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Video by: Downfall of Nur – Umbras de Barbagia (2015) [Full Album]

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Considering events there will be no quarterly post to conclude this month,  hence I will reserve such for June with two parts to conclude the quarter in entirety. At the moment I am spread thin resource-wise,  my ability to mitigate tasks is marred.  I am nigh close to the seven month mark prior to leave,  due to this waning window of opportunity I do not simply wish to drop off the face of the earth when I am finally set to leave. I intend to make the best use of the time prior to that point(Video by June).

I will not be taking a computer with me on my journey,  hence I will not have internet for an extended time beyond December 2016(Plan not to). The ultimate goal is to become autonomous and there is none in city life,  not even in the so called privacy of one’s abode within this stifling urban expanse. Added I have no obligations to anyone or anything save to blood and destiny which drives me.

Asides from this I am granted reprieve by what little I can abide to. The Downfall of Nur III perfectly describes my mood since receiving Loki’s boon.

From their ancient thrones
the oldest gods are dying,
watching their empire in ruins.
The sacred bones burns in rivers of dust

buried in the roots of archaic stones
they are prisoners of time.
Threats in the west beyond the mountain,
The Black sun rising.

Black clouds announce the storm.
The acceptance of another god.
The surrender of the biggest hospiton
The extinction of the blazing flame.
Blood runs from the edge of a wounded land
enshrouding all the great monoliths
and throwing them into the dust of Earth.
The Downfall of Nur has reached end.



  1. Downfall of Nur sounds great, thanks.
    I would like to know how you will “become autonomous”. Are you moving to countryside and live simulare to Varg Vikernes or like Rambo in a forest?
    I have some plans/dreams of my own on moving to countryside and become somehow autonomous, but mostly just to get away from immigrants and all that.
    I would be happy if you could share some info, maybe just a video from YouTube on the style (I have seen many myself) or later when you get settled.
    Good luck!

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    1. Thank you, I’m seeking the homesteading route like emphasized by Odalism and Varg Vikernes.

      Autonomy means one disregards modernism, one can still use the tools of said system to fight the corrupt system but we should produce our own means of power and food independently without supporting major industries or the government. Living off the grid in a nutshell only with strong emphasis of Corresponding Land, Folk and Spirituality. Blut und Boden.

      As for Video I’ve been motivated by many Odalists to do more in regards to fighting the Kosher narrative and it’s destructive programs though I cannot go in depth being a current city dweller. However I do plan to continue once I’ve settled myself.

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      1. Thanks, for your reply.
        It sounds very interesting and something I can identify with.
        I look forward to hearing more about it

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