Hexennacht 2016 (Archiv).

~Hexennacht – April 30th – May Eve.~

Video by: My bass – BURZUM – Jesu Død (Unofficial Music Video)

En skikkelse lå der på abkken
Så vond at de blomster rundt visnet
En dyster sjel lå der på bakken
Så kald at alt vann ble til is
En skygge da falt over skogen

Da skikkelsens sjel visnet bort
For skikkelsens sjel var en skygge
En skygge av vondskapens makt.

A figure laid on the ground
So malicious, that the flowers around him withered
A dark soul laid on the ground
So cold, that all water changed into ice
A shadow fell over the woods
As the figure’s soul withered towards it
Because the figure’s soul was a shadow
A shadow of the forces of evil.

Christianity visually contrasted to the Black plague, spreading from the Mediterranean Basin and lastly to the North. As both the Judeo-Christian belief and the Black death, spread south to north having originated from near eastern lands.

Sternenklar-Nacht-Kontinuität-1 1024x1024

Calling upon Lightning (Loki) has been immensely successful as one can deduce; my creative spark has returned with dramatic results thus my prolonged absence from updating since posting Myrkheim. Despite being pre-occupied creatively and physically I still have fallen short of the projected window of completion as of this day. Regionally speaking it is also Tornado season thus I have been feeling more elated, I have always enjoyed the rain, overcast skies and violent weather so I have been going outside more. Any excuse for me to wear a dark oilskin coat during a thunderstorm is advantageous, well.. it is exhilarating.

In regard to calling upon the lightning, Loki’s Boon is simply the chaotic (frenzied) drive of passion & vigor in the purest essence. No, I do not run around covered in tinfoil brandishing a copper pipe in the hope to be struck by lightning, if one is assuming that I am being literal.

This drive symbolic of lightning (Loki). A figurative Blitzkrieg can be very useful when experiencing times of lethargy or intense anguish. However, when left unchecked can wreak havoc or total destruction within one’s life, be it physical well-being or misery inflicted upon loved ones. As recurring themes go I have used Jörmungandr vs Thor as an example of balancing the scales of order and chaos as well to illustrate the cycles of destruction and renewal. Vice versa with Fenrir vs Tyr and now Sindri vs Loki. Therefore Sindri’s Boon (restraint) shall counter what is in effect at the end of the cycle appropriately. I will allude to this some more in the coming month once I have some work to better compliment the topic.

Contrasting Loki to Sindri would be like comparing the raw elemental energy of nature to sparks a Blacksmith’s forge, A craftsman utilizes the containment of the forge to bring shape into baser elements (Sindri). while a cunning mind devises new methods to fold and hammer metal (Loki). Visualize Gold sparks and White lightning and you can better understand the direction I seek artistically.

Sindri roughly translates into Sparkler or Sparky as there are core similarities to he and Loki, yet the two archetypes bear fundamental differences which set the two apart (Order & Chaos). Still, I do not expect Loki’s Boon to wear off any time soon.

I will be working throughout the remainder of this special night and well towards mother’s day. Being a current city dweller with little opportunity to properly celebrate such (as it should be within the backwoods ideally), the very least I can do is continue to work via candlelight and cherish the vitality bestowed upon me.


Hail, happy Hexennacht and Beltane!

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