Prüfung und Drangsal.

~Prüfung und Drangsal.~

Sturmpercht – Der Tanz des Tatzlwurms(The Dance of the Tatzlwurms).

Als noch ein Bergsee klar und groß
In dieser Täler Tiefen floß,
Hab ich allhier in großer Pracht
Gelebt, geliebt und auch gedracht
Als Tatzlwurm.

Vom Pendling bis zum Wendelstein
War Fels und Luft und Wasser mein.
Ich flog und ging und lag gerollt,
Und statt auf Heu schlief ich auf Gold
Als Tatzlwurm.

Hornhäutig war mein Schuppenleib
Und Feuerspei’n mein Zeitvertreib.
Und was da kroch den Berg herauf,
Das blies ich um und fraß es auf
Als Tatzlwurm.

Doch als ich mich so weit vergaß
Und Sennerinnen roh auffraß,
Da kam die Sündflut grausenhaft
Und tilgte meine Bergwirtschaft
“Zum Tatzlwurm”.

Jetzt zier’ ich nur gemalt im Bild
Des Schweinsteigers neues Wirtshausschild.
Die Senn’rin hört man jauchzend schrei’n
Und keine fürcht’ das Feuerspei’n
Des Tatzlwurms.

Und kommt so ein gelahrtes Haus,
So höhnt’s und spricht: “Mit dem ist’s aus!
Der war ein vorsintflutlich Vieh.
Doch weise Männer sah’n noch nie
den Tatzlwurm.”

Kleingläub’ge Zweifler! Kehrt nur ein,
Und setzt auf Bier Tiroler Wein…!
Ob ihr dann bis nach Kufstein fleucht,
Ihr spürt, daß ich euch angekeucht
Als Tatzlwurm.

Und ernsthaft spricht der Klausenwirt:
“Schwerenot! Woher sind die dahergeirrt?
Das Fußwerk schwankt… Im Kopf ist Sturm…
Die sehen all’ den Tatzlwurm!
Den Tatzlwurm!

As this is sung in Old German prose a direct translation would be impossible to convey without better knowledge of Old English prose,  sadly I am not that skilled. Auch mein Deutsch ist träge.

Was ist ein Tatzlwurm? An Antediluvian Animal.

First a little update on what is going on since going on leave,  was it not for the fact that my father is paying for my airline fare there would be no possibility for me to leave the U.S. at all. What little money I have considering my unemployment following 2014 has been funneled into this venture. At this point I am at the three and a half month mark, time is rapidly waning especially as the days now grow shorter.

My father has mildly given me the inclination that he wishes to visit the fatherland one last time, having combated several stages of cancer without hope of recovery my family has come to accept the inevitable in that regard. Following December 2016 there will be a black-out, no tele-communications of any kind(internet included),  I have no capitol or assets to transfer save what I carry on my back,  strength and wits. All would appear as if the great forest swallowed me whole and without a trace. How long the black-out is to persist before an established operation I cannot rightly deduce(A year or more). I do know however that this path is the only path which remains as all others directions have been severed. Regarding everything else,  I will continue to check e-mails and messages here on wordpress regularly from here on out as well stay current on active social portals,  to catch up on everything I’ve missed since the past 30+ days. Primarily I want to spend time with my family while they’re still here,  I am also aware at this point the video sector will probably be at the literal last moment,  technically speaking I could have re-uploaded videos based on templates ages ago however I am more keen on a distinct and personal approach.

On another note I have canceled all of my registered domains,  “” will be up for grabs very soon if anyone is keen on that particular URL,  perhaps something better suited to a Stefan George dedication. Added “” expires in 2017(I’d appreciate if people leave that be, thank you). By that time I will be gone quite a way.

The ailing Summer ends and the days grow shorter and colder.. Alas the most endeared season approaches.

It is still a bit early for the denser subject matter pertaining to Winter,  nonetheless we approach the Autumnal Equinox(Mabon) September 22nd for Northerners,  in traditional Germanic high culture it was the end of the harvest season which would initiate the season of the hunt(Ullr/Wuldor’s Feast) prior to the season of Hel/Hulda(Winter). In the later post-agricultural era this same time of year heralded the end of the Grape/Wheat harvest hence the contemporary agricultural holiday in Germany – Oktoberfest(September 17th.) This coincides with the Autumnal high festival.


Hail,  happy Oktoberfest and soon to be Autumnal Equinox!


    1. Correct they are all relatives in the Germanic linguistic family. Modern English being over simplified to the extent that is is far more accessible and also the most polluted unlike it’s relatives. Deutsch is very specific on gender pronouns and also adjectives. For someone like me old poetic prose in another language becomes literally untranslatable it may as well be Sanskrit.

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