-Einfluss Archiv Pt 9 [July 2015]

-Flüsse aus Feuer und Stahl, Schmieden eine industrielle Erbe! Q3 2015 Pt 1/3

Video by Youtube user: Garra Hispánica Artist(s): Legionarii and Waffenruhe – Our Fire Still Burns.

Es gab eine Zeit, als die industrielle Produktivität hielt einen Standard in der Ganzheit der Bürger.

Arbeit war die Essenz der Befreiung und Unabhängigkeit jetzt alle zusammen entfernt, ersetzt mit; Faulheit, Dummheit und Apathie.

Dieser Zerfall der Zivilisation ist die Plage der sozialen Marxismus auf kultureller Ebene infiziert.

Die falsche Maske der Freiheit im Krieg mit der inakzeptablen Gesicht der Freiheit.

Eine sehr wirklichen Kampf, der in Gegenwart fort.

Arbeit, Produktivität und Kreativität als Werte ausgetauscht wurde.

Stattdessen arbeiten wir mit einer ständig wachsenden Schulden zu halten.

Eine Gesellschaft, die auf der Grundlage der Werte der Gleichheit für alle ist unfähig, zu kultivieren Größe für jedermann.

Das Land der Freien ist ein raffiniert konstruierten Gefängnis für jene überzeugt, dass sie im Gegenteil sind. Der Hammer fiel, lange bevor du und ich geboren.

Ist das Ihr stolz Vererbung?

Für nur einen kurzen Moment in Zeit und Raum öffnet sich ein Fenster.

Eine andere Welt vertraut und doch anders.


A-Man-In-High-Castle-Sieg-Heil-Annexed US.

Flüsse der Zeit wie Feuer und Stahl – Fetzen von einem anderen Schicksal und Bestimmung miteinander verflochten, ein anderes Zeitalter neu geschmiedet.

Video by Youtube user: L E G I O N A R I I (Official).

To think I actually considered packing up! I cannot simply pack up building for an extended period of time,  the urge to build at a given whim is simply too immense.

In the meantime though engineering will be resolved via current means,  i.e. linked mesh components and custom re-texture. On whole I detest having to rely upon pre-fabs(see last post)  however such assets will remain in place for the duration of the time prior to transitioning into Z-Brush produced In house assets,  in which case the final build will be 100% OdalGruppe Westen(S.Z.H.) creations rather than what we are currently utilizing.

SZH - Odal -Hveorungr's Fjord Q3 2015
Trees however now planted in full for the Western side,  among this massive changes to the build conceptually which has since revealed an even more massive scale to construction than prior.

I am also strongly considering *Game Banana* Assets i.e. Day of Defeat custom models to be used with expressed permission of course in regards to fire-arms. While I prepare for the Z-Brush transition to later replace said assets,  these models will remain place-holders of fantastic quality. Eventually I will phase these assets out entirely,  instead moving them to glass display cases in order to regard “The Weapons which won the war” for the Third Reich as a Museum showcase piece.

See: the FG42 pictured below or the later STG44 to be considered.


ex: http://dods.gamebanana.com/skins/35225

08/15/15 *EDIT* after much discussion with BWR’s commander Wolfegar Neikerk I have decided not to pursue this route beyond the FG42 model currently implemented,  as this option remains in the realm of uncertainty for me. Said models in questions are re-distributed by a third party for private non-commercial modification purposes – typically within the Source engine and not elsewhere. The original asset holders are the Valve Corporation. This falls into a gray area I do not wish to become entangled with in the future.


Black Wulfe contractors will be conducting their operations within and out of Odalgruppe Westen(S.Z.H.). respective domain.

Among the visual additions to my engineering drafts,  “Black Wulfe Reich Heer” – [B.W.R.]   for short has moved into the main bunker komplex of Hveðrungr’s Fjord. Black Wulfe are now guests of [S.Z.H.] Odal consulting Germanic themes and sound strategic advice having invested similar themes within their own distinguished legacy,  aside from this BWR will also providing the role of Auxiliary soldiers to my own group. Black Wulfe has already provided keen insight which has altered my course of engineering to accommodate their presence as well overall group execution in lieu with aforementioned plans.

This serendipity fits in well with the Nordatlantik Wall Komplex as that is a central pivot to my theme,  [B.W.R.] will occupy the military checkpoint for the Greater Reich processing new arrivals before they are granted entry or otherwise eliminated by the Department of Health and Social Hygiene. As Reich De-kontamination is a Military/Medical Komplex which exists to screen all potential new visitors. Another reason as to why my guests in the land group are given the;  ╬Quarantäne╬ designation.

Currently my primary workshop, however the actual foundation for Reich De-Kontamination.
Currently my primary workshop, however the actual foundation for Reich De-Kontamination.

The foundation to my proposed “Reich De-kontamination Komplex” has been laid down to the Eastern side of my build,  with this expansion to the central bunker which now houses my guests. The central bunker’s entrance will implement a hard-point for defensive measure in the near future,  the threshold for the supplementary garrison and newly arrived visitors. All the hollowed out cavities underground were intended to utilize mesh tunnel systems at a later date,  Black Wulfe is expected to do similar with their own assets in the future.

As “Skorpion Zuständigkeit Helaną – Odal” remains the primary authoring group governing our respective projects,  a more appropriate descriptor has been employed for the militant vehicle in itself.

Odalgruppe Westen.

A-Man-In-High-Castle-Partition-of-Territories A-Man-In-High-Castle-Partition-of-Territories II

Das Neue Reich(Personal Synopsis):  Hveðrungr’s Fjord is set in annexed Norway in the near future within an alternate universe timeline where The Third Reich were victorious at the conclusion of WW2.  New York City and Washington D.C. have been decimated by the Luftwaffe’s advanced flying wing bombers and nuclear armaments effectively severing the east coast from the rest of the country.  Under gunned and ill prepared in response the United States of America effectively pulls out of conflict with Germany focused instead with war on Japan. The Empire of Nippon decimates the Pacific states with their newly unveiled I-400 fleet of advanced carrier submarines. Eventually The Nippon Empire annexes the Pacific U.S. states after victory against American forces. America shrinks to just the Rocky mountains and Mid-western states.  All together the war-mongering Allies are humiliated,  Winston Churchill vanishes and is presumed dead via Great Britain’s own Reich sympathetic forces  and the primitive Red Army is Forced back into their domain after Reich victory at Stalingrad,  continued onslaught of Reich and Nippon Forces eventually breaks the back of the Russian Bear entirely.

Noteworthy Influences: “The man in the high castle” by: Phillip K. Dick,  Fatherland by: Robert Harris,  Wolfenstein: The New Order by: Machinegames.

My personal take is different,  rather strongly influenced by all of the above in the context of aesthetic design and alternate history concept alone,  the mainstream political and social inclinations of aforementioned influences I do not share however. My adaptation of a well known yet controversial alternate history timeline motivated by so being my own life experiences growing up in the so called land of the free. Naturally being of foreign stock influenced by the gun-ho xeno-phobic super-culture of the right and the bleeding heart hypocrites of the left I have formulated on own beliefs and perceptions thus said disharmony can only be counter acted by an unacceptable art-form which demands reflection.

I am made aware of the propagated historical record which formulates the basis of mainstream opinion,  thus why I choose the National Socialist Party as Liberators rather than Villains,  we all know who the real evildoers are.


Now that this point is made I continue on tangent with theme.

*Die Eine Tausendjährigen Reiches.*

–New conceptualizations to construction projec(k)t:

Nordatlantik Luft und Raumfahrtbefehl(North Atlantic Aerospace Command – Below the central station underneath the mountain,  the Third Reich’s version of N.O.R.A.D.).

Reichsbahn-Zentral-Station WIP Q3 2015 000 Reichsbahn-Zentral-Station WIP Q3 2015 001

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von: Reichsbahn Zentral.  Der Himmel Zug kommt!(The Sky Train is Coming).

A-Man-In-High-Castle-Reich-Triumphant-NYC-1 A-Man-In-High-Castle-Reich-Triumphant-NYC-2

Heavy industrial militarized Dieselpunk overtones continue into the modern day which integrates with changing aesthetics i.e. Blitzpunk,  yet technology and culture has moved forward considerably without the threat of viral ideas or plunder from would be enemies,  late war prototypes have seen fruition and since been replaced by various more advanced models. the Waffen SS has now absorbed the Wehrmacht entirely and now influences most of the Greater Reich. Set from the perspective of the Reich rather than against it,  portrayed as liberators rather than demonized villains. Instead of painting humanity in black & white the grayer shades of humanity are revealed in our context,  which is the truth.

A-Man-In-High-Castle-Nippon-Triumphant-SF1 A-Man-In-High-Castle-Nippon-Triumphant-SF2

“There are no good or bad men,  only good killers and cowards.” – Wolfegar Neikerk.

Hveðrungr being Loki in old Norse,  the god of destructive change conveys the Heathenish undertones of our group,  integrated with secularized occultism of the Third Reich,   the grand church is the championship of nature,  the dichotomy between order and chaos is what we make of it here on Earth. Since the occult undertone is very specific to Odalgruppe Westen(S.Z.H.) a proposed inner circle is being drafted i.e. Black Knights like the Black Sun Occult Division of the literal Waffen SS(Ahnenerbe). Aesthetically speaking of course The Paranormal Division of Wolfenstein fame will provide key influence. I will elaborate upon this at a later date.

On the note of other secrets i.e. aforementioned “Ancient Alien Hyperborean Technology” I feel is far more appropriate then the Ancient Mystical Jewish technology cult mentioned in Wolfenstein: The New Order.

See: https://totenkorps.wordpress.com/2015/05/30/may-2015-ein-bitterer-offenbarung-gesalzene-wunden-mitten-im-auge-des-sturms-q2-2015-pt-ii/

  I also feel this will set my group apart from others as this subject has not been touched upon within this virtual medium of Secondlife.


On an unrelated note I have over double the traffic of my combined remaining neighbors and I am not even zoned as one of those distastefully weird sex sims or two bit rental businesses,  food for thought. I can have my cake and eat it too!

My prior statement about the remaining denizens of Moorlough opting to “Evolve or Die” is no longer valid,  rather only the later remains valid. Moorslough is the rightful territory of Das Odalgruppe Westen,  even more so the growing military industrial complex perched upon one’s doorstep demands natural resources.

Do you want to see this projec(k)t realized faster? Then sign up today,  we’re recruiting supplementary forces as the annexation continues.

Q4 2015 Edit: Although it was fun triggering people in this medium it wasn’t expanding upon myself or my peers,  among our group we unanimously agreed that this virtual medium only enables mental illness.

Anschluss Uber Alles! Ist es Zeit,  Reich und Rolle!


True enough *Come and See* was a Russian propaganda movie. Nonetheless this is an iconic scene.
True enough *Come and See* was a propaganda movie in favor of the Soviet Russian narrative. Nonetheless this is an iconic scene.

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