Sturm und Drang.

~Sturm und Drang – Storm and Urge.~

Schattenspiel – Prometheus MKII by Sven Phalanx

An excerpt of Prometheus by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe adapted by Sven Phalanx and Lionel Verney.

I know nought poorer
Under the sun, than ye gods!
Ye nourish painfully,
With sacrifices
And votive prayers,
Your majesty:
Ye would e’en starve,
If children and beggars
Were not trusting fools.

While yet a child
And ignorant of life,
I turned my wandering gaze
Up tow’rd the sun, as if with him
There were an ear to hear my wailings,
A heart, like mine,
To feel compassion for distress.

Who help’d me
Against the Titans’ insolence?
Who rescued me from certain death,
From slavery?
Didst thou not do all this thyself,
My sacred glowing heart?
And glowedst, young and good,
Deceived with grateful thanks
To yonder slumbering one?

I honour thee! and why?
Hast thou e’er lighten’d the sorrows
Of the heavy laden?
Hast thou e’er dried up the tears
Of the anguish-stricken?
Was I not fashion’d to be a man
By omnipotent Time,
And by eternal Fate,
Masters of me and thee?

Didst thou e’er fancy
That life I should learn to hate,
And fly to deserts,
Because not all
My blossoming dreams grew ripe?

Here sit I, forming mortals
After my image;
A race resembling me,
To suffer, to weep,
To enjoy, to be glad,
And thee to scorn,
As I!

The poem is read as if the Titan Prometheus were a man shouting towards the sky in spite of god,  Zeus being compared to the Christian God in this case specifically. I mean no disrespect to Zeus/Thor in the classical or pagan sense,  however the poem itself as with Sturm und Drang appropriately fits the storm of emotions brewing inside of me right now.

The adaptation by Schattenspiel adds an additional Chorus to this excerpt of course which I should note:

Take your chains,  throw off your chains. Bring your Fire in the dark World.

Think of the pain,  hold on to that pain. Thee Zeus sent by his Eagle.(Ethon).

I need musical medicine,  art to bridge the disharmony.

Some would say it is better to “Go with the flow” no matter what.  More like Goy with the flow. It does not matter if the stream is flooded with sewage. If Modern civilization is a river it would be contaminated as with those who choose to swim with it’s currents rather than against it.

Thus I believe the euphemism to be rubbish.

I am currently dealing with a family conundrum,  my next of kin do not share the Traditionalist mindset hence it is difficult for me to focus a midst my own unpleasant emotions.

Like the introduction video I cannot deny bearing residual Promethean attitudes,  this can be a skewed as Lokean however I will not attest to such as balance in life is optimal. Chaos has it’s place however not in day to day practice.

To contrast such attitudes; The Title and moniker [S.Z.H.] Odal “Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną” foremost.

From Proto-Germanic.

Helena – Torchbearer – torchlight – to shed light.

Helana – To Obscure – cast shadows. Not to imply total removal,  rather think of operations – assault maneuvers under the cover of night.

While I highly emphasize,  light wisdom and truth. Obscuring certain details via creative expression also holds a specific tangible allure to me,  not unlike metaphors and other forms of artistic expression utilized.

Performance art – Theater and Drama i.e. Sturm und Drang in itself as a play or the movement it was a part of.


Owls will be very important as a visual cue within the future. Be it enigmatic symbols of wisdom or harbingers of discord.

Being a Scorpio by natural definition whether or not one subscribes to such esoteric attributes,  I have always been attracted to the Obscure artistically or otherwise throughout my entire life.

As for the Dark Gods – What Herr Vikernes would refer to as Unsympathetic deities,  I fully understand what Loki and his brood represents in contrast to traditional Scandinavian society. However like the rain storm(Thor) I cannot help but show some admiration for Lightning(Loki).

I do not make a past-time of talking to Ettins however I speak from personal experience when I say that I am very familiar with them.

Just like in my earlier post – Ragnarok,  if Jörmungandr falls so does Thor,  unlike the Judeo-Christian Armageddon story however such a cataclysm as a euphemism would translate to Nature’s attempt at re-compiling data into another ordered structure.

With or without humanity,  preferably we stick around of course.

At times such recalls my industrial and engineering aspirations in conflict with the simple Agrarian life I intend to cultivate in the very near future.

Contrast a Primordial Cave Bear and a Regal Lion of Progress,  both represent separate orders rather than antagonistic forces.  One’s subconscious co-exists with the conscious even though it is entirely possible for the two forces to clash.

Not unlike Oðalism and Nationalism.

This subject is of yet concluded,  however I will treat this as a one off before moving on to part 3 which ends this quarter.


~Speed thee,  speed thee,  liberty lead thee. Many this night shall hearken and heed thee.~

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