicist to better understand how to move beyond Nuclear Fission is more accurately a “means to an end“. Say if Europeans collectively regressed into a prior to Industrial condition,  what exactly does this solve?

Conclusion: It doesn’t take someone with an alleged three digit I.Q. to deduce that such only solves problems for our enemies more than for Europeans. The Foundation must be available for our descendants,  regardless of what events transpire in our life time we cannot permit misguidance to dismantle the Promethean legacy nor let fantasies cloud our better judgment!

  1. Humor Bonus round.


Good Luck illuminating your homestead without Halogen floodlights when the Federal enforcers or organized gangs show up equipped with Infrared Illuminated Night Vision Goggles,  apparently only weak mongrel Europeans invent and make use of such things..  Operation Paperclip was the fault of  those Germans who willingly let their cities get fire bombed and occupied,  then gave away all of  their advanced technology to be globalized and poorly copied by the Chinese half a century later right?


The people who vouch for walking barefoot in the snow and living in the sticks are usually people who never have had to endure such extremes and think that at the very moment such a situation arises they will be able to do such without prior conditioning. I.e. someone convinced them into believing a convoluted esoteric notion of Autistic primal super-powers will save them.




Firearms are an option as with any tool,  I will not forgo an option so long as it is available one must be keen on situational awareness,  practical not fetishistic!


I live in reality not in la la land.


Nothing wrong with a little shameless self promotion however it is ironic considering statements made by said person are contradictory to such a platform itself. Amazon.com CEO (((Jeff Bezos))),  but of course supporting a market which coerces visionary European inventors and entrepreneurs to sign up,  only to have their intellectual properties stolen by Chinese/Israeli partners while they suppress the Scientific truth about the Holocaust is just a means to an end isn’t it?





**Disclaimer: One can use amazon,  however do so as a last resort.


Lastly oral history is not something romantic and whimsical either,  rather it’s more like playing a game of Chinese whispers across several hundred or more generations,  stories can change to the point where you cannot possibly believe it. There is no record of scientific or mathematical data being stored orally because guess what? It’s retarded,  no European in their right mind records precision information orally. However it does explain why folklore takes different iterations varying upon the culture re-authoring such stories. As my final rebuttal books do not make men weak and stupid contrary to the narrative pushed by those who would sooner disarm Europeans or convince our youth into becoming irresponsible escapists.


Farewell for now,  stay sane,  industrious and European! -A.K. 14/88


      1. That might be due to nature of the typeface I am using “Vollkorn” does not like spaces it seems whether or not I edit posts online or offline in a word processor. However I will subject that section to further scrutiny.

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  1. Unfortunately our retinas aren’t built for that, it would be amazing though :). But where we lack such features we invent artifice to hone our edge. If we had natural night vision we would have no need for Infrared Illuminated Night-vision Optics.

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