Für die Zukunft II: Fehlerhafte Betriebsarten.

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Heckler & Koch 121 und Rheinmetall MG3|Panzer Schau Der Bundeswehr 2016

Two videos intended to fan the flames of Prometheus; to inspire, educate and trigger autistic Luddite man-children. Also, I am feeling fired up, such it appears a faulty mode of operation is prevailing within a certain circle. Thulean Perspective has just blatantly spoke down upon European technological development instead praising Africans for being in-inventive hence in his frame of mind not destructive to mother nature unlike Europeans (Bull***t).

According to the Autistic Odalistic Perspective (LARPing Faggots) the Earth’s collective biological immune system is reacting to Industrialism of European origin thus causing White Genocide, to make things worse his most ardent followers (blind automatons) have become ever more vigilant in defending such views harboring a very zealous techno-phobic aggression which is literally the same flawed dogmatic mental processing as Christian dualism, these fledglings now resort to calling anyone who supports Artifice myself included as..

Industrial Loving True Chosenites

I am appalled on a level which defies my ability to articulate such eloquently.


Varg’s followers = The Na’Vi.

While I do not doubt the Earth probably harbors some form of rudimentary collective intelligence not unlike a computer network, such a tangent however is irrelevant considering it is more of a deflection to primary topics at hand, also note that just because one promotes Artifice does not mean that one with such inclinations intend to destroy all of which is natural. Odalists criticize Christians for promoting a black and white worldview, abstract or otherwise in addition critique Americans for binary thinking (Most ironically many Odalists are Americans). Meanwhile said party are unable to fathom that they themselves are hypocrites just as well to proselytize in such a manner. High-technological craft is a unique European achievement not without its flaws or beauty, Industriousness stems from Boreal survival instinct which remains distinctly Germanic. One should not assume that all Industrialists are immediately Nihilistic Technocrats.

2021 Anecdote: Neo-Tribal Primitive Regression-ists believe me to be a “Nihilistic Technocract“, whereas Nihilistic Cultural Marxist tainted Futurists believe me to hamper technological progress, this is my main issue – Black & White Absolutist type thinking.

Naturally I have purged all re-blogs which promote any site directly affiliated with Vikernes/Thulean Perspective. Please note, that due to my own online affiliation with said circles as of the past year I will not delete my own posts out of principle, I strongly believe in owning up to my words even if they conflict with the present course. I do not pretend to be perfect, unlike others who claim to have never made a statement and later retract their very words in order to always remain right in an argument.

This is not a safe space either I urge everyone to provide commentary and voice their concerns or opinions, lest we all degenerate into Autistic weaklings who surround themselves in an echo chamber where everyone literally agrees with one another all the time, that is not how the intellectual process works above all just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them idiotic. I’d like to also note that is not how autistic individuals develop character either (social armor) in a healthy evolving environment. One of the inherit flaws of Aspergers syndrome is being thin skinned, submissive betas and special snowflakes. The fact that Autism is being venerated as a pure form of mental functioning is a dissident variant of this very flawed illogical fallacy, one of gravitating to extremes.

In contrast Autists on the Left exhibit the very same by promoting Social Marxist aberrations as if flat fact. One can only transcended such via constant “rude awakenings” however most would rather daydream of hobbit holes as if such equates to true survival, a true survivor does not acclimate oneself to the same fictitious scenario constantly in their head but rather prepares for all scenarios and makes the best out of whatever resource or available system without fluffy ideals holding them back a “safe space” will not strengthen one’s character.

INTJ – Emphasis on the letter “J” To Judge a situation or person(s), openness in ability to draw conclusion which makes a very driven individual. An Introverted Alpha, a military commander (Commanders are most often an ENTJ), architect, senior engineer, labor force overseer, legal enforcer, data analyst. Unsentimental and Pragmatic not Idealistic and Romantic!

The majority of Varg’s followers lie about being INTJ’s as their claims to be one.. yet I can see through it transparently as they are nearly all omega male incels (betas at best) who worship Varg & whine, daydream of antiquity and present no viable solutions to real world problems. Don’t have money for projeckts yet don’t want to file income taxes? Get a temp job, zero social skills required & no strings attached! Rather than expecting people to hand you their earnings so you can LARP and then turn your nose down on other people to claim moral superiority.



Pardon my Staccato I needed to vent

Odalists in general are not going to break out of this faulty mode of operation, it might be due to they’re all wide eyed 20 some-things going through a certain phase. Amusingly they claim all contemporary National Socialists are unemployed basement dwellers who blame their condition on the J.Q. While this is mostly true regarding internet National Socialists from forums such as #chan it is ironic considering that the average Odalist doesn’t believe in pursuing real trade skills or doing real work because Artifice is an Evil Applied-Science. Nonetheless individuals in general are beginning to realize that said ineptitude holds no bounds.

To reiterate I will elaborate here seeing as no one has bothered to venture outside of their safe space as of yet to engage my commentary directed to Thulean Perspective.

Yes, the oil nutshell you’ve been beating on and getting everyone to join your boat, while I don’t doubt peak petroleum will cause major world-wide distress you look at things too simplistically,  said infrastructure is more so a multifaceted network of independent and semi-independent subsystems than simply a “hive” that will die. From a lay person’s perspective you try to word things as if a house of cards will topple over as if you can or have some magical innate ability to predict the *exact* outcome of the future. You talk of survival more than you do,  in fact you fear monger 90% of the time when not doing live action role-play, or driving your Russian Landrover clone. So it is emphasized a simple pagan community as your solution while you and your most ardent followers miss the bigger picture.

Oil is not the end all of energy and consumer trade although I don’t doubt peak oil will land a crippling blow which will truly alter the future drastically but I will not lay claim to what might occur. Plastics for example have been manufactured without crude oil as of the late 19th- early 20th century(Soybeans), Stirling engines were proposed for the last industrial revolution however do exist in a more advanced incarnation to power Swedish Military Submarines as an alternative to Nuclear Fission. Where there is a will there is a way or more accurately while the Promethean flame burns European artificers will be driven to alter the dynamics of a given obstacle and derive innovation, these people will be all the more valuable and useful.

In reality Survival communities would be comprised of all the very people who make the technology who you so despise,  specifically applied trade be it steel production laborers or technicians and engineers not a bunch of quasi-barbaric LARPers who talk about living in hobbit holes or some manner of poorly secured shack. Try deflecting bullets,  thwarting chemically accelerated flames or creating a gasket seal against toxic air contaminants weaponized or otherwise in such an over-simplified setup. It is your crowd of followers who believe that all the specialized fields of technical knowledge will vanish, where do they base this assumption from dare I say? You act like all technology will vanish into a proverbial black-hole and there will be no need for such technicians,  scientists or engineers because well those Nuclear fission reactors will just get covered with ivy vines like some kind of hippy fantasy.(it is not as simple as flipping a switch to deactivate).

As for the Chinese, the last great Asiatic empire were the Mongols and I know for a 100% fact that they lived a lot like the way your Odalists envision some kind of ideal European barbaric fantasy, I bring this up because you claim Asiatics are not a threat in a post collapse world, I beg to differ. Yes they will have their own problems and their inherit lack of empathy will make them all the more threat to Europeans.

Over the past year I have come to the conclusion that those who have no understanding of technology are the most vocal opposition. You don’t blame the Math teacher when you suck at math vice versa you do not blame technology or it’s artificers when you’re too *simple* to grasp it.

Regarding old posts such within the Odalism subcategory I.e. Ragnarök up to Alchimistischer Walzer. These will soon be archived along with National Socialism. I will just mark through highlighted articles rather than removing them in order to shed light into said perspective, it is for this very reason I retained the “Einfluss Archiv” from 2014 back when S.Z.H.ODAL was comprised of War-gamers and Digital-tech savvy creatives prior to my admin-ship. Again I feel it is important to retain such to shed a light into a historical timeline, there are many people who do just the same with their lives who have yet to awaken or are slowly awakening and it is unfair to condemn these people as if oneself were flawless.


Remember, pragmatism, realism and a sensible low-impact way of living, stay sane folks! – Regards, A.K. XIV-LXXXVIII


  1. Also, shortly after posting this I received a view from Poland considering that I do not have any Polish readers save one particular highly praised Odalist it made sense that a video would be released taking lines directly from this blog post in an attempt to slander me.


    I am being called a materialist who only focuses on the here and now in a nutshell.

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      1. Herr Vikernes recently released another video rephrasing his initial message however it still does not excuse every instance he decided to say something stupid to convey a different message. I.e. If you want to say all Europeans share the same core ancestor do NOT say “Germans” and “Anglo-Saxons” do not exist. If you want to express your contempt for Globalized High Technology being used for ill do NOT phrase it like “Africans don’t invent destructive technology yet Europeans do”. If you want to tell people that National Socialism is incompatible for our current time do NOT say “Everything we learn in public schools is wrong except for what we learn about WW2” and last but not least if you want to express your ill contempt for high civilization do NOT say “WW2 Germany enslaved millions of Europeans”.

        Above all things when someone responds in anger because they should rightly feel deeply insulted he typically responds along the lines of: “You need a three digit IQ to understand” or “You’re an idiot if you don’t agree”. Herr Vikernes has a chronic tendency to say the most inept things without acknowledging the consequences of making such remarks, when criticized on any level he behaves like a rude child spewing insults or threatening a ban. I understand he’s Autistic but really that is no excuse, for a fourteen year old perhaps not a forty four year old man.

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    1. I went to press like, on your comment. I noticed that a lot of people dislike his video and gave him negative comments, thats great.
      He should spend more time on his videos, so he could address his points better. Then he wouldn’t have to address negative comments, based on misunderstandings.

      The only people who live “in balance with nature” is the absolute most primitive and the ones who live in the most harsh climate. You could argue that eskimos did that before scandinavians came around, but they only did it, because they could not “conquer” their environment. If they could, they would have done like the rest of the planets people. There is no such thing as noble savages. As you wrote, they are just LARPing.

      Regarding comments in general, people easily become more fanatic and invested. That is also why we see people on the right behaving like the people on the left, in arguments. Most of these people, just want to promote their own views and have no room for “outsiders”.

      I don’t know when you make a new post, I usually come by once or twice a week.

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      1. If he believed in quality of videos rather than quantity he wouldn’t have to constantly delete videos for quality control as he often says. He could also produce a more concise message which goes in-depth rather than coming off as a superficial opinion. How a message is delivered can make a vital difference between conciliation and total war.

        “The only people who live “in balance with nature” is the absolute most primitive and the ones who live in the most harsh climate. You could argue that eskimos did that before scandinavians came around, but they only did it, because they could not “conquer” their environment. If they could, they would have done like the rest of the planets people. There is no such thing as noble savages”

        Astute point!

        As for Right/Left if one treats it like a cyclical process like in nature then Varg has traveled so far right he has made it to the far left, he flip flops on his stances minus the subject of anti-technology/civilization and multi-culturalism which remain consistent, around and round to no end or purpose save to traverse the Thulean maze to it’s center and conclude his journey.

        That would have been a beautiful analogy if he were not such a pathetic defeatist.

        As to posts I suppose I will have to check my settings, also I don’t do a great many posts but rather bursts of activity between large gaps.


  2. “As for Right/Left if one treats it like a cyclical process like in nature then Varg has traveled so far right he has made it to the far left, he flip flops on his stances minus the subject of anti-technology/civilization and multi-culturalism which remain consistent, around and round to no end or purpose save to traverse the Thulean maze to it’s center and conclude his journey.

    That would have been a beautiful analogy if he were not such a pathetic defeatist.”

    Yes, great analogy. I am not that fixed on left and right, it was just to make a point. A circle as you refere to, make sens too. Anakists can learn both left and right, Varg properly appeal to anarchists views and vice versa.

    I have asked WordPress not to send me mails, about new post from the blogs I follow!

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    1. Yes, the center way is the true way it was the National Socialist way and the True Odalistic way before some former black-metaller decided to revise it, even Indentitarians consider themselves on the middle as the distinction between left and right is a divisive concept concocted by the Jews, regardless I reference left/right only to convey the polarity of extremist levels of thinking.

      That explains much, well I am in the habit now of posting the 1st blog of every new month on the 11th, usually I will post a second one within the same month if the prior blog post was short, such was the case with last time.

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    1. Thanks, this is not the last of it either!

      I don’t think I can rightly recall of a time where there wasn’t a time for German weaponry, save well Pre-Roman Germania. Yet we know well that it was the Romans who laid down the foundation and there is another party out there who seeks the reversal of such.

      If a Roman Legionary grabs the hair of an unkempt Barbarian to slice his throat from behind, it is not because he is a dishonorable robotic killer bred by a sick civilization. Rather it is a smart tactic at the disadvantage of one who doesn’t know any better. Same thing happened with the Chinese here in the U.S. Ever wonder why they don’t wear long braids at the back of their heads anymore?

      A Tribe of whimsical poets is bound to get conquered this is why we don’t stagnate nor do we regress! Contrary to the narrow thinking of barbaric LARPers.

      It is for this very reason why all modern soldiers have their scalps shaved or close cropped. The Romans invented such a style of fighting and discipline which is still imitated by European military forces to this day. What transpired thousands of years ago was simply a “Rude Awakening” our of many and more to come!

      Plus hair gets in the way of wearing Gasmasks which is why the Carl Gustav mustache was made out of style following WW1 into WW2 men with facial hair became exceedingly rare due to the concern of practicality.


    1. I do actually, just last evening I was working on a draft. Something along the lines of a proper Introduction to the channel.

      Just last November-Dec I was working on another large projeckt “The Drunken Flood” which I later scrapped having reached the conclusion that I do not want to promote ideas for Thulean Perspective, but I still intend to use the tracks for that specific video as they mean something deep to me.

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    1. Impressive material that. One of the lesser appreciated fields laymen take for granted is finite element extraction which granted us first insight into Alumina production and later Titanium, not only stronger and lighter but also dissipates heats much faster than any other alloy hence ideal for aircraft construction for a multitude of reasons. Even Russians to this day lack infrastructure for Titanium production substituting Aluminum Lithium Alloys instead for their aircraft construction while effective at dissipating heat, terribly ineffective at absorbing shock or withstanding ballistic impacts. Titanium production remains almost exclusively a European and North American Industry.

      For the better I say the Chinese have already ruined the Steel Market.(We already know why).

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      1. That makes sense considering that it was European and North American that discovered almost all the elements in the periodic table. And it is kind of unfair that Europeans are the most poor, when it comes to natural resources (Africa is the richest continent in the world, followed by Asia).

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      2. Not entirely true, North America has the resources of an entire continent mind you it is only natural that such discoveries would be made in more frequent number however Europe does have one element in large readily available quantity and that is Iron which always been symbolic to the will of Europa, chances are that the day we finally do hit peak oil Germany will still have access to Iron deposits, in fact Europe in itself is basically one big Iron deposit, the downside of course is one cannot make steel from just Iron and Europe does lack the additional minerals required to make high quality steels, Mongolia for instance is richly abundant in these minerals yet even at the height of their empire they never bothered to utilize their own wealth of natural resources. I don’t even have to mention how rich Africa is in terms of minerals, they had several thousands of years ahead of us to take advantage of it, conquer the land as you would say but squandered the opportunity and now instead they’re being conquered by the Chinese. European colonialism is irrelevant in the bigger picture we need to keep the edge up at all costs we cannot afford to play games either!

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  3. I’d like to note that while Europa is very naturally Iron-rich(in more ways than directly obvious) Asia, specifically China has the lowest Iron content in the entire world we can see this in how their weapons and armor evolved to compensate for the lack of material in antiquity. That being said we cannot afford to regress technologically or let our guard down, this is why I now equate any mention of technological primitivism in Europe or her colonies as an act of High Treason!(It should be treated as such and enforced by law). If Europe went backwards then China would take advantage of the situation due to their lack of empathy, the abundance of their other strategic elements minerals and the over-abundance of European Iron, rather they will subsidize infrastructure in the West as they are doing as of right now! With European Iron they would be able to expand infinitely without anyone to stop them even in post-Globalist world where there is no international trade, they would just take it by force like a swarm of locusts.

    The Chinese compete via how they are evolved and that they are r/ selected. Varg doesn’t ever talk about r/K evolution in context to European racial dynamics, I am sure you noticed.

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