-Einfluss Archiv Pt 11 [September 2015]

Flüsse aus Feuer und Stahl,  Schmieden eine industrielle Erbe! Q3 2015 Pt 3/3

Video by Youtube user: Equilibrium Music (Official Label).

Ohne einen Schatten eines Zweifels,  dieses Meer von Zahlenwerten,  Dreiecke und Licht ist eine Jauchegrube von Falschlicht und zerbrochene Träume.

Die meisten von uns wurden von den Abgrund verschlungen,  unsere einst stolze Kriegsflotte zerschmettert auf dem Meeresboden.

Männer und Maschinen unter Schlick und Rohöl begraben,  eine kolossale Niederlage.

Aber nicht alles ist Dunkelheit.

Wahre Licht wärmt den Körper der Überlebenden,  wie Der starke grauen Himmel weicht atemberaubenden Strahlen von Silber.

Ähnlich wie ein liebevollen Kuss auf die Krone,  streben wir weiter mit Erleuchtung.

Stärker Gezeiten ergeben stärkere Realisierungen.

Es gibt keinen Raum in diesem erbärmlichen Reich der Untermenschen und Parasiten für diejenigen,  die einen Stahl Wahrheit oder hohen Kunst erhalten wollen.

Unsere Stahl zeigt Wetter,  Erkenntnisse nur aus der Reifung über beide nicht bereit Verlust und willens Selbst Aufopferung.

Was war diese Zeit verloren kann nicht wiederhergestellt werden,  ähnlich wie eine göttliche Offenbarung was stattgefunden hatte war ein Warnzeichen.

Um meine vorherige Kurs abwenden,  um gegen eine viel mehr ernst zu nehmender Gegner vorzubereiten.

Wir sind Fackelträgern,  eine Aufgabe, die nicht Ablenkungen zulässt betraut.

Man muss vorsichtig sein,  den großen Feind,  ein Ungeheuer,  die Krallen in fast alle Aspekte unseres Lebens besitzt.
Vergessen Sie nie,  nie verzeihen!

In regards to the “Arditi – Imposing Elitism” promotional,  I feel the Black and Gold Edition Vinyls are far more worthy investment than pure illusions without substance. it is a high art I can strongly emphasize others to work towards or feel empowered by.

What was pure vitriol at the apex level transformed itself into a spark of brilliant light,  we abide to an existence made up by a majority of apathetic individuals,   life made trivial by petty distractions. We however will not inter-mingle with such,  this world is yours so seize it!

As for other things..

Averting self annihilation.

Secondlife is not a good medium for those willing to die for a greater ideal.

Due to our recent experiences within this medium combined with prior views of both Linden Lab and its primary user demographic our financier no longer wishes to pay tier to LL.

Cannibalism,  bestiality,  pedophilia,  rape and content theft are acceptable acts given the freedom of this virtual community yet if one brandishes the Swastika accompanied by a genuine ideal it is totally unacceptable.

Linden Lab protects the weak minded and stifles true creative light in this decaying era. One way or another they’ll take your money,  if you’re Premium LL will bleed you dry and in return one does not receive support save basic functions a machine can suffice in performing.

[Linden Lab charges you for adding and removing payment options now,  if all the hidden fees were not enough.]

LL will gloss over truly disgusting,  practically criminal elements of society while embellishing other aspects of their user community as further face work.

We uphold Steel Truths and High Art and will not align ourselves with those incapable of supporting either tenant.

To all creatives on within said platform;  one is wasting really great potential by feeding those Blood suckers at Linden lab. To everyone else,  well.. nothing needs to be said as the cannon fodder are incapable of enlightenment,  the majority are ensnared to illusions and fear their own humanity.

[S.Z.H.] Odal continues it’s work as an isolated cell.

Schwarz-Ort-Fenrir 001 Schwarz-Ort-Fenrir 010 Schwarz-Ort-Fenrir 017 Schwarz-Ort-Fenrir 027

In regards to re-location,  we’ve moved to a sanctuary for our particular ideals which remains an utmost secret,  a black-site.

Asides from publicly disclosed media we do not plan on publicly disclosing our center of operations ever!

|V.I.T.R.I.O.L.| moves “Mitternachtsberg Kuratorium” to “Burning Twilight” Zyklon’s division.(Third Party Rental – Public).

[Odalgruppe – Westen] re-designates primary project to “Schwarz-Ort Fenrir” actual sim name and specified coordinates remains undisclosed to the general public.(Rogue Simulator – Private).

To the future!
To the future! A cancer killing light.

Due to the abrupt termination of my Norwegian Fjord/Atlantic Fortress themed project,  it’s creative energy defiled by degenerates,  all vestiges of the former project have now been abandoned. We now shift into an Icelandic themed phase for [S.Z.H.] Odal.

Iceland-1 Iceland-2 Iceland-3

Of course when not otherwise preoccupied with other tasks as I will be.

Politically speaking I am charged,  like an electron splitting air and water into separate elements,  a divide is coming. However aggressive and ruthless that may be is entirely necessary for our future growth as individuals and a group,  this also applies to everyone else,  no single man or woman regardless of spiritual or genetic foundation is isolated. We are not bystanders nor are we simply observers!

An added positive as of recent events,   I may now resume the pursuit of my other neglected mediums as well self-improvement,  spending more time with my ailing father when not collaborating with my allies and learning new artistic mediums among other things.

Thus we minimize operations as [S.Z.H.] Odal within the meta-verse.

Our now fleeting presence within said virtual community is to dissuade other potential light bearers from investing into that particular medium,  we are enablers rather than inhibitors thus would sooner divert energy from there to elsewhere.  i.e. a greater cause in the physical world.

As a quick final note,  all posts prior to Q3 2015(July onward) have been purged in order to maintain the consistency,  tone as well overall quality of the publication I intend to convey for the present into future. I Anton Krieger(Herr Sauber)  as the primary author and post curator to [S.Z.H.] Odal] will only promote ideals which exemplify a higher standard,  anything less will not be tolerated with small exception to specified archival material.

** Q4 2015 Edit: Virtual worlds are no longer relevant as such reflects an aspect of counter-productive high technology,  as with many posts related to computer gaming in general,  film and other media which promotes a false narrative of the Third Reich of Germany or the Axis Alliance has likewise either been eliminated or put into proper context to our truth seeking movement.


The river of tears and blood on ice,  consecrates the steel of those willing to bring a storm upon this world of lies! I will return towards the end of October for a celebratory post which also begins the new quarterly series to conclude year 2015.


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