Muspelheim (Archiv).

~Muspelheim – Hochsommer zwanzig sechzehn.~

Video by: AnaStasia Andreadou Karjalan Sissit ~ Bullet in the Head

Such illustrates my condition in mind and body appropriately,  as a consequence of not living in an environment suited to one’s biology  hence I cannot be elated.

Rather it is the Summer solstice on this day – the festival of fire,  an event I sadly cannot actively partake in. I feel denied but I understand it is nature’s punishment for the transgressions of dishonorable ancestors which lead me upon the life I now have. Man was not meant to live in air conditioned brick boxes let alone was European man intended to deal with extreme heat and sun exposure. We are all to live in accord to the natural environment of one blood not simply exist contrary to its laws.

This is the distinction between living life and just existence one is true the later is synthetic.

As a result the Eldjötnar are crushing me,  Surtr’s sword burns with overwhelming intensity like a literal fever.

On an off-note my camera has been acquired for the video venture I will be undertaking shortly,  however I am physically unable to set out to the task as of this moment,  bad timing. Despite stating prior that video would be done by this month,  I apologize for the delay yet I am one step closer regardless of a less than desirable situation.

Destruction and renewal.



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