Hallowed Evening – 2015 (Archiv)

Die Verwandlung aus Kunst in den Krieg – Eiserne Rose. Q4 2015 Pt 1/3

Video by Youtube user: EuropeanWatchman3 Artist: Legionarii – Liberation.

There will be no more future projects for the virtual medium of Secondlife as a fellow alleged NS brother betrayed my trust. A visit from the enforcers on 10/26/15 followed by Zyklon getting booted from her private digital rental at Burning Twilight,  as the virtual estate owner received  a tip from a nosy peer(They disliked who she had relations with – of course that means me).

What would have been an otherwise pleasant day,  an hour before the enforcers arrived to my dismay this arrived to my doorstep from Lisbon Portugal.

Arditi-Imposing_Elitism I 10-26-15 Arditi-Imposing_Elitism ii 10-26-15

12″ limited edition Vinyl recording of Arditi – Imposing Elitism.

All new creative ventures will be expressed via an entirely new medium as of this moment I do not know what that is,  as I’ve grown increasingly wary of advanced virtual platforms(High technology which makes us weaker and stupider). A powerful solar flare may as well erase everyone’s digital fingerprint so it is best to have the proper mental and physical condition to be prepared for such a scenario.

I will be settling my business and debts in this country soon and focusing on honing my Promethean fire elsewhere as a lifestyle change is pertinent.

“There is no Armageddon,  only metamorphosis” – Varg Vikernes.

One is not free until you are out of the ruled dominion,  you know exactly who I am referring to. Even keeping one’s activities silent is not good enough for these controllers. As an end result Zyklon has terminated her Premium account and we as a group have left said digital medium of illusion entirely to pursue our dreams in the real world.

This world is yours so seize it,  otherwise you do not deserve to live it! – anon.

I will eventually leave this country as a long term plan sometime before my 33nd Birthday – another full year from 2016. As a short term plan I need to acquire viable knowledge and assets to make my transfer more viable to a new society. I am not only pursuing this because of my ideology(to be with my own kind) but also this is the last chance for my mother to re-connect with her estranged relatives. Thus I will be on a mission of the utmost priority.

T-M-I-T-H-C NYC-HQ-int

T-M-I-T-H-C J-D-Intrigues

T-M-I-T-H-C J-D-Alliance
Far from being Crypto-Fascist, I’m well aware. However will cover the nature of this particular form of *controller* media in the near future.

Being a North American is a contradiction to my ideals,  there is no future for me here just total cultural annihilation and death. My bloodline only ends unless I make the choice to avert such a route in the immediate present.

Video by Youtube user: Hugo Champion Artist: Nordvargr – The Shadows Are Bent by my Presence.

Zu meinen die meisten beliebt Matrone und Vater, Riesin Angrboda, Loki der Gauner und ihre Nachkommen verehrt; Jörmungandr, Fenrir, Hel.

Geboren von tanzenden Flammen, Meere des Aufruhrs und der Sturm der Gewalt inmitten einer Heckschanzkleid von Eisen.

Aber natürlich ist dieser Zyklus winkt die Göttin Hel am meisten.

Oh Dame des Todes Ich rufe zu dir, hervorbringen, eine eisige Sturm der Veränderung für diesen schwierigen Zeiten.

Ich sehne mich, um die kalte Bergfrühling auf meine Lippen und reiche Erde unter meinen Zehen fühlen.

Vorahnung Mauern von Obsidian und Stein umgeben mich. Absturz auf diesem Gefängnis und mir erlauben Durchgang zum mein Ziel!

Bitte akzeptieren Sie dieses Opfer, wenn es dir.


Die Früchte der Herbst und Ernte der ehemaligen Feder mein Angebot von Erde und Blut manifestiert.

Ich suche dringend Wiederherstellung in schwierigen Zeiten, Ich Werk diese Samen für einen noch nicht realisierten Zukunft.

Ich suche Zerstörung nicht unähnlich Groß Hveðrungrs steigenden Flammen und knisternde Blitze. Gewähre mir kreatives Feuer so kann ich mich und Kindle Ströme von reinigenden Flamme.

Ich suche zweckmäßige Auflösung, alte Ursachen geschlossen werden. Eine neue Kreation winkt Realisierung.

Ich suche nicht die Herrschaft über den Tod, sondern die Herrlichkeit der Schöpfung selbst.

Dies ist mehr als mein eigenes Leben allein – so wird es geschehen!

Complacency breeds failure, one must only heed the past fall of empires to foreshadow the future.
Complacency breeds failure, one must only heed the past fall of empires to foreshadow the future.


Be adamant brothers and sisters – be Atlas!

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