-Einfluss Archiv Pt 10 [August 2015]

-Flüsse aus Feuer und Stahl,  Schmieden eine industrielle Erbe! Q3 2015 Pt 2/3

Video by Youtube user: Garra Hispánica Artist: Legionarii – Rise of the Legion.

Der Ozean von Licht ist nicht,  was es scheint,  vielmehr voller Dunkelheit. Gräuel großen und kleinen Verweilzeit hier in die Tiefe.

Massiver Kraken mit Tentakeln in verschiedenen Ebenen,  Leviathane des Abgrunds und demütig unterst Versorger durch schiere Zahl allein ermächtigt.

Unser Verdienst der Arbeit wie eine große Kriegsflotte die gerne von denen die Welt noch nicht gesehen! Machtvolle Ehrgeiz und zerstörerische Feuer,  das die kreative Motor an sich ist,  Kältewellen Slam auf Stahlschotten Schub nach vorn durch massive Dieselkraftanlagen.

Kraken zerschlagen mit brutalen Wildheit ohne Einsicht oder Argumentation nur auf eine egoistische Würgegriff auf die Umwelt zu halten,  Schluff Bewohner ernähren sich von den Trümmern des Konflikts der Flucht vor dem Licht von oben blind für größere Konzepte.

Mit Rammgeschwindigkeit angreifen wir, wir schwitzen und bluten aber weine nicht,  noch ins Wanken.

Eher das Meer wir besetzen wird durch die Tränentropfen unsere Feinde gefüllt.

Für jeden Kubikmeter Territorium annektiert neue Ziele hervorgehen an den Grenzen,  Kampf ist ein immerwährender Zustand.

Denn wir Feuer zu schaffen in einem inerten Welt der gesichtslosen Ton,  aufbauend auf den Knochen derer, die Promethean Flamme auslöschen versuchen.

Odalgruppe Westen Graphics Pre-rendered 512x512

Wir sind durch Stahl Wahrheit erweitert,  nicht das Stanniol Jargon der Sklaven.

Wir würden eher verbrennen in einer Flamme des Ruhmes dann einfach wieder nach unten.

Keine Kapitulation,  kein Rückzug!


Regarding my vehicle and it’s direction,  I do not highly emphasize using the term “Role-play” as that implies my intention is solely a game or some superficial theater drama for less invested seekers.  On the flip side using terminology such as “Ideological platform/vehicle” is potentially  too inflammatory considering the impact I have already made among dissenting peers within this virtual community,   I am more fond of using the title  “Alternate Reality Reich/Axis Revisionist Simulator” or something along those lines.

Call us what you will,  but I will not recruit from stock who are merely attracted to something for the sake of a visual fetish.

A more general truth is that a lot of people among my supportive peers want to be able to engage in a Wolfenstein type experience from the set role of the “real good guys” with a tangible narrative and fully envisioned world to back it up. To which I aim to do regardless of how those who stifle me with their small minded selfish power spheres or stampeding herds of kine. A Majority set out to demonize something they do not wish intellectual criticism or creative reflection upon because they emphasize some deluded sacrament of emotional well being.

In particular a difference of opinion which becomes an objectionable action in the eyes of many,  when in fact it does not affect said people at all.

I will not be thwarted despite the odds which face me,  however for your discerning pleasure I have some very amusing transcripts which I have compiled over the past year among myself and associates.


A noteworthy excerpt from this transcript would be “This will be your final warning before I do press criminal charges”.

Alleged Inflammatory images which evoked claims of;  of bigotry,  racism,  defamation and now supposed accusations in regards to illegal “harassment” and “hate crimes”.

Making-a-case 1 Making-a-case 3 Making-a-case 4 Making-a-case 5

Images presented in this set include everything which has evoked an “offense” in linked *pastebin* document. The Hologram Billboard in the 4th photo had the old land group’s signature “Scorpio Jurisdiction Helan(S.J.H.)” abbreviated into Norse Runes,  my neighbors filed an abuse report to Linden Lab in response claiming that I was flashing said alleged “Nazi” symbols into their windows,  a Linden account removed said objects on our own land in response as indicated by the log. The Bottom image depicts “Are Furries Corrupting Your Children” which was also returned as indicated.

Making-a-case 6 Making-a-case 7 Making-a-case 8 Making-a-case 10

In the first photo in this last set of images I present a Flickr comment which was deleted in my attempt to counter said group’s claims against mine. In truth said party only wishes their side of the story to be told and not ours in order to better their image as the victims of alleged injustices.

It is censorship in favor of their *propaganda* as they cannot handle the truth.

Presented in the second image is my engineering workshop with panels depicting various games,  cinema and architectural/technical influences which strongly resonate with my project. Third and fourth Images present Odalgruppe Westen’s newly pre-rendered graphics which will be applied to any official icon on the web,  included with this the current publicly visible world map sign again abbreviated into Norse runes “Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną – Odal”(S.Z.H.O) bracketed in between Luftwaffe style crosses.


Lastly the fourth image is of the 1st party in question,  as to why said person is deeply offended by the “cook-a-pony” model. I’m not apologizing simply because the accusation is unfounded and absurd. Also if you think *the tier is too damned high* you may as well sell your property and move away as you are surrounded by an unyielding dominating force,  Zyklon already pays for a full sim 195.00 USD per month you however do not,  so stop complaining!

I will not deny that there is a definite bite to my expression,  a provocation and stalwart defense to my cause however I have never committed to any act these parties have claimed against me by U.S. Law,   which is where Linden Lab servers are physically located in the world.

Oh look it has edges! Reported! My feelings are hurt! I am going to press charges!

People are truly weak minded and pathetic in this community.

I will admit the later “Dancing Hitler” was pushing my bounds slightly in regards to the general public’s tolerance threshold,  even in colorful jest within my jurisdiction.

However in regards to the 2nd party indicated in my log(VXC Rentals) the accusation “it should be considered a hate crime” is even more absurd than the act itself. I may enjoy the challenge of adversity however I am laughing hard to these responses,  you don’t even have to agree with my views to see the lack of reason from these people.


Odalgruppe - Ahnenerbe Insignia.
Odalgruppe – Alternate insignia.

As of September 9th 2015 we celebrated our 1 year anniversary from the time we first set foot in Moorslough to our current scale of construction. A year ago we set out on a small plot which has since nearly annexed all of Moorslough,  just prior Zyklon annexed a small private division(V.I.T.R.I.O.L.) to the Northeast corner as of 09/04/15.

I had perpetuated a rumor that my account Khaoskain.Wardark(Herr Sauber) was terminated by Linden Lab,   this however was not the case. In reality I was suspended for 24 hours on 09/01/15,  the idea was to promote a false sense of hope or victory for my opposition,  it was a sound tactic.

As of 09/12/15 [S.Z.H.] Odal successfully liberated Moorslough of the Rubber-furry cretins,  in the process they abandoned their holding entirely,  acquisition would have been simple yet due to LL bureaucracy the parcel was sent to the auction queue(Purple Square).

Despite clarification that [S.Z.H.] Odal dominates the borders of said region,  quite obviously so might I add. Apparently the size of the parcel and proximity to neighbors negated the sale according to the Linden,  I don’t believe that reason however.

Eagle-eye-view-odal 001 Eagle-eye-view-odal 002

[Odalgruppe Westen] HS: According to *** Linden
HSW: *** Linden has always been a fag
HSW: He fucked lots of teen grid land
[Odalgruppe Westen] HS: I think he was just lazy
HSW: Because he didn’t like groups
[Odalgruppe Westen] HS: Took his damn time sorting it too
HSW: I’m sure after looking at your land

What neighbors? Did he mean the only remaining neighbor to the east(VXC Rentals) surrounded by [S.Z.H.] Odal or was he implying the other non existent neighbors to the North bracketed by land sales? Anyway,  while this auction is an annoyance it will be addressed shortly regardless.

Linden Lab is the Kraken as implied by the introduction,  however we must deal with them if we are to use this medium effectively,  contrasting to this most of it’s user base are in fact bottom feeders,  as an end result we are the true minority a 1% of Promethean fire within the Secondlife community.

Herr-Stahl-Wahrheit 000 Mitternachtsberg-Kuratorium 001 Mitternachtsberg-Kuratorium 002 The-Eagle's-Nest 000 The-Eagle's-Nest 001

**Above images compiled of “The Eagle’s Nest” by Herr Stahl Wahrheit(Jeston) and current drafts to “Mitternachtsberg Kuratorium”(Northeast Annexation).**

A brief mention on Zyklon’s Personal Home Landgroup: |V.I.T.R.I.O.L.|(Visita Interiora Terræ Rectificando Invenies Occultum Lapidem).

Visit the Interior Parts of the Earth; by Rectification Thou Shalt Find the Hidden Stone.

A private venture in regard to her home-space as she has requested separation from the proximity of group owned land and it’s direct martial activities,  appropriately the former central administrative parcel will soon be absorbed in into the greater whole for Odalgruppe Westen once the next pending annexation is sorted(Nord-Zentral). I will conclude that for the end of September update as it will be more appropriate given circumstances.

SS: mhmm,  step by step we make the road..
HS: yes we lay down the mortar with blood and tears
HS: and one pavement stone at a time
SS: Haha,  you and your epicness 😉

I am here to spread the love of the National Socialist Message


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